DW CS5 use ActionScript files without Flash

Our websites must avoid requiring a Flash download in the client browser.
Can we use Dreamweaver CS5 with ActionScript files (.as) without requiring Flash in a browser?
For example, DW CS5 menus include File -> New ... -> ActionScript,
but I cannot find literature or examples on using .as with Dreamweaver.

ActionScript is the backbone for Flash applications (FLV or SWF).
Unlike HTML & JavaScript, ActionScript is not a web programming language per se.  It is a Flash programming language.  And while some web devices support Flash many others do not.
If your site cannot use Flash then your ActionScript will need to be replaced with a suitable web alternative.  Perhaps jQuery or Ajax (JavaScript & CSS).
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    I believe if you export it to wmf or emf you will have a Vector file that can be used in word or powerpoint and can be placed in other programs as can ai files which can be placed in word or powerpoint documents as vector files.
    Flash (swf) is another way of saving it and it is also vector.
    However even though you say you will never have use for Illustrator which is what I thought in 1995 when I use it to create a logo, I soon found more use for it and every year since have found a project that has rewarded me many times the cost of the application once I had purchased it. Most of which I never thought I had the need for and probably would not have even made the attempt to make the effort and the profit if I did not own the license.
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    No i dont see flash player in Add or remove programs. I don't know whether captivate .exe file have some inbuilt capacity to play itself. It is not problem. Our problem is we dont want that message for installation. Can we do installation of flash automatically and play once we click .exe file without showing any message or can we play .exe without flash?

  • How to use jar files without setting classpath

    I have a situvation, I can not set classpath, but i have to use jar files, how can I do that.

    URL[] urls = new URL[]{pathToJar, pathToAnotherJar, ...};
    URLClassLoader urlc = new URLClassLoader(urls);
    Now load classes within the jars loaded by the urlc classloader as needed. This is a limited approach, you can mostly use interfaces to work with classes loaded by the custom loader instance above and your existing classes.

  • How can I use a file in flash cs6 that I made in flash cs5.5 air for android

    I have made an app in in air for android in flash cs5.5 air for android, and I want to edit it in cs6 and play it in cs6.
    But if I put Ctrl+Enter I got an error: createWin process failed with error 2: system couldn't find the file. I think the problem is that I'am using air for android 2.6 version in flash cs5.5 and version 3.2 in flash cs6. I have searched the web and found out that you can add older air versions using the sdk manager and I have tried it but first I get the error that the version of the sdk I am trying to install is not valid and after some files that I added to the sdk folder I get this error:Only SDK higher than version 3.4.2540 may be added.
    I there a possible way to update the air for android for an fla or apk? Or how can I let my originally file work fine in flash cs6??

    system couldn't find the file
    If you can´t get a more specific hint why your project can´t compile then I can think of some reasons theis error might occur
    1.You had files included besides the swf, like videos, audio files, xml files, that are not present in the place air expects them to be
    2.somewhere in your createWin functions there is a class import needed that isn`t present in 3.2 anymore, for example some classes or functions from classes that were valid in 2.6 are not any more in 3.2
    3. to achieve better eror logging, allow for debugging in the publishing options and see what specific lines in your code throw the error
    4.any air app needs a cert file, this needs to be created once, if you migrated to e new system it might be you never created that file which air expects to even begin the compiling process
    once you isolate the problem, report back

  • Problem with using swc files in Flash Player 10

    I have two Actionscript projects in Flex. One is using Flash Player 9 the other is using 10.  Both projects use the fl classes specifically FLVPlayback.
    In the Flash Player 10 project I am using the recently released version 2.5.  Both players use individual controls instead of a complete skin swf.  So the code goes something like video_player.playPauseButton = playPauseBtn.  All the swc files are imported through properties-ActionScript Build Path-Library path-add swc.  This all works great in both projects exept in the Flash Player 10 project the volumeBar swc does not load properly.  In the debug variables for a break point at the function below in FLVPlayback.as the variables handleLeftMargin, handleRightMargin, handleLinkageID and handleY are missing even though they are all in the original fla used to compile the swc.  I have tried compiling swc in both Flash CS3 and 4.  I have tried moving the Actionscript inside the fla files but nothing changes. This leads me to believe it is a bug in the Flash Player 10 or the version 10 playerglobal.swc since this part of FLVPlayback.as is identical in versions 2 and 2.5. The result is that only the volume bar renders but no handle. Debugging all through fl.video.UIManager.as handle_mc remains null?
           public function set volumeBar(s:Sprite):void {
                uiMgr.setControl(UIManager.VOLUME_BAR, s);
    In the Actionscript 9 project all the variables are accounted for so the volume bar and handle render and work fine.

    Further info for anyone who can help!
    I am opening a session from a server via the following sql
    * FROM table1 for XML auto&root=root"
    I only get the popup window when trying it out from our
    The server is MS SQLServer
    The virtualdirectory is created with access set as Windows,
    and always log on set as "myusername" + "mypassword"
    So I thought (hoped) I could pass the "myusername" +
    bits into the above sql statement (maybe appended at the
    If I type the above sql statement into a browser it works
    perfectly with the xml returned in a web page,
    also as I state above, when I run it from within my flash
    prog on my local machine it runs OK and returns the results into
    the text area specified within the flash prog.
    BUT - When I upload my flash prog to the webserver and try it
    from there, I get a windows popup asking me for username + password
    + domainname.
    any ideas please?

  • Compile .fla files without Flash IDE

    i need to know whether this can be possible or not....
    My aim is to compile bulk FLA's (say 50). can we compile .FLA's without using Flash IDE using command Line?
    If so how it can be done. please provide with an example.
    I have used JSFL concept for publishing bulk FLA's. But it will work using Flash IDE. This is not what i need.
    I need to compile or publish the FLA's using CommandLine or Batch Files.
    Please reply to the post ASAP

    I've been looking fro the same answer for quite some time, I do not think compiling without the IDE is possible ( if you absolutely need the assets from your flas, that is), I have since changed my workflow to accomodate foe this shortcoming.

  • Business Objects Customization Using Class file without net bean

    Any one please help me out.
    my requirement is like I want to use Business Objects SDK
    <%@ page import="com.crystaldecisions.sdk.framework.CrystalEnterprise" %>
    above is example..
    in Class file of Java without using netbean.
    I try to do this with creating Batch file add all Jar file and set path and but its not working.
    Also can I Login Into business Objects through class file not using netbean(means from command prompt)
    and create user group into CMS.

    Please find following servlet code who dont understand my requirement.
    * GroupCreation.java
    * Created on September 2, 2008, 3:47 PM
    import java.io.*;
    import java.net.*;
    import javax.servlet.*;
    import javax.servlet.http.*;
    import com.crystaldecisions.enterprise.ocaframework.ServiceNames;
    import com.crystaldecisions.sdk.exception.SDKException;
    import com.crystaldecisions.sdk.framework.CrystalEnterprise;
    import com.crystaldecisions.sdk.framework.IEnterpriseSession;
    import com.crystaldecisions.sdk.framework.ISessionMgr;
    import com.crystaldecisions.sdk.occa.infostore.IInfoStore;
    import com.crystaldecisions.sdk.occa.managedreports.*;
    import com.crystaldecisions.sdk.occa.security.ILogonTokenMgr;
    import javax.servlet.http.Cookie;
    import com.crystaldecisions.sdk.occa.infostore.*;
    import com.crystaldecisions.sdk.occa.pluginmgr.*;
    import com.crystaldecisions.sdk.plugin.CeProgID;
    import com.crystaldecisions.sdk.plugin.desktop.user.*;
    import com.crystaldecisions.sdk.properties.*;
    import javax.servlet.http.HttpSession;
    * @author prashant.joshi
    * @version
    public class GroupCreation extends HttpServlet
    protected void doPost(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response)
    throws ServletException, IOException
    HttpSession session = request.getSession(true);
    PrintWriter out = response.getWriter();
    String cms = request.getParameter("CMS");
    String username = request.getParameter("UserID");
    String password = request.getParameter("Password");
    String auth = request.getParameter("Aut");
    IEnterpriseSession enterpriseSession = null;
    ISessionMgr sessionMgr = CrystalEnterprise.getSessionMgr();
    catch(SDKException e)
    Exception failure = null;
    boolean loggedIn = true;
         // If no session already exists, logon using the specified parameters.
    if (enterpriseSession == null)
    // Attempt logon. Create an Enterprise session
    // manager object.
    ISessionMgr sm = CrystalEnterprise.getSessionMgr();
    // Log on to BusinessObjects Enterprise
    enterpriseSession = sm.logon(username, password, cms, auth);
    catch (Exception error)
    loggedIn = false;
    failure = error;
    if (!loggedIn)
    // If the login failed, redirect the user to the start page.
    out.println("<SCRIPT language=\"javascript\"> " +
    " alert (\"Sorry - you could not be logged on to this server." +
    " Ensure that your user name and password, as well as the CMS name are correct." +
    "\"); </SCRIPT>");
    out.println("<META HTTP-EQUIV='refresh' CONTENT='0;URL=LogonPage.jsp'>");
    // Store the IEnterpriseSession object in the session.
    session.setAttribute("EnterpriseSession", enterpriseSession);
    // Create the IInfoStore object.
    IInfoStore iStore = (IInfoStore) enterpriseSession.getService("InfoStore",
    // Store the IInfoStore object in the session using the
    // helper functions.
    session.setAttribute("InfoStore", iStore);
    // Create the IReportSourceFactory object.
    IReportSourceFactory reportSourceFactory = (IReportSourceFactory) enterpriseSession.getService("PSReportFactory");
    // Store the IReportSourceFactory object in the session
    // using the helper functions.
    session.setAttribute("ReportSourceFactory", reportSourceFactory);
    // Retrieve the logon token manager.
    ILogonTokenMgr logonTokenMgr = enterpriseSession.getLogonTokenMgr();
    // Retrieve a logon token and store it in the user's cookie
    // file for use later.
    Cookie cookie = new Cookie("LogonToken", logonTokenMgr.createLogonToken("", 60, 100));
    // LOCUse the plugin manager and the UserGroup plugin to create a new
    // UserGroup object._ENDLOC_
    // LOCIf the infoStore object is not found then display an error message._ENDLOC_
    IInfoStore infoStore = (IInfoStore) session.getAttribute("InfoStore");
    // LOCIf the infoStore object is not found then display an error message._ENDLOC_
    if (infoStore == null)
    throw new Error("_LOC_InfoStore object not found. Please logon again._ENDLOC_");
    IPluginMgr pluginMgr = infoStore.getPluginMgr();
    //IPluginMgr pluginMgr2 = infoStore.getPluginMgr();
    IPluginInfo userGroupPlugin = pluginMgr.getPluginInfo("CrystalEnterprise.UserGroup");
    // IPluginInfo userGroupPlugin2 = pluginMgr.getPluginInfo("CrystalEnterprise.UserGroup");
    // LOCCreate a new InfoObjects collection._ENDLOC_
    IInfoObjects newInfoObjects1 = infoStore.newInfoObjectCollection();
    IInfoObjects newInfoObjects2 = infoStore.newInfoObjectCollection();
    // LOCAdd the UserGroup interface to the new InfoObjects collection._ENDLOC_
    // LOCGet the new UserGroup object from the collection._ENDLOC_
    IInfoObject iObject1 = (IInfoObject) newInfoObjects1.get(0);
    IInfoObject iObject2 = (IInfoObject) newInfoObjects2.get(0);
    // LOCOnce you have the new UserGroup object, set its properties._ENDLOC_
    iObject1.setTitle ("Single Home Group");
    iObject1.setDescription ("It is Single Home Group");
    iObject2.setTitle ("Multi home Group");
    iObject2.setDescription ("It is multi Home Group");
    // LOCRetrieve the ID of the InfoObject (user group)._ENDLOC_
    // objectID = iObject.getID();
    // LOCSave the new group to the CMS._ENDLOC_
    infoStore.commit (newInfoObjects1);
    infoStore.commit (newInfoObjects2);
    catch(Exception ex)
    // If the User group is already created.
    out.println("<SCRIPT language=\"javascript\"> " +
    " alert (\"Sorry - The User Group is already created Please enter another User Group." +
    out.println("<META HTTP-EQUIV='refresh' CONTENT='0;URL=LogonPage.jsp'>");
    // If the User is Logged on the Business objects
    out.println("<SCRIPT language=\"javascript\"> " +
    " alert (\"UserGroup get created in CMS.\"); </SCRIPT>");
    out.println("<META HTTP-EQUIV='refresh' CONTENT='0;URL=LogOff.jsp'>");
    /** Returns a short description of the servlet.
    public String getServletInfo() {
    return "Short description";
    // </editor-fold>
    when I paste above code in simple notepad as class file and run this file from command prompt
    it gives error like following 1 example I getting 46 errors for different Business Objects classes
    symbol : variable CrystalEnterprise
    location: class GroupCreation
    ISessionMgr sm = CrystalEnterprise.getSessionMgr();
    Please help me Out.
    Thank you.

  • Using PDF files with Flash

    With Flash Professional 8, can I import or attach a standard
    PDF file to a flash document so that it can be downloaded off the

    You don't need to, even if you could (which I don't think you
    can). Using the getURL() method should provide the access to the
    file so that it can be opened and saved.

  • Bridge CS5 using CS4 files cache problem

    If I use Bridge CS4 on a directory and subsequently open the same  directory with Bridge CS5, Bridge insistes on rebuilding thumbnails and  previews (as indicated on the bottom status line).    If I subsequently reopen the directory in Bridge CS4, it  again rebuilds thumbs and previews - however only thumbs seem to be rebuilt.   The Preferences in both versions  of Bridge are "identical".  The bridge cache files are maintained in the image directories.
    The cache construction seems to be quite fast (faster than anticipated) - I am not sure what, if anything, is being rebuilt.
    Is this an expected  operation?
    This presents some difficulties in that I  have 530,000 images (7 terabytes)  on Bridge CS4 and the reconstruction  of the files would literally take weeks to rebuild.

    as there supposed to be seperate programs and independant of one another this is surprising 'not'
    I have been onto adobe thru there support link regarding bridge issues and they
    advise to uninstall bridge cs4 using there ceanscript.
    well its a fiddly tool and no mention of just removing bridge cS4 it wants to remove cS4EXT too,
    which i'm not readt to remove, plugins etc......
    anyway, cant help, but there was a bridge CS5 patch released yesterday.
    i have noticed that some of issues no longer seem to occur
    so it may be wise to download it as it didnt auto download.
    also i have seen the same issue you state so your not alone.
    not sure whether the patch addresses the issue as ive only had it updated a few hours

  • Using external files in flash

    Helo all and thank you very much for your attention ,realy I
    tried to use two external text file (bill.txt and les.txt) .when I
    click on bill button ,the flash file load bill.txt and when I click
    on les button the flash file load les.txt .for this case I use two
    sepaate action script for each of the buttons:
    action script for bill button:
    on (release) {
    willieLoad = new LoadVars();
    willieLoad.onLoad = function() {
    _root.twoNuts.text = this.bill;
    action script for les button:
    on (release) {
    leslieLoad = new LoadVars();
    leslieLoad.onLoad = function() {
    _root.twoNuts.text = this.les;
    It worked but as you see it's kind of duplication of code .I
    decide to catch the instance name of the button name in a global
    varibale ,then I load the text file according to the name of the
    global varaible ,Now please tell me how can I get the name of the
    instance of the button when I click on it and please guide me in th
    is way.
    sincerely yours Mohsena

    are you using movieclip buttons or true buttons?

  • Using images files without javax.swing

    I am developing an applet the user can designate a background image instead of a color. This applet must not use the javax package. What class would you all recommend for creating the background image. I can't use IconImage because it is part of the javax package.

    checkout the Graphics class too. It has a drawImage function that paints the image class on awt components. However you must override the the paint(Graphics g) method of the component in order to display your image.

  • I'm using ActionScript 3 in flash CS3, and everything is the color of a square next to my timeline

    HELP! I cannot figure it out! I'm trying to design an opening animation for my show, but it's all one color. I NEED HELP!

    If they are just outlines of the content, then you might have mistakenly selected the outline view option.  If that's the case, then just click the colored ractangles you mentioned that are next to the layer names (or click the one atop all of them).  ANother placeto look is the View -> Preview Mode ->... and make sure Outlines is not selected.
    If neither of those is the case, then can you show a screenshot?

  • Export illustrator file from Flash Professional CS6

    Can a background/scene created in Flash profession be exported to illustrator file with extension Ai without illustrator?

    SIcsempertyrannus wrote:
    Thanks for trying to help. Some how I managed to do it-but I did it some kind of meatball way. I kept clicking into the image until everything was selected...then I grouped it all and exported as fxg because I do not have the eps option. Somehow it worked, But I have 20 of these to do and this is def not the right way to do it. Hope someone else can wise me up. Thank-you for your help.
    You did not have to group it you could have exported the image or the selection only or the movie in the FXG format (Flash Exchange Graphic) and what is wrong with doing it a newer and better way. FXG is supported in Flash Catalyst as is Illustrator and Photoshop FXG can be exported from Illustrator so you use the file in Flash more readily and though Photoshop does not support FXG that might change.
    I am leased they finally came up with a rational method of exporting to and from Illustrator and Flash.
    Eps was never the right way since Flash is not a postscript application.
    You found the right way and format you just went about it in an unusual and unneccessary way.
    Next time if you want all the art choose image instead of selection if you only need some elements of the art select them export choosing selection only that art will be exported no need to group.
    if you want the whole movie then again choose the whole movie of course that will be a motion type format not FXG.
    Anyway you sort of did it the right way.

  • How can I mask on flv file in flash cs4?

    I am new to Flash CS4. I saw one video on how to use flv file in flash and mask it. It is working fine when I am using the following option while importing a video file to flash:
    Load external video with playback component
    But when I tried with the following option it doesn't show the background, it shows only movie which is playing nicely. But not the background which has a bill board.
    Embed FLV in SWF and play in timeline
    It seems the mask is not working with this option.
    How to solve this problem? Please help.
    Actually it should be like the above.
    But when I am using the option Embed FLV in SWF and play in timeline while importing the flv video, getting the result like below: It is not showing the Bill board as above.
    See the layers created:

    I Tried with CS4 by creating mask layer and importing video , layers created were same as you have created and it is working for me .
    Here is the screen shot of the .fla file.
    Screenshot of .fla file

Maybe you are looking for

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