Emac won't power up after power loss

had a power loss and the emac naturally shut down. When power was restored, emac would not power up at all. I know about the need to unplug unit and did so overnight, but after sitting unplugged for 8 hours it still will not power up. Any thoughts?

I made what I consider the dumbest of all mistakes in that I did not "correctly" follow instructions. I knew that I needed to unplug the unit to let it "reset", but I failed to completely disconnect all the components. The unit was obviously getting some trickle from the battery in the router that also controls my phone. The lesson here is that when you disconnect the power to let it reset, be sure that it is completely disconnected. Lesson Learned! Thanks for the help.

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  • EMac won't power up

    I am assisting a small school with an eMac that will not power up. When the power button is pressed, the led lights up. There is a single beep, it is not the startup chime. Nothing else happens boot wise. The led will flash twice and then stay on, then flash twice, repeat.
    I didn't want to rush right to the PMU switch as this seemed to be some sort of "beep code", if you will. I could not find through searching, any description of the flashing led.
    Thanks for any help.

    You're correct that the single beep on startup is an error code. Refer to Power On Self-Test Beep Definition - Part 2. A single beep (or the double LED flash) indicates no valid RAM is recognized. It's possible that the RAM in the Mac isn't seated fully in the DIMM socket; the thumb catches have to be snapped completely shut. Try pulling an reseating the RAM; instructions are at eMac - Do-It-Yourself

  • EMac won't recognize SuperDrive after Safari 3.2.1 Update

    Hello, I have the original 700MHz eMac and I had updated Safari to 3.2.1. When I had restarted, Safari quit itself after 2-5 mins. Then my SuperDrive (HD-DVD-RW+-RDL/CD-RW) had all of the sudden, disappeared. I tried restarting and it still didn't show up in System Profiler, Menu Bar's Eject menu, Disk Utility, and when I put a disk in there (Manually), nothing, tried downgrading Safari, nothing, I tried Zapping the PRAM, still nothing, tried safe boot, nope, tried with the disk still in there, booting with C key, Option Key, mouse button, nope...then hmmm...There was this folder that appeared out of nowhere, named "501.249789158" with 8 items in it. Don't know where it came from, where it goes, what its for, or what it does. It just got there. Whats worse is that the drive works in other machines (PC) and this is my only Macintosh. So Windows Machines don't read Mac OS X Tiger Boot Disks (10.4.6). I'm extremely frustrated Any help anyone?
    Matt Knice

    I fixed it!!!!!!! Yes! Ok. Well I don't have an earthly clue to what the folder did, or where it went or came from, but the SuperDrive (TSST Corp HD-DVD-RW+-RDL/CD-RW) was not the Apple Shipped Drive. So I put the original Apple Shipped Drive (Pioneer DVD/CD-RW) ComboDrive back in there and it actually came up! So then I got my Mac OS X 10.4.6 Tiger (Retail) Install/Restore DVD and put it in there so fast that I put it in upsidedown and was scared that it wouldn't work when I saw that it never mounted on the desktop. So then I ejected the ComboDrive, and saw that it was upsidedown, and said F**k I'm an idiot!, and put it back in there (once more) and it mounted and so I did a clean install with the ComboDrive, then when it finished, I put the SuperDrive back in and it was actually recognized! Then I did another Clean install so that it saw that it was the main optical drive, and it too, worked!!!
    Well, Thanks for your help guys. I appreciated it. Alot!!!
    Your fellow eMac User,
    Matthew Knice

  • RVL200 won't auto-reconnect to Internet after power loss (PPPoE)

    My RVL200 firmware 1.1.7 is configured for PPPoE. The connection to the Internet is via an ATT (SBC) DSL line using a Siemens Slipstream 4100 modem. The 4100 is configured to allow the PPPoE connection to be managed by the router. The RVL200's PPPoE fails to automatically reconnect to the Internet after a power loss (or if I click Disconnect on the RVL200's web page). This is true for both the Connect on Demand and Keep Alive PPPoE alternatives. In either case, I have to go to the router's web screen and manually click "Connect" to force a reconnection. The LAN is populated by Win XP SP2 systems.
    Is there some special configuration needed on the LAN, in the RVL200's routing table, or in the modem to allow automatic reconnection to occur? Obviously it is undersirable to have to give out the RVL200 password to everyone who might need to force a reconnect after a power loss.
    Neither the RVL200 Admin Guide not the Users Guide has any useful information on this issue.

    I have to manually reconnect it. This issue came up when testing what would happen with an RVL200 in a power failure - whether it would automatically reconnect. I don't expect a lot of power failures, but I do want the network to reconnect automatically rather than have to count on someone knowing how to do it and having the apssword.
    Am I correct that it is supposed to automatically re-establish the PPPoE connection?
    What triggers the reconnection?

  • Yosemite does not start after power loss

    I just want to report a bug related to the new OSX Yosemite.
    Here at work I have to manage around 30 iMacs, plus some MacBook Pro.
    After some initial tests, where I did not discover any particular incompatibility with our applications, I decided to upgrade my machines to Yosemite, but I had to stop the upgrade process when I realized the new OSX has this big and strange problem... now I have my machines half upgraded.
    It happened to have some power losses due to the bad weather conditions, and after each one the machines with Yosemite didn't start... you have the black screen with the apple logo and the bar freezed at almost 50%.
    You can only power OFF and ON till the computer finally starts... usually it takes 5-6 tries.
    The problem is not related with the iMac models, I have some different kind of iMac and on overyone I have the very same problem, the only thing these machines have in common is the new OSX 10.10 (10.10.1 didn't fix this problem), the others with Mavericks does no suffer this matter after the same power loss.
    Hope this report could reach some Apple developer, in any case if I have to produce some log to debug it let me know, I will be happy to help.

    Send Apple feedback. They won't answer, but at least will know there is a problem. If enough people send feedback, it may get the problem solved sooner.
    Or you can use your Apple ID to register with this site and go the Apple BugReporter. Supposedly you will get an answer if you submit feedback.
    Feedback via Apple Developer

  • IPhone won't power on or show battery icon after discharge.

    My iPhone4 ran out of battery.  I plugged as soon as I could after it ran out (within 15 mins) and charged it overnight.  It won't power on this morning and does not show the charged battery icon on the screen.  The phone is only 4.5 months old and has never been left in a car or extreme heat.  I always let the bettery run down to <10% before charging and then charge back to full capacity.   I have tried holding down the home key and the sleep/wake buttons individually and together and nothing.  Any suggestions?

    Thanks for the help.  I had tried to connect it to the computer on my own and found out that my version of iTunes must  be too old to talk to my iPhone4.  I am still running 10.4.11 on my PowerBook G4 which uses an older version of iTunes.  I don't use the music feature on my phone to conserve my battery for Apps and other features I really like and leave the music to my Shuffle.  Guess I am really lucky it doesn't work as I would hate to loose my photos of my new grandson.  I need to find a quick way to send them to backup storage.
    When I disconnected after trying the computer and tried your suggestion of holding it until I saw the symbol, it finally worked.  Guess I did not hold them both together for long enough.  The battery only shows 31% even though it was on wall charger all night.  I will use it as is today and charge it overnight again to see if it gets a full charge.

  • After updating to 10.8.3 my wifi won't power on

    After updating to 10.8.3 my wifi won't power on.
    When I click the "turn wifi on" button nothing seems to happen.  Anyone else having this issue?  Was working fine before update.

    You could try changing Location:
    Click whatever is there and select Edit Locations. Then click the + sign and create a new location - matters not what you call it. That might bring to life the "turn wifi on" button.

  • What to do now when my iPad won't turn on after I turn it off. It shows only the apple logo. I am sure it has above 70% charge as when I sync my iPad it shows necessary detail in iTunes. I have tried, HOME & POWER button, but did not work.

    What to do now when my iPad won't turn on after I turn it off. It shows only the apple logo. I am sure it has above 70% charge as when I sync my iPad it shows necessary detail in iTunes. I have tried, HOME & POWER button, but did not work.

    First try a Reset  ( No Data will be Lost )
    Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time for at least Ten seconds... (But can take Longer)... until the Apple logo appears. Release the Buttons
    If no joy... Try a Restore...
    1: Connect the device to Your computer and open iTunes.
    2: If the device appears in iTunes, select and click Restore on the Summary pane.
    Restoring  >  http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1414
    Make sure you have the Current Version of iTunes Installed on your computer
    iTunes free download from www.itunes.com/download
    3: If Unable to Restore, try using the Steps in this article to force the device into Recovery Mode.
    Note on Recovery Mode.
    You may need to try this More than Once... Be sure to Follow ALL the Steps...
    After you have Recovered your Device...
    Re-Sync your Content or Restore from the most Recent Backup...
    Restore from Backup  >  http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1766

  • MSI Z68A-GD65 G3 Power On after Ac Power loss how to turn it off?

    I want my computer to stay off when the power go down. But it is automatically powering on after Ac power loss even though I set in BIOS to stay off. Any ideas? Happened twice already.
    i5 2500k
    MSI Z68 ZD65 BIOS v23.6
    Antec 400W Seasonic S12-II based PSU
    Power On After Ac Power Loss Option in bios is "OFF"

    Restore after AC Power Loss
    This item specifies whether your system will reboot after a power failure or interrupt
    occurs. Settings are:
    [Power Off] Always leaves the computer in the power off state.
    [Power On] Always leaves the computer in the power on state.
    [Last State] Restore the system to the status before power failure or interrupt
    If you have this properly configured as you indicate in your post, try a full cmos clear and set it back and to re-test.
    If that is of no help, what bios version do you have installed?

  • Domain.sites" could not be opened. After power loss

    Oh sht have i got a prob.
    I'm getting this message after a power loss, iweb will just not open anything............
    The document "Domain.sites" could not be opened.
    Can’t open file “~/Library/Application Support/iWeb/Domain.sites.”
    I have main site posted, so need to get that back into iweb of course. But I've also been working on new part to the site. It looks like I've lost everything and of course it's on the one drive I don't back up!!!
    Can anyone help with what this could be?!?!


  • My mbp won't power up after update.

    after running an app store update, (Xcode) my mbp won't power up and the battery lights are showing flat even though it was on charge over night.
    the update was taking a long time, and it had a message saying something like deleting old files.
    i went to bed and left it over night.
    when i went back this mornng it had powered down, and the drained the battery even though it was plugged in.
    now i can not power up, and i have tried the smc reset.
    please help.
    many thanks.

    This is the standard Apple support article for your situation.  If you cannot try another adapter to try, I suspect a trip to an Apple store genius bar is in your future.

  • 8.02 POA crashes w/ntdll.dll fault after power loss

    Running GW 8.0.2 on Windows 2003 server (POA, MTA and GWIA). After power loss on Friday, POA will not stay up for long - crashes with:
    "Faulting application gwpoa.exe, version, faulting module ntdll.dll version 5.2.3790.4455" error.
    MTA and GWIA are not crashing.
    I thought maybe it could be a corrupt message but the only messages in the queues are dated today and not Friday (\PO\wpcsout\ofs\4 - wpcsin queues are empty). I am currently running gwcheck.exe against the message databases but that is going to take a couple hours. Any thoughts? Thanks.

    Originally Posted by DJMUGI
    Hi, I'm reaching out to DJHess (and other forum members) - we are having nearly exactly the same issue (same version of GW, gwpoa.exe and ntdll.dll), POA does not stay up long (crashes after just a few hours) - but we did not have a power loss (that I am aware of). Was a solution ever determined for this issue? Did gwcheck.exe help (it does not for us)?
    I am having the exact same problem. Below are the specs of my GroupWise servers:
    GroupWise 8.0.2 (POA and MTA)
    Server OS: 2008 R2 x64
    The POA will randomly shut down with an ntdll.dll error fault. I have migrated this server to new hardware and a new OS (user to be on a 2003 R2 SP2 server and half the RAM). Same issue. Anyone have a fix for this?

  • Problems with connecting to internet after power loss w WRT54G v3

    I'm having problems connecting to the internet after a power loss with my WRT54G v3 wireless router.  I'm at the latest firmware version (4.21.1). 
    I found similar problems with the V2 version of this router. 
    After a power failure, I can access the http interface to the router,all of my settings are there (not set to factory settings),the unit is connected to my ISP provider,I can ping from the router, but none of my wired or wireless PCs can ping.
    To "fix" this condition, I have to reset to factory settings, then re-load my saved configuration.This usually works, but sometimes I have to hard reset the unit.
    Anyone having this problem? Anyone have a fix?

    Sudden loss of power for extended periods of time will 9x out of 10 will corrupt the saved configurations and can only be fixed in the way you already described.
     A solution for this is getting an UPS incase of a power failure your equipment will be on battery back up until either the battery runs out or power is restored (depending on the model changed the battery time)
    With Knowledge… Impossible means nothing.
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  • My iphone would randomly power up and down after latest software update. now won't power on at all.

    Anybody know why my iphone 5 would randomly power up and down after the lastest software upgrade, and now today, won't power on at all?  the screen is now randomly showing the apple icon, but won't power on.  This a fairly new phone. Any feedback is appreciated.

    Try this:
    Settings>General>Accessibility>Reduce Motion>On
    My software upgrade set this to off.
    Hope it works.

  • Rand new iPhone 5s black, dead, won't power up after ios 7 upgrade...held down top button, held down home button...dead. Was fully charged, working fine tell said yes to upgrade. HELP!!!

    Brand new  iPhone 5s dead, black won't come on after ios update...is fully charged, was working fine till said yes to upgrade. Did not watch process beyond seeing Apple logo appear, left it alone, came back, dead. Tried holding top button, tried home button, nothing...HELP!!!

    If iTunes does not recognize your iPhone even if it’s plugged in, you may need to put it into DFU (Device Firmware Update) mode. If you have to put the device in DFU mode, you will most likely be unable to back it up.
    Hold Power button for 3 seconds and then the Power and Home together for 10 seconds (exactly).
    Release Power but keep holding home until the your iPhone shows up in iTunes.

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