EM Alert: Critical: server - Disk Utilization for 1 D: is 99.8

in the last day's i receive the following error message every 2 or 3 hours:
Metrik=Disk Utilization (%)
Disk Device=1 D:
Zeitstempel=12.04.2010 12:29 Uhr CEST
Nachricht=Disk Utilization for 1 D: is 99.81%
Regelname=Host Availability and Critical States
first i thought it's because the "db_recovery_file_dest_size" parameter was to small, because it was set to 10gb and the FRA was almost 10gb. then i raised the parameter (without restarting the database), but the same problem after a few hours.
select * from v$recovery_file_dest;
d:\FRA\     21474836480     10648922624     10073876992     458
is it necessary to restart the database after reseting this parameter?
thx for your help!

There are many bugs on metalink on this.
Better to raise a SR with OSS.

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  • EM Alert - Disk Utilization for 1 E: is 96.24%

    I'm running Oracle on Windows Server 2003.
    I've gotten about 6 alerts from the enterprise manager database console which say:
    Metric=Disk Utilization (%)
    Disk Device=1 E:
    Timestamp=Dec 23, 2007 10:43:09 AM CST
    Message=Disk Utilization for 1 E: is 96.24%
    Rule Name=Host Availability and Critical States
    Rule Owner=SYSMAN
    Is this referring to IO on the disk or free space (which would be way wrong as its 63% free). If it is IO, is there something I should be doing to minimise it?

    This is a HOST metric.(Type = Host)
    To find your answer, you would go to the Enterprise Manager documentation at http://download-east.oracle.com/docs/cd/B16240_01/doc/nav/portal_booklist.htm to find the "Enterprise Manager Framework, Host, and Third-Party Metric Reference Manual" in the lower right column.
    Once you have the document you would search for Disk Utilization to determine the rule being used.
    In THIS case, however, you would also want to refer to Metalink, specifically note 303788.1 - where we find that
    1) The metric is actually "Disk Device Busy (%)" in the above doc, (so searching for Disk Utilization' does not work) and
    2) Per Microsoft KB article Q310067, there is an error in the number Oracle uses.

  • Disk Utilization for 0 C: D: E: is 99.61%, crossed warning (80) or critical

    I have windows 2008 R2 64 bit OS and database version is 64 bit ...
    I got the below error via EM.
    Target Name=ORSDEV.xxxdomain.com
    Target Type=Host
    Metric=Disk Device Busy (%)
    Metric Value=99.61
    Disk Device=0 C: D: E:
    Timestamp=Mar 21, 2012 7:41:58 PM SGT
    Message=Disk Utilization for 0 C: D: E: is 99.61%, crossed warning (80) or critical (95) threshold.
    Notification Rule Name=Host Availability and Critical States
    Notification Rule Owner=SYSMAN
    Notification Count=1
    1.Can any one tell how to trace this warning and where to check for this alert ?
    2.what is the meaning of Disk Utilization for 0 ?
    3.How to identify the problem and resolve the issue in this case ?
    Thanks & Regards,
    Vikash (Junior DBA)

    Hi Vikash,
    This "Disk Utilization" metric actually points to hos busy is the disk device (in percentage) and not a percentage of disk capacity. As a matter of fact, in the 11.1. Database Control, it has been renamed to "Disk Device Busy(%)".
    Regarding of the meaning of a disk busy, it is the percentage of time the physical disk is active. And it may no be a problem, as you can see at http://sunsite.uakom.sk/sunworldonline/swol-08-1999/swol-08-perf.html : "Complex systems can be 100 percent busy, but still have a lot of spare capacity".
    On the other hand, to check how "full" a Disk is, the metric 'Filesystem Space Available (%)' can be used. This metric represents the percentage of free space available in the file system. Also, the Filesystem Size (MB) checks the total space (in megabytes) allocated in the file system.
    Hope this helps.

  • Can a disk utilization be more than 100% as shown from alert notification?

    I received an alert notification from the GRID. The percentage is 670.94%? What does this mean? Is it possible to go over 100%?
    Thank you.
    Message=Disk Utilization for 10 is 670.94%, crossed warning (80) or critical (95) threshold.
    Notification Rule Name=Host Availability and Critical States
    Notification Rule Owner=SYSMAN
    Notification Count=1

    Known Issue:
    Disk Utilization/Disk Device Busy Metrics Displaying Values Above 100% on Windows, Generating Critical Alerts

  • Disk Utilization false alarms from EM dbconsole

    I have a instance on Windows XP. EM frequently reports disk problems that don't exist. Example below. The disk is no where near 100% so I don't know where EM is getting this. Has anyone else had this problem? Is this a bug?
    Metric=Disk Utilization (%)
    Disk Device=1 E:
    Timestamp=Jan 27, 2008 2:31:18 AM CST
    Message=Disk Utilization for 1 E: is 99.97%
    Rule Name=Host Availability and Critical States
    Rule Owner=SYSMAN

    No, E: is an internal drive where the datafiles for the database actually reside.
    One twist however, is that my windows roving profile attenpts to map E to another location. On this machine this does not happen since there is a local E driver but I wonder if the EM agent is somehow confused by this. In the Windows explorer the E drive actually displays the mapped location name, but when you drill down you see the local drive.

  • How does GC calculate the Disk Utilization metric.

    I am getting the following error:
    Metric=Disk Utilization (%)
    Disk Device=3 F:
    Timestamp=Dec 20, 2005 12:26:11 PM EST
    Message=Disk Utilization for 3 F: is 95.78%
    Rule Name=Host Availability and Critical States
    Rule Owner=SYSMAN
    This is a 410 GB disc with 266 GB used. The oracle datafile only use 7 GB on this disc; the rest is for Symantic backup!

    Check the Notification Rule setting of Disk Utilization (%) in Preferences -> Notification -> Rules. Select Host Availability and Critical States to View or Edit.
    There may be a situation where OEM may not understand the disk space while checking available space.
    See this post and response
    Re: Data Guard Bug, which patch to fix?

  • Enterprise manager alert on disk utilization

    i was wondering if you guys here know what the "3" means?
    Disk utilization for 3 F is 90%, crossed warning (80) or cristical (95) threshold.
    I understand that "F" means drive "F:" but what does 3 means?

    Well, there is more than services to run Oracle on Windows. To do administrative works using EM, the user must be configured in the group, "logon as batch job" . But neither home or home premium has the option to manage groups. Additionally, as Ed mentioned, oracle never supported any of its products over any "home" edition of the o/s so using it for Oracle would be surely causing issues which in general would be bizarre only.

  • Grid Control showing excessive amount of disk utilization.

    Hi Folks,
    I understand that Oracle doesn't support their products 100% on non Oracle VMs, but I thought I might take a stab at it.
    I decided to stick with a simple installation of Oracle Grid Control running on a Windows 2003 R2 32 bit os, here are the steps I took.
    1. Run Guest OS Windows 2003 R2 32 bit on a Windows 2008 x64 running Hyper-V (Yes I know why not EL5 running XEN, long story)
    2. Install Grid Control with Database and Agent versions
    3. Patch agent and oms to
    4. Some minor issues, but managed to get by those.
    - First off EM Website shows down, got to take a look at that, probably need to fix the beacon, not sure!
    - Grid shows that the host running em is over 100% disk utilization.
    - According to Metalink this is a known bug in Windows 2000 Performance Counters (not 2003?)
    - More specially Microsoft KB article Q310067.
    - Metalink Doc Id: 303788.1
    - Note, I'm running 2003 on a Hyper-V Guest, so anything can go wrong!
    The specific error is:
    Metric               Disk Device Busy (%)
    Disk Device               0 C:
    Severity               Critical
    Alert Triggered          Jun 3, 2009 7:57:54 PM
    Last Updated          Jun 4, 2009 3:48:48 PM
    Acknowledged          No
    Acknowledged By     n/a
    Message               Disk Utilization for 0 C: is 587.86%, crossed warning (80) or critical (95) threshold.
    More info:
    - Guest is running on a Dual Quad Core Xeon System with 16 GB of RAM
    - Guest has dedicated 4096MB of ram
    - Guest has dedicated 2 CPUS
    - Guest is configured with a Virtual Disk (specifically partition c:\) to be on local Hyper-V disk array
    - Windows 2008 Hyper-V host disk array is in a RAID 5 configuration running 10k SAS drives
    - Windows 2008 Hyper-V host utilization is literary at most 5% (current is 1%)
    - Windows 2008 Hyper-V disk utilization according to graphs is showing 100KB/s usage (less than 1%)
    Temporary solution is to turn off the metric, but not sure if that's such a good idea.
    - Note that 11g EM and 10g EM running on Hyper-V server had the same issue.
    - Note that 11g EM and 10g EM running without visualization had no issues.
    Any thoughts?

    Although bug info says it for HP-UX, I've also seen the same problem on Grid Control running on Solaris.
    You may want to apply Grid Control Patch Set Update (PSU) [ID 1139563.1] to fix it.
    Best Regards,
    Gokhan Atil
    If this question is answered, please mark appropriate posts as correct/helpful and the thread as closed. Thanks

  • Disk Utilization Warning

    I am getting Disk Utilization warning;
    "Disk Utilization for 0 C: D: is 98.9 %"
    Please help in getting what is this and how to resolve it?

    Get some more disk and move some of your datafiles to the new disk.
    See if you have unnecessary archived redo log files. If so, get rid of those that are older than the oldest backup you keep.
    See if your audit files, trace files, or alert log are taking up too much space. If so, move them elsewhere or delete them.
    See if you are accumulating data load files that you can get rid of.
    See if you are accumulating user reports generated by your application system that you can get rid of.
    Basically, you have two choices.
    1. Add more disk and move 'stuff' to it
    2. Get rid of 'stuff' you no longer need

  • Disk Options for Oracle VM server

    We are looking to purchase some new server hardware to run OVM 3.x Servers on. We know from the installation the disk space required on these boxes is only 4G.
    We have been looking at Oracle Servers mainly to be fully supported running OVM Server 3.0.x. The base server disk options would be 2 300G 10,000 RPM drives with a HBA controller to run those disks. RAID 01 them to be protected from one drive crashing. Total Price tag with the controller is about $4000.
    Another option we were looking at is to run some flash card (it appears even Oracle sells a 4G option) but we are not sure how these cards might install into the server. We found some larger 50G PCI type cards from another vendor which might make us feel better than having a production system run on a USB stick ;)
    We can not find any pictures of these Oracle Flash cards, so we don't quite yet understand how they would plug in and are just assuming its USB.
    The part # is RA-S-4G2-USB2
    I wanted to know other people's opinion on the topic. What are others doing for disks inside of the Oracle VM storage which is just used to hold the JeOS. It seems any spinning hard drive RAIDED is a complete waste with the sizes of the disks now.
    Avi, you might know what is actually supported by Oracle VM?
    Thanks for any insights.

    Avi Miller wrote:
    Just buy $10 4GB USB sticks, in my opinion. You can buy 20 of them and still save lots and lots of money. Redundancy right there. :)Would you run a mission critical Production database on a cheap $10 USB stick?
    If the USB stick goes down for whatever reason and you have a spare on the shelf, the OVM server still goes down, and therefore any Guests (including our Production database) would go down. I know High Availability should move the VMs running to another machine. But that will only work if I have enough memory capacity for this guest. The main guest I am concerned about is 128G of RAM. I will probably not have space to move it without making a change.
    We are shooting for 100% uptime and therefore a simple USB stick creates a lot of hesitation. Any more Enterprise level solutions besides the disks?

  • Root cause for 100 % disk utilization

    Hi All,
    Whenever in one of the dailog instance disk utilization is showing 100% sap system is getting very slow,what is the root cause for 100% utilization .At that moment of time when I checked the CPU usage it showed 98% CPU idle. server is on Windows NT and around 13GB of RAM is always free.
    We have only one drive in the apps server.Can this be the cause of 100% disk utilization?
    Waiting for ur frequent responses.

    I have answered similar questions :
    [Re: Disk Utilization 100%]
    as described above, one thing that cause 100% disk utilization is that writer processes (and read process too) is concentrated only on a single disk (equivalent to single volume group or single logical volume).
    we can imagine that a large number of user hitting the single disk (where datafiles exist) on the same time with a huge transaction load.
    if we can manage writable datafiles in several locations (equivalent to several volume groups or several logical volumes) where several datafiles exist, writer processes (and read process too) will be distributed to that several locations, so that each location (each disk, each VG or each LV) utilization may not reach 100%.
    so it is important to design writable datafiles in multiple location in different disks to prevent 100% disk utilization.
    one thing should be remember is to consult with hardware and storage vendor if there is any possibilities bottleneck or I/O issue on your hardware or storage.
    hope it help you.
    Alfonsus Guritno

  • I want to install Snow Leopard Server on our MacPro (2.66) using Mac Mini Snow Leopard Server disks?  I kept getting an error for backwards compatibility.   Is this possible or do I need to purchase another copy of Snow Leopard Server?

    I want to install Snow Leopard Server on our MacPro(2.66) using Mac Mini Snow Leopard Server disks?  I kept getting an error for backwards compatibility.   Is this possible or do I need topurchase another copy of Snow Leopard Server?

    The OS disks that are shipped with a particular product
    are set up so that tey will only install on that product.
    It will install on any Mini of that exact vintage, but that
    is all.
    This is to prevent people from doing exactly what you
    are trying to do.  The license for OSX shipped with any
    is only valid for that product.  Also, Snow Leopard,
    including Server, is only permitted to be run on one
    computer at a time.  Bottom line, unlike Lion, legally
    you cannot install the same copy on multiple
    computers unless some "family pack" or site license
    is purchased.
    Yes, you need to purchase another copy.
    The copy of Snow Leopard license is here:

  • Disk Partition for EHP4/Windows server 2008/SQL server 2008

    Hi All
    What is the drive partition recommendation for EHP4 ERP6 on Windows  server 2008 and SQL server 2008? I have checked the notes/ SAP Documents  but have not find any information related with SAP recommendation on this. Please help.
    I need the recommended partition size for  SAP application , transaction log,  SAP datafiles , MS SQL server installation files for DEV/QUA/Production 
    If you have a similar landscape for EHP4 ,  can you check in your DEV,QUA, Production set up  and tell the allocated and used partition size for SAP application, transaction log, SAP datafiles, MS SQL server installation files.

    Hello Sahad
    As described by Markus and also, i want to share my company landscape information.
    We are using HP SAN Environment with using the SAP SR2 SQL 2005 and Win 2003 on HP Itanium Processor.
    We had reserved and present the following vdisk from the SAN Environment to the PRD server.
    F:\DATABASE                     600GB   RAID 5      ( still 200 GB free ** we lived our system on 1 Aug 2007)
    L:\TRANSACTION LOG         30GB   RAID 1      ( Expanded up to the disk space ** make backup 4 times a day )
    T:\TEMPDB                              1GB   RAID 1
    K:\KERNEL                         100 GB   RAID 5       (30 GB Free ** updaing kernely and EW tools upon the latest availability)
    Anwer Waseem

  • Increase disk size for virtual server

    A virtual server system drive is currently at 90%full. How to safely allocate more disk space to the system drive of that virtual server without causing issues to the installed Operating systems on that drive.
    I read through the Virtual Iron documentation and nothing mention about increasing disk space for virtual server.
    Thanks in advance for response.

    I was hoping to increase the virtual storage of the drive attached to virtual servers and not the actually physical storage.
    I was looking around in it and found was able to increase the disk space by by editing the virtual storage disk.
    I tested creating a new disk (5GB), increase the disk space(10GB) and login to virtual server and extend the new disk with the unallocated disk space.
    It does seem to work and appear as 15GB.
    I just concern if windows operating is installed on that disk, will it cause any issue if I extend it with the unallocated disk space?
    Or it's safe to do so?
    Many thanks.

  • Disk utilization 100% for very long time - ntoskrnl.exe

    I have HP ProBook 4530s running Windows 8.1 Pro x64. Until recently it worked without any problem but since last week disk utilization has been constantly 100% immediately after laptop has been turned on and I have logged on with my domain user account (this
    morning 100% disk utilization lasted for almost half an hour). In task manager ntoskrnl.exe is the one who is killing my hard disk. Is there any official Microsoft solution for this - I definitely want to avoid reinstalling Windows from scratch. I saw on net
    this was almost common bug in Windows 8.1 but without any solution working 100%.

    In order to diagnose your problem you will need to download and install the below
    Install the WPT (Windows Performance Toolkit) 
    Help with installation (if needed) is here
    When you have, open an elevated command prompt and type the following 
    WPRUI.exe (which is the windows performance recorder) and check off the boxes for the following:
    First level triage (if available), CPU usage, Disk IO.  
    If your problem is not CPU or HD then check off the relevant box/s as well (for example networking or registry)  Please configure yours as per the below snip
    Click Start
    Let it run for 60 secs or more and save the file (it will show you where it is being saved and what the file is called)
    Zip the file and upload to us on Onedrive (or any file sharing service) and give us a link to it in your next post.
    Wanikiya and Dyami--Team Zigzag

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