Earlier there were a tab, which i could jump back more than one step, by the back and forward tab, upper left.

Wasnt there a tab earlier , to the left of the adressline, where we could jump back several steps instead of only one ?
In between the back/forward tab and adress bar.

Click-hold the unified Back / Forward button, or right-click it to get the Back / Forward history for that tab.
Or install this extension to get the old "drop-marker" button restored. <br />

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  • AE 12.1 Crash: "There was more than one edit in the video track"

    Here's the last log message: Last log message was: <140735209366288> <ImporterQuicktime::NativeReaderGetInfo> <5> There were more than one edit in the video track, defer to non-native quicktime for 0x1308a73a8.
    iMac 27-inch, Late 2012
    Software OS X 10.9
    Graphics:  NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680MX 2048 MB
    Memory  24 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
    Processor  3.4 GHz Intel Core i7
    Areca 8050 RAID6 config (Thunderbolt)
    AE 12.1 (Crash initially occured in previous version, which I don't know what it was - AE CC, but I don't know exact number - problably whatever the most recent update was)
    My project has a bunch of ProRes files referenced... even when I move them, and After Effects marks them as offline, I just get this: Last log message was: <140735209366288> <ae.blitpipe> <2> Making New Context.
    I have done some searching, and even if I go to Google, and put the search in quotes, I get nothing. It doesn't sound like anyone else has had just this problem.

    Sounds like the ProRes files are encoded oddly in a format that AE's own handler can't understand and while falling back to QT it crashes. I believe there are some known issues with this for ProRes 444, but then again I'm not a Mac guy...

  • Is there a way to put an item under more than one calendar at the same time?

    I use the calendar to keep track of not only my schedule, but my entire family's. For years I had a calendar labeled 'kids.' Now as they're getting older it would be easier to have an individual calendar for each child. Easier for me to track where they are and they could have they're own calendar on their iphone or iphone touch since we all share one cloud account. However, frequently more than one is at the same activity. The calendar program will only allow me to select one calendar to place an event under; as soon as I select another, it deselects the first. Is there a way to place an event under more than one calendar?
    (Since I'm still the one driving that needs to know date, time, place, etc type details I don't want them adding it to their own schedule - maybe -  on their devides and synching through cloud)

    You can create many calendars. Here's the tip:
    Example: you have 1 son and 1 daughter.
    In iCloud ( https://www.icloud.com )
    Create 1 calendar called Son ( Choose a color to tell them apart )
    Create 1 calendar called Daughter ( Ditto )
    Create 1 calendar called Kids
    Since you are the creator, you get to see all calendars combined.
    Send invitations to each of them
    Son gets Son and Kids calendars
    Daughter gets Daughter and Kids calendars
    So if there an event for Son, just put in that calendar
    If it's for both then enter it in the Kids calendar
    Likewise for daughter.

  • How do I set or get firefox to print more than one all pages the print using verizon emails is there a setting to change I have been told by verizon techs it is not my printer

    when opening an email using verizon emails I can only print one page. I have checked an I do not have a printer or computer problem because the printer prints more than one page with others such as gmail. We feel there is a print setting in firefox that needs to be changed. How do I change this??

    That is usually caused by a few different Bugs in Firefox, which seem to be fixed in the Firefox 4.0 betas.

  • Can there be more than one port for the same logical system

    Can we have more than one TRFC port for tranferring data from one logical system to another?
    The requirement is to transfer same basic idoc type from one logical system to another through two different ports. Is it possible?
    For eg. some specific data (country specific) for the same basic idoc type can be sent through a separate port and the other data through a different port inorder to distinguish between the two.

    Hi Shital,
    I don't think so. Because of that what i told you. There would be a dirty trick (back routing) to solve your issue. But its quite difficult and not standard. You create two http receiver services  and two http sender services. You route your message depending on payload to the one or the other http receiver channel. The receiver is in both cases: THE XI! Now you have a second message, which you  can route to IDoc adapter. But in this case you have different sender and in the receiver determination you can put the sender, so you will be able to use different communication channnels and so different ports / destinations.
    Advantage: Your task would run, no performance problem (http: very good, asynchron)
    Handicap: You see every message double in the monitoring, the scenario is not easy to understand and it is a big task 4 other people to change it.

  • Is there any way to allocate a particular asset to more than one cost centr

    Hi all,
    I would like to know the posting of an asset to more than one cost center,
    is there any particular setting to configure this,
    please suggest me how to go about,
    naga suman

    Hi Naga,
    Not sure exactly what you are talking about but if you are talking about depreciation charges to more than one cost center then it is not possible.  Asset is only assigned to one cost center on a particular date.  However that cost center can be changed as it is time dependent field.  So one month you could post the depreciation to cost center A and next month to cost center B.
    One way to get postings to various cost centers would be to use distribution in CO to accomplish your goal.  You would then post the depreciation as per normal to one cost center in the depreciation run.  Then you would set up distribution rules for that cost center and relevant Depreciation Cost Elements to distribute it to other cost centers.  By doing this the asset would always show depreciation against 1 cost center but the distribution would allocate relevant cost between other cost centers.
    Hope this helps,

  • Is there a stereo bluetooth headset that can pair with more than one device at a time?

    Is there a stereo bluetooth headset that can pair, i.e. multipoint, with more than one device at a time?
    Are the MacBook and iPhone 4 capable of multipoint bluetooth technoloagy?
    The goal is for my wife to be able to watch her Korean TV soap operas on her MacBook and still receive a call on her iPhone 4 via a stereo bluetooth headset.
    I was looking at the Motorola S10-HD but after further review saw that it only pairs with one device at a time.
    Appreciate any and all input. My Googling has returned no results.

    TeslasBB wrote:
    pairing my BB8330 with my blue tooth earphone(TM:jawbone) and my microsoft sync thats in my car simultaneously? if i pair with the car, will i have to pair my jawbone all over again?
    You can only pair one device at a time to your 8330, or any other phone for that matter.  The "pairings" are saved to the phone, you can use one or the other and you won't have to pair it again.  Once you turn your bluetooth device on and the phone is on, they will find each other again.
    Hope this helps,
    Stevie Ray! 1954-1990
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  • HT1206 how could I use more than 5 devices on the same apple ID

    I am trying to use more than 5 different devices (i-Phone's, MacBook Air, iMac, PC etc...) on the same Apple ID.
    The Apple ID is not allowing me to add more than 5.
    Do you have an idea what could I do?
    I would like to share all the devices in my Home network thru i-Tunes.

    You can only associate a maximum of 5 devices. There is no workaround for this.

  • Is there a solution to reply with a template to more than one message at once?

    Okay, I'm stuck. I was using MailTemplateEditor which allowed one to create a template message and select multiple emails with a "reply with..." command in Apple Mail. It was a great way to get a standard reply out to multiple emails/recipients in one step.
    Is there ANY solution for Apple Mail 6 that can do the following:
    allow you to select multiple emails and reply with a predefined message?
    I don't want to go through individual emails, one at a time, and then use TextExpander to have my message added in the reply. It's a time-killer.
    Any solutions out there?
    Thanks for your time and consideration?

    This might help:

  • How can I view more than one result on the screen when I search for apps? eg I search for my hobby and there are over 1500 results - one result per screen - do I have to swipe 1500 times to see them all?

    I search for apps about my hobby. There are over 1500 results. Each single result takes up the whole screen. I will have to swipe the screen 1500 times to see all the results. How can I see 8 or 10 results and scroll through fast? Thanks very much for any suggestions!

    But I've found some online reviews of this and I think we
    are stuck with this amazingly awful search system until
    they realize people like me won't bother searching for or buying
    Does a novel display one sentence per page?
    Do you listen to a radio documentary that transmits one word a minute?
    Or how about a song that is broken into four parts because the singers ran out of breath?
    Searching app products has never been easy or a pleasure, and now it's tougher than ever. Who has the time to swipe 1,600 times? It HURTS - and hurts my brain just thinking about it.
    Woe is me!
    Woe are we!

  • Can I change which nic is used for a cluster network when more than one nic on the node is on same subnet?

    This cluster has been up and working for maybe a year and a half the way it is.  There are two nodes, running Server 2012.  In addition to a couple network interfaces devoted to VM traffic each node has:
    Management Interface:
    iSCSI Interface:
    Internal Cluster Interface:
    The iSCSI interfaces have to be on same subnet as management interfaces due to limitations in the shared storage.  Basically if I segregate it I wouldn't be able access the shared storage itself for any kind of management or maintenance tasks. 
    I have restricted the iSCSI traffic to only use the one interface on each cluster node but I noticed that one of the cluster networks is connecting the management interface on one cluster node member with the iSCSI interface on the other cluster node member. 
    I would like for the cluster network to be using the management interface on both cluster node members so as not to interfere with iSCSI traffic.  Can I change this?
    Binding order of interfaces is the same on both boxes but maybe I did that after I created the cluster, not sure. 

    Hi MnM Show,
    Tim is correct, if you are using ISCSI Storage and using the network to get to it, it is recommended that the iSCSI Storage fabric have a dedicated and isolated network. This
    network should be disabled for Cluster communications so that the network is dedicated to only storage related traffic.
    This prevents intra-cluster communication as well as CSV traffic from flowing over same network. During the creation of the Cluster, ISCSI traffic will be detected and the network
    will be disabled from Cluster use. This network should set to lowest in the binding order.
    The related article:
    Configuring Windows Failover Cluster Networks
    I’m glad to be of help to you!
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  • Is there any way to delete more than one email from the iPhone at a time?

    What if I know I've read everything already online - can I press my Mail icon and instead of opening & deleting one by one, can't I delete everything in my Mail that's there? THANKS!

    Use the edit button, then select all messages you want to delete, and press "Delete" button. You still have to select one by one, but you'd have to do it anyway.

  • Is there a way to erase contents in cells more than one, without deleting the formatted background?

    When using Numbers on iPad (Numbers '09, v2.3 on iPad, iOS v6.1.3), I want to erase contents in an area with more than 1 cell, e.g. 10 cells, without erasing/deleting the formatted background colour.
    Using a right click on cells using Numbers on a Mac (Mac, OS X v10.8.4) you can differentiate between "delete content of cell" (where the background is maintained) and "delete all" (where both the content AND the background is deleted).
    Please, I need help.

    Just select the cells you want to delete and hit the delete button.
    That works on my machine (Macbook Pro).
    The background remains unchanged.

  • I can't seem to get GB to recognize my Behringer X1222 USB Mixer. It will record, but shouldn't I be able to see and/or select which input channel(s) that I will record from? Can I record more than one channel at a time, and record multi tracks?

    I can't seem to get GarageBand to recognize my Behringer X1222 USB Mixer. It will record, but only on the generic "USB Input, without seeing or letting me select the input channel from the mixer. Can't find any drivers from Behringer. How do I getGB to "see" the mixer? Thanks, I'm a newbie to Macs in genreal, and recording...

    viiram wrote:
    It will record, but only on the generic "USB Input, without seeing or letting me select the input channel from the mixer.
    the x1222 includes a 2 channel audio interface, 2 channels are all you can get from it.
    the most you can do is record to 2 tracks at a time; skim this tute to see how:
    (Let the page FULLY load. The link to your answer is at the top of your screen)

  • How could I select more than one file in a dialog?

    Hello NG,
    is it possible by using a "file path - frontpanel element" to configure
    the dialog for the possibility of selecting more then one file? The
    return should be an array. At the moment, I am only able to choose one
    file or a whole directory. But I want to select different files of
    different directories and do not want to reopen the "file path dialog
    box" continously.
    Thanks a lot for your help.
    Best regards,

    Here's an example that uses the program you download from here. I also used a Boolean with the file browse icon that I got from OpenG. If you want, you can also check out this thread.

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