Editing a web site created in MS Front Page

This may be a very simple question with a very simple answer:
If a web site has been created, and was maintained, on a PC - how easy is it to take ownership and edit it using a Mac? (I am not a developer or anything close hence the possible stupidity of the question!)
Thanks in advance!

I'm a relatively new convert to a Mac and I have to say that this is the first time I have been disappointed by my choice.
I have quite a few webs that I maintained with FrontPage and now I will have to drop them because I can't take the time to re-do each page within the sites just because I can't import the html coding into iWeb.
It would be nice if the authors could make iWeb a bit more friendly in that regard. Even if only the basic layout, text, images and/or image holders could be imported, that would help.
eMac G4/1.0 512 Mac OS X (10.4.8)
eMac G4/1.0 512 Mac OS X (10.4.8)

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  • Can iWeb make changes (update) to Web site made with Microsoft Front Page

    Our local historical society hired a web master to create a web site for us. He made it with Microsoft Front Page. I was able to make changes until my husband upgraded to Microsoft Office integral 2007. My question is: Would I be able to continue making changes or upgrades to this site but using iWeb '08 instead? I would much rather use my Mac than his IBM.
    S Craig

    No. iWeb can only create and edit sites that have been created from scratch in iWeb. What you might be able to do is download the files in the current site and use the image and graphic files to make a duplicate site in iWeb.

  • Will my web site created with iweb hosted by fatcow work on icloud?

    will my web site created with iweb hosted by fatcow work on icloud?

    No. iCloud does not host websites.

  • I'm using 3.6 &have a question 1st. I edit a web site English. WhenI updated awhile ago to another upgrade, the only way to edit was "iusing code". My question is, if I upgrade to yur latest verious, will it still allow me to edit in English, not code.

    I edit a web site using regular English language.
    A few months ago I updated to a newer version of Firefox and with that upgrade came the requirement to edit "in code". Therefore, I deleted the newer version and went back to 3.??.
    I am interested in updating to your latest version, but I do not want to unless you can veriy that I can continue editing this web site in regular English

    Which Firefox version do you currently have?
    You have a user agent that is corrupted and that identifies you as Firefox/3.0.10 instead of Firefox 3.6.25
    *Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20111212 Firefox/3.0.10 NET_mmhpset GTB7.1
    What do you mean with <b>edit "in code"</b>?
    Can you attach a screenshot?
    Use a compressed image type like PNG or JPG to save the screenshot and make sure that you do not exceed the maximum file size (1 MB).

  • Can a web site created in Front Page be imported into iWeb?

    Our company's current web site was created in Front Page, and needs updating. I would like to try doing this in iWeb. Is this possible? I haven't had any luck searching for answers. Thanks.

    iWeb cannot import or edit html. You will have to recreate the site in iWeb.

  • Editing  a Web site SWF file

    Funky, allow me to try again. right words are difficult for
    me come by but I try.
    I have a Web site that uses a 260K Swf file for presentation.
    My original designer is no longer available.
    I am trying to make changes to update some of the info on the
    site. I have been able to update jpeg images
    in photo gallery which is an external xml file to and opened
    by the swf file. additionally I have updated some of the
    images within the "master" swf file using Eltima decompiler
    I am now try to update some of the Static Text files within
    the "master" swf file.
    I am using a MAC with the Eltima Decompiler and CS3 Flash.
    This is my first attempt to update/edit
    Static text.
    If you could quide me toward a correct course, I would
    appreciate it.
    I open the "master" swf in eltima and extract only "text" I
    am not doing anything with images, buttons etc.
    I convert that ouput into Fla. A "master"_conv_fla file is
    created along with a folder called text that has multiple
    Static Text xx.swf file within. The fla file opens in adobe
    but doesnt contain the file I want to update.
    using Eltima I open the Static text 53.swf, perform an
    extract and then convert that to a Static text 53_conv.fla file
    that opens in adobe.
    Here I am lost. I have used trial and error to get a
    response. I might mention that the original designer used Adobe 6.
    With the Static text 53_conv.fla file open in adobe I seem to only
    be able to make changes when I click on
    Edit Symbols. I make changes and do a Save As so that Adobe 8
    is used. I assume Adobe 9 might not allow my file to function.
    After saving I Export the result back to my computers texts
    file. That file then appears as Static text 3.swf.
    instead of Static text 53.swf
    It has the results I want but I don't know how the make the
    changes take in the Static text 53.swf file.
    I am not even sure the steps I have taken above are even
    correct. It was all I could do to get any result.
    Your guidance would be appreciated

    I'm a relatively new convert to a Mac and I have to say that this is the first time I have been disappointed by my choice.
    I have quite a few webs that I maintained with FrontPage and now I will have to drop them because I can't take the time to re-do each page within the sites just because I can't import the html coding into iWeb.
    It would be nice if the authors could make iWeb a bit more friendly in that regard. Even if only the basic layout, text, images and/or image holders could be imported, that would help.
    eMac G4/1.0 512 Mac OS X (10.4.8)
    eMac G4/1.0 512 Mac OS X (10.4.8)

  • Editing a web site using windows that was made with iweb using a MAC

    I published my web site using iweb with my MBP, but at times would like to edit it when I'm running windows. Anyone know how to do it?

    You can't. To edit a site created by iweb, you must be using a mac with iweb installed and also with the Domain file installed that was used to create the site.
    Of course you can mess with the html and other files created by iWeb with any app you please, but any changes will be overwritten if you republish from iWeb later.

  • Editing existing web-sites

    Can iWeb edit web-sites that have been created with another application, and if so, how?
    Thanks, Tristan
    G4 PowerBook   Mac OS X (10.4.4)  

    Hi Tom,
    Thanks for the response; I was afraid I was overlooking something simple. I did try dragging site folders and files onto the application, and iWeb did not "activate", consistent with what you wrote. ...Dang!
    Cheers, Tristan
    P.S.: Tom, I believe you did answer my question, but I'll wait a couple of days just in case somebody chimes in with an unexpected twist.
    G4 PowerBook   Mac OS X (10.4.4)  

  • Standard Edition - Single Web Site/Application?

    I hope I am posting at the right section of the forum...
    I'm considering using Coldfusion for our company intranet.
    However, reading the difference editions availabe, I notice that
    the standard edition is only allowed for "a single web site/single
    So what is Adobe's definition of "an application?" If our
    "application" provides many functions to different departments of
    the company, does it count as one application or multiple
    Thanks in advance for any answers, comments or suggestions.
    Lawrence Mak

    lawrencem49 wrote:
    > Dear Azadi,
    > Thanks for your help! That certainly cleared up a lot of
    my doubt. Wonder why they have to term it that way though...
    > Lawrence Mak
    There as always been some confusion one the term
    'Application'. When
    talking ColdFusion editions, it is ColdFusion itself that is
    application. With Standard you can have one ColdFusion
    installed on a given box up to 2 cpu's per license. With
    Enterprise you
    can have as many ColdFusion applications as you feel
    comfortable loading
    onto a given box, again up to 2 cpu's per license.
    Each of these ColdFusion applications whether Standard or
    Enterprise can
    have as many web sites as you care to load it down with
    connected to it.

  • Editing a web site page

    I recently published an iWeb page to .Mac. I then edited that page in iWeb but when I accessed the site with a browser, the editing changes were not there.
    I went back to iWeb and the changes were there, so I published the page thinking it would replace the original page. Not so.
    How do I make changes so that others can access my web site with a browser and view the changes?

    I know this sounds very basic, but apart from the cache, I always make sure after editing, that I click File/Save. Early on, in January, I found one particular edit didn't kick in when I published - the second time I saved before publishing, and it did the trick.

  • How edit Firefox web site preview font type? (About chinese problem)

    Hello guy ,
    I have problem , this chinese font not of good and preview have problem , can't show some font .
    how setting size font or use other chinese font type to preview web site ?
    Thank !
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    Yes , i read and  saw the wiki https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Font_configuration , or https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Firefox , but i am not sure which page is setting my problem .
    This is LinuxMint use firefox to preview web site
    And This is ArchLinux to preview firefox web site
    i don't why some font is very big , some font is small and can't to show the font
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  • Does anyone know whether it is possible to add a Pay Pal button to web site created using IWeb?

    Does anyone know whether it is possible to add a Pay Pal button to a community web site I created using IWeb?
    If so how does hide the Pay Pal code?
    Robert Jones

    See this page for info ...
    Other pages in this section show how to set up a sales page and create a shopping cart.
    "I may receive some form of compensation, financial or otherwise, from my recommendation or link."

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    The Marin COunty(Calif) web site is interactive, allowing us to reserve or renew books on line....The new Firefox will not allow this interaction, so I wonder if you could fix the problem+?

    What happens if you try to login?<br />
    Is there only a problem with the login or are there other problems?
    Is all data send correctly to the server?
    It is a form with 3 input fields.
    The first input doesn't have a type attribute (defaults to type="text") and the second has type="name" that may be invalid or not recognized.<br />
    <pre><nowiki><input name="name" id="name" value="" size="40" maxlength="40">
    <input name="code" size="40" maxlength="40" type="name">
    <input name="pin" id="pin" value="" size="40" maxlength="40" type="PASSWORD"></nowiki></pre>
    A good place to ask questions and advice about web development is at the mozillaZine Web Development/Standards Evangelism forum.<br />
    The helpers at that forum are more knowledgeable about web development issues.<br />
    You need to register at the mozillaZine forum site in order to post at that forum.
    See http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewforum.php?f=25

  • Firefox 3.6.12 allows web sites to redirect or reload pages even tho "warn me" is checked.

    this occurs randomly and, all too often, i'm either not quick enough to delete the redirected page or, believe it or not, it will not allow me to delete it without trying several times. is there a fix?

    "Warn me when web sites try to redirect or reload the page" is an accessibility setting to avoid users getting confused and not meant as a protection against redirecting.
    There are many ways that a server can redirect and it is also possible to load content in a frame. Reloading when done via JavaScript can only be stopped by blocking that JavaScript and if it is done via a meta tag then you would also need an extension.
    NoScript: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/722

  • How do web site created with After Effect differ from that created with dream weaver or Flash?

    As I have some experiance not much in After Effect..I have created my website in After Effect., I  have no  knowledge of Dream weaver or Flash..  My web pages take too much time to open., due to it loads SHOCK WAVE and it take much longer time., were as I see many a website created in other software opens prety fast. As such I want to know whether creating website in After effect is right or not.,   and how to speed up

    You do not create websites in AE, you can create at best animations and that is what you ahev done - produce a fat SWF file. You are really using the wrong tool and should better spend your time on learning HTML and CSS proper and do your website in Dreamweaver or otehr web design tools. And no, Flash is not a website design tool, either.

Maybe you are looking for

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