EFYPT is not in the list for face time

How could I activate Egypt in the list of countries to use Face time on Mobinil network for iphone 4s as I purchased from suisse?

Talk to the Egyptian government.

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  • How to send a text message to a group of people and save the list for next time?

    how to send a text message to a group of people and save the list for next time from an iphone 4s?

    Hey there ipremacha,
    It sounds like you need to enable Text Message Forwarding on your iPhone for your iPad to send MMS/SMS messages through your phone.
    Connect your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac using Continuity
    Go to Messages > Text Message Forwarding, and enable the device(s) you would like to forward messages to.
    Your Mac, iPad, or iPod touch will display a code. Enter this code on your iPhone to verify the SMS feature.
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.

  • It appears that my desktop Aspire Z5801 is not on the list for an available update to Windows 10?

    Any yet my 8 year old Sony laptop is?My big screen desktop is 4 years old ..still so diappointed on finding this.Hope further updates are coming to make comaptible for those not "on the list?"

    Your system is not listed as an eligible model on the Acer website but that does not mean your system will not support the upgrade itself. What that means is Acer will not be uploading Windows 10 drivers to our support website for your system.
    According to Microsoft you have to meet these requirements for your system to support the upgrade:
    Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster
    RAM: 1 gigabyte (GB) (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit)
    Free hard disk space: 16 GB (32-bit) or 20GB (64-bit)
    Graphics card: Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM driver A Microsoft account and Internet access
    I have upgraded a couple systems here that are not on the list and they are working fine, if that helps.

  • Aspire V5 471P, also not on the list for Windows 10

    I have an Aspire V5 471P, also not on the list. Is there any reason for these exclusions? What options do we have? Seems kind of strange that some of us should be penalized for no apparent reason. I bought my model at an Office Depot, no different than any other Acer models that might be bought in large chain retail stores. I've loved previous Acers I've had, but this one has been problematic since the beginning. Now I may not be able to upgrade and will be stuck with terrible Windows 8.1? Please advise.
    [subject line edited to reflect new topic]

    So nearly every Aspire V5 model but mine is in need of new drivers but mine isn't? I find that kind of difficult to believe. This is par for the course though now I think with Acer--minimal support, if any. I'll have to spend time going to websites of each of the hardware components to see if it'll work, look for chipset drivers, etc., just because Acer had decided that some of its customers are simply out of luck. I'll replace this computer as soon as it's financially possible since it has been problematic literally since Day 1 (had to call support). This is my third Acer--there will be no fourth. Hopefully I'll be able to go with Apple and avoid this Microsoft/PC manufacturer nonsense altogether. Microsoft AND Acer should be ashamed of the quality of their products over the past couple of years...

  • If I do not touch the curser for a time, bubbles appear on the screen. How Can I stop this?

    If i watch a movie using firefox, after a few minutes bubbles start appearing on the screen. I have to move the curser to eliminate them. Is there a way to stopping this from happening?

    AndrewG33 wrote:
    I am new to iMac and thinking about subscribing to itunes match. Is it worthwhile and if I want to still store music on the iMac in iTunes am I able to still do this even if I do not renew the subscription in a years time. Thank you for your help.
    See this page from the Apple web site for more information: http://www.apple.com/itunes/itunes-match/
    AndrewG33 wrote:
    Oh and also, I have set up 4 user log ins one for each member of the family will the same itunes library be used by each person in their own log in or will they have to have their own match subscriptions?
    A computer can be associated to only one Apple ID at a time. Multiple Users on the same computer cannot use iTunes Match, automatic downloads, or re-download content from the iTunes Store at the same time: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4627.

  • TS3367 My camera will not rotate, I see them they don't see me.How do I fix the camera for face time?

    my camera does not rotate, I see them, they do not see me.

       This should only occur if this is a NEW computer or your first sync and you have information from another computer.
    Has this iPhone been synced with another computer before?
    Transferring Purchases; http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1848
    If you follow that link your Apps WILL be on your computer and any music you have brought......
    Now, do not worry, even if you do accidentally delete your apps, you can download them again for free with your itunes store account, just keep in mind you will lose any saved data!
    Follow this and hit continue, the only information that could get lost is any content (music, videos etc) synced from ANOTHER computer that WAS NOT brought from your account.
    Hope this helps and makes sense....

  • Facebook is not on the list for built-in sharing in Mountain Lion

    Hi all,
    New MacOS X user here - just picked up a brand-spanking-new MB Air and updated to 10.8
    I got my Twitter account set up in the Mail, Contacts & Calendars section, but there's no Facebook to click to set that up for the Built-In Sharing feature.
    Did I do something wrong?
    I'm in Canada, if that makes a difference...

    Thanks Matthew. Thought I was blind or stupid (or both)

  • I cannot see the option for face time of open and close in iphone 4s

    Plzzz tell me no facetime option for on and off is nott comming in settings help me plzzz

    There is no FaceTime app for the iPhone if that's what you're asking.  FaceTime is accessible through your Contacts as one of the options in how to contact a person -- there is no standalone FaceTime app for iPhone.
    If you mean how to disable FaceTime, you can do that in Restrictions (Settings/General/Restrictions).

  • How to set up alias iCloud email for Face Time

    I have 3 Apple ID accounts, one is only for iTunes, one is for me icloud, and one for my wife icloud
    Under my icloud account I have [email protected] with an alias, the alias is what I use for all of my email,
    I do not use the [email protected] for anything other than sign in to my icloud account.
    I sign in to my icould account with the [email protected], click on add an alternative email and I get this message
    The mail alias cannot be the same as a profile email,
    I an not understanding what is going on, any suggestions are very much apprciated
    If I try and add the alias to any of my other accounts I get "Email address is already verified for another Apple ID."
    but looking at my other accounts its not there
    I want to use the alias for Face Time
    Thaks for the the help

    Did you recently sell an ipad 4th generation? Please let me know asap.

  • Create UDF for table not in the List of tables

    Hi all,
    I know that my question maybe easy or been asked before, but I couldn't find the answer.
    To create a UDF in SAP B1 version 9.0 you should go Tools -> Customization Tools -> User-Defined Fields - Management...
    which is ok and working perfect. but my question is:
    If I want to create UDF for a table not in the list of tables there what should I do? I need to create 2 UDFs for table OMRC [Manufacturers], and can't find it in master data tables.
    anyone had this issue before?
    EDIT  : Is it good to add the field by using sql server? I know it's possible, but will it be visible in SAP
    thank you
    Message was edited by: Samira Haroun

    Hi Samira,
    There is noit a simple link for this, I advise you to study the documentation for TB1300 SBO Development Certification.
    Ypu should also have knowledge of .net, and C# or VB, because you have to make a small program/addon to add the fields
    Kind regards
    Ad Kerremans

  • Not gettting the list of interfaces for BPM in integration directory

    Hi Gurus,
                    I am trying to create receiver detrmination and interface determination for my BPM. When I select my BPM as communication component, I am not getting the list of abstract interfaces under outboutnd and inbound interfaces category.
    What might be th reason? I have tried by re importing the BPM in directory. But no use.

    Let's say your scenario is :
    Sender --> BPM --> Receiver.
    Double click on your sender business system and go to Other Attributs tab. Check if the Software Component in which you created your objects, is present there or not. If not then go to SLD and and add the Software Component Version to your Business System.
    And then in ID from menu Environment --> Clear SLD Data Cache and then you can try it again.

  • My model number does not appear in the list for driver downloads, what do I do?

    I have an HP Mini 110-11, that's what it says on the sticker on the bottom.
    Problem is, when I search for it that is not an option in the lists for the HP Mini.
    I need to order a USB Recovery Media, but you have to start from the Model and mine is not available on the list.
    What do I do?
    Thanks for your help!

    Enter the BIOS and see the system information section to get the Product number. That is where it is located in my HP Mini 1000 BIOS.
    The product number is also located on the service tag on the bottom of the mini where it says p/n.
    Use the product number when searching for support & downloads for your mini.
    ****Please click on Accept As Solution if a suggestion solves your problem. It helps others facing the same problem to find a solution easily****
    2015 Microsoft MVP - Windows Experience Consumer

  • Need a lens correction for Canon zoom 8mm-15mm f4/L, it's not in the list of lens in LR

    Need a lens correction for Canon zoom 8mm-15mm f4/L, it is not in the list of lens in Ligthroom
    and how can I ad it?

    It's available with ACR 8.4RC, so I would imagine that it will be available with LR 5.4RC/5.4. Just when that will be, is not known by anybody outside of Adobe. Hopefully soon.

  • HT204380 I am new to Facetime.  I want to be able to talk to my iMac from my Macbook.  When I try to connect via email I get a message that says the person being called "is not available for Face Time".

    I am new to Facetime.  I want to be able to talk to my iMac from my Macbook.  When I try to connect via email I get a message that says the person being called "is not available for Face Time".

    Hi PhiDor,
    Thanks for visiting Apple Support Communities.
    See this article for some information that can help:
    FaceTime for Mac: Troubleshooting FaceTime

  • Is there an icon for face time on the iphone4s home screen? I remember I saw it before but not any more. I still have the FaceTime app,but would like to find the icon on the home screen again. Anyone can help?

    Is there an icon for face time on the iphone4s home screen? I remember I saw it before but not any more. I still have the FaceTime app,but would like to find the icon on the home screen again. Anyone can help?

    Check all of your folders to see if FaceTime is in any of them.
    If not, check your restrictions (Settings>General>Restrictions) and if restrictions are on, and you know the passcode, then FaceTime might be turned off. Turn ON to veiw icon on home screen.
    Let me know if this does/doesnt work.

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