EE says time has run out for my data but I still have 500mb PAYG top-up ?

Hi. I received 10 gb data when I bought my phone 3 months ago.  EE says the time for this data has run out which is correct- however I still have 500mb of the monthly PAYG topup remaining (this is shown on the data, call, text remaining allowance screen. However away fromWifi I cannot access the internet..  It says I have no data - 'Time Run Out'. Any help appreciated  

Hi Leanne, I tried contacting Customer Services via phone but just ended up going round in circles with the various options and not being able to speak to a person and basically getting nowhere.  So I went into the local EE shop and a very helpful and patient young lady listened to my story and phoned Customer Services who put her onto the Tech area - then back and forth between the two for over an hour till eventually they reset my account and credited me with a new PAYG monthly pack.  Now I can use the data allowance to access the internet as normal.  The only thing that I believe needs to be checked is that on my next purchase of PAYG I was due to get a 250mb Boost so I need to check I receive this as the text msgs I received from EE stated I was on my first PAYG purchase. Thanks Brendan  

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    replaced ink cartridge--still saying ink has run out-----ran cleaning---what now---mx882

    Please check to make sure that the correct genuine Canon ink tanks are installed.  The printer uses the following ink tanks:
    If additional assistance is needed, feel free to call us at 1-800-OKCANON.
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  • Why does my IPhone 4 tell me that it can't back up onto icloud as it has run out of storage space, but when i look at iCloud storage it tells me I have 4.7GB out of 5GB available?

    Why does my I-Phone 4 tell me that it can't back up onto i-Cloud as it has run out of storage space, but when I look at i-Cloud storage it tells me I have 4.7GB out of 5GB available?

    Welcome to the Apple Community.
    Have you checked how much space the backup will need.

  • A song I purchased on iTunes has dropped out from my iPhone - but it still shows purchased in iTunes...but it won't let me download it again.

    A song I purchased on iTunes has dropped out from my iPhone - but it still shows purchased in iTunes...but it won't let me download it again.
    Any ideas?

    Oh my gosh I had the EXACT same problem, and for ages I couldn't figure out how to fix it until today. Here's what I did:
    First I went onto my computer, opened itunes, and un-installed tumblr, vine and kik. These were the apps I was having problems with (it said I had them on my phone but, like you, they didn't show).
    Then I went to the itunes store, searched for each one, and it said I could update them so I did (just FYI: for tumblr a window popped up saying "please click ok to confirm you are 17 years or older", so I did that also)
    When I went back to my phone and tried installing them again (still on my computer), it worked!
    I hope this helps, because it was incredibly frustrating. Good luck!

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  • Time is running out for BT Vision

    Time is running out before I move my money to another provider. 
    Four times this week I set my box to record whilst at work only to find a blank screen when I came home. 
    Still no text service, even though it's been "Coming soon" for longer than I care to remember. 
    Telling me "Your not the only one, lots of people are having the same problem." Does not cut it.
    If it's not fixed by November I'm off, and I will say goodbye to this terrible service.
    I will also go to trading standards and every media source I can think off to publicise the shocking and uncaring nature of B.T.
    Well done B.T. You've driven away another loyal customer.

    I agree it is a disaster. However the cause is down to Freeview changes all this month and an unforeseen glitch in the software. That's the reason not a vald excuse.
    A fix is being tested at the moment and assuming it pans out ok will be rolled out to everyone.
    Cold comfort perhaps.
    Life | 1967 Plus Radio | 1000 Classical Hits | Kafka's World
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  • My imac is saying it has run out of application memory. What do I do?

    What do I do for this issue--my iMac (less than 1 year old) is saying that it has run out of application memory.  Does this mean that I have to delete a bunch of applications?  It's running really slow and crashes all the time now and says the applications are "paused" and I need to force quit them. 

    There is excessive swapping of data between physical memory (that is, the memory chips on the logic board) and virtual memory (one or more files on the startup volume.) That activity is relatively slow and causes the whole system to be less responsive. It can happen for two reasons:
    A long-running process with a memory leak (a kind of bug)
    Not enough memory for your usage pattern
    Tracking down a memory leak can be difficult, and it may come down to a process of elimination.
    These instructions are for OS X 10.9 ("Mavericks.") The procedure may be slightly different for earlier versions of OS X.
    When you notice the swap activity, open the Activity Monitor application and select All Processes from the View menu, if it's not already selected. Select the Memory tab. Click the heading of the Real Mem column in the process table twice to sort the table with the highest value at the top. If you don't see that column, select
    View ▹ Columns ▹ Real Memory
    from the menu bar.
    If one process (excluding "kernel_task") is using much more memory than all the others, that could be an indication of a leak. A better indication would be a process that continually grabs more and more real memory over time without ever releasing it. Here is an example of how it's done.
    The processes named "Safari Web Content" render web pages for Safari. They use a lot of memory and may leak if certain Safari extensions or third-party web plugins are installed. Consider them prime suspects.
    Another process often implicated in memory leaks is "inkjet4" or "inkjet8," which is a component of the HP printing software. If it's present, force-quit the process in Activity Monitor to solve the problem temporarily. Empty the print queues in the Printers & Scanners preference pane (which has a slightly different name in each recent version of OS X.) If you don't use an HP printer, remove the software. Otherwise, if the problem is recurrent, update the software (which may not help) or contact HP support.
    "Wired" memory should be a small part of the total. That memory is not swapped, but it makes less physical memory available which may then result in swapping. If you have a lot of wired memory, that's usually an indication of a memory leak in a third-party program that modifies the operating system at a low level. Ask for guidance in that case.
    If you don't have an obvious memory leak, your options are to install more memory (if possible) or to run fewer programs simultaneously.
    The next suggestion is only for users familiar with the shell. For a more precise, but potentially misleading, test, run the following command: 
    sudo leaks -nocontext -nostacks process | grep total
    where process is the name of a process you suspect of leaking memory. Almost every process will leak some memory; the question is how much, and especially how much the leak increases with time. I can’t be more specific. See the  leaks(1) man page and the Apple developer documentation for details.

  • My iphone5c shut off while in use and has been off for 2 hours but is still hot

    My iphone 5c shu off while in use and has been off for 2 hours and is still hot

    Hello there, Steve.
    The following Knowledge Base article links to some very useful articles regarding temperature on your iOS device:
    iPhone: Hardware troubleshooting
    iPhone acceptable temperatures
    iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch (4th generation): Keeping device within acceptable operating temperatures
    Keeping the original iPhone within acceptable temperatures
    If you find that moving it to a cooler location doesn't help resolve the issue then:
    My issue is still not resolved. What do I do next?
    Contact Apple Support.
    Thanks for reaching out to Apple Support Communities.

  • HP Deskjet 3055A not printing because it says it has run out of toner.

    After much printing of alignment pages and wasting of paper and new ink cartridges, as usual, the message is that my printer has no TONER.  This is a new one on me.  Can anyone help, does the HP Deskjet 3055A need toner....not ANOTHER expense.  If it does it really should give some warning, its now Saturday night, and  the mass of work and printing I wanted to do will obviously not be able to be done..  This product is just not satisfactory I've found.

    Hi @kazmount,
    Welcome to the HP Forums!
    I noticed that you are getting the message that you are out of toner for your HP Deskjet 3055a. I am sorry for this frustration, but I am happy to look into this for you!  
    I read on another post of yours that copying and scanning is OK, and I am glad for that.
    This printer takes ink cartridges, not toner. As toner is for Laserjet printers.
    What Operating System are you using on your computer? Windows or Mac? If you do not know the Operating System you are using, please visit this website. Whatsmyos.
    If you are using Windows, I would recommend to try our HP Print and Scan Doctor, and please let me know what happens!
    Thank you for posting, and hope to hear from you soon!
    I work on behalf of HP
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  • ITunes says I'm running out of disk space but I have plenty

    I'm running iTunes and save my ripped files to a 80 Gig Maxtor external hard drive. When I do a directory of that external hard drive, I see 40+ Gig free.
    (I have about 700 albums which totals about 700 * 50 Meg per album ~ 35 Gig). However when I rip my CDs, iTunes is complaining that I'm running out of disk space.
    Any ideas what's going on?

    What's the exact message?
    Do you always have your ExHD turned on before you fire up iTunes? Cuz if not, it defaults back to C: drive and maybe that is the drive low on room.

  • When I want to update my 4g iPod but when it says "procesing file" an error pop up and says "the time has runned out, please check your internet connection or try again later"

    I have the iOS 4.1.3 and I want to pudate it but I have tried this 10 time but the result is always the same, what can I do? If this useful the # of error is 3259

    So you disabled both the firewall and antivirus?
    You can try a manul update/restore using the instructions here:
    iDevice Troubleshooting 101 :: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

  • Access to iCloud goes out daily for the evening - but I still have all other internet functioning

    For the last 4 days, @ about 5 pm Norwegian time, I have no access to my Mail, Cal, or iCloud even in Safari.  Gmail functions. Skype functions, all other internet use functions.  The same happens on my other devices and also to other iCloud users in the house. (we are not on family sharing)  This happens only on our home wifi network.  We are on a satellite wifi.  Any ideas?
    It is very frustrating -
    The service seems to resume around 4 am in the morning.

    JiveTurkey wrote:
    I still want to keep my Droid, it makes a handy WiFi-ready "micro-tablet" (as I call it), plus I can still play all my NES/SNES/Genesis games on it, I love the QWERTY keyboard for that kind of stuff.
    However, I dropped the phone on a hardwood floor from about 3 feet up, and **BOOM**, screen completely goes out.  The "soft keys" light up, keyboard still lights up.  I can see the two small LED light sources coming from the very bottom of the screen.  When I drag my finger across the screen, I still get the haptic feedback of my phone being "Unlocked".
    I've done battery pull, let it discharge fully, charge it back up, no good.
    So even though this isn't technically my "active phone" anymore, would VZW still be able to do anything to try & get it fixed?  It's obsolete & outdated now (sorry, Droid 1 owners), but this is actually a replacement phone that I've had for less than a year, so wouldn't it still be covered under warranty? 
    If the phone is not currently activated on your line, there is no warranty. Warranty does not cover damage anyhow, you would need insurance for this. You can take it to one of those cell phone repair companies and have them fix it for you, but those are quite pricey.
    Also, I'm pretty sure you can't use WiFi on a phone that is not activated.

  • I have nothing in my login items for my mac, but I still have four apps open up whenever i start the mac. How to solve this problems?

    I tried system preference to check my login items. I didnt see anything there. However, I still have my mail, safari, micro office open up whenver I start the mac. Is there a way to solve this? I just switched to mac couple days ago, I dont see why i have this problem.

    If you right click safari in the dock you should get a contextual menu.  What is in the "option"?
    Is the "open at login" checked?

  • HT5052 Why does my computer not download ios5 completely and says it has timed out and could not download? Why can I not get my ipad to wifi it was fine but now all my emails have disappeared and also I cannot connect to wifi?

    Why cannot I connect my Ipad again to Wifi and why has all my emails and contacts been deleted?
    Why can I not download ios5 and my computer says it has run out of time?

    Some problems occurs when your Internet security program was set
    to trust the previous version of Firefox, but no longer recognizes your
    updated version as trusted. Now how to fix the problem: To allow
    Firefox to connect to the Internet again;
    * Make sure your Internet security software is up-to-date (i.e. you are running the latest version)
    * Remove Firefox from your program's list of trusted or recognized programs, then add it back. For detailed instructions, see
    '''[ Configure firewalls so that Firefox can access the Internet.]''' {web link}

  • Project Manager Has Run Out of Memory????

    i've been using Logic Pro 7 for about a week. i've only created 2 very small projects so far. today, when i opened up a Logic, a window immediately opened in my new blank session that said "Project Manager has run out of memory". What does this mean??? I'm not really sure what restrictions i'm now dealing with, but i do know, that now, when i try to import an audio file, such as an mp3, i am not allowed to do it. The window opens, and i select my itunes folder, and i see all my mp3's, but it wont let me click on them!!
    What is going on????? i have 30 gigs of space free on my hard drive. Why is it saying that my project manager has run out of memory??? I have no idea what this means!! I'm seriously ready to throw my Macbook at the wall and go back to PC cuz it causes me way too many problems.
    Thank you for your time.

    Project Manager was something of a beast on Logic 7 and has been removed in Logic 8 with nobody that I've heard complain about its demise.
    You would do well to delete the existing Project Manager configuration file which is found at:
    user/Library/Preferences/PM Data
    You won't cause any problems by doing that and you're 99% certain to fix your problem. For more info on location of the preferences files, see:
    Hope that helps.

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