Edge Animate 1.01 is now released, fixing issues with DPS

Hey All,
If you've been using Edge Animate content in your DPS creations I come bearing good news! Edge Animate 1.01 is now available for download, providing a fix for a nasty iOS6 bug when deploying multiple Animate compositions in DPS. If you're using EA in conjunction with DPS I encourage you to download the update. Instructions and release notes can be found here http://helpx.adobe.com/edge-animate/release-note/release-notes-edge-an imate.html.
Thanks to all of our InDesign/DPS friends for using Edge Animate!
Sarah Hunt
Product Manager, Adobe Edge Animate

Thank you for the post.
Can you please share your composition in which you are getting this issue. We will investigate this issue.
In the mean time, you can install the previous version of Edge animate using below link.
HTML animation | Download free Adobe Edge Animate CC trial

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    I finally at the chance to test these suggestions.
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    Also if its any help, the animation works perfectly if exported by epubs and viewed through ibooks.

  • Interview with Edge Animate Product Manager Sarah Hunt | Web & Mobile Design with Creative Cloud | Adobe TV

    Adobe Evangelist Paul Trani sits down with Product Manager of Edge Animate, Sarah Hunt. Learn about her plans for Edge Animate as she talks about new features and the future of the web.

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