Dynamic field in S_ALR_87012172 - Customer Balances in Local Currency?

My problem is that we want to add the document Numnber field in the report S_ALR_87012172 - Customer Balances in Local Currency so that we can get the desired output. I have tried to add the Document number field under 'Documents' in the Dynamic Selection using table BSID. When we are adding it it is working fine for all other reports for customer balances but not showing anything here.
Please tell me the reason why it is happening if possible and tell me how to get that field added.
Please reply asap as it is quite urgent.
Thanks in advance

Thanks again Ravi,
I have tried that option and made the Form and Report but when I am trying to Excute the report S_ALR_87012172 - Customer Balances in Local Currency it is not coming with the desired output. Is it the link problem. Can you plz tell me we have made a form and then a report with the desired parameters but how to link that report with the desired T. Code.
Secondly, if I make the changes in the Standard reports which are mentioned below then system is taking the changes but when I am making the new form and report myself then system is giviing me the desired output. Can we make our own report and link it to the T. code we want or we only can make the changes in the standard reports .
0SAPFD10-01     Transaction Figures: Account Balance
0SAPFD10-02     Transaction Figures: Special Sales
0SAPFD10-03     Transaction Figures: Sales
Please help me as I don;t know much about the report painter.
Thanks in advance..

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  • S_ALR_87012172 - Customer Balances in Local Currency

    Dear All
    I want insert some field in sap enhancement for S_ALR_87012172 - Customer Balances in Local Currency. If have any enhancement. Please advise.

    Please verify the documents..............

  • Daily Customer Balances in Local Currency problem?

    My user want S_ALR_87012172 - Customer Balances in Local Currency on daily basis but can you suggest me what shall I do?
    I have tried to write a query but I hope I am not getting all the tables can yiu suggest me tables where I can get the balance in local currency for customers and accumulated balance as well.
    Please suggest any way like report painter or query step by step?

    Thanks alot Visawana S,
    I am sorry but are those tables enough to meet this requirement.
    I am making a query for Daily customer report in which my user want fields Total Debit posting, Total Credit Posting, Balance Carryforward and Accumulated balance based on the selection of Posting date. When I am trying to do that I am unable to find all the tables for this report as we have the field Balance carryforward in KNC1 or KNC3 but when we join the tables it doesn't show any link. Please help me on it. Also, I am unable to find out the Accumulated balance field in any table if we don;t have that field then how to get that field updated.
    Please write about the tables in detail.
    Thanks in advance

  • Customer Balances in Local currency

    Hi Gurus,
    Can some one explain me about
    TCode-  S_ALR_87012172= Customer balance in Local currency
    It importance ,its benefits,

    Check the program documentation(shift +F1), blue i icon in application menu after executing the T.code.
    Short text
    Customer Balances in Local Currency
    The balances from the following transactions can be issued with the customer balance list:
    Standard G/L transactions
    Special G/L transactions (per special G/L indicator)
    The following figures (for a particular month only) are displayed in local currency:
    Balance at period start ( balance carried forward and balance of the periods before the reporting periods)
    Debit total for the reporting period
    Credit total for the reporting period
    Debit or credit balances for the whole period
    The following data is issued at the end of the list for each local currency:
    Totals per company code
    Final total across all company codes
    Output and Sort Sequence
    You can choose from two sort sequences for the accounts. Sort sequence "1" uses the reconciliation account as the sort criteria whereas sort sequence "2" uses the account number.
    With both of these sort sequences you can choose between a standard version and a corporate group version. In the standard version, the accounts are listed per company code. In the corporate group version the company codes are listed per account.
    You can use the "Summarization level" parameter to specify whether the data is to be issued in detailed or summarized form.
    The following overview shows the relation between
    The account sort sequences
    The standard or corporate group versions
    The summarization levels
    Account sort sequence 1 - standard version
    Data sorted by:
    Company code
    Reconciliation account
    Account number
    Summarization levels:
    0 = No summarization (total per open item account)
    1 = Summarization of the open item accounts (total per reconciliation                                                account)
    2 = Summarization of the reconciliation accounts (total per company code)
    3 = End totals sheet only (totals across all company codes)
    Account sort sequence 1 - corporate group version
    Data sorted by:
    Reconciliation account
    Account number
    Company code currency key
    Company code
    Summarization levels:
    0 = No summarization (total per company code)
    1 = Summarization of company codes (total per currency key)
    2 = Summarization of open item accounts (total per reconciliation                                           account)
    3 = End totals sheet only (totals across all company codes)
    Account sort sequence 2 - standard version
    Data sorted by:
    Company code
    Account number
    Summarization levels
    0 = No summarization (total per open item account)
    1 = Summarization of open item accounts (total per company code)
    2 = End totals sheet only (totals across all company codes)
    Account sort sequence 2 - corporate group version
    Data sorted by:
    Account number
    Currency key
    Company code
    Summarization levels
    0 = No summarization (total per company code)
    1 = Summarization of the company codes (total per currency key)
    2 = End totals sheet only (totals across all company codes)
    Recording data on microfiche
    You can request information for recording on microfiche. The fixed part of the microfiche information is documented under the parameter for it. The variable part, i.e. the report-specific part, has the following structure:
    In the standard version:
    Company code                 4 characters
    Reconciliation account      10 characters (only with sort sequence 1)
    Account number              10 characters
    In the corporate group version:
    Reconciliation account      10 characters (only with sort sequence 1)
    Account number              10 characters
    Currency key                 5 characters
    Company code                 4 characters

  • Difference in the Balance between FS10N and Customer Balances in Local Curr

    When i am trying to match the Balances between FS10N and Customer Balances in Local Currency for the Period 8, we are getting the difference, The reconcilliaton Account was changed on 30.08.2010.
    Please help Us in tracing the differences between FS10N and Customer Balances in Local Currency.
    What could be the possible reasons for the differences..

    Hi Varshani,
    Please use the program/report SAPF070 to compare or reconcile your AR with GL balances. You can use SAPF071 to correct any inconsistencies. Provided below documentation for these programs.
    SAPF070  - Compare Documents and Account Transaction Figures
    This program compares debit and credit transaction figures in customer, vendor, and G/L accounts with the debit and credit totals from documents posted in the corresponding posting period (accounting reconciliation). The sales totals are also compared for customer and vendor accounts. There is no separate comparison for special G/L transactions.
    A comparison for G/L accounts can be made in company code currency and in parallel currencies (such as group currency). A comparison for customer and vendor accounts can only be made in company code currency.
    After the program has finished, a message is issued to the user that started the program. This message summarizes the results of the reconciliation.
    The program compares the totals of an account on a periodic basis. If the debit and credit total differs between account and documents, the account is printed with the debit and credit totals and the difference.
    Differences in G/L accounts are shown per transaction currency. The first line shows the amount in local currency, the second line shows the amounts in transaction currency.
    If a document which falls within the selection range is posted during the program run, the program is terminated since a reliable result can no longer be delivered.
    SAPF071 - Adjust Balances after Comparing Documents/Transaction Figures
    If a financial accounting comparative analysis (SAPF190) or a comparison of documents and transaction figures (SAPF070) shows that there are differences between documents and transaction figures, you can use this program to make an adjustment. The documents form the basis for this adjustment. The program adjusts the (redundant) transaction figures, which are only totals of amounts from documents.
    All of the following listed requirements must be fulfilled:
    1. A financial accounting comparative analysis (SAPF190) or a comparison of documents and transaction figures (SAPF070) must be made, and differences must be found between documents and transaction figures.
    2. There must not be any inconsistent documents found. These are listed in both SAPF070 and SAPF190 as well as in this program.
    3. There cannot be any problems in the other modules. Caution: You have to check this yourself. Financial Accounting may be correct but the other modules may not be, and this will adversely affect the program run.
    4. You can only make the adjustment in the ledgers which are compared by program SAPF070. This is ledger 00 or a user-defined ledger for all parallel local currencies except the group currency. (The program displays these ledgers). You have to adjust any additional ledgers as well as average balance ledgers yourself.
    5. No documents during the period in which you are adjusting transaction figures can be archived. Caution: You must ensure that these documents are not archived by establishing appropriate organizational rules and procedures.
    Only use this program after consulting with SAP or after checking the prerequisites thoroughly.
    You should adjust all differences together for a single company code. By setting the program parameters you can limit the adjustment to G/L currency types or to balances in subledgers.
    It is advisable to execute a test run first, which will list any differences that are found.
    Further notes - Authorizations
    Repair program authorization group (F_005)
    Company code authorization         (F_BKPF_BUK)
    Venkata Ganesh Perumalla
    Edited by: Venkata Ganesh Perumalla on Sep 28, 2010 1:30 PM

  • Vendor + customer balances in foreign currency

    Hi all,
    We need 2 reports which are is pretty similar to the following both:
    1.)Vendor balances in local currency
    2.)Customer balances in local currency
    The only difference should be, that the 2 reports should show the balances in <b>foreign currency</b>.
    Are there any standard-reports or functions available for our problem?
    Thank you and best regards,

    i'd use 2 fm's:
    1) READ_LFC1 / read_knc1
    or use bapis:
    i don't get your answer!?
    reports RFDSLD00 / RFKSLD00 are in local curr.

  • Customer balances in Group Currency

    Is there any way to get the Customer balances in Group currency - I am running TC S_ALR_87012172 for a UK Company Code. This TC provides me balances and details in GBP only and does not provide the option to get my USD balances. Is there any other transaction which would allow me to get the same type of report but in both LC and Group currency or at least only on GC? Same goes for TC S_ALR_87012082 for the payables side.

    Can you try to edit the fields in layout in same t-code , also you can try to check the report in t-code: FBL5N if group currency filed is not avalible.

  • GL account char - XSALH "Indicator:Only Manage Balances in Local Currency"

    Hello experts,
    Regarding transaction FS00 or FSS0, i would like someone to give me a clear view of the utility of value field XSALH "Indicator: Only Manage Balances in Local Currency".
    When creating a GL account, from a technical perpestice, in which case i should activate this flag and in which case i should not activate it ?
    What are the different impact for the user, except the fact that balances are updated only in local currency ?
    Thanks in advance,
    Nicolas GORECKI

    If the indicator Only Balances in Local Currency is selected in the master record, transactions figures are only managed for amounts translated into local currency.
    You should select this field for clearing accounts where you want to clear accounts by assigning items with the same local currency amount with one another, without necessitating exdchange rate difference postings.
    The indicator must be set in cash discount and GR/IR clearing accounts. This should not be activated for Reconciliation accounts for customer and vendors.
    This indicator is usually set in balance sheet accounts that are not managed in foreign currencies.
    IF this indicator is not set, to clear the open items, both the local and foreign currency amounts of the items to be clared must match. In such a case, it may be required to post an exchange rate difference postings.

  • F5061  Balance in local currency EUR is too large for automatic adjustment

    My Company code currency is EUR. The customer has made a downpayment in USD (say 100) and i am now to clear the same against invoice of same amount in USD (100 $) but its is resulting into minor differences in Local currency. I am getting the following error
    Balance in local currency EUR is too large for automatic adjustment
    Message no. F5061
    For postings in foreign currency, it is possible that the balance in foreign currency is zero, but not in local currency. Providing the balance in local currency does not amount to more currency units than the document has line items, the system adjusts the amounts automatically. If an automatic adjustment is not possible, the amounts must be adjusted manually in local currency.
    System Response
    The document is not posted in local currency without adjusting the amounts.
    Adjust the amounts in local currency.
    How can i have the system automatically fetch the Gl accounts to post the exchange rate differeces.
    I have maintained the settings in FBKP- Exchange rate differenes
    Thanks & Regards

    I have the same problem; my company code is defined in HUF and I am trying to post a vendor invoice in Euros.
    I have a 10% maintained there and still receiving the error, either for differences of just one HUF. The strangest thing is that differences are automatically adjusted (also for discrepancies over the 10%) when posting through FB60 but not when using FB01.
    Any idea?
    Thanks in advance for your input.
    Best regards.

  • OB26 Balances in Local Currency only

    I have the field Balances in Local Currency only set to Opt. entry in OB26.  However, when I go to FS00, the field is not there.  I have tried changing it in OB26 to required and it still is missing in FS00.
    Any ideas?  Thanks

    Go to OBD4
    Select the Account group
    Click on "Account Control", select either optional or required for "Only balances in local"
    Hope this solves your issue

  • Balances in Local Currency

    What is the purpose and standard usage of this field in the GL Account Master?

    Indicator: Only Manage Balances in Local Currency
    Indicates that balances are updated only in local currency when users post items to this account.
    You would set this indicator for accounts in which you do not want the system to update transaction figures separately by currency.
    Setting this indicator for accounts managed on an open item basis affects the clearing procedures. See the example below.
    Set the indicator in cash discount clearing accounts and GR/IR clearing accounts. It cannot be set in reconciliation accounts for customers or vendors. Setting it in all other instances is optional.
    It is usually set for particular balance sheet accounts including:
    Accounts which are not managed on an open item basis and not kept in foreign currencies.
    Accounts which are managed on an open item basis and have the same types of items posted in different currencies, but always allow clearing to be made if the local currency amounts correspond.
    You set up a clearing account for goods receipts and invoice receipts and manually post these items to it. You post invoice receipts in the invoice currency and goods receipts always in the local currency.
    Invoice receipt            1000 DEM       600 USD
    Goods receipt                              600 USD
    Both items can be cleared if the clearing account balances are recorded in local currency only. If you have not set the indicator for this account, the system will translate DEM to USD during the clearing procedure in order to determine the amount in USD required to clear 1000 DEM. If the translation rate is .65 USD per DEM, then the system displays 650 USD for the invoice receipt and 600 USD for the goods receipt when the open items are processed.
    This means that to clear both of these items, you will also have to enter a difference posting for 50 USD, and the system will automatically make an additional exchange rate difference posting for this amount.
    Madhu M

  • Enabling "Only balance in local currency" for GL's

    Can any one help me on this.
    We wanted to enable bhe "Only balance in local currecy" for certain GL's. The GL's already has some balance.
    We have an option to make the balance zero by using a clearing account and trasfer it back once it is enables. But our problem is.
    a. We are not sure whether these changes will have retrospective effect - that mean will it effect all the entry booked when it was not enabled.
    Please advise

    a)first you can make the balaces 0 of the g/l accounts to which accounts u want uable the field only balances in local currency.
    b)goto OBD4 and select account groups of that g/l accounts and suppress that only balance local currency field.
    Reward points.

  • To activate ' only balances in local currency'

    As this issue is very common but I did not got any specific solution So I posted this issue.
    I want to transfer balance in foreign currency to other GL, system asks the GL to post Exchange diff.
    As this GL is of bank reconciliation I dont want to calculate ain or loss on this GL.
    I found relevant Field only balances in local currency in GL master. Is this correct field?
    We are using 3 GL for bank Incoming Out going and main. Do we need to tick this field for all the GLs?
    There is some balance in the GL even if I need to transfer balance to other GL it will ask this config So I cant transfer balance.
    How Can I tick this?

    Dear suja:
    It is possible to select only balances in local currency for the accounts which have balances.
    Select the standard report, Enter the GL Accounts and currency type. i.e you can view the accounts in local currency.
    Ex: for GL Account balances, select the standard report S_ALR_87012277 - G/L Account Balances,Enter Chart of accounts,GL Accounts,Company code,Account currency as USD for USA or INR for India.
    you can view the accounts in local currency.
    Please let me know if you want more information.
    Assign points if useful.

  • Only Balances in local currency

    By mistake we activated only Balances in local currency setting for a GL account at the time of Go-live. Also we had done  postings to this account with foreign currency and local currency. Now we want to do foreign currency valuation for this account, but the problem is up to now all the transaction are recorded in local currency only because of the reported setting to GL master, so system is not finding any valuation differences for foreign currency transactions.
    What can be done to update the transaction currency balances for the posted line items without reversing?
    Is there any program to update the balances in transaction currency as well?
    We have many line items in that GL account which have to be revaluated.
    Experts, please give me the suggestion.
    Murali. N

    Please check the below OSS notes:-

  • F.05 and "only balance in local currency"

    Hi Dear,my client like to do F.05 (foreign curreny valuation) for all balance sheet account,but if you select "only balance in local currency" in GL master,then those GL accounts can not be picked up for F.05.
    SAP's suggestion is :
    *For normal balance sheet accounts that record neither items in foreign currency nor open items, SAP recommends that you record the account transaction figures in local currency only.  You should select the "Only balances in local curr." checkbox to do this*
    But if i want do f.05 for all balance sheet account,i should not select  "only balance in local currency" in GL master,am i right?

    Hi,if you want do so then do. But do realy going to book all accounts in foreign currency???

Maybe you are looking for