End to End Monitoring confiuguration for 3rd party systems

I have been trying to racking up materials for end-end configurations for 3rd party systems and can't find any..All the ABAP  systems are perfectly configured in our End-End Monitoring system but can't find any of the third party systems..Is there a seperate method to configure 3rd party systems?

Hi Teresa,
You can't include 'Third Party' systems in end-to-end monitoring. We had raised a SAP note for the same and below is SAP response..
"End-to-end monitoring stands for the functionality included as of 6.40 that enables you to track XI messages accross several systems. This functionality can be configured for all components that are able
to contribute information to this process monitoring, i.e. only SAP systems can be configuered."
Also check this from online help..
"The Runtime Workbench receives the data for end-to-end monitoring from the Process Monitoring Infrastructure (PMI), which is an SAP monitoring tool for monitoring end-to-end technical processes involving multiple SAP components."

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  • Define one logical system for PI or multiple LS for 3rd-party system?

    Hi gurus,
    We are using IDOC2SOAP and SOAP2IDOC scenario in PI7.11. My question is regarding the logical system(or partner profile) on R3 side. We have two 3rd party system:A and B, so we have two choices.
    1. define one single logical system for PI integration server;
    2. define two logical systems for A and B.
    For choice 1, it seems we can only use one business sytem or business component (business service in 7.0) as the two 3rd party system, especially for SOAP2IDOC scenario.
    For choice 2, it seems we have no restrictions.
    Is it correct?Any help will be appreciated.

    technically you can use both options.
    The question is - do you want all the IDOCs in your R3 system to appear as though they were sent from the PI?
    What if a lot of 3rd party systems were sending the same IDOC (for example - ORDERS) and you want to investigate only those who were sent from system A?
    I like it configured that every system will be identified by a name I give it.
    I just use the IDOC communication channel checkbox of "Take Sender from Payload"
    or use a different service in the IBC that has a different logical system configured in its Adapter specific identifiers.
    Hope it helps,
    Imanuel Rahamim.

  • Pricing conditions for the articles are getting triggered one day before the actual activation date to 3rd party systems through job WPMU.

    Hi SAP Guru´s,
    Currently we are sending the pricing, promotions & article master data delta load to 3rd party system from SAP ECC via SAP XI through IDOCS using daily scheduled batch jobs WPMU. IDOC segment - WP_PLU.
    Here the issue is the promotion & pricing data are sent to 3rd party system one day before the actual start date.
    Eg: Promotion 123456 which has start date as 15/05/2014 & ending on 30/05/2014 & was created & activated on 13/05/2014.
    This promotion 123456 is getting triggered from SAP ECC through batch job on 14/05/2014 morning & 3rd party system receives the data on 14/05/2014 & the promotion are getting activated at 3rd party system end on 14/05/2014 itself which actually gets active from 15/05/2014.
    Same in the case for Standard Pricing data which needs to be active from 31/05/2014 once the promotion 123456 ends on 30/05/2014.
    The standard pricing data gets triggered from SAP ECC on 30/05/2014 through batch job & reaching 3rd party system on 30/05/2014 & getting activate on 30/05/2014 itself.
    This creates more issues at the store end as well as affecting business.
    We checked at 3rd party system end & they replied that their system considers the updated time stamp & date to activate the prices & it does not considers the actual active from & active to date. They need the data to be sent from SAP ECC on the effective date of the pricing & promotions.
    Can any one help me how to change the pricing conditions beign triggered through batch job in SAP ECC based on the actual promotion & pricing conditons start date or is there any other process to trigger the data through the batch job on the actual promotion & pricing data activation date.
    Thanks in Advance.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Hello Shankar,
    Change the lead time in the POS Outbound Profile. You can't put less than 2 days there so data for today and tomorrow will be transferred which also means you need to adjust your batch timing accordingly.
    Sales and Distribution -> POS Interface -> Outbound -> Maintain Profile for POS Outbound.
    See if it helps. The best option would still be that the 3rd part system considers the activtion date.
    Kind Regards

  • Procedure for 3rd Party

    Dear Experts,
    We have some 3rd party vendor from where we purchase FG. And the transaction is like that we give PO to 3rd party. They pack the material as per our BOM provide in mail. Then they supply the material at our stock point and our stock point do the GRN. but in this case we are unable to track the BOM of some products as no production order or SAP activity is done at third end. So kindly confirm me how we should maintain the BOM for 3rd party without plant code generation,
    Or else suggest me how to do this transaction in the best way so that at any time we can be able to trace that so as so batches was packed in so and so packing material.
    Phalgun Patel

    It is unclear to me why you need to 'plan' a BOM for the Vendor.  In standard 3rd party processing, all you do is place a PO with the vendor, and the Vendor delivers the product directly to your customer. Batch numbers used are created by the vendor, according to the terms of your contract.  You are unconcerned how he internally plans his order, and he never actually sends his output to you.   He is solely responsible for procuring any RM or services required to fill your PO, and for fulfilling any batching and traceability requirements contained in the contract.  Any Doc you send to him about BOM is not for you to use for planning purposes, it is part of the contract specifications.
    So, can you be a little more specific exactly why the vendor is delivering material to you, and why you need a BOM.
    Best Regards,

  • ATP for 'Stock in transit' for 3rd Party scenario

    We have a scenario:
    For warehouse replenishments an STO is created and then a delivery is subsequently created for the STO. Once the delivery has been shipped out of the manufacturing facility (post goods issued) the materials on the delivery are transferred from unrestricted-stock at the manufacturing facility to stock-in-transit at the receiving warehouse. Once the stock is in transit to the third-party warehouses, ATP should then take it into consideration when deliveries are created from the third-party warehouses to customers.
    Now how to take the ATP check for 3rd party del. into consideration for STO?
    STO document type is UD
    Goods issue movement type is 641
    Goods receipt movement type is 101

    Some useful info here..

  • BRFPlus - license with NW fundation for 3rd party - SAP PO applies ?

    I got the impression that in order to use BRFPlus we need to have SAP NW fundation license for 3rd party,
    does anyone know, if we have SAP PO (process orchestration) which has a restricted SAP NW fundation license for 3rd party
    (to be used only with BPM, PI and BRM), can we use BRFPlus from PI ?
    Thank you for any comments,
    Michal Krawczyk

    Hi Michal,
    no idea about the licensing question, but I think you need an additional license due to the Java stack, but this has to be answered by an expert of SAP.
    Concerning the usage of BRFplus from PI: The only way I know to use the BRFplus functions from PI is via webservices generated out of the functions.
    The other way round is a little more comfortable as you can use the BRMS Connector expression.

  • Processing Invoices for Service Entries Via a 3rd Party System

    Hi all
    We are using a 3rd party business collab site to allow vendors to accept purchase orders, process their own service entries and upon reciept of a service entry reponse, they will be able to invoice via this 3rd party website.
    The problem the technical team (XI/PI) team is having is that the when the invoice comes in, using stand idocs and function modules, SAP processes the Invoice using MIR6.  The problem we get here it that it sees the Service entry as a GRV and the level of the information is no longer at a lower level and come up to a PO line item level.  Is this cause I am using GRV base invoice verification.  But based on this, if a service entry has multiple services, it only processes the last one, and looks at the others as duplicates as they all reference the same PO and Line Item.
    Have any of you come across such a senario and what did you do?
    What would be the impact if I did not do goods reciept based invoice verification.  Could that cause additional problems elsewhere in the system?

    Hi Chandra
    Its always preferred to use Business service for communication with systems outside the landscape. As it does not refer to any SLD components and safe to use on internet etc.
    What is the use of using a 3rd Business system instead of using business service in my current situation?
    If you want to use 3rd party system you need to define party based communication and it acts as a party in production environment. You can also create a Standalone sytem in SLD for your use. Standalone technical system mostly refers to standalone Java applications in landscape.
    n both the cases, i can use a file sender CC and pickup the file from a folder using FTP protocol.
    What is the criteria based on which i need to take this decision?
    If your communication is party based and the 3rd party you refer is a party for ERP then it make sense to use a third party communication and use party name as well.By this i mean business wise. Else its always good to use Business service.
    And finally, how are the system name & host name details, which we given during 3rd party technical system definition in SLD useful?
    To use this third party system you need to register products on TS else you will not be able to see any Interface etc while configuring in ID. you need to add all details to it in SLD.

  • Code Signing for 3rd Party DLLs in MPR certfication

    Dear Team,
    I am currently performing MPR test with my Web Application using Windows Server 2012 R2 platform.
    While verifiying test results, i got failed in the validating digital signature for 3rd party binaries(DLL).
    The DLLs are Ajaxcontroltoolkit.dll, interop.Excel.dll etc.,
    Whether Signed DLLs are exists for Ajax Libraries?? If Signed DLLs exists for Ajax Libraries, is it advisable to request Microsoft support team for getting Signed DLL through mail? (or)
    Can i include this point as a waiver in document during test results submission??
    Regarding Interop DLL's is it advisable to include DLL's in waiver request document??
    Kindly review and suggest comments

    When an MPR Test fails due only to 3rd party binaries, please create a Test Results Package, upload to MPR site, complete and send a waiver for review.
    List all failing binaries in the waiver, grouping by their respective owner.
    Thank you,

  • Wht is Process Flow for 3rd Party Sales

    wht is Process Flow for 3rd Party Sales

    Customize the third party sales in summary:
    1. Create Vendor XK01
    2. Create Material u2013 Material Type as "Trading Goods". Item category group as "BANS".
    3. Assign Item Category TAS to Order type that you are going to use.
    4. A sale order is created and when saved a PR is generated at the background 
    5. With reference to SO a PO is created (ME21N). The company raises PO to the vendor.
    6. Vendor delivers the goods and raises bill to company. MM receives the invoice MIRO 
    7. Goods receipt MIGO 
    8. Goods issue
    9. The item cat TAS or Schedule line cat CS is not relevant for delivery which is evident from the config and,   therefore, there is no delivery process attached in the whole process of Third party sales.
    10. Billing      *-- Seema Dhar
    SD -  3rd party sales order Create Sales Order
          Order Type
          Sales org, distr chnl, div
          Sold to
          PO #
    SD -  3rd party sales order View the PR that is created with a third party sales order
          Order Number
          Goto Item Overview
          Item ->Schedule Item
    SD -  3rd party sales order View the PR that is created
          Key in the PR number
    SD -  3rd party sales order Assign the PR to the vendor and create PO
          Key in the PR number
          Toggle the "Assigned Purchase Requisition"
          Check the box next to the material
          Assign Automatically button
          Click on "Assignments" button
          Click on "Process assignment"
          The "Process Assignment Create PO" box , enter
          Drag the PR and drop in the shopping basket
    SD -  3rd party sales order Receive Goods
          PO Number
          DN Number
          Batch tab , click on classification
          Serial Numbers tab
          Date of Production
          Flag Item OK
          Check, just in case
    SD -  3rd party sales order Create Invoice
          Invoice Date
          Look for the PO , state the vendor and the Material
          Check the box
          Clilck on "Copy"
          Purchase Order Number (bottom half of the screen)
          State the baseline date
          Simulate & Post
          Invoice Number
          *Invoice blocked due to date variance
    SD -  3rd party sales order Create a delivery order
          In the order screen , go to the menu Sales Document , select "Deliver"
          Go to "picking" tab
          State the qty and save
    SD -  3rd party sales order Create a billing document
          Ensure that the delivery document is correct in the
          Go to edit -> Log

  • Moving average update for 3rd Party sales order

    Hello All,
    We have configured a 3rd party sales order process. The schedule line category is configured with account assignment categoory as "M". when we are creating GR the Moving average price of the material is not getting updated.
    But if i replace with "E" it is getting updated, but the CO-PA is not getting generated for Profitability segment reporting.--we need profitability segment reportng.
    Can some one tell me how we can update the moving average price using acc. asssignment category type "M" at the same time the Profitability segement information is updated.
    THanks in advance
    Appreciate your help
    Arpita Rani

    Hello Arpita
    For 3rd party orders functionality you need to use account assignment category of X and not M. E and M are for individual Purchase orders. You should not use them for 3rd party.
    Please see the following OSS notes  and follow along:
    210997 - Accnt assignment categories in third-party and indiv.PO
    550388 - FAQ: Customizing of third-party and individual POs
    Good luck.

  • 1)    Is there North Bound Interface / API from SAP Solution Manager available for 3rd party integration?       i. The list of the modules that are being managed by SAP Solution Manager(s)      ii. The performance metrics of those modules/components at th

    Is there North Bound Interface / API from SAP Solution Manager available for 3rd party integration?
    i. The list of the modules that are being managed by SAP Solution Manager(s)
    ii. The performance metrics of those modules/components at the high level
    iii. The information about Early Watch Alerts (or situations to watch for)
    Is there a full SNMP interface for getting the above information from SAP Solution Manager?
    Is that understanding that SAP has SNMP support for forwarding alerts to a 3rd party system, correct?
    Does SAP has both free and licensed? If yes then what are the advantages of licensed over the open/free version?

    Yes we have applied 11i.AZ.H.2. I am getting several errors still that we trying to resolve
    One of them is
    Uploading snapshot to central instance failed, with 3 different messages
    Error: An invalid status '-1' was passed to fnd_concurrent.set_completion_status. The valid statuses are: 'NORMAL', 'WARNING', 'ERROR'FND     at oracle.apps.az.r12.util.XmlTransmorpher.<init>(XmlTransmorpher.java:301)
         at oracle.apps.az.r12.extractor.cpserver.APIExtractor.insertGenericSelectionSet(APIExtractor.java:231)
    please assist.

  • I am attempting to update students' iPads using the Apple Configurator software. However, information for 3rd party apps, like Notability and Explain Everything, is being lost.

    I am attempting to update students' iPads using the Apple Configurator software. However, information for 3rd party apps, like Notability and Explain Everything, is being lost.

    If by "still nothing" you mean they are not showing up in the AU manager after reinstalling them....
    Im guessing the AU Cache itself is now corrupted so.....
    Quit LPX
    Open Finder
    Press the option key and click "Go" in Finder's menu and select "Library". (This is the User Library and not the System Library and is normally hidden which is why you have to hold down the option key when clicking on Go.... to reveal it in the drop down menu that will appear)
    Go to "Caches" dir and remove "AudioUnitCache" dir.
    Now Restart your Mac.....
    and then Launch LPX and let it rescan your plugins and see if that fixes things....
    Fingers crossed...

  • My bank (Chase) and my wife's payroll provider (ADP) say I can longer pull our statements because of incompatibilities between Adobe Reader and Safari. The Apple site says it is not responsible for for 3rd party software. Adobe says go back to Safari 5.0.

    My bank (Chase) and my wife's payroll provider (ADP) say I can no longer pull our statements because of incompatibilities between Adobe Reader and Safari. The Apple site says it is not responsible for for 3rd party software. Adobe says go back to Safari 5.0. Apple dosen't let me download Safari 5.0; so what do I do. The bank had me download Chrome, and I can now download my statements. but what a pain. Any suggestios?

    Back up all data.
    Quit Safari. In the Finder, select Go ▹ Go to Folder... from the menu bar, or press the key combination shift-command-G. Copy the line of text below into the box that opens, and press return:
    /Library/Internet Plug-ins
    From the folder that opens, remove any items that have the letters “PDF” in the name. You may be prompted for your login password. Then launch Safari and test.
    If you still have the issue, repeat with this line:
    ~/Library/Internet Plug-ins
    If you don’t like the results of this procedure, restore the items from the backup you made before you started. Relaunch Safari again.

  • "Software Update" for 3rd Party Apps?

    Does anyone know of an application that could act like Software Update for 3rd party programs, so that a list of updatable applications shows and you can select to download them all at once?
    I know some do an update check on launch, but I was just wondering if there was a more convenient way?

    Yes, but no. App Update is a widget that will check for updated versions of your apps. It can be found at http://www.apple.com/downloads/dashboard/status/appupdate.html. Unfortunately, it won't install them for you, but will give you links to websites where you can download the newest version. I use it and like it. Give it a try!

  • Returns procees for 3rd party

    Hi Guru's
    Please let me know what is the Return process for 3rd party order
    Thanks in advance

    Dear Mastan,
    quite generally, you can book the reurned goods as you want (to your vendor or to your company). There is no standard process from SAP side here.
    Concerning creation of invoice, it depends on your Customizing setting for the item category (transaction VOV7). If the billing relevance is 'F' (recommended for the third-party), then you cannot create the invoice without incoming invoice. If you have another billing relevance (for example , 'B' according to order quantity), then you can create invoice without incoming invoice. Moreover, in case of 'B' you can create the invoice immediately after creation of the order. It is independent on return.
    As I have already said, there are no standard rules for this process at SAP. And the whole process is not supported at all. Therefore you have always to decide by yourself, what would be reasonable for your business. There are no guidelines from SAP side here.
    I hope, this info helps you a little bit further.
    Kind regards,
    Akmal Vakhidov
    Development Support SD, SAP, Walldorf/Germany

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