E66- always says " memory full"

Hi guys,
do somebody has the same problem- and solution. I installed  latest 300.21.012 on my E66, but often / 2-3 times per day/ the phone just stops to answer to me and when i push some of the short buttons , the device says : "memory full, please close some app" and that is it. I have to restart the phone. The terrible thing is at morning clock alarm- i woke up and see that the phone is already blocked by himself.
I format memory card, made a hard reset, after that update /reinstall latest firmware, but still problems.
When a make a restore only of contacts & calendar appointments the problem is often. When i input them manually / ~70 rows/ the problem is showing seldom.
Funny thing is that i do not have any problem with camera strips
My greetings to Nokia for the phone, but i think the firmware is not suitable.
Can somebody tell me some solution for this problem, or this phone is  just not reliable.

My E66 problems after update /discussions/board/message?board.id=swupdate&thread.id=53928
I can't help but, something memorycard accsessproblems after update,
(i think Nokia made some misstake in the update with the memorycard accsess).
 memorycard may not always work, then it store averything on phone memory instead.
I by a new cheep 2 GB memorycard, with that i see no moore problems.
Next update i'm gonna try without memorycard in the phone.
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    That is a bit of a tight squeeze. I would advice against saving it in the phone memory.
    Now, there is a setting in Ovi Maps which limits how much of the memory card you can actually use for map data. Even though there mioght be space on the card, you might still have exceeded this setting. To increase this setting. when in Ovi Maps, goto Settings>Map>Maximum memory use. Increase this as necessary.

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    It is ram that the phoneis screaming about and not your mass memory. Press the menu key the silver one for a few seconds it will pull up all open apps close some and see if it helps
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    On the desktop, what is your operating system & version?
    What is your Reader version?
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    You'll need to install Flash Player, the last version supported for OS X 10.5.8. Download the archive zip file, http://download.macromedia.com/pub/flashplayer/installers/archive/fp_10.3.183.90_archive.z ip, and extract the contents. Then navigate inside the 10_3_r183_90 directory and use the file named flashplayer_10_3r183_90_mac_intel.dmg.

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    Did you try the five "R"s first?

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    Is that the actual message?  Or is the message "out of memory?"
    Couple of things to try:  If you've got any stills in the timeline, make sure they are rgb and not cmyk.  Also make sure images are less than 4000 pixels wide.  Both of those cause fcp to lock up.
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    did you manually install an update on your phone? It is likely your phone has unnecessary apps installed when you did an upgrade or first used it. under the Setup icon go to Personalization then select languages and check if you only have the necessary languages. If not check under the other applications under there so that you know you have realistic applications on your phone.
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    You haven't been saving frequently as you work? Now you know why that's essential. Already knew, just forgot to do it? I've been there and done that myself, usually in the wee hours of the morning, operating on coffee and two brain cells. For most of us, that's not a good time to be doing important work. Leave the machine as is, get some sleep, and come back fresh. There's no way to recover the lost work if it was never saved, but don't start doing it over again until you're sharp enough to save it as you go.

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    Hi chris091606
    Is message storage on phone memory or card memory?
    If using phone memory you could try changing to card memory.
    Menu > Messaging > Options > Settings > Other > Memory in use
    Then change the setting from Phone memory to the name of your inserted RS-MMC.
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    Generally the installation of apps requires about double the space of the app for installation purposes. Try downloading the app in iTunes on the computer and then sync it to the phone using iTunes.

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    try updating software then try to
     Make a partial backup using PC Suite (leave out settings and any features that you don't use), then reformat the phone using *#7370#.
    It's important that you use PC Suite parital backup rather than the full backup to memory card, because sometimes the problem can be restored with your data.
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  • Iphone says memory is full but there's nothing installed

    my iphone 4s (16G) says "memory full" but there is no music, pictures and almost no apps installed. I can't sync it with my macbook. Please help

    Amy01 wrote:
    I somehow posted wihout verifying my email last time and by the time I noticed it was too late. The website wouldn't let me log so I had to make a new account. Anyway, originlly i posted this message:
    Curve 9360 keeps running out of memory no matter how much I delete!
    Hello Amy01
    Welcome to BlackBerry Support Forums
    I think here is the post you reffering  Curve 9360 keeps running out of memory no matter how much I delete!
    Amy01 wrote:
    Someone said to move everything to the memory card. But that is the memory card! I gave up and deleted all 22 photos except one that it tells me is read only?? It still tells me i only have room for 22 more photos! Nothing else is on it it! It used to hold like a hundred! There has to be some way to delete all thse trash or cache files, whatever they're called. 
    What is size of your Media Card ? 
    If this happening within Media Card then first do a Backup of your Media Card then format your Memory Card from within your Device Or using a PC. To format your Memory Card  from within your device Go to Options > Device > Storage > On that Screen Press the Menu Key > Hit on Format .
    In addition be sure that you have enabled Media Card Support , Homescreen > Options > Device > Storage > Be sure that Media Card Support is Marked or Ticked .
    Try it and see if that help.
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    Do I should change my iPod, or i should wait for more charges ?

    Yes, every time. After 3 charges he starts to saying 75%. But next level is "Battery Low". So maybe after couple more charges he will starts to speak normally. But I'm afraid that it's not normal, so next week I'll go to the store and try to change him.

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