Error 0xE8000065 on my iTunes when connecting the iPad to my MacBook Pro

hello! a couple of hours ago, I tried to switch off my iPad. flipped the finger over the red arrow and the classic wheel started to run... but the iPad never switched off. is still "thinking"... then, I connected the iPad to the Computer (MacBookPro OS X 10.7) and iTunes shows an error message: 0xE8000065.
I've read everything about it. The problem is that all the possible solutions don't contemplate the possibility of the iPad not been able to be switched off because is in a kind of loop, or blocked... I don't know what to do. I've called Support and they don't work on sundays. Any similar case that can give me some light on this problem? never before my iPad got stuck and were not able to be shut down and restarted again...
halps in advance

yes, I read "everything" including this article, which is mostly for PC users. I am a Mac user. In the last part of the feature they explain what to do with a Mac computer, a test that of course I did before putting my request in this forum, but as I explained, none of these answers take into consideration the fact that my iPad was in a kind of loop and couldn't be accesed. So I tried, and succeed, to do a hard reset and it worked.
thanks for the link

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    When you connect the device open iTunes and select it from the sidebar. Click on the Summary tab in the main window. Uncheck the option to automatically connect to iTunes. You will find it in the collection of options near the lower part of the window.

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    Welcome to the Apple Community.
    Do you have the power cable in, it won't show up with the power cable in.
    Additionally, there have been some issues with the update servers, it's possible you won't be able to complete the update procedure anyway.

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    Follow these documents.
    Try to get into your machine and if you do, the first thing you dois
    backup your files to a external drive. (not TimeMachine) viaregular
    drag and drop methods.
    Disconnect this drive. and all others.
    Repair Permissions /Drive from the installer disk
    You can then c boot off the installer disk for your OS versionand
    under the Utilities menu is Disk Utility > Repair Disk and
    Repair Permissions.
    Any warnings related to Disk Repair that are not repaired
    is a sign of trouble.
    This one about permissions you can ignore
    Reinstall OS X
    Also you can reinstall just OS X itself while c booted off the
    installer disk, shouldn't effect your programs or files
    (but backup all files just in case)
    Hold off Software updating until your third party software
    has a update to work with the current OS X version.
    OnyX clean and check
    You can download and run ALL the cleaning and maintenance
    aspects of the free OnyX and reboot here:
    Also use OnyX Verify > Preferences (check to show onlycorrupt)
    plist files, write them down and find them and move them to your
    desktop and reboot, they will be rebuilt. If everything is finethen
    delete the old plists and set your preferences again.
    Most drastic method
    If that don't work, c boot off the installer disk again, thistime
    use Disk Utility to Erase >format HFS+ Journaled with Security
    option > Zero All Data (will take some time) This will totally
    wipe the drive of everything and is a last ditch effort.
    When it's done quit, and reinstall OS X.
    You'll have to go through the setup and reinstall your programs
    and files from backup. Secret is use the same user name and
    drive name as the previous time so your iTunes folder will work
    without a hitch.
    If you restore from TimeMachine, it's possible whatever problem
    you had can return, but you can try and if it doesn't work, just
    repeat above without TimeMachine.
    Clone your boot drive
    Later look at free/donationware Carbon Copy Clone your boot
    drive to a external HFS+ Journaled formatted drive (in DiskUtility)
    and keep in a safe place, it hold option bootable, reverseclone
    great if your hard drive bites it, or TimeMachine gets hosed.
    TM isn't bootable.

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    you do NOT do this via Bluetooth.  If you have iOS 5, you can synch via WiFi.  If not, you sync via USB

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    There is no easy solution.
    An iPod will do the job.

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    Try making up a date. something relatively recent. See if that allows you to go forward

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    Nothing. The iPod does not have the BT profiles for things like file transfer.

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    That's Windows software.

  • Hello all .. i have a big problem in my ipad version 5.1.1 that is when i connect the ipad with my computer the i tunes give me this message ( itunes couldnt connect to this ipad .an unknown error occurred (0xE8000012).) how i can solve this problem pleas

    hello all .. i have a big problem in my ipad version 5.1.1 that is when i connect the ipad with my computer the i tunes give me this message ( itunes couldnt connect to this ipad .an unknown error occurred (0xE8000012).) how i can solve this problem please
    and this is an pic for the problem

    There is some troubleshooting for 0xE8 error codes on this page : - you could see if anything on that page fixes it

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    For general advice see Troubleshooting issues with iTunes for Windows updates.
    The steps in the second box are a guide to removing everything related to iTunes and then rebuilding it which is often a good starting point unless the symptoms indicate a more specific approach. Review the other boxes and the list of support documents further down page in case one of them applies.
    Your library should be unaffected by these steps but there is backup and recovery advice elsewhere in the user tip.

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