Dynamic SQL and Data with Single Quotes in it.

Hi There,
I have a problem in that I am using dynamic SQL and it happens that one of the columns does contain single quotes (') in it as part of the data. This causes the resultant dynamic SQL to get confused as the single quote that is part of the data is taken to mean end of sting, when in fact its part of the data. This leaves out a dangling single quote that was meant to enclose the string. Here is my dynamic SQL and the result of the parsed SQL that I have captured:
****Dynamic SQL*****
l_sql:='select NOTE_TEMPLATE_ID '||
'where TRIM(LEGACY_NOTE_CODE)='''||trim(fp_note_code)||''' '||
'and TRIM(DISPLAY_VALUE)='''||trim(fp_note_text)||''' ';
execute immediate l_sql INTO l_note_template_id;
Because the column DISPLAY_VALUE contains data with single quotes, the resultant SQL is:
******PARSED SQL************
And the problem lies with the single quote between teh characters t and d in the data field for DISPLAY_ITEM. How can I handle this?
Many thanks,

I have been reliably informed that if one doesn't enclose char/varchar2 data items in quotes, the right indices may not be usedI am into oracle for past 4 years and for the first time i am hearing this.
Your reliable source is just wrong. Bind variables are variables that store your value and which are used in SQL. They are the proper way to use values in your SQL. By default all variables in PL/SQL is bind variable.
When you can do some thing in just straight SQL just do it. Dynamic SQL does not make any sense to me here.

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    create table xxinv_item_pei_taginfo(item_id number,
    Organization_id number,
    item varchar2(4000),
    record_type varchar2(4000),
    record_value CLOB,
    State varchar2(4000));
    insert into xxinv_item_pei_taginfo values( 493991 ,224, '1265-D30', 'USES','fever','TX');
    insert into xxinv_item_pei_taginfo values( 493991 ,224, '1265-D30', 'HOW TO USE','one tablet daily','TX');
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    Item id Org Id Item Record_type Record_value State
    493991     224     1265-D30     USES     fever     TX
    493991     224     1265-D30     HOW TO USE     one tablet daily     TX
    493991     224     1265-D30     SIDE EFFECTS     XYZ     TX
    493991     224     1265-D30     DRUG INTERACTION     ABC     TX
    493991     224     1265-D30     OVERDOSE      Go and see doctor     TX
    493991     224     1265-D30     NOTES     Take after meal     TX
    Above is my data
    I have to fetch the record_type from a lookup where I can have any of the record type, sometime USES, HOW TO USE, SIDE EFFECTS and sometimes some other set of record types
    In my report I have to get these record typpes as field name dynamically whichever is available in that lookup and record values against them.
    its a BI Publisher report.
    please suggest

    if you have data in db then you can create xml with needed structure
    and so you can create bip report
    do you have errors or .... ?

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    When importing excel files using 1.5, I can't get data with single quotes (') imported.
    When I run the insert statement given in SQLPlus I get "ORA-01756: quoted string not properly terminated", which is different than the error that SQL Developer gives me (see below).
    Also, I have a numeric value shown without a thousands comma-separator in the XLS file that I'm trying to load into a varchar2 field. But, the insert statements have added a thousands comma-separator which I don't want.
    REM Error starting at line 1 in command:
    REM VALUES (2427407, 'Ed-u-care Children's Center', '73,000');
    REM Error at Command Line:2 Column:37
    REM Error report:
    REM SQL Error: ORA-00917: missing comma
    REM 00917. 00000 - "missing comma"
    REM *Cause:   
    REM *Action:
    One last thing, TOAD gives a way to automap columns chosen from XLS to the columns in the database. It sure would be nice to have this functionality in SQL Developer.

    Did you consider both to be bugs (i.e., single quote issue and thousands comma separator issue)?

  • Data model: single quote in default parameter value

    when I assign a default value to a parameter in my Data model, which includes a single quote (i.e. "It's a default value"), then the single quote is escaped with a backslash (i.e. "It\'s a default value") when I open the report associated with the data model. How can I get rid of the escape character when opening a report?

    Hi Yogini,
    Thanks for your reply.
    When the customer name is selected, discoverer reports automatically enclose the customer names in single quotes. like 'ABC LTD', 'ABC's INC',
    I know how to change this single quote format. Also we don't want user to change the parameter selection criteria once selected.
    Also related to double quotes isn't it doubles are treated as column names in the SQL query and can not be used for any other purpose.
    Apologies, I haven't tried this but I think it will not work. Have you tried this with discoverer viewer.
    As mentioned intrusting things is when a customer name with single quote is selected in discoverer Plus it automatically formats the filter criteria to look like ['ABC LTD', 'ABC''s INC'] but this thing doesn't happen in viewer.
    I think this is a bug in discoverer viewer and think there must be some patch available to correct this problem.
    Sorry, don't have a solution yet but will certainly update the thread once I get the solution.
    Also please keep looking for a solution and let me know as well.
    Thanks a lot in advance.
    Best Regards,

  • Dynamic SQL and Pivot Query in 11G

    Hello all,
    I am using APEX and 11G I am trying to create a report based on the results of a pivot query. Below is the code to build the query string. The :P4_EPSB_PERIOD_HOLD holds data like (SEP-08') for example.
    q varchar2(4000);
    q:=q ||' select * FROM';
    q:=q ||' ( ';
    q:=q ||' select segment2, ';
    q:=q ||' accounted_dr, ';
    q:=q ||' period_name ';
    q:=q ||' from gl_je_lines a, ';
    q:=q ||' gl_code_combinations b';
    q:=q ||' where b.code_combination_id = a.code_combination_id';
    q:=q ||' and segment2 >= :P4_EPSB_OBJECT_FROM';
    q:=q ||' and segment2 <= :P4_EPSB_OBJECT_TO';
    q:=q ||' and period_name IN :P4_EPSB_PERIOD_HOLD';
    q:=q ||' and segment4 >= :P4_EPSB_LOCATION_FROM';
    q:=q ||' and segment4 <= :P4_EPSB_LOCATION_TO';
    q:=q ||' )';
    q:=q ||' PIVOT';
    q:=q ||' (';
    q:=q ||' sum(accounted_dr)';
    q:=q ||' for period_name IN :P4_EPSB_PERIOD_HOLD';
    q:=q ||' )';
    return q;
    I get the missingfailed to parse SQL query:
    ORA-00906: missing left parenthesis
    If I print the sql statement that the query generates, I get the following code, which, if the varaibles are hard-coded, works fine.
    select * FROM ( select segment2, accounted_dr, period_name from gl_je_lines a, gl_code_combinations b where b.code_combination_id = a.code_combination_id and segment2 >= :P4_EPSB_OBJECT_FROM and segment2 <= :P4_EPSB_OBJECT_TO and period_name IN :P4_EPSB_PERIOD_HOLD and segment4 >= :P4_EPSB_LOCATION_FROM and segment4 <= :P4_EPSB_LOCATION_TO ) PIVOT ( sum(accounted_dr) for period_name IN :P4_EPSB_PERIOD_HOLD )
    Any advice as to how to tackle this would be most welecome and appreciated.

    P4_EPSB_PERIOD_HOLDcome with single quotes? like 'SEP-08' or SEP-08

  • Dynamic SQL and Sub Query

    I want need to use dynamic SQL, and include a subquery in the where clause.  However, I am getting a syntax error.
    I have code that looks like this.
        SELECT (p_v_sqlobj_select)
          FROM (p_v_sqlobj_from)
          WHERE (p_v_sqlobj_where).
    and I pass it the following bold-faced SQL where clause (please ignore whether the statement makes sense and is the best way to do it - this is just to illustrate).   However, it returns an error.
    select tcode from tstc where tcode in <b>( select min( tcode ) as min from tstc )</b>
    Am I correct in concluding that I cannot pass complex statements, or have I just missed something?
    Thanks for any help.

    Please try with order by clause in select statement and also use descending
          select * from (p_table)
                   into corresponding fields of table <ptab>
                  up to p_rows rows
                  order by <fieldname> descending.

  • How to concatenate a string with single quotes

    Hi all,
        how to concatenate a string with single quotes to a variable.

    Hi sathyabama,
    1. simple
    2. use TILDE character <b>(`)</b>
       (just left to the '1' key)
    <b> `'mystring'`</b>
    3. just copy paste
    report abc.
    data : m(100) type c.
    concatenate `'amit mittal'` 'hello' into m separated  by space.
    write m.
    amit m.

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    Do you have the needed font installed?

  • Dynamic SQL and Bulk Bind... Interesting Problem !!!

    Hi Forum !!
    I've got a very interesting problem involving Dynamic SQL and Bulk Bind. I really Hope you guys have some suggestions for me...
    Table A contains a column named TX_FORMULA. There are many strings holding expressions like '.3 * 2 + 1.5' or '(3.4 + 2) / .3', all well formed numeric formulas. I want to calculate each formula, finding the number obtained as a result of each calculation.
    I wrote something like this:
    V_FormulasNum T_FormulasNum;
    V_MontoIndicador T_MontoIndicador;
    BULK COLLECT INTO V_CodIndicador, V_FormulasNum
    FROM A;
    FORALL i IN V_FormulasNum.FIRST..V_FormulasNum.LAST
    :1 := TO_NUMBER(:2);
    USING V_FormulasNum(i) RETURNING INTO V_MontoIndicador;
    But I'm getting the following messages:
    ORA-06550: line 22, column 43:
    PLS-00597: expression 'V_MONTOINDICADOR' in the INTO list is of wrong type
    ORA-06550: line 18, column 5:
    PL/SQL: Statement ignored
    ORA-06550: line 18, column 5:
    PLS-00435: DML statement without BULK In-BIND cannot be used inside FORALL
    Any Idea to solve this problem ?
    Thanks in Advance !!

    many many errors...
    1. You can use FORALL only in DML operators, in your case you must use simple FOR LOOP.
    2. You can use bind variables only in DML- Statements. In other statements you have to use literals (hard parsing).
    3. RETURNING INTO - Clause in appropriate , use instead of OUT variable.
    4. Remark: FOR I IN FIRST..LAST is not fully correct: if you haven't results, you get EXCEPTION NO_DATA_FOUND. Use Instead of 1..tab.count
    This code works.
    TYPE T_FormulasNum IS TABLE OF VARCHAR2(255)
    TYPE T_MontoIndicador IS TABLE OF NUMBER
    V_FormulasNum T_FormulasNum;
    V_MontoIndicador T_MontoIndicador;
    BULK COLLECT INTO V_MontoIndicador, V_FormulasNum
    FROM A;
    FOR i IN 1..V_FormulasNum.count
    :v_motto := TO_NUMBER('||v_formulasnum(i)||');
    USING OUT V_MontoIndicador(i);
    END;You have to read more about bulk- binding and dynamic sql.
    Test table
    (cd_indicator number,
    tx_formula_numerica VARCHAR2(255))
    2 (5+5)*2
    1 2*3*4
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    Dmytro Dekhtyaryuk

  • How to deal with single quote (') in a field value?

    I can successfully insert value with single quoet using
    Prepared statement with placeholder(?) construct .
    I can also successfuly use value with single quote(') in
    WHERE clause.
    My question is, is there a way to use string with single
    quote if a Statement like:
    String slqString ="INSERT INTO customers (name, address) VALUES ( 'O'Reilly Bob', 'St Mary's Street') ";
    Statement sqlStmt = con.createStatement();
    The last statement will thow an SQLException because due to single quotes
    Any ideas?

    I think the question was regarding the ' in O'Reily. Use ' twice when using the Statement interface, i.e.
    ("O''Reilly Bob", "St Mary''s Street")
    So that's two single quotes, not a double quote, to successfully insert a single quote, if you know what I mean....
    But like you said PreparedStatement does things like this for you.

  • Identify and replace a single quote in an In Parameter

    Can anyone tell me the syntax for finding and replacing a single quote in a user entered string? Thanks.

    I tried this:
    insert into emp values (9999,''''||'Must', 'ddd',7902, sysdate, 2000, null, 10) ;
    select * from emp;
         EMPNO ENAME      JOB              MGR HIREDATE          SAL       COMM     DEPTNO
          7369 SMITH      CLERK           7902 17-12-1980        800                    20
          7499 ALLEN      SALESMAN        7698 20-02-1981       1600        300         30
          7521 WARD       SALESMAN        7698 22-02-1981       1250        500         30
          7566 JONES      MANAGER         7839 02-04-1981       2975                    20
          7654 MARTIN     SALESMAN        7698 28-09-1981       1250       1400         30
          7698 BLAKE      MANAGER         7839 01-05-1981       2850                    30
          7782 CLARK      MANAGER         7839 09-06-1981       2450                    10
          7788 SCOTT      ANALYST         7566 19-04-1987       3000                    20
          7839 KING       PRESIDENT            17-11-1981       5000                    10
          7844 TURNER     SALESMAN        7698 08-09-1981       1500          0         30
          7876 ADAMS      CLERK           7788 23-05-1987       1100                    20
          7900 JAMES      CLERK           7698 03-12-1981        950                    30
          7902 FORD       ANALYST         7566 03-12-1981       3000                    20
          7934 MILLER     CLERK           7782 23-01-1982       1300                    10
          9999 'Must      ddd             7902 29-08-2005       2000                    10
    select * from emp where ename = ''''||'Must';
         EMPNO ENAME      JOB              MGR HIREDATE          SAL       COMM     DEPTNO
          9999 'Must      ddd             7902 29-08-2005       2000                    10Hope this helps

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    Hi ,
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    Make sure you don't access them simultaneously .
    Sukrit Dhingra

  • IN operator with single quotes

    Hi All,
    I am having problem dealing with Single Quotes with IN operator. Below procedure will explain my problem:
    create or replace procedure sp_countemp
    p_empnames       in   varchar2
    v_cnt            integer:=0;
    select count(*) into v_cnt from emp where ename in (p_empnames);
    END;I will be getting p_empnames as 'ALLEN','SMITH'
    But I am not getting any records here.

    Hope this helps..
      TYPE strarray IS TABLE OF VARCHAR2(100);
      p_empnames STRARRAY;
      v_tot INTEGER :=0;
      v_cnt INTEGER := 0;
      p_empnames := strarray('Allen','Smith');
      FOR i IN p_empnames.FIRST .. p_empnames.LAST LOOP
          SELECT COUNT(*) INTO v_tot FROM emp WHERE ename = p_empnames(i);
          v_cnt := v_cnt + v_tot;
      END LOOP; 
      DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('Count '||v_cnt);
    Count 2

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    Compare current time and date with last modified?
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    798642 wrote:
    So what do I do to compare whether the current date and time and later than the lastModified ?
    if(file.lastModified() < System.currentTimeMillis()) {
    Like that?That tests whether the last modified time is before "now"--that is if the file was not modified in the future, so, yes.

Maybe you are looking for

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