Email Account Password Reset

Short of changing a site's main email contact, how can I reset a user's Email Account password, and have the 'forgot password' message sent to an external email address?

When you're creating accounts you can supply the password recovery email for this situation. If you haven't entered that email and you're stuck please reach out to support and they will help you.

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  • Itunes account password reset. icloud email unavailable...

    this is a question for a friend, because obviously, i have an account to ask.
    itunes account password reset because her son kept attempting to access account.
    to reset password, link goes to email. however, her email was an icloud account. so it used the same log in as the itunes account.
    she knows the secret question and answer to access and reset from the non-email password reset method, however, the birthday required to get to that question is inaccessible and does not work (she is a woman, and obviously lies about her age).
    I'm thinking the only way around it is to either setup a new itunes account, which would erase the ipad data once that is connected ( i assume that ipads can connect with only a single account), or find some other way to access the secret question. there is no phone number listed for icloud.
    the ipad is only backed up to the icloud account. she just bought a computer, so would like to make a physical backup of the ipad. I think it is unadvisable to connect the ipad and the computer, until the icloud account can be accessed.
    I'm not very knowledgable of the whole icloud thing. it sounded like a good idea to back up the son's ipad since she didnt have a computer, so i gifted her the icloud account. now, i'm kind of responsible for figuring out the situation. any helpful comments and suggestions would be appreciated.

    sneaky, found it sent an email to one of my email accounts as well as the icloud.
    login solved.

  • Where did my emails go after an email account password change?

    Hi, I am sorry this may get a little wordy....
    I had to reset an email account password ( for one of the four profiles/email addresses tbird manages) with my isp because tbird suddenly could not connect to the mail server ( It kept asking me to enter a new password.),.
    Having supplied tbird with the new password it appears to have made a totally new profile and all my folders and emails are gone.
    I can find the default folder but I dont know what to do with it?

    I just tried to create a new profile and copy details from the old to the new and nothing has changed.
    I assume because I am backing up and replacing profile contents that are already missing all the emails and folders I want back.
    Massive sad face.

  • Mail loosing email accounts passwords everyday

    The last few days Mail is asking for my email accounts passwords everyday. Meaning that I setup the passwords it works and the next day keeps asking for the email accounts passwords again. I use Gmail, iCloud and my personal email accounts based on my companies website domain name.
    Any suggestions ? Is there a way to reset mail ?
    Thanks in adavance.

    Hi there,
    You should be able to set main passwords for all devices you're using in Settings / Internet Accounts
    Also, when configuring your password in Mac Mail, be sure that the passwords are actually saved (after inserting password, change tab for example, and a save prompt should appear).
    Hope it's helpful! Good luck!

  • My email account password isn't accepted

    I changed my email account password with AT&T. Now, I'm prompted for the password in Mac mail and it's not accepted. I used the keychain firstaid and there were no problems or repairs to be made. I'm able to login to ATT/Yahoo mail via the web so they(ATT) insist the problem is with my Mac. What do I try next?

    Did it work before, or has it always been this way?

  • IPod Touch email account password saved securely by iTunes on PC?

    I have an old iPod Touch running the iPhone OS for iPod Touch version 3.1.3 (7E18).  I'm not sure what the 7E18 means.
    When I use the builtin email app to access email over WiFi, my password is stored in the iPod Touch.  Is this piece of info squirrelled away on the PC by iTunes during synchronization?  If so, how securely is it kept?

    Passwords are included in the backup of the iPod that iTunes makes as the first step in syncing your computer.
    "Keychain (this includes email account passwords, Wi-Fi passwords, and passwords you enter into websites and some other applications. If you encrypt the backup with iOS 4 and later, the keychain information is transferred to the new device. With an unencrypted backup, the keychain can only be restored to the same iPhone or iPod touch. If you are restoring to a new device with an unencrypted backup, you will need to enter these passwords again.)"
    There are backup extractors but the one I looked at did not mention to be able to extract the keychain.  I would expect the keychain items to be secure since mac use a keychain and it is secure.

  • Retreiving email account password?

    I lost an email account password on my home computer but have the password saved on my blackberry, how can I reteive it? All i see when I look it up is ******.

    Al617 wrote:
    I lost an email account password on my home computer but have the password saved on my blackberry, how can I reteive it? All i see when I look it up is ******.
    Thats the security feature, to prevent anyone doing what you are trying.
    The best course of action would be to contact the email service provider and ask them either for a reminder of the p/w or for them to re-set the p/w on that account.
    Blackberry Best Advice - Back-up weekly
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  • I don´t remember my email account password

    I don´t remember my email account password, could you please provide assistance to recover it?
    Jose F.

    If you forgot your Apple ID password

  • Email server password reset

    I have Verizon Email on my phone, ipad, web-based (yahoo/ and outlook  At one time all were working but I think I reset a password and then only a few worked.  I have tried new password on all, changed back to the old password on others and didn't touch settings on ipad but can't seem to get them all working again.  I would like to start fresh with a password reset so I can set up accounts on all devices again and try to remedy this frustrating issue.  I have most recently reset the password again to try setting up my Email on my phone only to receive  a password authentication error. I have set up before with success so I know I am setting up correctly and just a very frustrating password issue.  I am also OK with deleting my primary Email account and setting it up again within the account if I have to.  I just want this fixed so that I have my personal Email on all of my devices working properly and without frustration!

    try doing one computer at a time.  don't rush it.   have you checked all the settings are correct in outlook.
    I know Verizon recently changed settings for their mail servers.
      incoming should be   -    port 995
      outgoing should be -   port 465    SSL enabled.
    The following are the settings for setting up and configuring your email, remote access, and FTP access for your home page address.
    User name settings
    Your Verizon Online user name
    Your Verizon Online password
    High Speed Internet (DSL) settings
    Network protocol used: TCP/IP
    Mail server settings
    Incoming mail server (POP3):
    Incoming Server Port Numbers: 995
    Outgoing mail server (SMTP):
    Outgoing Server Port Numbers: 465  
    Your Verizon Online user name
    Your Verizon Online password
    Make sure "This server requires a secure connection (SSL)" is checked.
    Remote access settings (Dial-up)
    Network protocol used: TCP/IP
    Note: Remote Access is available only if you subscribe to dial-up roaming with your Verizon High Speed Internet service.

  • Account password reset sent but not received by Outlook.

    I have requested a password reset, went through the process and had success at Apples end. Email was sent but not received by the Outlook account email I have been using for years. Outlook is still working fine. Nothing in Junk folder and have added the apple email to contacts (from last reset).
    Any ideas?

    Contact Apple for assistance resetting the password, either by going to, then click More Products and Services>Apple ID>Other Apple ID Topics>Lost or forgotten Apple ID password, or by contacting the Apple account security team:

  • ICloud account password reset problems

    I registered an iCloud account for my iPad mini. My username is [email protected]
    The problem is I forgot the password. I asked for a password reset at
    I checked all of my e-mail accounts when I figured out the email adress for my iCloud account is the [email protected] As I told I don't know my password so I can't sign in to my iCloud email to reset the password.
    Please help me, because I restored my iPad and I can't activate it without sing in to iCloud.

    Did you set security questions? If yes, this might help you get in.
    Another place to look is in Keychain Access and in your Browser settings.
    Open Keychain Access in Applications/Utilities.
    Select Login keychain in the top right.
    You can enter iCloud in the top search box but you can also scroll through the list looking for the entry.
    If you see the blue circle with @, select. Double click to open
    You'll see the actual account listed so you'll know if it's the correct one.
    Check the box to show password.
    Enter your Login password for your User.
    You'll see the password.
    You might need to check several entries.
    In Safari, go to Preferences > Passwords.
    Check box to Show passwords.
    Select the site
    Click on the password to view after entering your Login password for User.
    If you used FireFox or Chrome, you would need to look in their preferences for the password.
    TIP: When you can get in, add multiple recovery emails to the account. Write down your password and recovery emails and keep in a safe place. I recommend 1Password
    I use a lot of fake answers and it's hard to remember so I keep these in secure notes in 1Password.
    Tip: when Yosemite is released you might see 1Password on sale. It's not cheap but worth every penny.

  • LCCS account password reset?

    Our LCCS account password have been resetted between August 5th (last time of successful connection) and September 21st (the day we had the connection fail).
    Since then, we have resetted our password using the "Forgot Password" link on the LCCS developer portal ( and everything is working fine again. However, we were wondering what was the cause of this password reset. This is our production account so it's very important for us to know the origin of the problem.
    I can provide account information if you want to check your logs, but would prefer to do so not on a public forum.
    Thank you very much!

    Please send your account login to [email protected]  We are not aware of any passwords being inadvertently reset, but we can investigate if you send us your login.

  • I've changed my email account password and was told to notify you. what needs to be done now?

    I wasn't getting any emails. Tried logging into Mozilla account but forgot password and answer to question to reset password. Called my internet provider who reset my password. They told me to contact Mozilla and let them know that I've changed it. Is there anything I need to do now? Thanks, Reynson

    Hmm, this is a little confusing.
    Are you currently able to access your email website and view, receive, and send mail? If that isn't working in Firefox, is it working in Internet Explorer?
    If you are resetting a Mozilla account password, either for this Support site or your Firefox Sync account, and you are not getting a related email message, could you confirm that it isn't going into a Junk or Spam folder?
    If you are trying to access another kind of Mozilla account, could you provide a little more information about what it is?

  • Constant request for email account password

    30 days ago all of my email accounts started to request the password. After entering the password I get the email. Then without exiting out of Outlook the next push of email requires the password to be entered again. I've verified all of the passwords are correct by logging in through Webmail and again thought Outlook.  I have exhausted every potential fix from Microsoft and have proven this is a Verizon issue.  I have two other email domains one being Gmail and the other is from my website which is a .com and these do not require a password each time I receive or send email.
    Anyone have any ideas?  I hate to call the support number since you end up with script readers and go through the same process I've seen listed in tis forum. This one looks like something for the level 2 or 3 support team.  

    I would suggest that anyone having this issue verify they have updated their servers to the NEW server settings of / instead of the old incoming/outgoing servers.
    For the sake of example, we are going to pretend that we are setting up fictional account "[email protected]" and the password for logging into that account in webmail is "fakepassword" - Again, this is a fictitious account for the sake of an example.
    The settings for using Verizon's servers would be:
    Incoming Server:
    Server Requires Authentication: Yes
    Username: fakeacct
    Password: fakepassword
    Requires a Secure Connection (SSL): Yes
    Port: 995
    Outgoing Server:
    Server Requires Authentication: Yes (You can set it to use the same settings as incoming, or manually enter the username and password.)
    Requires a Secure Connection (SSL): Yes
    Port: 465
    If you are given the option anywhere for Secure Password Authentication (SPA), set it to No or Normal
    These settings should work unless you have a Verizon/Yahoo account, in which case the server names are: -and-
    If all of that is set up and it's still not working, your best bet is to provide a screenshot of your settings (with personal information blocked/removed) and any errors you are getting.
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  • User Account Password Resetting

    Hi All,
    I have an issue on one site running 10.4.9 server on an Intel XServe where one individual user account continually has the password reset, meaning that she cannot logon.
    Previously on this server I had the issue with the Password Service crashing everytime a user was created which seems to have been fixed with the update of 10.4.9, however this user still continues to be a problem
    There seems to be no reason for the account resetting, the server has not been rebooted for it to happen, nothing in the system log shows anything abnormal.
    A few weeks back I tried deleting the user account and re-creating her which worked for a few days and then it happened again.
    Following the 10.4.9 install I have deleted her account and created her again with a brand new SID and that worked a treat for a week, and then yesterday it happened again.
    We are now having to manually reset her password every few days so that she can logon to the system. She is the only user affected and I have disabled the complexity requirements for passwords in the Open Directory Service.
    If anyone has any thoughts/ideas on what could be causing this then please let me know.

    I know we've got an answer, but I wanted to throw in another permutation I came across. This applies to people running OS X Server in the "magic triangle" configuration, where authentication is handled by something other than OS X Server (eDirectory, in my case.)
    I'd try to log in to an account and the login window would shake at me. Go in to workgroup manager, reset the password, try again and it works. However the next time I try to log in I'll get the same error.
    This puzzled me for a minute, but it was the regularity of the behavior that tipped me off. The problem is simply that the user's password has expired, and the message doesn't make it through to the Macs. Maybe it does with Active Directory (anyone?) and maybe there's an LDAP binding to make it work with eDirectory (anyone again?) Likewise, maybe there's a binding that will let eDirectory know that WGM changed the password. In any case, that was the problem and the solution was simply to change my password using the Novell client on a Windows box.
    There, maybe that'll help someone out in a very specific situation...

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