Error 150:30  CS4 (student edition) on a Macbook

I recently had a corrupted operating system and had to erase and reinstall, but had error with backup reinstall and now can no longer use any of my Master Collection CS4 (student edition) with an error 150:30 licence issue, all my information was lost for the past 2 years from my backups???what to do, can any one help???

Do you have your serial number(s)?
You can download and install some version of CS4 from this site:
Be sure to follow the Very Important Instructions to set your Adobe authorization cookie.
What I’m not sure is if the version downloaded from the above link will activate with student edition serial numbers or not.

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  • Pixel Bender Gallery Error in Photoshop CS4 Student Edition

    When trying to access pixel bender filters with Photoshop CS4, filters>Pixel Bender>Pixel Bender Gallery, I get an Error dialog images as follows...
    I have read the ReadMe file and have the GeForce 8500 GT Video Card on this list.
    The Pixel Bender Toolkit is installed at C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Utilities\Pixel Bender Toolkit c/w pbk filters that run in the toolkit.
    In Photoshop there are a number of pbk filters in C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS4\Pixel Bender Files.
    The Operating system for the computer is Windows XP Professional c/w service pack 2 at least.
    My question is... why am I getting this error message and how can It be fixed?

    Here are two further images and an NVIDIA System Information report you asked for that I have prepared, I hope this will help.
    I am aware that I could download trial versions of Photoshop CS5 and its Pixel plugin version, but first, this first image shows a message that loads from Photoshop CS4 when I start the program and has always done so from day one of owning the machine and the software, could this be of relevence to what could be the root of the issue at hand.
    I also use 3D Studio Max with OpenGL and have noted rotating moving objects in 3D space of a file size of 10MB is very slow and chuggie, is this relevent, does this information give any clues.
    Thankyou again for your time and effort in helping me resolve Pixel Bender Gallery Error issue.
    NVIDIA System Information report created on: 31/06/2011 00:50:53
    System name: Not provided.
    Operating System:    Microsoft Windows XP, 32-bit (Service Pack 3)
    DirectX version:    9.0
    GPU processor:        GeForce 8500 GT
    Driver version:        275.33
    DirectX support:    10
    CUDA Cores:        16
    Core clock:        459 MHz
    Shader clock:        918 MHz
    Memory clock:        400 MHz (800 MHz data rate)
    Memory interface:    128-bit
    Memory:            512 MB
    Memory type:        DDR2
    Video BIOS version:
    IRQ:            18
    Bus:            PCI Express x16
    easyUpdatusAPIU.DLL        NVIDIA Update Components
    WLMerger.exe        NVIDIA Update Components
    Nvlhr.exe        NVIDIA Update Components
    daemonu.exe        NVIDIA Update Components
    ComUpdatusPS.dll        NVIDIA Update Components
    ComUpdatus.exe        NVIDIA Update Components
    NvUpdtr.dll        NVIDIA Update Components
    NvUpdt.dll        NVIDIA Update Components
    NVCPL.DLL        NVIDIA Compatible Windows 2000 Display driver, Version 275.33
    nvCplUIR.dll        NVIDIA Control Panel
    nvCplUI.exe        3.7.730.01        NVIDIA Control Panel
    nvWSSR.dll        NVIDIA Workstation Server
    nvWSS.dll        NVIDIA Workstation Server
    nvViTvSR.dll        NVIDIA Video Server
    nvViTvS.dll        NVIDIA Video Server
    nvMoblSR.dll        NVIDIA Mobile Server
    nvMoblS.dll        NVIDIA Mobile Server
    nvDispSR.dll        NVIDIA Display Server
    NVMCTRAY.DLL        NVIDIA Media Center Library
    NVOGLNT.DLL        NVIDIA Compatible OpenGL ICD
    nvDispS.dll        NVIDIA Display Server
    NV4_MINI.SYS        NVIDIA Windows XP Miniport Driver, Version 275.33
    NV4_DISP.DLL        NVIDIA Windows XP Display driver, Version 275.33
    PhysX        09.10.0514        NVIDIA PhysX
    NVCUDA.DLL        NVIDIA CUDA 4.0.1 driver
    nvGameSR.dll        NVIDIA 3D Settings Server
    nvGameS.dll        NVIDIA 3D Settings Server

  • I have reinstalled cs4 student edition afther a deactivation by adobe but can not veiw ORF or DNG files in bridge i am runing windows 7

    I have reinstalled cs4 student edition afther a deactivation by adobe but can not veiw ORF or DNG files in bridge i am runing windows 7

    Keep in mind that if your camera is newer than the last released version of Camera Raw (5.7) for Photoshop CS4, Adobe does provide a free solution for compatibility, as Curt has mentioned, through the use of the free DNG Converter application.
    The way that works is this:
    1.  You get your raw images from your new camera into a folder on your computer.
    2.  You run the latest DNG Converter application and choose the folder.
    3.  It converts the entire folder full of images to .DNG files.
    4.  You open a DNG file as you would an older raw file, with your old version of Photoshop.
    While the DNG Converter provides you a way to continue to use your older Photoshop software with a new camera, keep in mind that there are significant improvements in the raw converter in the latest version of Photoshop that may allow you to make better images out of your raw files if you do choose to upgrade Photoshop.

  • Photoshop CS4 Student Edition

    I am interested in purchasing Photoshop CS4 student edition. I live in the States and my operating system is a Mac OSX 10.4 Tiger. It's also an intel. Anyway, I know a graphic designer who told me you can't use the program for commercial use and also you can only install the disc one time. What constitutes commercial use? If I buy a new computer, will I be able to install PSCS4 again or transfer the files?
    Thank you!

    You can use the program for whatever you want.
    >If I buy a new computer, will I be able to install PSCS4 again or transfer the files?
    You can deactivate the other copy, then install from the original media on the new box. DO NOT
    transfer the program files, ever; always install from the original media.
    The license is for one user, two computers that are not used simultaneously, e.g. a laptop and a desktop box.
    You can read the EULA on the Adobe web site. Do a search.

  • I NEED TO SPEAK WITH A PERSON!!!!!!  Error 150:30 CS4 on Mavericks 10.9.4

    I'm having a major licensing issue: Error 150:30 CS4 on Mavericks 10.9.4
    I've read & tried the solutions from the "community."
    NOT Helpful!!!
    I can not locate the folder : /Library/Preferences/FLEXnet Publisher/
    I DID: Adobe Licensing Repair tool:
    ERROR: "can't open application bc PowerPC applications are no longer supported
    I DID: Repair Disk Permissions on HD
    I want to make sure that I've done everything possible before I uninstall/reinstall.

    My recommendation: Use the Adobe Cleaner tool to clean all the CS software off your hard drive:
    Download a new copy of your CS4 installer files here:
    Using the installer, install again.

  • Help! Installed CS4 student edition, but only Illustrator appeared!

    Hi! I recently installed the CS4 student edition, but only Illustrator appears in 'Applications.' A lot of the files associated with Photoshop and In Design are on the computer, but not the programs themselves. I wonder if this has to do with the fact I downloaded trial versions of Photoshop and In Design, but deleted them when I was ready to install CS4. They are no longer in trash.
    Thank you.

    If you deleted them by simply dragging them to the trash, then yes, that
    would explain it. Those application need to be uninstalled, not trashed.

  • Where can I download Dreamweaver CS4 Student Edition?

    I´m already registered with my valid Licence key. But now I have to install Dreamweaver CS4 (Student Edition) on my new computer and I can´t find my  installation CD´s.
    Can anybody help me?
    I already tried to install the "normal" Dreamweaver CS4 installation files. But finally my Student Licence key was always rejected.
    Thanks for your help in advance.

    Hello Marion,
    I've moved this question to the Dreamweaver forum where they can better assist you.

  • CS4 Student Edition Questions

    Hi, I'm currently a student at Seattle Art Institute and need to get CS4. My question is, if I get CS4 Student Edition is it any different than the regular CS4? Does it not include some things that the other has? Also, when I graduate will I have to upgrade to a regular CS4 in order to do my own personal work or can I just use the Student Edition. And lastly, will I be able to use the Student Edition for internships? Thanks for any help,

    I'm aware this post is rather old, but I was curious as to where you got this information? The "US" website does not say that, and I purchased the student version and talked to three different Adobe associates over the phone (including the supervisor) all of which said that here in the US you absolutely can use the Student edition of CS4 for commercial work.
    EDIT: never mind I saw your link. You're right about it NOT being able to be used for commercial use in the UK.
    I was worried for a second. Here in the USA you can use it for commercial work. Just called and verified the difference on the phone yet
    UK no USA yes

  • Quick "Photoshop CS4 Student Edition" Question

    How many times am I able to download the CS4 Student Edition? If I can recall, I was able to download my old CS3 version twice, but I am having difficulty locating where to find this particular information. Thanks for the response. Much appreciated!

    As far as I know, the Student Editions range is no different from any other Adobe downloadable product. In their Online Order FAQ, they write:
    "How long will my download be available?
    You may return to your Online Store account to resume a download, or re-download your products for 3 years after the day of purchase. If for some reason you are unable to access your account or are unable to find your previously purchased downloads, please contact customer service. Adobe reserves the right to change this policy at any time with or without notice."
    (Taken from )
    That seems to indicate that you're not limited to a number of downloads, but a time in which to download. If you click on the 'Your Account' link at the top of the Adobe site, and then on the 'View Order History' link, you should have a 'Your Downloads' tab that will make all your purchases available to download.
    You may find that this varies slightly with volume licensing however. I'm assuming you mean a Student Editions individual purchase, but if you're buying through your university for example, you should check with them. If you're unsure of what kinds of student editions are available, check out this article explaining the different Adobe Photoshop Student editions, .

  • Installing CS4 student edition onto a new macbook pro

    I have just bought a macbook pro (which doesn't have a disc drive) and am wanting to install my student edition of CS4 onto it.
    As advised by adobe I have copied the installation CDs onto a USB and have then copied them onto my new macbook to try and install it that way.
    I can install the first disc fine, but then it asks for me to insert disc two - when i open the copied file from disc two nothing happens ... anyone know how to get around this/make it work!
    I have seen on another thread that you can install the trial versions of cs4 and then input your serial number to activate them but I don't know if this will work woth the student edition?
    (I had first tried to install CS4 onto my new laptop using the migration assistant, but it must have corrupted the files, that when i spoke to adobe and they told me to do try installing using USB)

    The only difference between student editions and others is the license... the software is the same. 
    As you mentioned, you can download the trial version of the software thru the page linked below and then use your current serial number to activate it.
    Be sure to follow the steps outlined in the Note: Very Important Instructions section on the download pages at this site and have cookies enabled in your browser or else the download will not work properly.
    CS3 and CS4:

  • Error 150:30 CS4 Web premium - Yosemite upgrade

    I'm trying to recover from a Yosemite upgrade failure on my MacBook Pro. I used the Migration Assistant app to restore my Applications folder. When I launch any product from the suite, I get Error 150:30. I can't use the installer disk for CS4 Web Premium. I've attempted downloading it from the support site several times and it always fails. When I attempt to relaunch download in Safari, I get a message that I don't have permission to download the CS4 Web Premium installer.

    Thanks for the reply. I'm not running Yosemite. I'm still running Mavericks 10.9.5. CS4 worked fine in it. I'll try the cleaner and attempt another download.
    UPDATE: CS4 Installer doesn't work on Mavericks, although the apps were running before the failed Yosemite update. I've downloaded the installer but it doesn't launch. It behaves like a folder, showing the installer contents. Here is a screen shot.
    UPDATE 2: The support reply was NOT helpful and didn't solve my problem. I'm not running Yosemite, if this post was read correctly.
    I've downloaded CS4 Web Premium several times and it still doesn't work on 10.9.5.

  • Error 150:30 CS4 Macbook Pro

    My hard drive crashed & I replaced it.  Thankfully had a decent backup.  Tring to open CS4 keep getting error 150:30 even after restarting multiple times.  'Licensing for this product has stopped working.'

    I hope you haven't used the Time Machine backup for CS4 on Mac book pro, not very successful way to have the Adobe Application on the computer.
    If you have done so, then the proper installation will be needed.
    Else, you could follow :- , so get this fixed.

  • Installing Web Premium CS4 Student Edition on Laptop After Windows 7 Upgrade Question

    I hope that this hasn't been asked before but my question is the following: I want to upgrade my laptop computer from Windows XP to Windows 7.  But I hear that all programs get uninstalled after installing Windows 7 on a Windows XP machine.  I would have to reinstall all programs again to use Web Premium CS4.  But my student edition says that I can only install the program on two computers.  Does this mean that I can install the program only two times or can I still install on the same laptop after changing the OS (I installed CS4 on two computers, my laptop and desktop)?  I would very much like to continue using Web Premium CS4 on my laptop but am worried that I won't be able to install it since I installed CS4 on my laptop and desktop (two installs already).  Let me know if I can install on the same laptop after upgrading to Windows 7.  Thanks in advance for the help.

    The issue is not's activation. Deactivate the software first. (Help > Deactivate from any application).
    Back up all of your data, preferences, etc because as you note, this will be a clean install of Windows. Be aware that this is only recommeneded method for upgrading a Windows installation. NEVER do an in place Windows (or, IMO, Mac OSX) upgrade.

  • CS4 Student edition question

    I am hoping someone here can help me out. I am attending VFS at the moment and even though I get access to all their software and equipment I am looking to get my own version of the production premium package. I was looking through their student packages and saw they had two versions of the same package, the student licensing and the student edition.
    What is the difference other then the price? Would I be able to use both for commerical use(Seeing I am in North America?)
    JourneyEd also sells the CS4 package, it says the Lic. Type is CLP 4.5 Student Licensing. Again, not sure what this means.

    I still haven't found the answer to this. Let me explain it a bit better.
    I know the student edition can be used for commercial use in North America and on the adobe site it is $399. Now if I scroll down a bit there is the "student licensing" tab which has the Production Premium package at $299. Is this like what a school that buys for their students or can anyone buy this, and can it be used for commercial use?
    Also VFS has a deal with JourneyEd which sells Adobe Products, and their Production Premium package is $379 and it says the Lic. Type is
    CLP 4.5 Student Licensing.
    If I buy from JourneyEd will that CLP 4.5 lisense or whatever allow me to make profit off my work?

  • Production Premium CS4 Student Edition-Quick Question

    I just purchased the student edition of Production Premium CS4. I would like to install the software as soon as I recieve it, however, I do plan on buying a new computer within the next month.
    Am I able to install the software on the computer I have now, and then once I have purchased the new computer, deactivate and uninstall CS4 from the old computer and reinstall and activate on the new computer?
    I believe the Licence states that the software may only be installed on one computer. Does that mean one computer at a time or one computer ever?
    Thank you!

    A good and frequent question - and I think you should be OK...  Check out the entries in this FAQ, "Do the Student Editions have restricted functionality?" and "How many computers can I use a Student Edition on?"  (under "How Can I Use My Software?")

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