Enhanced field in Infotype into the iView - ESS

Dear All,
     I am working in ESS and I have the following scenario. The screen "Family/Related Person"  has to shown to the endusers, for this the standard iView is available (PZ12), but the infotype 0021 (Family Member/Dependents) has been enhanced to include additional field. Here the requirement is to include the customized field into the iView.
    How can I proceed with this requirement, whether I should go for new webdynpro development or can I copy the program of standard iView into a z-progrm and include the field and necessary coding, if i go with second option is there is anywhere the dependencies will get affected while updating the Infotype 21.
    Your valuable inputs on the same pls.

Thanks Saurabh
I read the wiki page, its helpful and in my case I am not adding a custom field, but I want to show a field which is already present in infotype record...
Wiki says "If you do not need to add a new custom field to the front end, but just an already existing field of the Infotype record, you do not have to do anything at this point."
So it appears, if I change the structure and add a new field in iview that will be sufficient.Any toughts on this?
I am going to give it a try a see if that works.

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    Best Regards

    Why do we need to delete the setup table after doing enchancement with standard Datasource.
    Ans :
    You neednot refill the setup table just because you enhanced the datasource.
    You need to delete and refill if the postings happened after you filled the setup table.
    Meaning you will miss the current posting.Unless you have done a init in BI/BW side.
    Hope this helps.

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    I'm worried but there is no field group authorization for G/L account like customers and vendors. In customers and vendors you're grouping your changable fields and give auth for it. But in G/L master data, there is no solution like this.
    So I think you can use business transaction event for validation. You should use 00002310 BTE for this action.
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    Hi everyone,
    I´d would like to know if It´s possile GIVE AUTHORITY to some users will be able to modify the field  SKB1 - ALTKT  into the G/L Account Master Data through transacction FS02. In this way, only the selected users could introduce or modify information on this field.
    I´m not sure if it can be done trough a new Z object and assign the object to the transacction and also in the user profiles..or in other way...
    Thanks a lot for your help ¡

    It is possible to restore his iPod to a backup on his computer (assuming he previously had synced it there and thus created a backup).

  • How to populate the data into the newly added infoobjects?

    how to populate the data into the newly added infoobjects?
    Thanx in advance,

    hi ravi,
      here is one example how to enhance.
    Goto RSA6- select the 0Material.- Click on Enhance extract structure-> it will take u to the next screen there u need to create the field material group1. and append it to 0Material.
    Goback to RSA6-- RC on 0material-- it will take you to customer version edit screen- here unchk the Hide and Field only known in exit options n save it.
    Next Go back to RSA6-- 0material- click on Function enhancement it will take you to CMOD Screen( here we need to enter the project name and click create if not created on click display)
    In the next screen we find the function exits Like EXIT_SAPLRSAP_001 FOR T DATA AND EXIT_SAPLRSAP_002 FRO Master Data,_003 for Text n _004 for Hierarchies.
    select the appropriate function exit and double clikc on it. It will take you to Function builder screen.
    D Click on defn of Include ZXRSAU01. it will take you to abap editor screen.
    here u need to include the code for the enhanced fields n also write the code to populate the dat for that particular field.
    save it and avtivate the code.
    Hope this Is helpz,

  • Grid Layout - Getting two or more fields to display on the same line/row.

    I am using version 4.2.
    I have a form with a number of items.
    I wish to control the display of the items so that some fields are beside each other (on the same line or row).
    I have set the grid layout as follows:
    Start New Row: Yes     
    Column: Automatic               
    Column Span: Automatic     
    Start New Row: No     
    Column: Automatic     
    New Column: Yes          
    Column Span: Automatic     
    When I do this the items are not displayed on the same row.
    I can see when you change the "Start New Row" from No to Yes, the item fields ARE moved into the same <Div> that controls the row, but they just aren't displaying how I would like them.
    Has anyone got this working?

    Hi Amanda,
    I believe I have discovered the cause of the issue you are facing.
    The problem is with the "Alert Region" region template and that it does not have any display points specified so indicate the number of grids that can fit in its region body. Without having any display points, the grid layout system attempts to use all columns available to its container. However, because the Alert Region has additional padding within, the columns will not fit and wrap to the next line.
    To fix this issue, you will have to modify the "Alert Region" region template, go to "Display Points" and click Add Row. You will need to enter the following fields:
    Name: Region Body
    Template Substitution: BODY
    Grid Support: Checked
    Maximum Fixed Grid Columns: -1
    This will fix the issue for you. I've logged a bug within our bug system to track this so we can fix it in a future release of APEX.

  • Addition of a new field "Leave Details" in the LTA screen with dropdown val-ues from Infotype 2001 subtype ITEL. From the current calendar year in ESS

    Hi Experts,
    we are using portal 7.3 version,Our requirement  is addition
    of a new field “Leave Details” in the LTA screen with dropdown values from Infotype
    2001 subtype ITEL. From the current calendar year in ESS.The new field should
    be available only for the claim type LTA claim or claim against advance.
    please find the below screen shot and details.
    Current View
    Component: HRESS_CLMS_WD_EMCR
    Personalization: 4370750342A6297CC184E2B07FE6D13E
    Window: W_CLM_DYN_UI
    Application Component: PY-XX-RS
    Kindly help me how to add this field and in which method can i implement code.
    Thank you in advance

    Hi Shankar Reddy,
    Business requirement is  the new field  should display the list entry in Infotype 2001 for the calendar year as selection option for employee. they would like to know ITEL subtype claim,
    Example.employee no: EE#9941
    As per screen shot you may see for EE#9941 there are 2 Leave requests.
    So in the leave details the selection drop down menu option or any other way  should be display 2 lines.

  • How to enhance the new field(mblnr) into the cube.

    Dear Experts,
                               My client wants GR document number and GR posting date in the drill down option in reporting, i have taken the field names of that. MBLNR and BUDAT, I only found BUDAT in the datasourse field level,please help me how to enchance MBLNR into the cube 0PUR_C01.
    Thank You


  • How can i add Custom fields into the

    Dear Experts
    We have Ecc6.0 system,
    How can i add Custom fields into the Infotype Screen(PA30),i heard that we do it by PM01 Tcode.
    But in PM01 i am unable to find the enhance infotype tab.
    How can i do it ....pls help.....

    Do it thru the third tab : Single Screen.
    There write down the infotype number (e.g. 0022) and say generate objects.

  • Enhanced Field is Blank - Debug with RSA3 - Unable to see the code in Exit

    Hi all,
        I have created a View on a table and created the Generic Extractor on that View and enhanced the Extract Structure to add a Amount field along with Currency Key. I have added the ABAP code to fill that new field. The same code has worked fine in Sandbox and copied the same into Dev. Everything worked fine and it populated the data into that enhanced field in Sandbox, but something is wrong in Dev. I have set the Break-Point after my Generic Extractor in the Exit's Include member ZXRSAU01 and tried to debug in RSA3, but it is not going there. Some how it is not recognizing the code in the User Exit. I am doing the same that I have done in the sandbox. Only initial values (0.00) are there in that field. That field is un-hided.
       What could be the problem, please ?
      Thanks in advance.

    HI Venkat,
    Look at ur Datasource is Trancsaction Data or Materdata Attributes/Text.If it T.Data use Incled ZXRSAU01 or For Master Data attributes use ZXRSAU02 or Text
    And Observe the Exit is Active or not and Debug the code once.

  • SAP Standard ESS country structure not showing on the iViews

    Hi All,
    Some of the Fields in the SAP Standard Employee Self Service Country structure not showing on the iViews, if we want to bring those fields to iView level, What would be the solution.
    Please suggest.

    Hi Pradeep
    If these are mandatory fields or legall required in that country and delivered in V_T588M or V_T588MFPROPS then you need to check with SAP why they are not shown in the ESS scenario
    If these are optional or R3 specific fields it could be they are not delivered in V_T588MFPROPS - try inserting
    an overide in V_T588MFPROPC
    If still you cannot get these fields you may need to add a field to the ESS application using NWDI
    and you may also need to change the model so it recognises the new field - this is effectively changing
    the SAP delivery
    Best regards

  • How can i replace the standard ESS iview with my own iview

    I want to replace standard ESS addr iview with my own WD developed by ABAP
    I added the iview(my WDA) into standard ESS addr page.
    And make it visible.
    But I got this error in ESS PA addr :
    WebDynpro Exception: Application PER_ADDRESS_CN Does Not Exist
    Here is the error code :
    Error code&#65306;ICF-IE-http-c:100-u:AC_WANGFZ-l:1-s:CE1-i:SAPCE101_CE1_01-w:0-d:20070514-t:172301-v:RABAX_STATE-e:UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION
    So , how can i replace the standard ESS iview with my own iview?

    Can you see any Javascript EPCF code in the old iView  ?  You are surely just going to have to find it  (if our hunch is correct) and analyse it and copy it into your new iView so that it functions in some way that at least does not error

  • How to add a function field into the existing matrix report

    I have a matrix report , now i wanted to add one moe field into the matrix which is getting the value from a function , this function is a part of the ref cursor query(group) , i'm able to get the value from the function but it cannot display on the existing matrix report. i wanted to add this in the repeating frame which is printing down. how could i do this , looking for your help. thanks . bcj

    Here the scenario like,
    Data from Table_1
    AAA 10 1 1.2
    BBB 12 2 3.1
    AAA 20 2 4.1
    CCC 23 1 5.2
    Here, In the matrix report the NAME and UNITS are row fields and 'DAYS' is column field , RATE would be the cell field, and
    Data from Table_2 ,
    AAA 2
    AAA 2
    BBB 2
    CCC 3
    In the report i have to display the 'BASIC' along with the NAME in row level ( repeating frame printing down),
    To get the multiple 'Basic' for each 'Name' using a ref cursor .
    and, using a function to do further calculation based on the basic value
    select basic into v_basic where name =:name;
    and return the calculated value to the report. But at that time cannot accommodate the value in the matrix report with other groups frequency.
    looking for your valuable help. Thanks Bcj

  • How to insert the image or logo into the table as a field in webdynpro abap

    Hi Friends,
    Please tell me how to insert the image or logo into the table as a field in webdynpro abap.........

    Hi Alagappan ,
          In your view layout you take table UI element and then you bind it with some context nodes.
    The attributes of your nodes comes as a field.
    Now in these fields you can set various properties and image is one of them.
    Go to ->
    2. Right click on table -> Create Binding.
       Here you have to bind it with the appropriate context node.
    You will get two properties here
    a- Standard Cell Editor :- ( make it image )
    b- Standard properties :- ( If required set image properties ).
    3. If you want put image from out side then import it as a mime object and set the source of your table field ( used as a image )
    also have a look :-
    [Image Properties|http://help.sap.com/saphelp_nw04/helpdata/en/f3/1a61a9dc7f2e4199458e964e76b4ba/content.htm]
    Hope this will solve your problem.
    Reply if any case of any issue.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Monishankar C

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