During export from Discover to Excel, Time Format changes to Number Format

I have a seconds column which is of number datatype. But in my report, I am converting the number in *0HH:MI:SS* format. For example, I have *4952534 seconds*. So my report is showing *1375:42:14* which is a Time Format. It looks good when I view the data in Discoverer Viewer or Plus. But when I try to export the data to Excel, the time format gets converted to *4952534 seconds*, which is creating problems. So can you suggest on how can I preserve the formatting during export to excel from discoverer.

Excel will not implement the 0HH:MI:SS data format, it just gets the field as a number. You will have to format the field into text using the calculation from my previous post.
Rod West

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    Has there been any sure fire methods to avoid the digital stitch lines created in a PDF/X-1a due to transparency flattening during export from InDesign? If I attempt to edit the PDF using the Acrobat Edit Text and Graphics tool the PDF is actually carved into sectors and images are not selectable as a whole. Also contrary to what I have read those white lines do indeed image from time to time. I could export as PDF/X4 to preserve the transparency but on occasion it would be advantageous to flatten it before supplying to the printer. Currently using CC and have done the usual things in an attempt to avoid the lines such as all text above transparent objects on a separate layer and 'Clip-Complex-Region' on export.
    Thanks in Advance!

    If the default High Res flattener preset is stitching make a custom preset that's all rasters and use it in the advanced tab of the PDF/X-1a preset

  • SOS !!! Export from Discoverer to Excel problem

    Hi everyone,
    My reports, exported from Discoverer to Excel look quite different from what Discoverer format is. The date in Excel is shifted, column names are missing and report is broken into several tabs.
    Any idea why it is happening?
    Thanks lot,

    When the users I support export to Excel they like to use the Export To Excel button in the menu. After they do that, they get a window asking if they want to enable or disable macros. I have them click Enable macros to get the same format as they see in Discoverer Plus.
    If you get several tabs instead of one tab(and only one exists), I usually need to resave the workbook becuase it got corrupted (in my case anyway). If you want more control over how the workbook gets exported you can go to File--> Export... and they have some options on how the workbook gets exported.
    I hope this helps.

  • Export from ALV to Excel - problem with numeric values

    hi folks,
    when exporting from alv to excel and we have negative values (and using an u.s.a. setting where . and , are different to r/3) negetive values are not shown correctly in excel.
    when changing in win nt the regional settings to europe one's (e.g. germany) everything works fine.
    any hints welcome,
    kind regards

    I guess this has something to do with the excel settings. In the control panel you have regional settings.try some options there. It might work.

  • OBIEE Report Export from Dashboard to Excel doesn't suppress the columns as

    OBIEE Report Export from Dashboard to Excel doesn't suppress the columns as expected even after the properties are set to Suppress in the report. In Dashboard it is suppressed Properly but in the excel export it is not suppressed and values for the columns are repeated.
    Added the following to the instanceconfig :
    <Export xsi:type="excel">
    But then could not restart services.The following error occured :
    Util Logger] Exception occurred:
         Message:Sax parser returned an exception.
    Message: The prefix 'xsi' has not been mapped to any URI, Entity publicId: /oracle/ofm/instances/instance1/config/OracleBIPresentationServicesComponent/coreapplication_obips1/instanceconfig.xml, Entity systemId: , Line number: 43, Column number: 26
    Edited by: 887111 on Mar 27, 2013 11:23 PM

    Problem solved!!
    See this part of the query:
    if :P15_GESTOR_PROPIETARI='-3' then<br>
    w:= w||'OR ("STASVWREPORT_TASQUES"."AGR_***_***_ID"=<FONT color=red>:P15_CANVI_DE_CLUB</FONT> ';
    w:= w||' AND "STASVWREPORT_TASQUES"."PUBLICA"=''S''))';<br>
    end if;<br>
    when instead of :P15_CANVI_DE_CLUB I put a value (say ''EE'') it works correctly, finally I created an application item (ASSOCIAT) and when when I change :P15_CANVI_DE_CLUB I set :ASSOCIAT to the same value and the query is based on this application item:
    if :P15_GESTOR_PROPIETARI='-3' then<br>
    w:= w||'OR ("STASVWREPORT_TASQUES"."AGR_***_***_ID"=<FONT color=red>:ASSOCIAT </FONT>';<br>
    w:= w||' AND "STASVWREPORT_TASQUES"."PUBLICA"=''S''))';<br>
    end if;<br>

  • How do I change the number formatting within a Cell Table in Microsoft Word?

    Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me out on an issue I've been having... I work for an accounting firm and we do a lot of financial statements. 
    I was wondering if we would be able to treat a cell table in Microsoft Word 2007 like I would a cell table in Microsoft Excel. Meaning, I would like to change the formatting of the numbers in the table to the "Accounting" (number) format so it
    aligns by the decimal point and use the $ signs and () for negative numbers.  We do use the link tables feature, however, most of our balancing pages just can't be done in Excel because of the way the text is written. It would be much harder to format
    the text if it were to be typed in Excel. We have also tried  creating an Excel sheet within Microsoft Word but it is the same as linking the tables... Again, a text formatting issue.  The only option is to use tables within Word but how do we change
    the number formatting to a "accounting" (number) format where the numbers would align with the decimal point and use () for the negative numbers. Is there ANY option for us to do this other than manually entering this information in using tabs?  
    If there are no options other than entering it in manually, please consider this as an option for your next software update. I believe that a LOT of people out there will be interested in this feature... My manager and I just attended a webinar on Microsoft
    Advanced Word Tips Tricks and Techniques and 75% of the attending people had this question but no answer.
    Thank you very much for your help!!!!!

    Word does not really have number formatting for table cells. You can align cell contents on the decimal point, though, by setting a so-called decimal tab stop.
    Option 1:
    - Select the cells for which you want to do this.
    - Display the ruler.
    - Click the Tab box on the left hand side of the ruler until the box contains an inverted T with a dot.
    - Click in the ruler where you want the decimal tab.
    Option 2:
    - Select the cells for which you want to do this.
    - Click the arrow in the lower right corner of the Paragraph group on the Home tab of the ribbon.
    - Click the Tabs... button in the lower left corner of the dialog.
    - Specify a tab position in the box, e.g. 1.5".
    - Select the 'Decimal' radio button under 'Alignment'.
    - Click Set.
    - Click OK.
    You will have to type the numbers as they should appear, including the $ for currency and the ( ) for negative numbers.
    Regards, Hans Vogelaar

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    Can we change phone number format from "US" to "Australia" phone number format?

    And Dutch and Irish too, Please?

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    How do you change a number format from double to pounds and pence. For example I have the number 27.85. I want to change it so it will read as ?27.85 OR ?27 and 85 pence?
    Thankyou for your help in advance :)

    are you just talking about printing the little pound symbol in front of the number?
    If that's the case, you could just write something like this:
    System.out.println("\u00A3"+ monies);where monies is your double (I'm not a brit, and I don't know if you folks have a pound symbol on your keyboards there).
    If you know that with certain doubles that you will always be printing a pound symbol with them, you could always just write a method that will print whatever you have with a pound symbol in front of it.

  • Can't change cell number format

    Has anyone else had a cell that you can't change the number format? I had a table with a sum and it was not including 3 rows that were stuck as 'text'. Changing the format did not stick. I ended up just filling the cells from the ones that were able to change to 'number'.
    Not a good feature for a spreadsheet!

    This is a design flaw that I consider a bug. It depends on the keyboard used to input the numbers. If you used the text keyboard (the one you get when selecting the "T"), the "number" you enter is text; you cannot change its format and it will not show up, for example, in a sum (it is treated as a null). Type the same "number" into the cell using the number keypad (the one you get by selecting the "42") and it is a number. This makes absolutely no sense to me but its the way it works. While I might be able to buy that a "number" being entered from the text ("T") keyboard is by default treated as text, changing the format to number should work. That it does not is something I can never buy.

  • Has iOS 5 changed the number format somehow?

    Recently I tried to fill in some bank details of a client on my iphone and whenever I tried to fill in the sort code it kept removing the nought before any number, ie if I put in 35-05-06 it would put 35-5-6. Also, when I tried to put in the account no it kept adding commas after what it saw as thousands. I have never come accross this problem before and assume that the new ios5 update has caused this to happen. I have tried looking in settings to see if I can change the number format somehow but to no avail.
    I just wondered if anyone else had encountered this problem and found a solution. I would be most grateful to any suggestions.

    Dear Huntress.
    I had done all that but no use.
    Thank you so much for your response. Rgds.

  • Export from Discoverer to Excel more than 65K rows

    I need to export data from discoverer to excel, in some cases it is more than 65K rows, does any body know if the file can be split in multiple files o worksheets in Excel?
    Any help will be appreciate

    The short answer is I didn't know, as in any instance where my end users have wanted to extract large amounts of data they have done it from one sheet, I expected that Discoverer would just create the extra sheets for both but I wanted to know for sure, so I did a test.
    I created a Disco workbook with two worksheets in it, the first one I called Monthly and it had 119,409 rows in it, the second I called Weekly and it had 299,775.
    The first time I did the export I did it by hitting the Excel icon on the toolbar, it therefore only extracted the first worksheet (Monthly), when I opened the ensuing Excel file it had two worksheets in it, one called Monthly, the other called Monthly_1 and as expected, between the two sheets the had exactly the same number of fields as in the original disco sheet.
    I then redid the extract going through the menu and chossing extract entire workbook, Discoverer then re-extracted the sheets. In the Excel file this time I had the same two monthly sheets as before and this time I also had weekly sheets, five of them. So I ended up with an Excel file with seven sheets containing all of the original data.

  • AME freeze during export from premiere

    Hi, I have the same problems by using AME since CS 5.5... now I have AME CC 2014 but the problem is the same.MAC OSX
    I'm on MAC PRO OSX 64GB Ram, 2CPU XEON, 2 Graphic card AMD Fire Pro 700 2 x 6GB.
    When I export from premiere using adobe media encoder, and setting OPEN CL HW acceleration, some times it freeze and i have to restart the mac pro forcing it.
    The only way to export is disable GPU but it needs longer time to do the compression.
    I want to use GPU OPENCL, i bought this macpro with 2 graphic card so I want the faster way to compress... how to do?
    I noted that the problems happen when the project has big images inside such as more then 3000px width.
    The strange thing is that if i compress the same project on a windows OS, with CUDA NVIDIA card (2GB) it works...
    I understood that with the new AME release (CC 2014) this problem was solved but i see not.
    Pls let me know

    Moving to Media Encoder forum... and some links to read that may help
    Some 10.9.3 links
    -next link says After Effects, but check YOUR permissions !!!
    -http://blogs.adobe.com/aftereffects/2014/06/permissions-mac-os-start-adobe-applications.ht ml
    -Mac 10.9.3 workaround https://forums.adobe.com/thread/1489922
    -more Mac 10.9.3 https://forums.adobe.com/thread/1491469
    -Enable Mac Root User https://forums.adobe.com/thread/1156604
    -more Root User http://forums.adobe.com/thread/879931
    -and more root user http://forums.adobe.com/thread/940869?tstart=0

  • Glitches during Export from Illustrator

    I recently went from CS2 on an old G5 to CS5 on a newer, more powerful IMac.
    Now, when I Export from Illustrator to Photoshop, the resultant files have small glitches: horizontal white lines one pixel high by several or many pixels in width.
    The only recourse I have is to manually retouch or try to revive CS2 on my old computer.
    There must be a better way?

    I hope you can see this. I had to save the psd as a png.

  • When Exporting from LR4 to CS5, Image is Changed

    When I export my images from LR4 to CS5 using the Edit In... choice, I first get the ...may require the...Camera Raw plug-in version 7.0... which we all know doesn't exist. Not that that isn't annoying enough (I know - I can turn off the warning) but the image then presented in PS5 is not of the same quality as the one I am exporting from LR4. It's almost as if the Lightroom adjustments are not carried through. I have tried all three color space options to no avail. Also, I am not being presented with the dialog asking if I want to edit a copy with Lightroom adjustments. These are Nikon RAW files (.nef) that I am working with. Other images that are not RAW files do display the Edit Photo with Adobe Photoshop CS5.1 dialog. What am I missing here?

    There are other threads addressing this issue, but install ACR 6.7, which is available in release candidate on labs.adobe.com and you should get the same results from both apps.

  • How to use FM format element in number format model

    Dear all,
    Could anybody explain what is FM format element for in number format model? I read the documentation, it doesn't show a clear description as it those in Datetime Format Model section.

    It works mopre or less the same for numbers as for dates:
    SQL> -- generating some numbers:
    SQL> with t as (
      2  select level n
      3  from   dual
      4  connect by level <= 10
      5  )
      6  --
      7  -- actual query:
      8  --
      9  select n
    10  ,      '*'||to_char(n, '09')||'*' nofm
    11  ,      '*'||to_char(n, 'fm09')||'*' fm
    12  ,      length(to_char(n, '09')) lnofm
    13  ,      length(to_char(n, 'fm09')) lfm
    14  from   t;
             N NOFM            FM                   LNOFM        LFM
             1 * 01*           *01*                     3          2
             2 * 02*           *02*                     3          2
             3 * 03*           *03*                     3          2
             4 * 04*           *04*                     3          2
             5 * 05*           *05*                     3          2
             6 * 06*           *06*                     3          2
             7 * 07*           *07*                     3          2
             8 * 08*           *08*                     3          2
             9 * 09*           *09*                     3          2
            10 * 10*           *10*                     3          2
    10 rows selected.As you can see, the leading spaces are trimmed.

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