Epson Perfection 2450 scanner not working with Mavericks

My Epson Perfection 2450 scanner stopped working when I upgraded to Mavericks, it is not recognizing the scanner. Tried restarting, using a different USB cable, a different USB port, etc...with no luck. The issue is that my computer no longer seems to recognize that I plugged it in. Tried it with Image Capture, Photoshop, Preview and even the old Epson software.
I tried downloading the Epson Scan Patch for Mavericks released on Oct 31, 2013. That did not help either.
I'm on a MacBook Pro running Mavericks version 10.9.3.
Love this scanner and don't want to have to buy another. Any help to get my Mac to recognize it would be greatly appreciated.

My wife's iMac with 10.6.6 stopped working with her Epson 2480 Photo scanner. Get the error message "SCANNER reported an error. An error has occurred during scanning" I am trying to use it from the Image Capture App or from the print/fax option in Settings which opens Image Capture. I ran the uninstall program and then reinstalled the ICA 13969 .dmg but get the same error. Not sure what else I can do.

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  • Cannon MP600 scanner not working with Mavericks.

    Get this error message MPP navigator 304.pkg can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developers.
    No updated drivers at Cannon website. Printers side working fine.  Had to open MP Navigator from Apps (right Faff to get scanner to work) Can not just press button on printer markes scan to scan any more.

    Click on a model name below to access the download page.
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    HP Laser Jet 3050 not able to scan after Mavericks install. Image capture or preview dont detect scanner. Wired through USB. Worked fine with Mountain Lion 10.8.  No other changes to system.

    Hi there Foil Man,
    While it is written for printer troubleshooting, the steps outlined in the article below can be used to troubleshoot scanner issues as well. I would recommend starting there.
    Troubleshooting printer issues in OS X
    -Griff W.

  • How Do I Get my Scanner to Work with Mavericks?

    I got a message when I tried to scan a photo saying to check with the developer about HPScan....that it may not work with Mavericks and that I might have to reinstall it.  
    I have downloaded all the upgrades that have come and I think one was for the printer....HP.  Will it help to reinstall it?  And, exactly how do I do that?  I notice that in APPS there is an uninstaller.  Do I just use that to uninstall and then reinstall.....and, if so how do I do that? 

    There's an alternative ...
    Try using the Image Capture app in your Applications folder.
    Connect the scanner to your Mac whether Wi-Fi or USB.
    Launch Image Capture.
    Click the very small black box bottom left side of the Image Capture window.
    You'll see this pop up menu:   Connecting this (device) opens:
    You can select a default app to scan (Image Capture) and select a folder from the Imort To pop up menu on the right to save scanned files to.

  • I bought Numbers because my Excel files would not work with Mavericks. How can I import a non-functioning Excel file into numbers? (As of now, the file NAME transfers but data is not.) but

    I bought Numbers because my Excel files would not work with Mavericks. How can I import a non-functioning Excel file into numbers? (As of now, the file NAME transfers but data does not.)

    HI Dave,
    I'm surprised you get no message when you attempt opening the Excel document in Numbers.
    I'm assuming Numbers 3.1, since you are running Mavericks.
    Does the Numbers file that opens show any content?
    Does it contain a table?
    How large?
    Does it contain more than one tab (indicating more than one sheet)?
    Do those other tabs contain a table?
    Have you checked those tables for data content?
    There have been cases in the past of imported documents opening with white text on a white background, giving the appearance of containing nothing. Check for this by selecting a block of cells, then applying a Fill colour or a Text colour using the Format button (paintbrush).
    I'd also suggest attempting to open the Excel files using LibreOffice, which can be downloaded from the linked website.

  • I started to download Maverick but then read that Word and Excel do not work  with Maverick.  I hit pause on the download. How do I stop the download.  In non technical terms please!

    How do I stop the download of Maverick on my MacBookPro?  I started downloading then discovered that 2008 Word and Excel do not work  with Maverick. I have too many files in the 2008 version to upgrade them at this time.  I just need instructions in non technical terms to stop the Maverick download.

    I did the same as Tapmr and have paused the "upgrade".  So am I to understand that the upgrade only downloads and will not automatically install it?  I am an extreme novice here, and cannot afford any issues after I upgrade/download.  I don't know how to make a clone copy as you suggested either.
    I need assurance that if the upgrade is allowed to continue that I will be able to delete the upgrade downloaded and continue on as before with my regular system. 

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    The Mac running Snow Leopard should be able to configure virtually any version of the AirPort Express.
    Tell us what steps that you are taking to configure the Express and what happens after each step.

  • ESATA express card does not work with Mavericks. Any suggestions?

    This is an Apiotek II 300 Express Adapter. I went out to and it appears the domain is for sale. Is there any way to get a software update or do I have to buy a new Express Card that allows eSATA drives to work with Mavericks. I did a backup before I upgraded using X 10.7.5 and everything worked fine. The eSATA drive is not seen using Disk Utility either.
    Thanks for any help or suggestions.

    The driver has to come from the manufacturer of the card, so your two options are to get another card or to use your full backup to go back to 10.7.5. That assumes it's a clone backup and not Time Machine.

  • Photoshop CS4 not working with Maverick?

    I downloaded Maverick last night after using Photoshop CS4 all day. This morning when i tried to launch it, i got a message saying i needed to download Java SE 6 runtime. I said ok, it tries to install, but i keep getting the same error "Can not download software due to network error". I called Apple Support and they said if the software worked with Mountian Lion then it will work with Maverick I was told to call Acrobat. I did and they told me it was Apple's issue. After searching online it seems that it is Apple's issue. I tried downloading the SE 7 runtime that didn't work. Not sure what to do at this point. Any help would be apperciated.

    Here is the photo :
    I use a spyder to correct my display color. It seem to be blocking me from chaning the accelration.
    Could that be causing the problem ?

  • Compressor not working with mavericks

    My Compressor is not working with FCP get error code, and will not open, gives message can't use with OSX I have and have Compressor 4.0. Of course, Mavericks was free and now have to spend money to get new version of Compressor. No updates are showing in Apple Store. Anyone have a resolution or am I going to have to buy new Compressor?

    SLanceD wrote:
    both came with the computer.
    If you didn't buy from the App Store, you'll have to find your purchase records and contact Apple to sort it out.

  • Why does my scanner not work with Yosemite

    My father upgraded to Yosemite but now can't get his scanner to work with it.  How can I advise him?

    I have talked at length to Canon. Their support is normally very responsible and competent, but in this case, they say that they don't know if or when there will be a fix to the problem. All they suggest is that you download the drivers and reinstall them. They also suggest that you repair your disk permissions.
    The problem is that after the first scan, the software tries to locate the scanner. After 90 seconds, there is a message saying that the scanner is in use by another application. Once you reply OK to that message, you can scan another document. So, it works, if you consider scanning a document every 90 seconds working. I don't.
    The problem may well be Apple's, but resolution requires that Canon and Apple talk. They don't seem to be.

  • Epson perfection 610 does not work as claimed with Mavericks. The driver has not been working since it was introduced in previous OSX releases. Will Epson look into this matter as the images produced are unusable, the cymk channels are offset.

    Has anyone had this scanner working with the Apple drivers? Mavericks still adds this scanner and even gives it the correct icon in the dock. But, the CYMK channels are offset making the output images unusable. Surely this must be a driver fault which has been long standing, before Mavericks. I get the impression it is a generic driver that just maybe recognises an epson scanner and just does what it always does without taking too much care to adapt to the scanner itself. Such as shame as the Apple scanning software is otherwise very good.

    Anyone know how to inform Apple they have a problem with the driver? Just to let them know...
    Of course there is handmade solution by using Photoshop and move channels each other but frankly...
    Here are sample scans which demonstrates the problem, one on mac through Image Capture:
    … and just to compare, the sample I did in Paint (virtual Windows machine under OSX):

  • Epson scanner not work with Mountain Lion?

    I have an Epson Expressio 1600Pro scanner with transparency adaptor. It has worked perfectly with previous Macs using OSX 10.4. I have recently bought a MacBook pro and upgraded it to OSX 10.8. I went to Epson's website to get a new driver etc. That tells you it can only be downloaded via Mac Software Update. That was duly done and installed. System prefs lists it under printer and scanners. OK
    I have also installed Photoshop Elements 11 and expected to be able to scan direct to there but nothing seems possible. Going to Help says use Image capture or Preview. Yes! there is a small very rudimentary scanning window appears in both apps. Now the problem! Nothing happens. I have tried ALL the various meagre settings on offer, changing size, resolution, custom etc and all that happens is a small rectangle of a scan occurs but no resulting file.
    I have been on to Epson who say ONLY image capture will work with 10.8 but as it is a 3rd party software they can offer no assistance. Well image capture does NOT work. I have spent all afternoon trying various things like restarting, unplugging, reconnecting etc etc nothing.
    10.8 does seem very buggy. I have even had to stop using Mail and Safari simply because it doesn't work whereas Thunderbird and Firefox work very well.
    But I digress, does anyone have any thoughts please?

    The following comments are based on installing an Epson RX700 All-in-one printer/copier/scanner so they may not be applicable to you but, for what it's worth here they are. The RX700 scanner worked perfectly with Snow Leopard and then Lion but, when I changed to Mountain Lion, and used the app store to download and install the drivers, I lost the Epson scanner utility (ie. the user interface that gives you all the scanner options).
    However, if I used System Preferences and then the Print and Scan option, it brought up a small window where I could select either Print or Scan. Selecting Scan or Open Scanner from this window then opens up a window with all the scanner options in it, including an overview scan. This window has the option to either Hide Details (all the detailed scanner options - resolution, size, output file name etc) or Show them. As far as I can see, this window is actually the Image Capture app, although it doesn't say so.
    It might be a long shot but try changing the Auto Selection box in this window to one of the other options (eg. "Detect Separate Items") or setting the "Scan to" to a file.

  • Epson Perfection V700 Photo Not Working

    Since I successfully downloaded and installed Mavericks, I cannot use my Epson Perfection V700 Photo Scanner. I NEED this updated ASAP as I am in the middle of archiving and updating an online group. Epson do NOT have an upgrade, yet.
    Does Apple have one yet?
    Thank you,
    Mark Patten

    Hi All !
    I installed the new drivers for my Epson Perfection V700 Photo. And it is working as supposed to !
    Go on the Epson web site and download the drivers. Follow the simple instructions and be ready to drive your scanner as before !

  • HP M1120 Scanner not working on Mavericks

    I know plenty has been said about this HP/Mavericks problem with "old" printer/scanners, but I have a small clue.
    I have a Late 2011 Macbook Pro with Mavericks on it, and I CAN use HP Scan on it using my "old" HP M1120 multifunction printer. It works perfectly well. I can't however use Preview, or any other software to scan, but I don't mind. I can just use HP SCAN.
    However, I have bought a new Late 2013 Macbook Pro with Mavericks on it, and I can't seem to make it work with the same multifunction printer. I have read everything there is to read on the web, and everything points out to the impossibility to scan using that printer with Mavericks, BUT I CAN WITH MY OLD MACBOOK PRO ON MAVERICKS.
    So, I guess my question is: is there a way to copy exactly the same printer configuration/permits/etc from one OS to the other?
    On my old Macbook Pro, when I check on System Information, I have a HP Photosmart C5100 that appears as idle (I don't think I ever had that printer). I think, maybe, somehow HP Scan might think that's the scanner it's using... so perhaps someone can think of a way to trick Mavericks into thinking I have a Photosmart C5100, who knows...
    Thanks a lot!

    A simple solution is to use the disk that came with your HP Printer and install the scanner drivers on your new MacBook.
    Had the same issue before, this solved my problem.

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