Envelope Icon on PDF Reader XI

Why has the envelope icon suddenly dissapeared from the PDF on Adober Reader XI ?

What is your operating system?  What is your Reader XI version?  Does it really just say "cannot print"?

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  • Why does Adobe Reader change my icons to pdf?

    Why does Adobe Reader change my icons to pdf?

    For the "why", you'd have to ask Adobe. If you are looking for a solution, this may be helpful:
    http://helpx.adobe.com/acrobat/kb/application-file-icons-change-acroba t.html

  • Reader XI: Wie kann man die Icons der PDF-Dokumente zentral umstellen?

    Seit der Installation des aktuellen Adobe Reader XI werden die PDF-Dokumente auf dem Windows 7 Desktop nicht mehr mit dem typischen und gut erkennbaren, roten Adobe Icon dargestellt, sondern mit farblosen (weißen) Icons, angepasst an die Inhalt des Dokuments. Diese Icons lassen sich sehr leicht mit den Icons der TXT-Dokumente verwechseln. Die Übersicht leidet ziemlich darunter.
    Wie kann man zentral die neue Icons der PDF-Dokumente wieder auf das bisherige rote Icon von Adobe umstellen?
    VG. - Rosenholz52

    Hello Claudio, Hello Pat,
    sorry - this was a misunderstanding by me caused by my bad English knowledge and the fact that the e-Mail notification about Pat's posting contained a notice about file attachements. My understanding was that Pat sent me one or more files to click on them, but the forum software eliminated them.
    So, in my case, if I click on my pdf-documents on the Windows 7 desktop, Adobe Reader opens and shows the documents as always before with all the Reader versions before. There is absolutely no real problem with the function of Adobe Reader XI. Only the pdf-document icons on the desktop are now colorless icons with different graphics depending from the contence of the appropriate pdf-document.
    In the tile view of the Windows Explorer those documents have also icons with different graphics on ist, but in addition someof them are colored and they all have a little Adobe icon on the right side down (Sorry - I can't explain it better).
    So my question is, if there is the possibility to change the document icon for pdf-documents (related to Adobe Reader) and shown on the Windows desktop, f. e. to the icon graphics with an additional Adbobe micro-icon like used in the tile view of the Windows Explorer? My intention is only to have an easy type-related feature to recognize Adobe Reader related documents at a glance. The icons of TXT-files are quite similar to the actual icons of the pdf-files.
    I have a sort of feeling that my problem is no current problem for the general public - so, if the forum administrator wants, he can close this discussion. Thanks for your statements.
    Best regards - Rosenholz52

  • All my desktop icons are Adobe Reader icons, can't access related files

    I was trying to open a file this morning, and when a pop-menu asked what application I wanted to choose (from a list) to open it, I clicked on Adobe Reader - just as a guess.   After that,  just about all my desktop icons are Adobe icons, and when I click on them, the pop up menus says I can't access the file.   These icons also show up on my menu of all my MS Office programs like Outlook, Word, Excel,  etc. 
    Tech support at Adobe recommended I use System Restore, but it also is now an Adobe icon, so I can't open it.    If anyone can help reverse this, I'd greatly appreciate it.

    This also happened to me this morning. Now all my icons are PDF symbols and Reader opens when I try to open any other program. I uninstalled Reader it and it fixed itself but when I reinstalled the program the same issue occurred.
    I wanted to make PDF reader the default application when openning PDF's vs. Distiller, tinkered and broke my computer.
    Any clues on how to bring everything back to normaL?

  • How do I move a document into a folder in PDF reader on an iPad

    How do I move a document into a file in PDF reader on my iPad

    When you're looking at the list of documents, touch the Edit button at the upper-right. Then select the file you want to move by touching the check box to its left, and click the Move File icon, it's the third one from the left at the top of the screen. You'll be prompted to "Move selected document" after which the "Choose a location" dialog will appear to allow you to select a destination folder.

  • Can't set Skim as default pdf reader

    I recently updated from Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion. I needed to download a pdf from a government site but when using my default pdf reader, Skim, I got an error message saying I needed to use Adobe, so I switched my default to Adobe Reader.  When I was finished I tried to switch my default back to Skim  by going into get info on a pdf file and setting it to Skim, then open all with this app.  When I clicked out of the application field after choosing Skim the field kept popping back to Adobe.  I was able to change the default to Preview without a problem, but I can't get Skim to stick.  I can still open files with Skim by choosing "open with", but they revert back to Adobe or Preview icons when I close them.  Skim does not become their default.  Any suggestions on why this is happening and if it can be fixed? 

    I can't even get that far.  When I have the "info" screen open and click on Skim in the drop down list, the entry reverts back to the previous default (Preview or Adobe).  I can choose a bunch of inappropriate apps, like Safari  or Kindle, and those will stay in the open with box, but Skim disappears.  Weird.

  • Disable the save icon of pdf document?

    My gool is to disable the save icon of pdf document when i open the pdf document inside flex application.
    Have you any ideas?
    Thanks in advance,

    This isn't something that can be managed from the Flex end of things. You have to configure the document DRM.

  • How to disable print icon in pdf file, which is created using servlet

    I have created one pdf file using HttpServletResponse.setContentType("application\pdf"). I want to disable the toolbars of the created pdf file. I want to disable the print, save and other icons in pdf file. Can anybody help me to resolve this problem.

    I got the pdf into my workflow in a binary data and i passed this binary data to the function module so_document_attacthment_ap1.
    in that i am specifing that the file type is .pdf and i received mail with the pdf attachment too.

  • Haw disable the saved icon of pdf document inside flex application??

    My gool is to disable the save icon of pdf document when i open the pdf document inside flex application.
    Haw you any ideas?
    Thanks you

    This isn't something that can be managed from the Flex end of things. You have to configure the document DRM.

  • Strange Icon behavior: PDF files now show an iPod Icon

    A week or so ago, the icon for PDF files on my G5 (10.5.5) switched to become the icon for an iPod. All PDF files now look like iPods. If only I had so many iPods!
    Waaaaaay back, one would "rebuild the desktop" and it would correct many icon problems. I don't know what to do these days.
    Any ideas what this is about?

    It might be that the LaunchServices database is corrupt and needs rebuilding. Launch the Terminal app, copy & paste in the below command, hit the return key, quit the Terminal app, restart, and check the icons on those files:
    */System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/LaunchS ervices.framework/Versions/A/Support/lsregister -kill -r -domain local -domain system -domain user*

  • No thumbnail detail , just icon of adobe reader XI (window 7)

    there is no thumbnail detail in folder or file icons, just pdf icon of adobe reader XI is displayed (window 7), please help!

    I found the solution to the program itself not opening properly on another thread on this site.  See below:
    I spoke to a colleague about what was happening, and he had me reinstall Adobe Reader XI and attempt to start it.  I then navigated to the C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Reader 11.0\Reader\ folder and double-clicked the Eula.exe. It displayed the End User License Agreement window and I clicked 'Accept'. After doing that I was able to start the Reader without issue and it all seems to be working fine now.
    The above worked for me and now Reader XI will open properly and stay open.  Hope this helps someone else.

  • How disabled the save icon of pdf document ?

    My gool is to disable the save icon of pdf document when i open the pdf document inside flex application.
    Have you any idea?
    Thank you

    You can not.
    But you can apply document security or apply Digital Rights Management.
    If you can get the users to add a special Acrobat/Reader application folder JS file, you could remove the button, but you would still have the menu items for 'Save' and 'Save as' and the keyboard short cut of '<Ctrl> + S'.

  • PDF Reader and Editor for Playbook

    Hi Guys,
    Hope all is well with you...
    I recently bought playbook, adobe pdf reader sucks...period....I cannot find "words"...No options at all.
    Whenever I read a book, I like to underline the text which I find important, also when on the middle of the page, if I need to refer another name in the document, I use "find"....Now  I am not able to do both. Also there is no app on the app world as well. So sad...
    Can anyone face similar problem, Hope you guys can help me...

    I downloaded yesterday Jotsy from the BB App Store (right now it is available for free).
    Besides being a PDF Reader it also allows you to select a page number without scrolling to it, highlight text lines, add comments, circle text, and save these changes or undo those changes.
    Jotsy comes in ‘2 slices’. You install one on your PB and the other one on your PC. When you install the PC component you need first to install java (I had to uninstall it, then installed java from java.com, and then re-installed Jotsy to get the Jotsy icon placed into the notification area of the system tray. You need this one.
    Today I set-up a “cloud’” account with box.com (right now it is available for free till March 23) and now Jotsy syncs with my files in the Jotsy PC folder on my desktop and the Jotsy box folder in the “cloud”, i.e. the box.com’s server where one can store up to 5 GB of files either from your PB or smartphone (via upload from your media card folders or send your attachments from email as an email forwarded to your box account (wow)).
    What does sync do? It copies files from both locations to your hidden Jotsy folder in your PB so you can work ‘Offline’ on your documents. One thing I didn’t like. I needed to upload my PB OS 2 manual to the “cloud” from my PB document folder rather than move it locally (I guess this is good for service providers). However, now I can go directly to pages I want tot go from the index without scrolling through the whole manual and make notes right there in my manual or underline text.
    If this is what your are looking for click the like icon in this box. Thx, matt

  • Photo editor,pdf reader and quick office lost afte...

    photo editor,pdf reader and quick office lost after hard reset. I have reinstalled 2 times the software but the same resut got. What can i do now.? I have nokia c7 arm 675

    Hi bob7996,
    Thanks for posting and welcome to the forum.
    Please use the forum search function before posting, often your question will have been asked and answered before so you will get your answer straight away. Please see the forum guidelines on posting if your have any questions on this.
    How did you reset your C7? If you used any other way to reset but the *#7370# code you probably used a reset which is reserved for Nokia Care Centres which involves pressing a specific combination of hardware buttons.
    This reset is used to get a phone back on when it wont' start normally but will remove a number of files form the device which are not installed by the updates available to you as an end user of the device.
    In this case you'd have to visit a Nokia Care Point where the device can be rewritten at lower level including these files. This will completely erase all content from the device so make sure you have a backup of your personal data made in Nokia Suite before you do this.
    Hope this helps,
    Press the 'Accept As Solution' icon if I have solved your problem, click on the Star Icon below if my advice has helped you!

  • Envelope icon

    I have the envelope icon constantly flashing in the top right hand corner of my nokia 5800. There are no incoming messages - how do I and can I get rid of this??
    Thank you

    Question answered hundreds of times already.
    Was this post helpful? If so, please click on the white "Kudos!" star below. Thank you!

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