Dynamic Delivery Content issue

Hi everyone!!
Im trying to reference information in the XML data to be put into the delivery content but i can`t get it work :S
Im using this format ${ELEMENT} but it looks like its a null element :S
This is the java:
import oracle.apps.xdo.batch.DocumentProcessor;
public class BurstingTest
public BurstingTest()
     DocumentProcessor dp = new DocumentProcessor
     ("C:\\burst\\sample\\SampleControlFileV2.xml", "c:\\burst\\sample\\employee.xml","c:\\burst\\sample");
catch (Exception e)
{ System.out.println(e);   }
public static void main(String[] args)
BurstingTest burst1 = new BurstingTest();
this is the XML data
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<MANAGER_EMAIL>"[email protected]"</MANAGER_EMAIL>
<EMAIL>"[email protected]"</EMAIL>
And this is the Control File
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<xapi:requestset xmlns:xapi="http://xmlns.oracle.com/oxp/xapi">
<xapi:globalData location="stream">
</xapi:globalData >
<xapi:email server="smtp.server" port="25" from="[email protected]" reply-to ="[email protected]">
<xapi:message id="123" to="*${EMAIL}*" attachment="true" content-type="html/text" subject="*${EMPNO}*"> Dear *${ENAME}*, Please review the attached document.</xapi:message>
<xapi:document key="*${EMPNO}*" output="c:\burst\sample\burstingmail.xls" output-type="excel" delivery="123">
<xapi:template type="rtf" location="c:\\burst\\sample\\employee.rtf">
So the problem is that the subject is always null also the address and in the message after Dear.
Please help me !!
I`ve been looking in the manual an over internet and I still dont have the solution :'(
Thanks in advance!!
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ok, i just got the new patch and its solved.

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    You can use just about any javascript you want in any Content Server presentation template including ones that are used for portlets.
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    I would like to add some new fields on Dynamic Selection screen of QE51N.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Is it your add-on or a 3rd party add-on?

  • Over riding setting Delivery Content in 11g

    We migrated from 10g to 11g BP2.
    We are advised from our admins that we need to create 'Delivery content' in 'My accounts' sections as mentioned in
    3. Setup the delivery option for End User
    But we are not willing to do that. Since we cant ask every mail recipents to go and set it.
    Please suggest any other options to override this activity.
    Edited by: MuRam on Dec 10, 2012 1:42 AM

    Hi MuRam,
    is the attribute mail set for each user in your security provider (like embedded ldap)? Is an smtp server configured, that can send emails to that address? If both is true, you can modify each users defaultdevice ([catalog]/root/users/[user_id]/_prefs/defaultdevice) to ^A^@^A^@^@^@^E^@^@^@email^P^@^@^@sasystem:pcemail (<< that's a representation of the binary value in the file).

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    Advance Thanks

    933154 wrote: My profile says PDF, config, report, settings says PDF and I get an Excel when I run screening reports. Very odd.You may want to make sure that the file where the system setting gets stored can be updated. In your <Intradoc_Dir>\urm\data\reportpublisher\config\config.hda file, there is a result set named "RPAdminConfigInfo". The third column of that result set should match the value being shown on the configuration settings page. I've changed the format value in the UI, and this file gets updated (and thus I'm getting my screening reports in the format specified in this config file.)
    933154 wrote: Also, I wasn't clear on the second part of the question. The Screening Reports appear to use the template INTERNALITEMDETAILRPTTEMPLATE. Is that configuration set somewhere? Is there any way to have the screening reports use a different template or is changing that template the only way to change the screening report layout?Templates are not configurable in that respect - the template name values being called for a service are hardwired in the code (you'd need to override in a component - just not worth the hassle). I'd either edit the existing rtf file, or just check in a new revision to the existing one if the differences are that profound. You'd still need to conform to the BI Publisher standards/methodology in either case.

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    public class vipThread implements Runnable
    private static volatile boolean lockMe=false;
    public synchronized static boolean getLock ()
         return lockMe;
    public synchronized static void setLock (boolean lock)
         lockMe = lock;
    public void run ()
                   if(!this.getLock ()) {
                   ret = vipRequestProcessor.getNewRequests ();                         
    getNewRequests is not a synchronized method. Do i need to have it synchronized ? i do have a thread contention issue here. Couple of threds pickup the same request fromt he database.
    Help appreciated

    public class vipThread implements Runnable
    private static volatile boolean lockMe=false;
    public synchronized static boolean getLock ()
    return lockMe;
    public synchronized static void setLock (boolean
    an lock)
    lockMe = lock;
    public void run ()
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    prasIf the "getNewRequests() method is only called from your vipThread, then you don't have thread contention problem.

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    Next, the user goes into the campaign workflow and opens the Delivery activity there, makes a change, such as entering a subject line or changing the Delivery label and (not noticing that the content is missing) saves the Delivery and saves the workflow. The empty delivery is now committed to the database. When the user next opens the delivery on the campaign dashboard, the content is gone.
    There is not really a fix except to recreate the content.
    After initially choosing a template and saving the delivery and workflow, only edit the delivery in one place, ideally the Campaign Dashboard.
    You can force the Save button to activate by making a change to the Campaign properties, even if you change and change back. Then Save the Campaign.

    Looks like my AdBlock Plus plug-in is responsible, in Firefox
    at least. Maybe Pithhelmet or some other plug-in in Safari (haven't
    troubleshot that yet). Lesson: disabling
    plug-ins/extensions/add-ons should always be part of your initial
    troubling shooting regimen.

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    dear all,
    i need to find sample of build dynamic web content base on
    9i/10g database. i remember otn have a sample for dynamic
    web content. but not found in sample code at otn now.
    who can tell me where can find it ?
    best regards

    See the last section of this link. You will get version specific information.

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    We recently upgraded the oracle version from 9.07 to 9.08. Since the upgrade out application has been performing poorly. We spoke to the Oracle DBAs and they identified this to be a latch contention problem. They changed the cursor sharing from exact to similar. They even increased the buffer cache size. But we continue to have performance issues with the database.
    Had anyone come across latch contention issues and how was it resolved? Is there is a bug in 9.08 version? Do we think of downgrading it back to 9.07?
    Please suggest.

    shared pool housekeeping is not as simple as you imagine it to be. It's not like at any given moment of time there is only one "correct" child cursor, the rest being subject to purging, it's much more complex, and the exact housekeeping algorithms are not accessible to us users. Plus, you only have several child curors; I once had over a hundred and raised a SR to that effect -- the customer support represebtatuve said that cursor sharing mechanisms in Oracle aren't perfect and unless one has thousands of child cursors one shouldn't be worried.
    Best regards,

  • IBot Delivery Content type

    I have a strange problem. I am sending a request as a part of delivery content. I have specified the type as html. But in an email, I am getting the results in plain black and white with table. I am not getting the actual green bar coloring and blue headers as the results show up in OBI. I am going mad finding out the reason. Could anybody help.

    I just found one more thing. When I am using Oracle BI Delivers in the From field, then the HTML format is NOT coming. When I am using any valid email address of an employee, the mail is coming in a right format. Any idea.

  • Dynamic generated content

    hello can somebody help me with adobe air + html how to make
    link to open in system external web browser in dynamic generated

    window.runtime.flash.net.URLRequest("path to a file where you wrote
    dynamic content"))

  • Active Content Issue

    hi - go to the above. i followed the instructions and info
    from other postings and am able to get an HTML page generated by
    Flash to take care of that IE browser active content problem.
    then go to the above link. this is the SWF file placed onto a
    blank HTML page with Dreamweaver. Obviously, the active content fix
    does not work now. so my question is how do i get this to work when
    i want to place flash content on my page through using DW?
    I read somewhere that i may need to link up the JS file. can
    someone help me with that? PS - i'm not good with writing JS code.

    Deaf Mike,
    > I read somewhere that i may need to link up the JS file.
    > someone help me with that? PS - i'm not good with
    > JS code.
    The IE Active Content issue is a pretty popular one lately,
    as you can
    imagine. The easiest, most convenient solution I know of is
    to use a tiny
    JavaScript application called FlashObject. -- Scratch that. I
    just learned
    that the developer felt compelled by Adobe to change the name
    of his free
    product to SWFObject. (Sigh.) Okay, so it's SWFObject, then.
    And a
    beautiful piece of code it is. Give it a shot, Mike. Very
    easy to use.
    But if you have questions, write back.
    stiller (at) quip (dot) net
    Dev essays:
    "Luck is the residue of good design."

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    Can uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu helpppppp mmmmmmmmmeeeeee
    pleeeeeeeaassssssssssseeeeee ?
    I want to make my TabbedPanels dynamically.
    For example after every 3 seconds the tab and the
    TabbedPanelsContent changes automatically. It's the same principle
    of the Gallery.
    Is there a solution ?
    Thank u very much.

    Have you looked at Content Areas? They would be good for self service management of content.
    Have you looked at some of the content providers for Oracle9iAS Portal? They have dynamic data content portlets available. http://www.oracle.com/portals/partners.

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