Dynamically changing MAXWSCLIENTS in the MACHINES Section

is it possible to change the MAXWSCLIENTS parameter which is in
the MACHINES section of the config file while Tuxedo is running?
I thought this would be possible with tmconfig but I'm not quite
Any ideas or advises?
Sonja Kolb

You can use if condition to switch between logos
<?if:VENDOR_NAME="SAM"?>INSERTED IMAGE<?end if?><?if:VENDOR_NAME="JAM"?>INSERTED IMAGE2<?end if?>....and so on
please try this and get back if you have any problems..

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       - dynamic sampling used for this statementEdited by: 930254 on Jun 5, 2012 4:18 AM

    930254 wrote:
    Hi i am using of oracle.
    During findout the autotrace plan of one of the sql i am getting a note as '- dynamic sampling used for this statement'. So wanted to know, whether this will affect the path of execution?
    - dynamic sampling used for this statement
    It could do - you might get a different sample, which could result in different cardinality estimates, which could mean a different plan, every time you optimize this query.
    On the other hand, the sampling may result in cardinality estimates that always look the same and always produce the same plan - and could even match the plan you would get after gather statistics at 100% with histograms everywhere.
    Jonathan Lewis

  • Merging of 2 Cells in WD ABAP ALV Header & Dynamically change the header

    Hello Experts,
    I have two main requirements with respect to WD ABAP - ALV report creation
    1) Two feilds in the  header of ALV GRID created in the WD ABAP screen must be merged as shown below(Month Column) ,
    |     January         |     February         |  
    |   Col 1 | Col2      |   Col 1 | Col2        |     
    2) The header value(Month) should dynamically change based on the current date.
    For Eg: If June 2011 is the current month , the ALV table should start from June 2011 and displayed till May 2012.
    Looking forward for your valuable inputs @ the earliest

    Hi Sriram,
    For merging..
    Pleaese go through this
    Merge of Cells in ALV table in ABAP webdynpro.
    ABAP WD: ALV merge cells
    For Header Change..
    How to set title/text for ALV table column header in WD ABAP
    Change column header in ALV to another DDIC Element type
    Change label of a column in ALV

  • Average Calculation for the Dynamically Changing Columns

    Hello Experts,
    We have to design the following scenario in a query in the query designer.
    Variable Selection = 0CALMONTH Range Value
    The Report Data should be as below
    For Example: 0CALMONTH = MONTH1 to MONTH3
    Statistical Forecast %-- A%B%--
    For Example: 0CALMONTH = MONTH1 to MONTH5
    Statistical Forecast %--A%B%C%D%--
    MAPE--(A%B%C%D%E%)/5(A%B%C%D%E%)/5----(A%B%C%D%E%)/5   .............
    In this report the number of columns will be dynamically changing depending on the 0CALMONTH range value and we need to calculate the MAPE value which is equal to the average value of Statistical Forecast %.
    Can someone please provide me the inputs on how to calculate the MAPE value for the dynamically changing columns.
    AVS Reddy

    I have this code here
    Working for me right now, without using the second parameter on the AVG function, and 1 for te descendants, and the first decendants of the current acount are not the base level of the hierarchy.
    And if you need to specify the lowest leves to get it to work something is wrong.
    Use the formula above and try optimizing you application.

  • Displaying dynamically changing image: a problem with JLabel.

    Hello! I use NetBeans 5.5 and I develop my GUI with Matisse. I'm rather a beginner in developing GUIs with this editor...
    I'd like to display a dynamically changing image. The idea is: GUI shows the image, that is modified as some computations run in a different thread. App will be run on a single machine.
    I'm trying to display the image as a label's icon. The problem is that my app's frame can be resized - and when it is, the label also resizes. When the label is resized, the image should also be resized - the image should always be of the same size as the label. The problem? I noticed, that it works only when I make my app's bigger. When I try to lower its dimensions, the label's dimensions remain the same. Why the label don't make its size smaller?
    My code works as follows: when app's main frame is resize, the panel (the one, that the label is placed in) is also resized. And, since the label is in the panel, it (should) also be resized. So I wrote all the resize-events handlers (therefore I know that the resize event is sent when my app's frame is resized, and when the panel is resized - but the label is resized only when it grows bigger). In this methods I modify the image displayed in the label (I resize the image).
    Or, perhaps, there is some other way to show a (dynamically changing) image with Swing... I chose JLabel, because I didn't want to write my own JComponent. JLabel can display image and that is all I need. The problem is: when the label grows bigger, I create a new, bigger image (icon). Why my label don't get smaller (the resize event isn't even sent)?

    There is no component that dynamically resizes an image. You need to create your own. Something like this:
    JComponent component = new JComponent()
         protected void paintComponent(Graphics g)
              //  Scale image to size of component
              g.drawImage(yourImage, 0, 0, getWidth(), getHeight(), null);

  • Dynamic header based on the chosen Grid POV

    I have two grids Grid1 and Grid2. Both the grids have one editable POV and are different from each other. Either of the grids are being hidden based on a flag being input by the user.
    I need to display the dimension name and the member name of the chosen Grid POV in a text box in the header. This needs to dynamically change based on the grid being displayed. e.g. If the Grid POV for Grid1 is "X" and for Grid2 is "Y", I need to display "X" when the grid2 is hidden and "Y" when grid1 is hidden. There is no conditional formatting on text boxes in headers. Is there any other way to do this?
    Ravi B

    Hi Ravi,
    yes you can not apply conditional formatting on text boxes.
    But it is possible to put the conditional formatting on the grid cell and then you can pick the text from grid cell into text box.
    Hopefully this will solve your problem.

  • Dynamic change Rootuielement's properties such as swfFile value in WdDoModi

    Hi experts,
    I need to dynamically change one of the view's Rootuielement's properties - SWFFILE in WDDOMODIFYVIEW method.  I did some research, and could not figure out what the field is called (such as whether it is considered as an elemement), and how it is referernced in the WD programming.  As a result, I am able to search for reusable class and method for my need.  Could you please shine some light on me?  By the way, I am on basis 7.02 release. 
    Thank you very much,

    Hi Debbie,
    As how mentioned by Pooja the ROOTUIELEMENTCONTAINER is of type CL_WD_TRANSPARENT_CONTAINER. You can obtain its reference from within your WDDOMODIFYVIEW by saying as:
    data: lr_root type ref to cl_wd_uielement_container.
    lr_root ?= view->get_element( id = 'ROOTUIELEMENTCONTAINER'  ).
    You can directly use the below method to skip passing any id:
    lr_root ?= view->get_root_element(  ).

  • Dynamically changing ACLs

    I've got a question concerning the IPS module.
    How is it possible for the IPS to dynamically change any of the existing ACLs on the firewall module in case of an attack e.g.?
    The reason i ask is, because there seems no possibilty for me to script any commands on a linux pc and then execute them remotely on the FWSM like i can do it on a Router via rsh.
    So if a user can't execute any command remotely on the FWSM, how can the IPS do it when it has to change an ACL on the FWSM?

    An IPS sensor will log into a FWSM and put in and take down host blocks when it shuns a host. If you set the IPS to telnet for it's connection to the FWSM, you can capture the session (Ethereal has a wonderful "follow TCP session" for seeing this) and see the exact commands and logic employed. There is no reason you can not script a telnet or ssh session from your linux host to change host blocks. However, if you have more than one device doing this, you can get into some problems. The IPS sensor assumes it is the only blocking device and will clear all blocks that it didn't create.

  • Itunes 11.2, the podcasts section crippled.

    I have downloaded and installed Itunes 11.2 and I am afraid this was a terrible mistake.
    All the changes made to the podcasts section, although promising are so buggy, that the experience has become unbearable.
    The refresh button, simply does not work when you click it, it may after a few minutes, not seconds, minutes! 
    When you change your preferences in order to keep or delete episodes, auto delete played episodes or limit the amount, as soon as you quit the app, they go back to defaults.... useless.
    The amount of memory that the app takes over all in the system goes up to 2 0r 3 gigs at times!
    The app stops responding from time to time, it does not crash, but stays there unusable.
    Podcast download speeds are terrible, pausing them and restarting sometimes does the trick, but the user has to pause and resume each podcast manually until the app decides to understand that one does have a decent internet connection, and then, only then would it start downloading at proper speeds
    This update is just TERRIBLE!!!
    Would you guys at apple, say something about this? Can we go back to the prior version of itunes? This is unacceptable.

    I think i might have stumbled upon a solution.
    After thinking for a while about preferences not sticking after quiting i just went to see if somtething was up with that.
    Go to you user folder > Library > Preferences and look for the com.apple.itunes.plist
    Have you got a lot of .com.apple.itunes.plist that add an extra " . " and 3 or 4 random letters?
    I had about 60 of them, got the lot, deleted every single .plist file that had the word itunes in it, and restarted.
    Bingo, my itunes got a lot quieter, my podcasts are downloading at normal speeds and things seems to be back to as what they should be.
    I am crossing my fingers and hope that this is a solution for the podcasts going crazy on me.
    Now as far as the memory management, that's a different story, itunes is hogging  2.86 gbs at the time of my writing this,,,,,,

  • HT3275 When I press "select backup location" in the Time Machine section of System Preferences, my external hard drive doesn't appear as an option.  How do I change this?

    When I press "select backup location" in the Time Machine section of System Preferences, my external hard drive doesn't appear as an option.  How do I change this?  My external hard drive is a FreeAgent GoFlex Drive.

    Hi, what Format is the external Drive?
    They usually come PC Formatted for Fat32/MSdos, or NTFS... is there anything on it now?
    How to format your disks...
    (To Install OSX on an IntelMac the Drive it needs the GUID Partitioning scheme mentioned at the bottom.)
    Thanks to Pondini, Formatting,  Partitioning, Verifying,  and  Repairing  Disks...

  • How do I use pots on my client machine to change values, from the field, on my server machine and all other client machines?

    I am using Lookout 4.5, build 12, and I am having a problem concerning pots. I have data tables created for the different size sewer stations my system monitors. For each station, there are setpoints for starting and stopping of the pumps. I want to be able to change the setpoints for a station on the client file using a pot and have it change on all other machines running Lookout. I did this in 3.8 using DDE, but I don't want to use DDE anymore.
    I created a pot on the client file and URL'ed it to a pot on the server. On the server I created a table with a generic member "A" named "Lead Setp" and then created a member "A1" named
    "C5_1LeadSetp" then a member "A2" named "C3_1LeadSetp" and so on....
    In this table I connected the generic member "A" to the Pot I created on the server, and I connected A1 to its corresponding setpoint signal coming in from the field.
    On the client file I connected (in the table similar to the one on the server but with all signals for the station) the "A1" member to the setpoint signal coming in from the field, and I connected the "A" member to the Pot I created on the client file which is URL'ed to the pot on the server file.
    But, when I change the value of the pot on the client file, only the pot on the server and the "A" member in the table on the server change to the value of the pot on the client. The "A1" member whose screen I am changing the values from on the client does not change! This is the last thing I have to do and my file will be completely converted to 4.0. Does anyone have any ideas?
    Thanks for any responses..
    Jason Phillips

    Hi Jason,
    If I understood your task correctly, you want to change the Setpoints on the Server DataTable using Pots from different clients. And also reflect these changes on the clients locally.
    You correctly remoted the Pots on the Clients to the corresponding Pots on the Server. However, you do not need tables on your clients. All you need is Expressions on each client to the particular cell of the Clients.
    So, to summarize: On the Server, the Pots write to the DataTable. And since the Pots on the Clients are remoted to these Pots on the Server, you can affect any change using these Pots. Because of the common remote source (Server Pots, i.e.) all of these Pots will always be in sync. Finally, to get the Setpoints on the Clients, just insert Expressio
    ns to the Server's DataTable.
    I am attaching a simple example (exmpl.zip) which does this. There are three processes -- My_Server, My_Client1, and My_Client2. I had them setup on the same machine so the paths are all process relative, but you can always change those to computer relative or absolute and move the client processes to diff machines.
    Hope this helps.
    exmpl.zip ‏12 KB

  • How do I know if time machine is backing up my apple mail? I need to have copies of all of my emails, so there I have a lot of mail files. I was told that if I change computers, that the mail files will all be on time machine. Is this true? Thanks, Dave

    Is there a way to verify  if time machine is backing up my apple mail?  I was told that if I change computers, that the mail files will all be on time machine and can be easily be put on a new computer using my time machine backups.  Is this true? Thanks, Dave

    Having deleted some Mail messages by mistake, I have had to recover them from TM. I can tell you that the recovery of mail messages will be done at the mailbox level. In my case it was half of the messages in a mailbox. So I recovered the complete mailbox from TM. Then I copied the messages from the recovered mailbox back into the mailbox I use in Mail. I hope that helps.
    Please be aware that TM is a backup application and not an archival application. What that means is that if your TM drive gets full, it will get rid of older files which could be mail messages to make space for newer backups. You might want to consider archiving your mail instead of using TM if you need to maintain your mail messages for extended periods of time.

  • HT204074 I have a new machine with a previous installation of Itunes, linked to another Apple ID. Even  I authorized the machine to my Apple ID, I can not connecto to the Apple Store. I tried removing Itunes and reinstalling it, but anything changed.

    I have a new machine with a previous installation of Itunes, linked to another Apple ID. Even  I authorized the machine to my Apple ID, I can not connect to the Apple Store. I tried removing Itunes and reinstalling it, but anything changed. I still can not connecto to the Store.
    My previous machine has Itunes Installed, and I deauthorized the machine so I unlinked to my Apple ID, if this is correct.
    Anyway, Dropbox is also not connecting....so I do not know how to make it woek. please help!

    I have the same problem - it is maddening. I rely on this iPad for work so this is not just an annoyance! The above solutions of changing the appleid on the device or on the website do not work.
    The old email address no longer exists - I haven't used it in a year probably and I no longer have the account.  I logged into the appleid website and there is no trace of the old email address so there is nothing that can be deleted or changed there.  On the iPad there is no trace of the old email address so nothing can be deleted there either. I have updated the iPad software and the same problem comes right back.  Every 2 seconds I am asked to log in using the old non-existent email.  The device is currently useless.
    The only recent change to anything was the addition of an Apple TV device, which was set up using the correct login and password.
    Does anyone have any ideas? The iPad has been backed up to the iCloud so presumably it now won't recognize the current iCloud account? So restoring may notbe an option?

  • Flash CS4 - Can I change the colors of the background or text that shows up in the Layers section?

    I am stuggling here!  I am colorblind.  I need to change either the color of the background or the color of the text on the layers section on the Timeline.  I simply cannot read/see what is currently showing.  It is a very light blue background with white text and white dots for seeing, locking, or setting the outline color.  I need to either change the text color and dots to black so I can see them, or try to change the background color to a dark blue so I can read the white text.  Changing the text color would really be my preference.  How do I do this?   Please help.  Adobe hasn't been very concerned about colorblindness when developing these products.  I can barely make out all the light grey/grey/dark grey/grey stuff.  Now this! 

    For Windows you can adjust your Theme (or download a new one and use that). This will alter the color of each layer, for example if you use Classic then it will use a very dark blue for layers that will provide higher contrast. I've downloaded other custom themes in the past that use a very dark grey for example.
    (By the way, for Mac users go to Appearance in System Prefs and choose a different Highlight color - you can choose a default or custom one. That color is used for the layer color).

  • How to dynamically change the text of a TextObject with embedded DataField?

    I'm trying to dynamically change the text of a TextObject at runtime, by using the .NET library. My problem is that if one or more DatabaseFieldDefinition is embedded inside my text, I'm unable to change the "static text" only, by keeping the field, e.g. I have :
    Text1 => "Contact Name: {Contact.Name}"
    and I'd like to change it to anything else like:
    Text1 => "Nom du Contact: {Contact.Name}"
    Half of my TextObject is static text while second part comes from the dataset.
    (of course the translation is dynamic - it is called at run-time and the new value to be set depends on the calling application language)
    If I simply modify the Text property of my TextObject, the {Contact.Name} embedded field is not evaluated anymore by the Crystal Engine, but considered as a single text.
    Using formulas or parameters looks quite difficult, because it means having many ones just for translation needs - I cannot control the way my users will create their reports and "force them" to use complex methods just in order to put a text and a value together...
    Anyone knows how to deal with that ?

    Only way I can think of doing this:
    1) Create a formula (call it lang) and enter the string "Contact Name" in it
    2) Place the  {Contact.Name} field next to the string
    3) So now you have:
    ContactName:  {Contact.Name}
    4) Check what localization you are after. If you need "Nom du Contact", change the lang formula so it shows "Nom du Contact" using the code below:
    Imports CrystalDecisions.CrystalReports.Engine
    Imports CrystalDecisions.Shared
    Public Class Form1
    Inherits System.Windows.Forms.Form
    Dim Report As New CrystalReport1()
    Dim FormulaFields As FormulaFieldDefinitions
    Dim FormulaField As FormulaFieldDefinition
    Private Sub Form1_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load
    FormulaFields = Report.DataDefinition.FormulaFields
    FormulaField = FormulaFields.Item(0)
    FormulaField.Text = "[formula text]"
    CrystalReportViewer1.ReportSource = Report
    End Sub
    I realize this may not give you consistent spacing as the translations may have strings of differnt length. Perhaps someone has other idea(s)...

Maybe you are looking for