End to End Monitoring is not working

Hi All,
I don't see the msgs in End to End Monitoring. I have checked all connections in SM59, full host name parameters is present in profile.
I cannot select the "instance" radio button either. Anyone had these problems in SP12, XI3.0 SR1.

Hi All,
I have also same problem of end to end monitoring ,it does not refreshing statistics after certain interval,
currently statitical data is showing like
Errors 0
Open 0
Successfully Completed 0
Overall 0
I have set frequency of hourly  in furthur settings.
But messages are not seen , it is showing only starting (when we configured end to end monitoring) days message statistics .
Expecting some clue to resolve this.
Thanks in advance

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    Hi Prabhudutta,
    I think you have done all the necessary steps!
    In such case what I feel the problem could be because of some minor thing that we might be missing...
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    Thanks & Regards,

    It's likely the same problem: CAD is not forwarding packets to CSD or the CCX recording service. Two common causes for this are:
    The phone is not spanning to the PC port or does not allow PC Port VLAN Access. Change these options to true on the phone's configuration in CUCM.
    The NIC of the agent's PC running CAD is not processing 802.1q-tagged Ethernet frames. It must not drop these and pass them into the Windows NDIS stack for CAD to get them. Google is your friend here; this commonly requires registry changes to make the NIC process the packets.

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    pls kindly guide to me.

  • Component monitoring is not working sap pi 7.31

    hi friends,
    we are using PI 7.31. after restarting the system suddenly component monitoring in (NWA--PImon) stopped working and even RWB -->component monitor is not working. No users are locked(RWBUSER,AFUSER)...and remaining all webpages are opening except this.Inside Exchange Profile we have user FQDN as well. SLDCHECK working fine and SM59 Destinations also working fine,
    i am getting HTTP 500 connection timed out error.
    please suggest me.
    thank you

    hi Iñaki Vila and Jannus Botha,
    thanks for your replies.
    i am getting  below error when i checked NWA logs and OS level logs
    Exception caught by adapter framework: java.io.IOException: invalid content type for SOAP: TEXT/HTML; HTTP 500 Internal Server Error
    and regarding notes, i verified all and settings were OK and after PI restart as well no issues.
    please tell me some more places where i can see.

  • Deadline monitoring is not working

    i had requirement to change the text displayed in the decision step type. I copied that task using pftc and changed the description and i replaced the new task number with old one. the deadline monitoring is not working for the new task .
    Please anybody have idea about why deadline is not working for the new task ?
    advance thanks

    Hi Praveen,
    Deadline is failing only for this workflow? Or is it failing completely in the whole system. Just create a small dummy WF with a standard decision step (or some acitvity) with deadline monitoring activated and see if it fails there also.
    <b>If deadline monitoring is failing in all workflows</b>
    Can you just check whether the scheduled report RSWWDHEX are executing properly. You can check it in SM37 for user WF-BATCH. Also check in ST22 if there are any dumps for report RSWWDHEX (for user WF-BATCH).
    <b>If deadline monitoring is not failing in other workflows</b>
    In your activity where you have put your cutom task goto the "Outcomes" tab an check if the outcome for your deadline monitoring is "Active" (This may not change but just have a check)
    Also can you let us know what are the steps that you are using in your modelled outcome? Just suspecting if the first step in your modelled outcome is going to error (which is not displayed in log).
    Prasath N

  • Silent monitoring is not working

    Silent monitoring is not working, sometimes it work for some and others time it does not.
    CCM ver 7.1.x
    IPCC Express 7.0.x

    - What kind of monitoring the ystem is configured for (server based or desktop ? )
    - what it fails do you see any errors on the CSD  ?
    - are agents in the same location as supervisor ?

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    My secondary monitor does not work well after OS X install. The image on my secondary monitor is different even the screen svaer image is different and the mouse can not be seen.

    Try the easy thing first - NVRAM reset:
    Shut down your Mac.
    Locate the following keys on the keyboard: Command (⌘), Option, P, and R. You will need to hold these keys down simultaneously in step 4.
    Turn on the computer.
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    1-800-SEAGATE (1-800-732-4283)

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    On SCOM 2012 SP1 the task "disable port monitoring" is not working. When I run it shows a success message but the port\interface keeps to be monitored on scom, the ports that I'm trying to disable the monitoring are members of the Relay Network
    Adapters Group. Is there any way to fix this task or manually stop the monitoring of the port\interface ?

    Hi Carlos,
    By coincidence I ran into the same problem today.
    It can be disabled by creating an override where you target the specific port object and set the parameter enabled=false.
    I am not 100% sure this is the correct way but it works. I am assuming the disable port does something similar but I have to open up the task to confirm this.
    For now I hope this helps.
    Regards Marthijn van Rheenen
    Blog: Heading To The Clouds

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    A new Mac comes with 90 days of free tech support from AppleCare.
    AppleCare: 1-800-275-2273
    Call AppleCare. They will help you.

  • AT END OF for char field not working

    Hi all,
    AT END OF (char field) not working,
    I sorted the itab and also avoid the stars(*) problem also, but its not working.
    Thanks in advance.
    Edited by: Vijay Babu Dudla on Jan 28, 2009 11:01 PM

    Hi, Niranjan
    Test the following Sample Code it will solve out your Problem,
    " This is not working properly right now.
    TYPES: BEGIN OF t_name,
      name1(10),  " if You Change Cut the Name2 from the 2nd line and past it up to the Name one will work fine
      amount1 TYPE p,
      amount2 TYPE p,
      END OF t_name.
          wa_it1_sum TYPE t_name,
          wa_it2_sum TYPE t_name.
    wa_it1_sum-name1 = 'AAAAAA'.
    wa_it1_sum-name2 = 'AAAAAA'.
    wa_it1_sum-amount1 = 500.
    wa_it1_sum-amount2 = 200.
    APPEND wa_it1_sum  TO it1_sum.
    wa_it1_sum-name1 = 'AAAAAA'.
    wa_it1_sum-name2 = 'AAAAAA'.
    wa_it1_sum-amount1 = 500.
    wa_it1_sum-amount2 = 200.
    APPEND wa_it1_sum  TO it1_sum.
    wa_it1_sum-name1 = 'BBBBBB'.
    wa_it1_sum-name2 = 'AAAAAA'.
    wa_it1_sum-amount1 = 100.
    wa_it1_sum-amount2 = 200.
    APPEND wa_it1_sum  TO it1_sum.
    wa_it1_sum-name1 = 'AAAAAA'.
    wa_it1_sum-name2 = 'AAAAAA'.
    wa_it1_sum-amount1 = 500.
    wa_it1_sum-amount2 = 10000.
    APPEND wa_it1_sum  TO it1_sum.
    wa_it1_sum-name1 = 'BBBBBB'.
    wa_it1_sum-name2 = 'AAAAAA'.
    wa_it1_sum-amount1 = 105000.
    wa_it1_sum-amount2 = 20500.
    APPEND wa_it1_sum  TO it1_sum.
    wa_it1_sum-name1 = 'BBBBBB'.
    wa_it1_sum-name2 = 'AAAAAA'.
    wa_it1_sum-amount1 = 21000.
    wa_it1_sum-amount2 = 22000.
    APPEND wa_it1_sum  TO it1_sum.
    SORT it1_sum BY name1 name2.
    LOOP AT it1_sum INTO wa_it1_sum.
      APPEND wa_it1_sum TO it2_sum.
      AT END OF name2. " When you will use this in this Condition it will give you wrong Because this row is on number two and
                       " it is not changing but the Row one is Changing so it will work fine if LEFT MOST
        wa_it1_sum-name1 = 'End Name 2'.
        wa_it1_sum-name2 = 'End Name 2'.
        APPEND wa_it1_sum TO it2_sum.
      AT LAST.
        wa_it1_sum-name1 = 'At Last'.
        APPEND wa_it1_sum TO it2_sum.
    Please Reply if need more help about it.
    Kind Regards,

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