DVD SP 2.05 hangs while opening file

DVD Studio Pro 2.0.5 hangs while opening a project file that until recently worked fine.
The "hang" seems to accur while DVD SP is opening the project's menus. The dialog box "Loading Project" appears and progresses until it reaches "Loading Menus", then it hangs until I click "Cancel", then DVD SP crashes.
I trashed DVD SP's prefs, no success. I even tried to move the project's menu files offline, without success - DVD SP even hangs when the referenced assets are not available to it. All project files that are variations of the main file also hang, all at the same time. I don't think the project files are corrupted, more likely something wrong with DVD SP? Any ideas? Reinstall? I'm a little worried about the project files - lots of work is at stake...

Previously when this has happened for folks it has been related to font management. If you have turned off a font that DVDSP uses as a default for the menus then it won't be able to create the menu when it loads. The solution is to turn on the fonts again.
Are you using font management software?

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  • Why does Indesign CC hang while opening files?

    iMac running OSX Yosemite, version 10.10.3. Files take forever to open and I have to force quit and reopen. Everything is updated to latest version, Indesign CC and Suitcase Fusion 5. Could the problem be with Suitcase auto activation?

    SF5 is not supported under Yosemite so yes, that could well be the issue.

  • Encore and Premiere CS3 hanging while opening - EMERGENCY

    I try opening Premiere or Encore on my Mac they just hang while opening ANY project file that is dated before today. I can make a new project, save it and open it...but any project made before today freezes both programs. They start loading the project and then it just hangs, with the colored wheel staying on screen until Force Quit is used. I have months of work done on this project and am literally 2-3 days away from completion, and backup projects won`t load either.  I need some serious help on getting this resolved before I lose my mind and seriously contemplate quitting film altogether.
    I have 3 gigs of ram, 2 x 2.66 Ghz dual core Intel xeon and CS3 

    One thing to try... create a new project and then import the old project into the new project
    Other than that... this is for the Windoze world, but some of the steps may help

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    First, I sent an email to the author of PhotoME to inform him of the serious issues his addon caused with Firefox latest versions.
    Now, for those of you who do not have the PhotoME addon and yet experience the same problem that I had and that I described above, I suggest the following strategy.
    As PhotoME did cause these problems with Firefox latest versions, I am pretty covinved other addons probably might cause these problems too. Therefore, adopt the following method.
    Test one addon at a time to see if this particular addon is behind your Firefox issues like the ones I had.
    So, disable one addon only at a time. Then close your Firefox and restart it from scratch and see if you still have your Firefox problems. You must restart the Firefox browser from scratch. If you still have these Firefox problems, re-enable the disabled addon, restart your Firefox (again!) and repeat the same method for every single addon that you have.
    Try to be selective by choosing first addons that are more likely to cause your Firefox problems such as not very well-known or not very popular addons (like it was the case for the PhotoME addon).
    If this method works or if it does not work, report it on this web page so that others can be helped with your comments.
    I hope this method will help you because I was really upset that I had these Firefox problems and I first thought it was the fault of Firefox, only to discover later that this PhotoME addon was the culprit and had caused me such upset.

  • Loadjava Error while opening file: –resolve  Exception java.io.FileNotFound

    I'm having Oracle 11gr2 on Windows 2008r2. I have very strange issue while trying to load ordinary Java source. I get error that loadjava can't open file. I'm using the following command in loading:
    %ORACLE_HOME%\dbhome_1\BIN\loadjava -thin -user ORAMQ/***@localhost:1521:DEVAR -verbose -fileout %C:\temp\loadjava-9-MQReasonCodeResolver.java.log C:\src\MQReasonCodeResolver.java –resolve-----
    I got the following error in the verbose file out:
    arguments: '-user' 'ORAMQ/***@localhost:1521:DEVAR' '-thin' '-verbose' '-fileout' 'C:\temp\loadjava-9-MQReasonCodeResolver.java.log' 'C:\src\MQReasonCodeResolver.java' '–resolve'
    creating : source MQReasonCodeResolver
    loading  : source MQReasonCodeResolver
    Error while opening file: –resolve
        Exception java.io.FileNotFoundException: –resolve (The system cannot find the file specified)
    creating :  –resolve
    The following operations failed
         –resolve: opening file-----
    The code is very simple and doesn't have any issue:
    import java.lang.reflect.Field;
    public class MQReasonCodeResolver
        public MQReasonCodeResolver()
        public static final String MQ_EXCEPTION_CLASS = "com.ibm.mq.MQException";
        public static final String RC_FIELD_PREFIX = "MQRC_";
        public static final String RC_VALUE_FIELD = "reasonCode";
        public static String resolve( Exception mqex )
            if ( !canResolve( mqex ) )
                return mqex.getClass().toString() + mqex.getMessage();
            Class class1 = mqex.getClass();
                Field field = class1.getField( RC_VALUE_FIELD );
                Object key = field.get( mqex );
                Field[] fields = class1.getFields();
                for ( int i = 0; i < fields.length; i++ )
                    Field ff = fields;
    String name = ff.getName();
    if ( name.startsWith( RC_FIELD_PREFIX ) && ff.get( null ).equals( key ) )
    return mqex.getMessage() + " " + name;
    catch ( Exception ex )
    return "unknown";
    public static boolean canResolve( Exception exx )
    Class class1 = exx.getClass();
    while ( Exception.class.isAssignableFrom( class1 ) )
    if ( MQ_EXCEPTION_CLASS.equals( class1.getName() ) )
    return true;
    class1 = class1.getSuperclass();
    return false;
    I load other classes and no issue, even jar files, I don't know what is the problem with this file? Also, it is strange is creating class and loading it has no issue, but the issue comes when resolve.
    Can anyone help?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

    Put your -resolve flag at the beginning of the list of arguments.
    Latest arguments should be files to be uploaded by loadjava.
    Best regards, Marcelo.

  • Hanging when open Files

    Hi community,
    I’m using Mac OS X 10.9.5 with InDesign CC 9.2.2.
    When open files (local or network) in InDesign the CPU Usage increase to 100% and will start to hanging after 5-6 documents.
    Can anyone confirm the problem or has a solution?

    I can confirm this behaviour, but it is (usually) not a problem and has a pretty normal reason.
    Does this also happen with other software and files from the HDD/network?
    Did it happen before, like it was always this way, or just recently? If so, what did you change?
    Will the 100% CPU usage remain or sink after the file is completely loaded?
    "After (opening) 5-6 documents" means opened "all at once" or "subsequent"? If all at once, how much RAM do you have and is there enough space left on the HDD for cache?
    Is preflight activated?
    Do the documents have broken cross-refs to other documents?
    What means "hanging"? Hanging like "for a while" or like "forever"?

  • Photoshop CS3 Hangs when opening files

    PS hangs when opening, duplicating images. The longer it's on the longer the wait. I'm talkin' 15 - 20 seconds. Deleted the prefs multiple times.
    Anybody else having this problem?

    Set your default printer to something local, that is actually hooked up.
    When Photoshop creates the document, it asks for the default printer information - and your printer driver is taking a nap while trying to connect to the printer.

  • InDesign CS5 hangs when opening files

    I have recently begun experiencing a problem whereby I cannot open any existing InDesign documents. I can create new documents and work in them, but I cannot open any documents previously created in CS5.
    InDesign CS5, MacBook Pro, Mountain Lion OS 10.8.2, Intel Corei7
    The problem appeared shortly after the most recent Apple OS update so I suspect that may be causing this. InDesign just hangs with the beachball trying to open the file which it never does. It gets past linking files, then hangs. The problem has also occurred when I try to open files with InDesign CS6 on the same machine. I have tried to open a variety of different files and the problem still occurs so it doesn't seem to be file specific.
    I encountered the problem a few days ago and somehow resolved it through a combination of trashing preferences, removing the SING folder and some font management. Today the problem returned and I can't seem to resolve it via any of those methods. All other Adobe CS5 and 6 apps work just fine.
    I saw a post that recommended removing the SING plugin from InDesign's plug in folder so I tried that too. So far no luck.
    I've attached the crash report and the Sample Process report from the Activity Monitor.
    Crash Report
    Sample Process
    Any help is much appreciated.

    Disable the autoactivation plugin for Font Agent Pro.

  • InDesign CS5.5 and CS6 Hang while opening document

    I have the following problem:
    Indesign CS5.5 CS6 and hang up several times a day when opening documents on. the user can not make more in the program and must kill the process. After reopening the document opens without problems (probably the recovery file). I have tried all known solutions (delete Preferences, user with admin privileges, delete caches, safe boot, ...)
    here a hang report, which meanwhile has been created.
    InDesign CS6 hang report - Pastebin.com
    Can anyone see something in it and help me?

    Try SING removal :- http://helpx.adobe.com/indesign/kb/hang-freeze-open-create-file.html

  • Dreamweaver CS6 hangs when opening file

    Starting recently Dreamweaver CS6 hangs for 30 seconds or more, sometimes saying not responding, when I open an HTML file. It appears to do this when the file contains links to external places. To test I created a file that contained nothing except the "new HTML file" basic headers, saved the file, then opened. This test file did not hang.
    I have tried the registry fix "ResolveRemoteURLToIPAddress FALSE" and deleting the personal configuration directory (with Dreamweaver closed). Neither of these solved the problem. Dreamweaver still hangs when opening a file.
    Any other ideas?

    Once the document opens, check the code for any protocol relative links (links that start with // rather than http://) and change them to http:// links, at least during development. It is a know issue to Adobe and will cause what you describe.
    If you don't have any protocol relative links, links to third party sites can cause issues from time to time if their servers are slow or have any kind of conflict with your network. Unless you absolutely can't, you may want to copy those external scripts to your local site and link to the local versions instead, again, during development.

  • CS6 DW hanging when opening files - Windows 8.1 running MS Defender

    When opening files in CS6 DW it sometimes hangs for up to 4 minutes before opening the files.
    Also, CS6 DW and Fireworks crash frequently on my PC.
    I'm running Windows 8.1, MS Defender and my PC is a Pentium i7 with 8GB of RAM
    Any ideas what I can do to stop these things happening? It's really starting to impact on the productivity of my day.

    You seem to be implying that when you switch off MS Defender, it works?
    If not, we'll need a little more info.
    Does the hang happen with all files in all sites, or just certain files?
    If it happens with just certain files, could you please share the code to one of those files? A link to an online page would be best, but pasting the code into the forum can also help, just don't use email to send the code to the forum, that won't work.
    Have you tried any of the standard troubleshooting steps as of yet (Deleting Program Cache, Restoring Preferences, Cleaner Tool Reinstall)?

  • Project Pro hangs while opening a schedule from Project 2010 server.

    We have an issue with opening a schedule from Project server 2010. Project client is not responding. when we try to open schedule in PWA. I am getting unable to open file do you want to open in default view. No matter which view I choose keep getting the
    same error. The only view i can see resource view however it will not let me edit. I did notice Project Manager had entered resource names first, last name format which do not exist in our resource pool.  We can open other schedule except this particular
    Thank you

    Obviously, my first thoughts are that this plan is corrupted in some fashion. Entering Resource names differentluy should not cause this issue, they will just not be recognized as Enterprise Resources by the system.
    Are you experiencing the issue if you try to open the schedule from PWA? If you are able to open from PWA, try publishing it from PWA and see if it throws any errors.
    Also, how about trying it from a different machine?
    And finally, it might be worthwhile to check if you have the latest Client Update for Project installed (or atleast matching with the server).
    If none fof these work,
    a) you could try restoring it from Archive Database (assuming you have a daily schedule backup running)
    b) If you are able to open it from another machine, you could use the "Save for sharing" feature to try and resolve any corruption with the schedule itself.
    Prasanna Adavi,PMP,MCTS,MCITP,MCT http://thinkepm.blogspot.com

  • Firefox 4 hangs while downloading files, sometimes get an error saying Script: chrome://mozapps/content/downloads/download.xml:68 is busy or may have stopped responding, how can I disable this script?

    While downloading files Firefox 4 freezes (started with 3.5) and sometimes I get a window that says Script: chrome://mozapps/content/downloads/download.xml:68 has stopped responding or is busy and asks if I want to stop script or ignore. I have looked through about:config and don't see a way to disable the script and keep it disabled.

    That is a problem with an AVG extension (Tools > Add-ons > Extensions)
    * [[Troubleshooting extensions and themes]]

  • Freezing while opening files

    I have run into an unusual problem. I can no longer open
    files either on my local machine or remote server without
    Dreamweaver CS3 freezing. I am using OS X Leopard - 10.5.2. A week
    or so ago I was able to open my .asp files just fine. Now,
    Dreamweaver simply freezes when I try and open them - either
    locally or remotely. I tried deleted the preferences file and
    removing site information from Manage Sites with no luck. I can
    create and open new files, but cannot open the existing files.
    I copied the files in question to a PC and opened them just
    fine using Dreamweaver 8.02. I just don't know enough about the
    technical aspects to properly troubleshoot this problem.
    By the way, I am able to access, open and edit my files from
    the remote server using my PC and version 8.02.
    Any ideas?

    As long as there's a problem in the recovery folder you will continue to have a problem on startup. Move the contents of the Recovery folder to a new location, like the desktop, and launch ID, then try to open the files using File > Open...
    Other users report problems from time to time with CS3 and CS4 files opened in CS5 (and presumably 5.5), some of which do not show up until major editing has been completed. I recommend exporting the documents from CS3 to .inx and open the .inx in CS5.5.

  • Logic hangs on a plugin while opening File

    I have a song that will no longer open beacuse in the process of it opening, it up gets hung up while accessing a plugin that was used on a track. Is there a way to bypass the plugin before opening the file so that I can get the song opened up and readdress (or fix) the plugin problem.
    Thanks in advance.

    Quit any open project
    Go to Logic's menu bar and click on Logic Pro/Preferences/Audio Units manager and disable the plugin in there by unchecking it.
    You may need to then restart Logic... but try loading the project first before doing so, to save you time if you don't need to restart

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    I bought iPhone 6 plus few days ago in Dubai - UAE. I couldn't make facetime work. Actually I couldn't find it. Is there anyway to make it work?

  • How to vendor advance clearing through maker checker

    Hi, How will I be able to clear the vendor advance through maker checker route?  For E.G., PA will clear the vendor advances against an invoice but that document will be parked and TL will Post that document.  Is it possible in SAP

  • Using Enterprise Java Beans

    Hi Guys, Ive built a system which uses 8/9 servlets and connects to a postgres database, reads csv files and a few other things, now Ive been asked to implement this using java enterprise beans, how easy/difficult is this? how would I go about it and

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    I've created an XML video playlist like the one shown in this tutorial: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flash/articles/prog_download.html I was wondering how I could edit it to autoplay the first item in the list upon loading, but still have the list be