DVD problem with missing loops, instruments

(trying to get a helpful subject there for those searching for answers)
the fact that the loops are greyed out and instruments missing in new garagebands is well known. so is the solution of installing from DVD. i cant seem to get that to work for my high school music class.
back story is that every student has a macbook (yes i know.. amazing). thing is, most students give their macs to the IT department to get their machines 'set up' and the IT department collects their DVDs. i borrowed a bunch of those DVDs from the IT department and inserted the DVD when asked but its just not working..
any ideas? do i need to get the EXACT DVDs that came with the machine? i doubt that.
also - why doesnt any of the download options work? does anyone from apple know thats broken?
lastly - what about instruments? i can get the students some loops by dragging loops of my machine into garageband (using target disk mode), but how do i get instruments? i dont drag them into the loop browser, so where might they get put? should i put them in /Application Support/?
as we're talking about 37 students (this semster - last semester we had an ugly fix) i thought i'd ask before i did something.
thanks a bunch..


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  • Problem with missing colors when printing

    It has been sugested by HP that I try this forum for help.
    The following is a copy of the email I sent them which describes my problem, I hopesomeone can help! Thanks.
    language_code : en
    language : English
    Country of Residence : France
    product_line : 83
    product_oid : 59868
    product_name : HP Deskjet 840c Printer
    part_number : C6414K,C6414J,C6414A,C6414G,C6414N,C6414H
    purchase month : 8
    purchase year : 1996
    problem area : color and print quality problems
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    How is your product connected to your PC? : USB Cable
    problem description : When I try to print a page containing coloured items the coloured parts fail to print. (The items are totally missing, they are not replaced by grey scale images) I have done all the usual things as per list:-
    troubleshooting : 1) Rebooted my computer.
    2) Disconnected the USB cable and reconnected it.
    3) Changed the colour cartridge.
    4) Examined the printer settings in the control Panel, colour is selected and all other settings seem normal.
    5) De-selected the printer as the "Default Printer" and re-installed it.
    6) Run software that checks the driver is up to date and it is.
    7) Printed the built in test page "beautiful color made easy" only the header and footer print,no colour!
    setting changes : No, nothing has been changed.
    PS. I have owned my printer for many years and cannot remember the purchase date.
    tech skill : Intermediate
    first name : Grant
    last name : W[text removed for privacy]
    This question was solved.
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    Hi  - Go ahead and try the steps in this document.  It will walk you through cleaning the contacts on both the cartridge and in the carriage.  What can happen over time is ink residue can accumulate on the contacts preventing the ink cartridges from working properly.  If this doesn't resolve the issue, try setting the cartridge with the nozzles face down on a damp paper towel for about 45 seconds just to resolve any problems with the ink nozzles.
    Hope that helps.
    Say Thanks by clicking the Kudos thumbs up. Please mark the post that solves your problem as an Accepted Solution so other forum users can utilize the solution.
    I am an HP employee.

  • 4.1.1 SDK Problems with missing xpacket tags in sidecar XMP files

    The current 4.1.1 SDK has problems with sidecar XMP files that don't have the xpacket headers and trailers, i.e:
    <?xpacket begin='' id='W5M0MpCehiHzreSzNTczkc9d'?>
    <?xpacket end='w'?>
    is missing. Now, unfortunately Adobe Bridge CS2/CS3 does not export these xpackets in sidecar XMP files.
    The standard, http://www.aiim.org/documents/standards/xmpspecification.pdf, is also very vague about it all:
    ● Write external metadata as though it were embedded and then had the XMP Packets
    extracted and catenated by a postprocessor.
    The grammar is strange(past tense had) and the spec implies that the xpacket should be extracted and again catenated... Someone should review this document and clearly state if xpacket statements should be in sidecar files or not. I suspect myself that they should be there, but the standard is very vague.
    Anyway, there are two places in the SDK code where changes might be needed:
    XMPFiles::Initialize has XMP_Asserts in case the xpacket header/trailer is missing, but the underlying assert is only active in debug builds.
    XMPScanner::PacketMachine::FindNextPacket () also has in its truth table the assumption that the xpackets exist.
    There could be even other places in the code that assumes that the xpacket tags are present in all files, which includes text XMP sidecar files.
    a) Shouldn't bridge export the xpacket tags? Same with any other application?
    b) If the spec is vague, then the SDK should not assume that the xpacket tags are present.
    Any comments? Has someone already fixed this issue as I suspect a lot of apps using the the XMP SDK would break concerning reading XMP sidecar files? Thx, Kent

    I was able to work around the problem by creating a mapped view of the .xmp file (this creates an array in memory backed by the file on disk, so there's no need to read the file into a separate internal buffer), and constructing the SXMPMeta object directly from the buffer. (The ctor for that class calls ParseFromBuffer, so this is the same thing as was suggested by other messages in this thread.)
    It seems that Adobe needs to do one of these things:
    (1) say that Bridge CS3 has a bug, and agree that Bridge CS3 should include a proper xpacket header when writing xmp sidecar files
    (2) say that the XMP Toolkit has a bug, and that the SDK should be able to parse sidecar files without an xpacket header, and agree to fix the toolkit
    (3) say that Bridge CS3 and the XMP Toolkit behave as expected, but then provide a sequence of steps by which users of the XMP Toolkit are expected to read xmp sidecar files written by Bridge CS3
    Does Bridge CS4 write an xpacket header to the xmp sidecar files?
    Maybe what I could do is create a custom file handler for .xmp sidecar files, so I could use the SXMPFiles for everything, instead of having to special-case .xmp files.
    My needs are pretty modest though, and it might be just as simple to use the MS DOM-based XML parser for load the xmp sidecar file. I bet I could get the data I need (only the "Rating" for now) using a simple XPath expression.

  • Qsm pc, problem with stop loop

    i tested queue producer/consument with event case, but i have problem with stop the both loop, can you help me with attachment ?
    queue_mereni_1.zip ‏46 KB
    Global_queue.zip ‏3 KB

    thanks for your answer,
    i had problem with upload *.vi (some mistake), so when a upload *.zip it was ok, but i do not know why..
    please, when i put time out constatn, so when i push "stop" then both loops end - it is ok BUT:
    when i push "stop 2" button (for the second loop) so there is error (in attachment), please do you know why?
    i am sorry for a lot of questions but i try understand it..
    thank you
    qsm.jpg ‏31 KB

  • Problem with a loop

    Hello All
    I'm working on a Flash Gallery and I'm having some issues
    with a loop and it's probably something simple I don't know so I
    thought I'd see if someone can help me.
    the problem is that once the thumbnail panel is populated the
    image I want to display from a rollover is no longer defined. As I
    mentioned I was hoping someone could shed some light on this.
    // create the thumbnail panel
    var i = -1;
    while(++i<thumbList.length) {
    name = "item"+i;
    this[name]._x = i*spacing;
    this[name].contentPath = "children/" + thumbList
    // show the larger pic on rollover
    this[name].onRollOver = function() {
    picture.contentPath = "children/" + thumblist;
    by using this I get an error of: "error opening

    mark2685 wrote:
    Well, the array of student objects is larger than 2, there are about 6 students so it would have to get the highest from TestScore 1 and the lowests from TestScore 2 out of all of the students, not just those 2. And I want the entire object stored in the chessTeam array. Does this make sense?No you're not reading my code right (BTW - add an open brace on the for loop top and set score2 to 101), or else I'm not understanding you requirements correctly. The student array can hold as many Students as needs be. You stated that you have only two scores that you care about and so that's the 1 and the 2. Based on the Student class you've shown us, this should work, but you'll have to try it before you know.

  • Probably simple problem with while loops

    I was programming something for a CS class and came across a problem I can't explain with while loops. The condition for the loop is true, but the loop doesn't continue; it terminates after executing once. The actual program was bigger than this, but I isolated my problem to a short loop:
    import java.util.Scanner;
    public class ok {
    public static void main(String[] args){
         Scanner scan = new Scanner(System.in);
         String antlol = "p";
         while(antlol == "p" || antlol == "P"){
              System.out.println("write a P so we can get this over with");
              antlol = scan.nextLine(); 
    //it terminates after this, even if I type "P", which should make the while condition true.

    Thanks, that worked.
    I think my real problem with this program was my CS
    teacher, who never covered how to compare strings,Here's something important.
    This isn't just about comparing Strings. This applies to comparing ANY objects. When you use == that compares to see if two references refer to the same instance. equals compares objects for equality in the sense that equality means they have equal "content" as it were.

  • Problem with missing links.

    I've created similar topic in InDesign Server Developer forum section (http://www.adobeforums.com/webx/.59b70e8d). I post it here having hopes of possible solution in the range of scripting.
    Company I work for is developing web application that processes InDesign documents (we use CS2 and CS3 servers).
    We experience problem when users upload documents containing external links to some network paths and these network paths are inaccessible from our server. In this cases performance degrades drastically. For example document with 20 external links to network paths is opened by InDesignServer by 7 minutes, while the same document with external links to some local path is opened within 5 seconds.
    I suggest that this degradation is caused by time InDesign Server is trying to access network path to check status of the link, as it can take a lot of time to assure that path is invalid.
    Does anybody if I can do something via scripting to avoid that link lookup or make it shorted, and preserve that links in the same time?

    hi all,
    > Does anybody if I can do something via scripting to avo id that link lookup
    > or make it shorted, and preserve that links in the same time?
    it's definitely a timeout problem. indesign tries to access these links.
    i've the same problems with indesign desktop cs3 last occurrence with 5.0.3
    haven't tested with 5.0.4.
    haven't found a solution yet, but would greatly appreciate one!

  • Problem with missing drivers on Pavilion G6-2260su

    I am experiencing some serious frustration due to problems with the hardware of that thing.
    I istalled windows 7 64bit ultimate with service pack 1
    However many of the hardware is not recognised - in particular the network/wireless card.
    I have downloaded all the drivers/software from the hp support page however the following hardware still remain uninstalled:
    Bluetooth Controller
    Ethernet COntroller
    Network controller
    PCI device
    SM Bus controller
    2 of Universal Serial Bus Controller
    Unknown device
    when i try to install the wireless/network driver from the website it says that the hardware is not pluged in and it quits.
    please help!
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    You need to install the chipset driver at the link below. Frist download will take care of most of those devices.
    Download and install the 6th one on the list.
    Card reader:
    Unknown is probably this:
    For the other devices, I need the hardware ID's to find the right drivers.
    Please post them.
    If you do not know how to find a hardware ID, please read the info at the link below for guidance.

  • A problem with for loop..

    i have a problem with this code :
         int [] P = new int [M.length];
         System.out.println(P[0]+" "+P[15]);     
         for (int i = 0 ; i < P.length ; i++){
         for (int j = i + 1 ; j < P.length ; j++){
              if (j == (P.length - 1) && M [ i ] != M [ j ]){
                        P [ i ] = M [ i ] ;
                   else if ( M [ i ] != M [ j ] ) continue ;
                   else break;
         for (int i = 0 ; i < P.length ; i++){
              System.out.println(P [ i ]);
    this code to copy distinct values in array M and print them into array P
    M and P are both of size 16
    the problem is the previous code doesn't work for P[15]
    and i don't know way
    if i have in M {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16}
    P will be {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,0}
    could any body help ?

    I am sorry, but you are not done. May-be your code does what it is supposed to do but it is hard to understand. An important part of programming is not just to get your code to work, but to write code that is easily maintainable. You are probably quite new programming and I do not want to discourage you. Keep working hard and it will come.
    You almost had the solution a while back:
            int [] P = new int [M.length];
         System.out.println(P[0]+" "+P[M.length]);
            boolean unique;
         for (int i = 0 ; i < P.length ; i++){
             // All non-zero entries in P with index less than i are unique in M.
               unique = true; //Assume M[i] unique until contrary has been proven
            for (int j = 0 ; j < P.length ; j++){
              if (i != j && M[i] == M[j]) { //found another entry in M with the same value as M[i]
               if (unique) { // M[i] is unique in M.
                  P[i] = M;
         for (int i = 0 ; i < P.length ; i++){
              System.out.println(P [ i ]);
         }This code executes in time O(n^2). It is possible to achieve O(nlog(n)) by
    1) copy M into P
    2) sort P
    3) iterate through P and set duplicates to 0.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

  • Problems with adding loops

    Hey I had my Mac for awhile now (Mac Mini) and I just upgraded to Leopard a few day ago. I'm having problems transferring loops onto the loop index..I tried the drag and drop and sometimes only a few get through but not all. And when I try again a prompt comes up saying there is already a folder with that name...etc. Is there a solution to get all of my loops onto the loop index. Im pretty new to GB and I dont know the best way..help plz!

    If you want to record multiple audio tracks, you have to shift-click on each record button and make sure both are on different inputs.

  • Problem with while loops, please help!

    I am having quite a bit of trouble with a program im working on. What i am doing is reading files from a directory in a for loop, in this loop the files are being broken into words and entered into a while loop where they are counted, the problem is i need to count the words in each file seperately and store each count in an array list or something similar. I also want to store the words in each file onto a seperate list
    read in files...
         //Go through each line of the first file
              while(matchLine1.find()) {
                   CharSequence line1 = matchLine1.group();
                   //Get the words in the line
                   String words1[] = wordBreak.split(line1);
                   for (int i1 = 0, n = words1.length; i1 < n; i1++) {
                        if(words1[i1].length() > 0) {
                             int count= 0;
              }This is what i have been doing, but with this method count stores the number of words in all files combined, not each individual file, and similarly list1 stores the words in all the files not in each individual file. Does anybody know how i could change this or what datastructures i could use that would allow me to store each file seperately. I would appreciate any help on this topic, Thanks!

    Don't try to construct complicated nested loops, it makes things a
    tangled mess. You want a collection of words per file. You have at least
    zero files. Given a file (or its name), you want to add a word to a collection
    associated with that file, right?
    A Map is perfect for this, i.e. the file's name can be the key and the
    associated value can be the collection of words. A separate simple class
    can be a 'MapManager' (ahem) that controls the access to this master
    map. This MapManager doesn't know anything about what type of
    collection is supposed to store all those words. Maybe you want to
    store just the unique words, maybe you want to store them all, including
    the duplicates etc. etc. The MapManager depends on a CollectionBuilder,
    i.e. a simple thing that is able to deliver a new collection to be associated
    with a file name. Here's the CollectionBuilder:public interface CollectionBuilder {
       Collection getCollection();
    }Because I'm feeling lazy today, I won't design an interface for a MapManager,
    so I simply make it a class; here it is:public class MapManager {
       private Map map= new HashMap(); // file/words association
       CollectionBuilder cb; // delivers Collections per file
       // constructor
       public MapManager(CollectionBuilder cb) { this.cb= cb; }
       // add a word 'word' given a filename 'name'
       public boolean addWord(String name, String word) {
          Collection c= map.get(name);
          if (c == null) { // nothing found for this file
             c= cb.getCollection(); // get a new collection
             map.put(name, c); // and associate it with the filename
          return c.add(word); // return whatever the collection returns
       // get the collection associated with a filename
       public Collection getCollection(String name) { return map.get(name); }
    }... now simply keep adding words from a file to this MapManager and
    retrieve the collections afterwards.
    kind regards,

  • Problem with one loop in another one

    When I drag and move cursor, X scale position will be show below. And then I click “add data in array”, the data should be put into array. I can move cursor again to add the second , the third ….into array.
    My problem is:
    In block diagram, once loop2 is outside of loop 1, it works. But I really want loop2 is in loop1 regarding to the rest part of the program. However, we I move loop2 into loop1, when I move cursor, nothing happens.
    Please help to make it work or you have different way to do this job.
    Thank you very much
    yxxx.vi ‏29 KB

    Hey, no need to make it so complicated.  Just add an indicator on the CursLoc.X wire in the  "0 To 5 MHz": Cursor Move  case.
    To answer your questions:
    1) The indicator does not react because you are still within the inner while loop.  It will not change until that loop completes. I.e. the stop button is pressed.
    2) Similarly, the stop 2 button will press, but nothing will happen until the inner loop is done.
    Generally, when I am using an event structure, I try to keep all the changing UI inputs and outputs in the same while loop with the event structure, if not in the event structure itself.  Local variables and property nodes can get the job done, but they are inefficient and can be difficult to debug.  As I am sure you are discovering
    Message Edited by jasonhill on 04-07-2006 12:40 PM
    cursor position indicator.PNG ‏7 KB

  • Problem with animation loop in AS3

    I'm having a problem doing an animation loop (a walk cycle in
    this case) in CS3. I never had this problem in Studio 8 and am
    wondering if I've gone crazy or if something has changed in CS3.
    The animation cycle works fine so long as I have it loop
    without using ActionScript, but when I try to loop it using
    gotoAndPlay it skips the last frame (i.e., the frame that the code
    is on). I tried adding an extra frame at the end and placing the
    code on it... it works a bit better, but there's still a bit of odd
    timing during the looping.
    Interestingly, when I save the fla as a Studio 8 file, it
    works fine (if I include that extra frame at the end). I may be
    misremembering, but it seemed to me that Studio 8 didn't require
    that extra frame before CS3.
    Has anyone else seen this? Anyone have a solution to share
    (I'm planning to use ActionScript3, so saving as Studio 8 won't
    solve my problems)?

    > Interestingly, when I save the fla as a Studio 8 file,
    it works
    > fine (if I include that extra frame at the end). I may
    > misremembering, but it seemed to me that Studio 8 didn't
    > require that extra frame before CS3.
    It shouldn't require that extra frame, but I wonder if
    you've somehow
    configured your FLA's publish settings for a version of
    ActionScript you're
    not actually using.
    > Has anyone else seen this? Anyone have a solution to
    > (I'm planning to use ActionScript3, so saving as Studio
    > won't solve my problems)?
    If your file works fine in Flash 8, then you must be using
    2.0 (or lower) for the time being. Based on what you've
    described, I can't
    imagine what's going awry. Can you make that FLA available
    somewhere? See if you can reproduce this issue with a
    simplified version,
    in case your company's policies (or whatever reason(s)) keep
    you from
    uploading the real file somewhere.
    I'll take a look.
    David Stiller
    Adobe Community Expert
    Dev blog,
    "Luck is the residue of good design."

  • Burning DVD problem with DVD media

    Hopefully someone can help me. I bought a Mac Mini and tried now to burn DVDs, with no success.
    I used R- (Bulkpaq 4 X) and also Datawrite (R-, 4X), which I used in the past with my LiteOn external writer.
    Unfortunate, both DVDs are not correctly recognized by the drive. Finder, Dragon Burn and Burnz writing to the DVD with 2X (instead of 4X). However this prevents that the dics are readable after burning.
    I’m wondering if this is a drive or media problem and if anyone else had the same problem. If a media problem, than any recommendation what kind of media to use would be helpful.
    yours frank

    To rule out media issues I would recommend that you try either Verbatim or Apple branded media. Unfortunately DVD drives that are designed for laptops, which the mini has, tend to be a bit more finicky with the media you use.

  • Problem with multiple loops

    Hi all,
    I recently wrote my first VI for a soil consolidation test, which reads voltage measurements from an LVDT, keeps a moving average, and records the LVDT measurements versus time an XY graph.  Everything is contained in a while loop with a stop button and works just fine.  However,I'm having some trouble scaling this approach up for multiple LVDT measurements at once.  What I want to do is this:
    I have a while loop with a relatively short time delay that reads all channels in my SCC system at once.  My DAQ Express VI is set to acquire 1 data point on demand.  Then I send the dynamic data type wire out of the loop and convert the data for each channel to a different scalar value.
    Next, I have another while loop for EACH channel/consolidation test.  I'm doing this because I want each loop to have the potential cycle at a different rate, depending on the soil type I'm testing on that particular LVDT.  For example, on Test 1, I may want to acquire a point every half second, whereas for Test 2 I only want a point every 5 minutes.  I'd assumed the best way to do that would be to have ONE DAQ VI set to acquire all channels at a relatively high frequency (as I mentioned before), and then have each test go "get" the appropriate reading when it needs one.  I don't think I want to use a queue, because I may be skipping quite a few data points in between the ones I actually care about.
    This is the approach I'd thought up, but the concept could be completely wrong.  To make a long story short, I want to acquire time elapsed/voltage data for 5-6 different channels at different rates.  I want each channel/test to be contained in a different loop so that I can compute individual moving averages for each one.
    My problem is getting the multiple while loops to work with one another.  My 'secondary' loops for the individual channels don't seem to be cycling.  If I put a probe on the data tunnels, I get nothing passing out of the first loop containing the DAQ Express VI.  However, everything within that 'primary' loop works just fine.  If anyone has any suggestions, I'd greatly appreciate it.

    Here's what I had in mind (LabVIEW 7.0).
    Message Edited by altenbach on 04-26-2006 01:25 PM
    LabVIEW Champion . Do more with less code and in less time .
    SampleFewer.vi ‏53 KB
    SampleFewer.png ‏9 KB

Maybe you are looking for

  • Bridge cs6 output is watermark »place on each image« now default

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    If I have table with many pages of data and do following actions: 1) leave lead select in first page as it is 2) go to next page - with ctrl select 2nd row 3) go to next page - with ctrl select 1st row 4) go back to previous page - 2nd row selected a

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    Recently, I bought the wrt54gs (version 6) wireless router and noticing that some people have problems with the firmware when it comes to streaming (such as the BEFW11S4 using the older firmware v1.50.14) I have installed the latest firmware v1.50.8.