Empty cylinders return to supplier

Currently I am purchasing NITROGEN GAS for my manufacturing plant. Now I want to return empty cylinders of NITROGEN GAS to the supplier. What is the best possible way in SAP ? Pls. help me out.

You can issue those empty cyclinders to the Supplier through different Movement Types (either through Non-Returnable Material or Returnable Material in case the those cylinders are cyclic in your process)
Make sure the Material Type is <b>LEIH</b> (Returnable Packaging Material)
Movement Type I am not sure...but do check 661 (GI returns to vendor)
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  • Empty cylinders return to the supplier

    Currently I am purchasing NITROGEN GAS for my manufacturing plant. Now I want to return empty cylinders of NITROGEN GAS to the supplier. What is the best possible way in SAP ? Pls. help me out.

    Hi Urvang ,
    If you want to manage cylinders see ;
    serial number
    Hope helps ,

  • Customize invoice num of debit memo while doing returning to supplier

    Dear Consultants,
    We have a requirement to make a customization to modify the invoice number of debit memo which is created when user doing "return to supplier" transaction.
    My question is: Is there anyway to make this requirement without modify the oracle standard package or use trigger?

    Hi Kapil,
    Whatever you are mentioned is already there in SBO and I am using it.
    The flow is Purchase Order->AP Down Payment->Outgoing Payment->AP Invoice From Purchase order and it is working properly. Also you can adjust advance with other AP transaction of concern vendor.
    Which version you are using of SBO?

  • How to Block Return to Supplier for Inactive Subinventories

    In Purchasing Module while making a Return to Supplier & when we query an Item, all relevant receipt lines are visible including Inactive Subinventories.
    User is able to make return to supplier for Inactive Subinventories also.
    How do we block Return to supplier for Inactive Subinventories 

    How to block calls has been asked hundreds, and hundreds of times at CSC, a simple search would have provided you with all the necesarry information. Please search before you ask
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  • Empty report returned from WEBI and Crystal report when using external hier

    WEBI and Crystal report build from BEX query returned empty report when we used external hierarchy 0PROFIT_CTR.  In BEX we don't have any problems with it.
    No authority check is perfomed on the hierarchy when we start the report in WEBI/Crystal. Only check on the hierarchy is performed when the root authorization is assigned to the user

    We using BO4  SP12

  • MM-Material return to supplier

    Dear Experts,
    We have the following scenario which needs to be addressed
    We have the material "A" which is procured from the supplier
    Then the said material has been sent to subcontractor for some processing and converted as "B"
    while inspecting the material "B" it is rejected by QM due to base material defect (Material "A" defect)
    This has been communicated to supllier ( Who has supplied material "A" ) and they agreed to take back the material.
    Now we need to convert this material as "A" from B without affecting the valuation to return back to supplier thro Movmnt 122
    Can I get any suggestion for the above

    As per subcontracting process ,you have to pay to subcontractor a processing charges right.So in this case as there is no fault from the subcontractor side ,ok.Then there are Two ways to settle the charges:
    1.Return the material to subcontractor & it will be showing inventory of Raw material.Ask subcontractor to raise the Credit note against the same.
    2.You have rejected the finished material ,then tell the Rawa Material supplier to bear all the charges as this is his fault.Raise a debit note on him from Raw Material+Processing charges and raise a credit note for the supplier.

  • Required empty row return

    Dear All,
    I need some help from you. Please kindly help me. I am working in jasper report 1.2.2. I need to make a report. Report will be like this (given bellow):
    Col head 1     Col head 2     Col head 3     Col head 4
    Static Data     Query Data1     Query Data1     Query Data1     Details
    Static Data     Query Data2     Query Data2     Query Data2     
    Static Data     Query Data3     Query Data3     Query Data3     
    Static Data     Query Data4     Query Data4     Query Data4     
    Static Data     Query Data5     Query Data5     Query Data5     
    Static Data     Query Data6     Query Data6     Query Data6     
    Col head 1     Col head 2     Col head 3     Col head 4
    Static Data     Query Data1     Query Data1     Query Data1     Details
    Static Data     Query Data2     Query Data2     Query Data2     
    Static Data                    
    Static Data                    
    Static Data                    
    Static Data                    
    Sample report:
    It’s just a simple query like “select * from emp”. But using this query my second page’s result is coming like this.
    Col head 1     Col head 2     Col head 3     Col head 4
    Static Data     Query Data1     Query Data1     Query Data1     Details
    Static Data     Query Data2     Query Data2     Query Data2     
    Jasper Report can’t provide this facility like this fixed format. Other reporting tool’s like developer, crystal etc. can support fixed format facility in details section. Anyway, now I don’t know how to solve this problem. Is there any solution, using query which will return blank or null data in those fields.
    I really appreciate it if somebody helps me in advance.
    Thank you

    (select rn from (select rownum rn from dual connect by rownum<=6)) statics 6 where statics.rn = t.key (+)Thank you for this....works great when needing to force 1 row to return 100% of the time
    amongst varying criteria (adjusting 6 down to 1 of course). --Kate                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

  • Reader Extensions Service Empty binary return

    I'm using the ReaderExtensionsService and get a response with a Blob but the binary data is empty. I'm sending the variable blob=base64 just in case and still get no binary data. Any ideas why?


  • Return PO: Reverse Return to Supplier

    Hi All,
    Need your help on such case.
    Assume that for this PO line item, there are a qty of 2 items to be returned to vendor
    We have performed the return to vendor (movement type 161) to the vendor with qty of 2 items
    However the vendor only accept 1 item to be returned and we have to re-receipt the remaining 1, so I need to post an article document with movement type 162 and qty of 1
    I can create the article document with movement 161. However when I tried to MIGO Return Delivery, the system stated "The mvt type in the reference docmt cannot be converted (Message no. MIGO029).
    I noted that in OMJJ, we already maintained 162 as the follow-up/reverse document for 161.
    Please kindly help. Or are there any other way of doing this?
    Many thanks.
    Rian A. Sagara

    Follow below mention process.
    1) First use MB51 t-code to search purchase order number from which u purchase material.
    Enter MB51 t-code, enter your material code, plant and click on execute button.
    You can see Batchwise stock, then click on change layout burron and select purchase order field in display column.
    From here you can see batchwise purchase order number.
    2) Then Go in ME23Nm enter your purchase order number and see vendor detail.
    3) Once you got vendor detail then create Return purchase order with ME21N t-code for same vendor master.
    Click on return button in purchase order.
    4) Create Good receipt against your return purchase order due to this stock will be minus from your system.
    Mahesh Wagh

  • RMA number - Return to Supplier

    Can U tell me how the mean of RMA number is?
    I want have a number for return transaction in Purchasing for printing document, but i saw that it display following the receiving transaction. I think that RMA number is the return number, but i didnt see it again when i saw in Receiving Transaction Sumary.
    How can i see it when i query transaction? it is very important. Help me!

    It stands for Return Material Authorisation and is used in OE. It is a shipping return from a customer and is receipted in purchasing.

  • Valid DN and empty password returns Success on Bind, other chance ?

    In our infrastructure we have one central IPlanet Server, running Version 4.16 and 23 secondary IPlanets, running Directory Server Version 5.2.
    At this point we like to authenticate our OpenGroupware.org Users against LDAP.
    Now the following problem occurs :
    When a user binds to the LDAP Server with his distinguished name and no password the IPlanet thinks its an anonymous connect and replies "Success" on the bind. The User is logged in. But the right answer would be Returncode 49 -> Invalid Credentials.
    There is no chance in OpenGroupware.org to deny those Null-Passwords, so i have the following question :
    Can i force the IPlanet to give the LDAP Status-Code 49 for those Null-Password Bindings ?
    Thanks in advance

    Ok, I am not a decent C programmer. I found the Plugin Programming Guide and will start with hello.c, perhaps i can program a small "if (password=="") { return 1; } or something like that.
    Thanks for your help !
    If anybody has a plugin code with the above function, contact me.

  • Allocation of Empty Cylinder on Sales Order

    Hello all,
    I have this business scenario whereby the company requirement is as follows:
    The company manufactures and sells gases. These gases are generally rented out to customers who pays monthly. The sale is recorded on a normal sales order OR,  2 line items are displayed, with the 1st line as the gas product and the 2nd as the empty cylinder.
    Now the issue is, if a customer requires a new gas and does not have an empty to return, how will the business record the empty cylinder on a sales order? Presently they are using manual documents to capture information.
    Please can anyone of you assist. Or suggest a solution.
    Many Thanks

    Empty Cylinders - Returnable Packing material 
    Use BOM concept
    I didn't work on the above scenario may be you can try and also check the below link , it may or may not useful , so have a look below link
    [Re: gas cylinder records |gas cylinder records;
    [Re: Returnable packaging material  |Re: Returnable packaging material]
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  • Handling Empty Gas Cylinders !

    We have a requirement wherein we are buying gas cylinders & we want to keep a track of empty cylinders with their Serial Nos.
    Has anyone handled a similar business requirement ? Can anyone pls suggest some write up on this.

    If you define the enoty cylinder is an assett then you have to create the dummy mateirla for cylinder and receive them whenever you receive the real gas cylinder that way you can keep a track OR
    if this is not an asset then you just create and empty material and use as a rerunable when you create Po

  • Return goods to suppliers?

    Dear all,
    I would like to return 500 Kg goods to supplier, what function can I use to perform this?
    Best Regards,

    Under Purchasing Responsibility, navigate to Receiving > Returns. This screen allows you to enter 'Return to supplier transactions'.

  • Empties/returnable packaging pricing

    Is it possible to setup SD pricing conditions for empties or returnable packaging?  I have setup pricing conditions for these types of materials, but when I input the material on the sales order, no pricing condtions are found.  From what I've read so far, you cannot setup conditions for returnable packaging.  If so, how can I handle the following scenario-
    We want to charge the customer a deposit for the packaging ($250) at the time of the sale, then return the deposit once the packaging is picked up. 
    Thanks in advance,

    Please go through the below link.
    returnable packaging scenario
    hope this will help u
    Krishna O

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