EDI Process Delivery interface

Dear Experts,
I have a Outbound Delivery Interface, i need to trigger an outbound IDoc through VL71 transaction. Please let me soon.

Hi ,
Through delivery Process  ASN can be sent to customer.
All other master data and process steps are same.
You have to make following settings in the system
1) Create port (WE21)
2) Set up Partner Profile WE20
3) Create condition records in NACE for V2(Shipping) , output type LAVA. (Communication type withh me EDI (6))
4)  during outbound delivery save/Goods issue , the o/p type should be triggered and generate the IDoc.
This IDoc is an outbound idoc. Check WE02 for idocs. You will find a inbound Idoc -> which we will inturn create an Inbound delivery (ASN) automatically.
Configure the steps.If you need further more help on this.Please get back.
Best Regards,

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            PO process by interface was wrongly GR posted.automatic the GR posting didn't registered the correct amount of the PO for the line item ($1746) but for less ($1) is posted.automatic GR posted with a wrong/different amount from line item.
         We are  canceled GR and post it again looking for system to recognize it correctly but this was useless.after GR posted for I$ DOLLAR,we are posted IR doc also.Im still pending for  analysis of the reason why this GR was wrongly posted,your  instructions and explanation of situation appreaciated.please help me.
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    Check the tolerance limits defined in IMG under
    Materials Management -> Inventory Management and Physical Inventory -> Goods Receipt -> Tolerance Limits
    Also, check "over delivery" and "under delivery" tolerances defined in Material Master under "Purchasing" view.
    Also check in IMG under
    SAP Netweaver -> General Settings -> Currencies -> Define rounding rules for currencies
    For the company code/currency combination for which payments are to be made not in the smallest denomination, but in a multiple of it, enter the currency unit (rounding unit) to which amounts are to be rounded.
    This ensures that the amounts in this currency are always rounded to this unit (providing the amounts you enter manually are also rounded in line with your entry). The payment program evaluates your entries to determine the cash discount and rounds off the amount accordingly.

  • Has anyone used MASS_RSEOUT00 for EDI processing?

    My Client is experiencing an increasing volume of EDI processing. I'm thinking about switching from running RSEOUT00 to running MASS_RSEOUT00.
    Has anyone been using MASS_RSEOUT00? Can you please share your experience? Thoughts?
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    In short yes this will replace the step of entering/recording the vendor invoice into the A/P area, this BAPI is designed accomodate the loading of A/P invoices, more information is available in the Interfaces to Accounting documentation in the R/3 Library (under Cross Application Functions -> Interfaces to External Systems).
    The bapi is envoked in the same manor as others...
        DOCUMENTHEADER       =
    "   CUSTOMERCPD          =
    "   OBJ_TYPE             =
    "   OBJ_KEY              =
    "   OBJ_SYS              =
        ACCOUNTPAYABLE       =
        ACCOUNTGL            =
        ACCOUNTTAX           =
        CURRENCYAMOUNT       =
    "   PURCHASEORDER        =
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    "   VALUEFIELD           =
    "   EXTENSION1           =

  • Data Conversion rules for EDI processing (same client IDOC processing)

    I am trying to post IDOCS in same client.Its a PO->SO process.
    ie. there will be 1 outbound and inbound idoc in same client using EDI processing.
    I am using Data Conversion using Rulesfor converting sender fields.
    The LIFNR and PAORG od segment E1EDKA1 has to be converted.
    For ALE processing, the Data conversion is been done correctly.
    But no conversion is done for EDI.
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    Thanks in advance.

    Issue solved

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    Hi All,
    I have some questions about EDI processing in XI.
    If we use seeburger adapter, do we need to write custom mapping program (eg: 850 to ORDERS) or adapter itself generate the mapping?
    How do we split the message is it Interchange level or Transaction level? How seeburger is going to handle this?
    Can anyone please forward me the related documents if you have about seeburger adapter?
    Please explain me one complete scenario EDI 2 IDOC using Seeburger adapter.
    What are the other alternatives to seeburger adapter?

    Please see the below links , so that you can get clear idea about EDI/seeburger
    Details on XI EDI adapter from seeburger
    Check this for Conversions-
    SAP Adapters
    EDI with XI
    Please let me know your prob is clear or not..

  • Mapping fields for REMADV EDI process

    Does anybody know the fields we would need to map in our idoc that would allow us to have reference key 1, reference key 2, and the text field populated with data in the payment advice after running our bd87 for our REMADV edi process? Currently we have the other fields necessary filled in to get most data to our payment advice, but our users are asking that these 3 fields are updated as well from our idoc.

    Hi Tony,
    - The part that is painfully slow is when you need to
    map the fields of the aggregated attribute to the DB
    fields. It takes 30 seconds to open a drop-down box
    for the DB field selection. Sometimes freezes
    altogether (or maybe I was not patient enough)This is definitely not good and I haven't seen this problem before. It would be great if we could fix this before the final 10.1.3 release. Could you send me your project at [email protected] ? I shouldn't need the class files, just all of the workbench xml files. You can just send the project if that is easier.
    One additional thought. When I was recreating my
    project in it complained untill I have
    included all of the jar files into my project
    classpath. 10.1.3 was less demanding in that respect.
    Could it me that those unresolved references were
    slowing the mapping?What exactly do you mean by it complaining? Do you mean that it wouldn't let you generate deployment xml? In 10.1.3 there is no longer a requirement to have class files on the classpath when generating deployment xml. You will only need them to import or refresh classes.
    Karen Moore

  • Process as Interface ?

    Hi All,
    Can somebody tell me how to implement Process as Interface.
    I have a process called 'A' and in that process I have a process creation activity.
    I have another Process (Interface) called 'B' and also mapped that process B to Process A's process creation activity.
    Now I have another process called C where I have the implementation of business logic.
    In java the class that implement the Interface has to give body to those abstract method that are defined in Interface.
    I want to do same kind of stuff in ALBPM that means since my process A's process creation activity extends/implements/attached to a process B (interface). Now how to make the communication happen between Process A, B & C since the business logic is there in process C. Is this be achievable ?
    If not what is the purpose of Interface implementation w.r.t ALBPM 5.7/6.0 and how we can achieve the interface implementation. Thanks in advance.

    Not sure this is in the documentation, but you use a process interface as a way to call a subprocess dynamically at runtime.
    Sometimes you want the flexibility to wait until runtime to decide which subprocess to call. Your process model might look like a spider on a mirror when this is the case. I use it when I have an activity with several conditional transitions leaving it. If each of these transitions are going to a different subprocess activity, you might want to consider using a process interface to dynamically call the correct process on the fly.
    An example is when you have four differnt types of loans each handled differently. If you use the process interface to invoke the correct loan subprocess (again based on the loan type) then instead of having an activity with four conditional transitions going into four different subflow activiities, you would have a single transition going into a subflow with the process interface activity. One of the incoming arguments to the process interface is the subprocess's id.
    The benefit to this approach is that it cleans up your process (a single transition instead of the many conditional transitions). The drawback is that it is abstract and difficult for some to understand what is going on behind the scenes.

  • EDI Process

    I am doing EDI Intergration. Can I get any documents for blue prints Questionnaire documents.
    Right now we are invovled in the design phase. Now we are having talks to decide VAN service providers.
    I want to have documents related to VAN service providers and SAP Integration.
    How do we have intergration without middleware and only VAN service providers.
    Can I get the documents related to EDI process starting from BLUE PRINT phase and Realization phase.
    Thanks in Advance.
    Shravan G

    Dear Toka,
    Please find the link for EDI process relevant to SD module:
    Hope this helps you.
    Do award points if you found them useful.

  • EDI :Through delivery process I want send the notification to the customer

    hi friends
         During delivery i want to send the notification to the customer ..i want to configure the EDI ..So what are the steps to require to
    do the configuration.
    with regards

    Hi ,
    Through delivery Process  ASN can be sent to customer.
    All other master data and process steps are same.
    You have to make following settings in the system
    1) Create port (WE21)
    2) Set up Partner Profile WE20
    3) Create condition records in NACE for V2(Shipping) , output type LAVA. (Communication type withh me EDI (6))
    4)  during outbound delivery save/Goods issue , the o/p type should be triggered and generate the IDoc.
    This IDoc is an outbound idoc. Check WE02 for idocs. You will find a inbound Idoc -> which we will inturn create an Inbound delivery (ASN) automatically.
    Configure the steps.If you need further more help on this.Please get back.
    Best Regards,

  • Update Outbound Delivery in EDI Process - Urgent

    Hello experts,
    I have to update outbound delivery for picking & PGI in EDI.
    I recognized the standard BAPI - BAPI_OUTB_DELIVERY_CONFIRM_DEC for this process, but it doesn't confirm picking.
    I also recognized the IDOC - IDOC_INPUT_DELVRYwhich doesn't create partner function.
    So now I need to choose any one & enhance with the help of User exit. I found a user exit in IDOC for creating partner function but there is no user exit in BAPI for picking confirmation.
    Please suggest me which is the best to use an IDoc or create a custom BAPI for this scenario with pros & cons.
    Thanks in advance,
    Sangeetha K

    Hi gurus,
    Please help me with the issue.
    Points rewarded........

  • EDI 850's Interface File Data program errors out

    This is interface dile data program completes in error for EDI 850. Prior to this we had issues saying "error starting toolkit", but that was resolved by the DBA's. Now that error has gone and this error is coming up.
    Below is the error message:
    Version 12.1.3
    DB : 11g
    | Starting concurrent program execution...
    Execution options
    Current NLS_LANG and NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS Environment Variables are :
    Enter Password:
    REP-1401: 'p_run_idformula': Fatal PL/SQL error occurred.
    REP-0069: Internal error
    REP-57054: In-process job terminated:Terminated with error:
    REP-1401: 'p_run_idformula': Fatal PL/SQL error occurred.
    Report Builder: Release - Production on Mon Jul 2 21:58:53 2012
    Copyright (c) 1982, 2005, Oracle. All rights reserved.
    Start of log messages from FND_FILE
    End of log messages from FND_FILE
    Program exited with status 1
    Concurrent Manager encountered an error while running Oracle*Report for your concurrent request 5710284.
    Review your concurrent request log and/or report output file for more detailed information.
    Executing request completion options...
    Output file size:
    Finished executing request completion options.
    Kindly help,

    Please see if these docs help.
    Interface File Data Program Fails With REP-1401 Error [ID 1415103.1]
    850 POI Inbound EDI ECEPOI Error ORA-29284: file read error. [ID 565059.1]
    Running Interface File Data, Completes With Error. [ID 563879.1]
    How to Ensure Outbound 856 (DSNO) documents are generated [ID 1432829.1]

  • Bapi for Inbound EDI Processing

    Hi All,
    There is a BAPI for creating Goods Movement BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE. I want to use this BAPI for triggering Inbound Processing. I need help configuring the interface for creating goods movement using BAPI.
    I have successfully configured the inbound processing using process code WMMB, which triggers function module L_IDOC_INPUT_WMMBXY. But this FM or rather the idoc type WMMBID02 does not have any fields for Catch weight items and I do not want to create any extensions on this IDOC type.
    So was wondering if the BAPI BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE can be configured for EDI Inbound Processing.

    try to use message type MBGMCR, it calls function module IDOC_INPUT_MBGMCR and

  • EDI processing and the application log

    It is my understanding that when an EDI message is processed if there is more than one error the errors will be put in the application log.   If only one error it is not placed in the application log.  
    Does any one have any ideas why on occassion if there is one error the process will put it in the application log?  

    We discovered that if the idoc has several line item segments and they all have the same error that results in the error count being greater than one.   So the process will put the error on the application log - but it does not repeat the same error so it looks like it was only one error when in fact it was several.   For example:
    the idoc has 3 line items all for GRbasedIV where the delivery is not done.
    the idoc process will identify 3 errors (1 per line item missing a delivery)
    the process will put the errors on the application log because the error count is greater than 1
    because the error is the same only one of the 3 errors shows up on the application log.

  • STO (via EDI) extend delivery

    Dear, colleagues
    Our customer has requested to setup Intercompany Stock transfer Orders to supply sales stores form DC. Business scenario is:
    - Store creates PO for goods
    - DC creates Delivery documents based on PO (vl10b)
    - Goods are delivered on Pallets, each store takes care about them. There are no PAL in PO doc, DC add then only in at the moment of delivering (in delivery doc).
    - Goods issue/ receipt
    - Intercompany billing
    - Invoice verification
    The problem I faced is what to do with PAL in IV? In fact, I have to process them as normal goods. It seems to IV has to be created on Goods receipt base, unfortunately SAP threats PAL as extra costs, not as goods
    Does anybody has faced with such scenario?
    Many thanks
    To make live interesting, ICB stuff should be done via EDI

    You do not need to use EDI messages to get an inbound delivery created when a PGI is done on the outbound delivery.
    Search for the config on the SPED output type. This SPED output message can be triggered during the PGI which results in the creation of an inbound delivery in the receiving plant.
    The receiving plant will have to maintain the confirmation control key 0004 at item level in the purchasing document.
    Link to SAP help Automatic Creation of Inbound Delivery - Transfer and Inventory Management - SAP Library
    Refer SAP note 1119073 point 3 and note 965176

  • Import standard Purchase Order process and interface tables

    Hi all,
    We are populating three PO interface tables from our custom developed application. PO_HEADERS_INTERFACE, PO_LINES_INTERFACE and PO_DISTRIBUTIONS_INTERFACE. We are using version of Oracle Apps.
    Initially we did not manage to populate the distributions interface table, but, now we are populating it. And after doing so, when we run the Import standard Purchase Order process for 'Approved' POs, the process_id for even the record which has correct distributions info also gets 'Rejected' as a value. The process is considering a mix of records : the approved POs that DO NOT HAVE distribution info in PO_DISTRIBUTIONS_INTERFACE (which we had not managed to populate) and the approved POs that HAVE distribution info in PO_DISTRIBUTIONS_INTERFACE.
    does the Import standard Purchase Order process populate partial data that could be good or it rejects the whole lot of records?
    Can anyone guide on this issue?
    Thanks and kind regards,
    Edited by: Aparna on Jul 24, 2009 3:45 AM
    Another piece of info I would like to share is
    I have run the process for an approved PO with distributions info in PO_DISTRIBUTIONS_INTERFACE. This time no mixed data. In PO_INTERFACE_ERRORS table, an entry was found: for column name : PO_DISTRIBUTION_ID in ERROR_MESSAGE column 'Error: Has no distributions'.
    Edited by: Aparna on Jul 24, 2009 8:03 AM
    After carrying out number of tests, I have found out that
    1) if the approval_status for the po is 'Approved' in the po_headers_interface table, it gives the above mentioned error and the process_id is 'rejected'.
    2) if the approval_status for the po is 'Incomplete' in the po_headers_interface table, the process add the 'accepted' value for the process_id. But, the charge account number is not populated in shipments.
    Edited by: Aparna on Jul 31, 2009 1:07 AM
    There has been some progress on this issue. The process sees distributions data into the PO_DISTRIBUTIONS_INTERFACE table. Yet the following errors are found in the process log file:
    Start dist default process
    before getting period name
    after getting period name
    -->Intfc error occurred ...PO_PDOI_INVALID_GL_ENC_PER
    before workflow
    unit price = 18.5, rate = , unit price in functional currency = 18.5
    after workflow
    Start dist creation process
    Start dist validation process
    -->Intfc error occurred ...PO_PDOI_INVALID_BUDGET_ACCT
    Start insert new record into po_distributions
    Distribution ID: 252
    dist num: 1
    last updated by: 1189
    po header id: 5283
    po line id: 5878
    line loc id: 5924
    sob id: 21
    cc id: 1560
    qty ordered: 10
    Req Header Ref num :
    Req line Ref num :
    Req dist id :
    call tax
    Rollback for the Last Errored Line: 10
    All Lines in error - Rolling back the header
    We opened new GL periods for the calendar and yet same errrors are seen. Can anyone suggest any solution?
    Kind regards,

    Do you have a copy of your insert statement?

Maybe you are looking for

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