Error -200587 occurred at DAQmx Start

I am running the attached code Merrit_Coil_calibration, and I get the following error:
Error -200587 occurred at DAQmx Start
Possible reason(s):
Requested operation could not be performed, because the specified digital lines are either reserved or the device is not present in NI-DAQmx.
It is possible that these lines are reserved by another task, the device is being used through the Traditional NI-DAQ interface, or the device is being reset. You might also get the error if the specified resource is currently in use by LabVIEW network variables bound to the DAQ Channel, or if the DAQ Channel is being used in any OPC Client software.
If you are using these lines with another task, wait for the task to complete.  If you are using the device through the Traditional NI-DAQ interface, and you want to use it with NI-DAQmx, reset (initialize) the device using the Traditional NI-DAQ interface. If you are resetting the device, wait for the reset to finish.
Device:  Dev2
Task Name: _unnamedTask<F>
I am calling the same DAQ, many different places in my code and I think that is the problem, but I can not figure out why or hw to fix it.  Anyone have any suggestions?
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Thank you both for your input.  I slightly changed my code to Merritt_Coil_calibration (updated code attached) and the first error went away, but now I have a different one which is:
Error -200429 occurred at DAQmx Write (Digital U32 1Chan 1Samp).vi:1
Possible reason(s):
Value passed to the Task/Channels In control is an empty string (or I/O control).
The value must refer to a valid task or valid channels.
As far as what DAQ device I am using, it is the NI USB 6009.  I am only using digital port 0.  During different pieces of my code I send different values to port 0.  I am using this to drive some stepper motors.  I thus send square waves on the different pins on port 0.  I do not know if this is exactly what you were asking. 
Whatever the case, I was wondering if anyone knows why this error occurs and how I could fix it. 
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  • Error 229771 occurred at DAQmx Start Task - only in Labview project

    Labview 2011 sp1
    os: W7 32bits
    DAQmx 9.7.0f0
    ni-PCI 6251
    I'm working with a ni-PCI 6251 card. I got the error :  Error -229771 occurred at DAQmx Start Task. Possible reasons :Internal sofware error  occured in MIG software ... when I'm trying to launch my data acquisition vi. This error was already reported in this post :​-NI/Error-229771-occurred-at-DAQmx-Start-Task/td-p​...
    I tried to reinstall DAQmx as explained in the post but it unfurtunatly it did'nt fix my issue.
    I've notice the following points :
    1. This error appears randomly, after several reboots the vi will finally run without error
    2. The error only appears when the vi is included in project
    I will really appreciate any kind of help.
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    Je vous invite à jeter un oeil sur le lien suivant :​6C48E862577A4005B6BAA?OpenDocument
    Il devrait résoudre votre problématique.
    Matthieu RICORD
    National Instruments France
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  • Error in Error -200485 occurred at DAQmx Create

    I keep having this error: 
    The specified task cannot be loaded, because it is not in Data Neighborhood.
    Check Data Neighborhood in MAX. Look for similar characters, such as the capital letter "O" and the number zero.
    I would like to know what is the problem with the program.  I've attached the VI.
    Basically i am trying to control a physical LED connected to the NI Elvis II by comparing the inputs from DIO 0-7 and DIO 8-15.
    So if DIO 0 is on, DIO 8 must also be on to turn on the LED. 
    But at the moment, the program cant run. Need help in spotting the mistake! >< Thanks!
    Go to Solution.
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    From the code you attached I guess you haven't created a task (This is used to configure which is input and which is output) so you can take a look at the page how to create a task and go ahead.
    Good luck
    The best solution is the one you find it by yourself

  • Error -89130 occurred at daqmxcfg_DAQmx Start

    I'm attempting to set up a cDAQ 9133 connected to a host computer.  I've reinstalled the drivers, reinstalled the devices and interfaces, and followed the steps outlined at but I still see the same message.
    Everything is brand new, just opened, never used before.  I can see the Remote System in MAX, I can see each of the devices (9215 and 9263), and everything passes the self-test.  9215 returns the error in the test panel written in the title, 9263 returns -89130 in the Test Panel (much less descriptive).  Everything is up to date, and the DAQmx driver is 14.5 on both the computer and the cDAQ.
    Any thoughts or things I may have overlooked?  Are there any particular modules that need to be installed on the host computer for this to work that aren't part of the standard installation and wouldn't be included in the USB drive that came with the cDAQ?

    Hi ecf14!
    I have a couple of questions regarding your setup. 
    Are you running Windows 7 or NI Linux Real-Time on the cDAQ?
    If you are running NI Linux Real-Time, have you downloaded and installed the LabVIEW Real-Time module?
    The device manual has some helpful troubleshooting steps to ensure that you have set up your device correctly.

  • Does multiple instances of DAQmx start task result in error?

    I am trying to read voltages from pressure transducers and LVDTs in two separate While Loops. But when running the program there is an error regarding DAQmx Start So I was wondering if multiple instances of DAQmx Start task results in error. I have attached the vi.
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    Thank you for the reply. New to Labview so I didn't know that we had to search using the error code, I tried searching using text though. Will do that from the next time, thanks.
    I do not have the problem with the write tasks but only with the read tasks. Right now I have one start task for all the input from the pressure transducers and LVDTs and three start tasks for the three analogue outputs and the program seems to run fine.

  • Error -200609 occurred at DAQmx Write: Selected Buffer Size Too Small

    Hello, I'm writing some simple test VI's that I will eventually build upon to make an externally clocked analog output VI. I started with a very simple program to output finite samples using the onboard clock with the DAQmx Timing.VI. When I run the program, I almost immediately get an error. The error message is below.
    Error -200609 occurred at DAQmx Write (Analog DBL 1Chan 1Samp).vi:1
    Possible reason(s):
    Generation cannot be started, because the selected buffer size is too small.
    Increase the buffer size.
    Conflicting Property
    Property: Output.BufSize
    Corresponding Value: 1
    Minimum Supported Value: 2
    Task Name: _unnamedTask<1C>
    I have used DAQmx VI's before in similar applications and never encountered this error. Additionally, I read at the link below that DAQmx Timing.VI should be generating the buffer automatically. Any ideas as what could be causing this?
    Windows 7
    Labview 2012
    PCIe-6353 as DAQ board
    Below is a picture of my block diagram and the VI is attached.
    Go to Solution.
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    Oops. Just realized my very silly mistake: I forgot to add the Start Task VI. I did so and it works as designed.

  • Error -200220 occurred at DAQmx Create Channel (CO-Pulse Generation-Time).vi:1

    Just a couple of days ago I was given a task to complete. To transfer a Labview program from a desktop computer to laptop.
    The program itself uses a marlin camera to count the number of seeds.
    The transfer was fine I installed Labview 8.2, installed the DAQmx drivers and labview vision.
    I then transffered the program files over and ran the program on the laptop in labview and found an ERROR: Error -200220 occurred at DAQmx Create Channel (CO-Pulse Generation-Time).vi:1
    I remember that the desktop had a kind of board attached to it: some NI board dont know the model etc.
    can this be a problem? I have ensured that the problem is not the camera by checking it in MAX and it works fine.
    When i do step by step debugging the problem comes to a VI that uses a palette called DAQmx trigger - data acquisition palette.
    please see the attached picture!!
    Is this VI the problem then and is this palette the main problem that is not enabling this program to work??
    p.s. Will it be necessary to use the NI board then? if so i dont think it will work on the laptop then as you will need to install the daq card
    which can only be done on a desktop i think!! 

    Hello Rob W,
    Yes I only use a Firewire to connect the camera.
    And also i am sure that the device shows up in MAX under NI-DAQmx devices and not under Traditional DAQ. and it works under max.
    I am sure the problem is as shown in the image. because i have not connected to the NI board on the laptop and the program is designed to work with the board.
    but i have also tried removing the parts in the program that use the board but because of the complexity of the program i.e. wires i had some other problems i think
    must be the wiring etc

  • Error-50150 occured at DAQmx Write

        I am experiencing a seemingly random error in a large program. The error occurs in a part of the program that simulates tach signals to a CPLD. I have not been able to find out what conditions cause this error, it seems to be random in nature.
    The full error reads this:
    Error - 50150 occurred at DAQmx Write(Digital 1D U16 1Chan Nsamp).vi
    Possible Reasons:
    The software has entered an unknown state-usually as a result of a cascade failure induced by an unexpected series of state inputs. The operation could not be completed as specified and you should immediately terminate all further transactions if you are able to do so.
    Task Name:TackABC_Write Port0 U16
    The device we are using is a PCI-DIO-32HS, with Labview 7.1, NI-MAX 4.1, and DAQmx drivers 8.3.1. The task writes 3 signals to the CPLD, and it works most of the time, but every so often this error will occur. I was wondering what could be the cause of an error like this?
    Thanks, Steve

    Hello Brian, thanks for the response.
    I made a mistake in my last post, it is actually a DAQmx clear task in place of the stop task vi i mentioned. When we first received this error it had no clear task at the end, but I added one. Even with this the error has still shown up from time to time. Would it help at all to add a reset device vi afte the clear task vi?
    I took some screenshots for you as well. The first shot is of the function in question, the second is the same shot with the case turned to false, and the third is the inside of the main subvi. When the error occurs it focuses on the write vi that is inside the subvi. Let me know if there is more info I could grab that would make things mroe clear.
    SS3.JPG ‏160 KB
    SS1.JPG ‏189 KB
    SS2.JPG ‏181 KB

  • Error 200745 occured at DAQmx

    Hello everyone.
    Does anybody knows about this "error-200745 occured at DAQmx"
    everytime I used 57.6KHz frequency and Initial delay of 1.
    Looking forward of your help..
    thanks and regards,

    Hi Ludz,
    Do you get the error for every duty cycle?  Do you know which frequency or frequency range the program will give you this error?  What example program did you start with? One example you can try is the PWM-Counter located in the example finder.  You can find the example finder at Help>>Find Examples.  When this opens, select the search tab in the top left and search for PWM.  I would try running this example with the same settings as your other program to see if you see the same behavior.
    Jim Schwartz

  • Error -1074397038 occurred at IMAQ for 64bit Labview 2011 SP1, Win7

    I am using a MC1362 camera from Mikrotron with a PCIe1433 framegrabber. I was using it with windows XP, 32 bit, labview 2010 SP1 32 bit, it was working perfectly fine. I just switch to windows 7 with labview 2011 SP1 64bit, and it is not working anymore with my custom routine in labview, though it works with MAX and camera file generator and I use the same camera file.
    When I run my routine, I have this error message:
    Error -1074397038 occurred at IMAQ
    Possible reason(s):
    NI-IMAQ:  The requested serial termination string was not found in the returned buffer.
    Then, If I try to run the camera with MAX, it doesn't work anymore, I have to reboot the camera, and put it in the right mode with the Mikrotron control tool to obtain an image.
    I have seen similar issue on a Basler camera on the forum, and it has been solved by using a camera file to set the different parameters. There is no camera file complete to set all the parameters of the camera, so I had to program them in serial to drive the camera with my Labview routine.
    Could you help me to solve this issue please?
    David Dulin

    This forum post is already handled --> SR 1154262.
    Kind regards,
    Corné Westeneng
    Applications Engineer

  • Error-200220 occurred at daqmx create channel

    i need u r help  this  error apeears to me when i run my code on labview 
    and i dont know how i can solve it due  am still wake and dont have background on labviw 
    and coding 
    (error-200220 occurred at daqmx create channel (AO-Voltage-Basic).vi:3)

    ok the first problem is solved...
    but now in the another program
    its appearing:
    Error 1 occurred at Read File+ (string): Read File
    Possible reason(s):
    LabVIEW:  An input parameter is invalid. For example if the input is a path, the path might contain a character not allowed by the OS such as ? or @.
    NI-488:  Command requires GPIB Controller to be Controller in Charge.

  • Error 200380 occurred at DAQmx perform bridge offset nulling operation

    I had a working VI that could balance a wheatstone half bridge and read and record measurements.  My sensors are attached to a SCXI-1314 modle in a 1520 box in channel 0 (positioned as in the manual for half bridge) with the completion resistors in the appt places in ch7.  It used 'custom voltage with excitation'.
    Wanted to improve this VI so that it would also do a shunt calibration.  I therefore connected the shunt resistor in the board over my active sensor as in the manual.  I tried then to create a virtual channel for it - but it wouldn't work.  So I gave up on that idea and tried to put things back how they were - deleted the virtual channel, and removed the connections to the shunt resistor.  Except now none of my previously working VIs will work.  I have built a new VI, and that can find a signal but not balance the bridge.  I get:
    error 200380 occurred at DAQmx perform bridge offset nulling operation.
    I have checked the hardware again, and it's all wired correctly - it seems like the VI can see the channel but doesn't know what to do with it.   Have running the VIs with and without a custom voltage with excitation channel created but nothing works.

    Hi LucyWH
    Have you tried re identifying the chassis in Measurement and
    automation explorer?
    Have you changed the jumpers at all as when rewiring this is easily
    I have found some links that you may find useful:
    Error -200380 When
    Calibrating SCXI-1520 in NI-DAQmx
    Common NI-DAQmx Error
    Codes and Solutions: Codes -200300 to -200999
    National Instruments UK & Ireland

  • Stand-Alone application with LabView 7.0 getting error can't find DAQmx clear

    I have attempted to create a stand alone vi with the Build Application or Shared Library(dll) in LabVeiw 7.0
    When I put it on another PC to test it I get the error "can't find DAQmx clear"
    the other PC has Labview 7.0 and DAQmx 8.1 also.
    I believe my problem is in the source tab where you are supposed to add support and dynamic vi's I have search the forums and Ni's data base and have not found a solution.
    Go to Solution.

    Hi LabTech09,
    When you run the executable on the other computer is when you get this error?  Do you have the exact same versions of LabVIEW and DAQmx on both computers?  Does the dialog allow you to navigate to the DAQmx clear  If so, you can find these VIs in C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 7.0\vi.lib\DAQmx\configure\task.llb.  Does the executable work on the development machine (the machine it was compiled on)?
    Jim Schwartz

  • An Unknown Error Has Occurred - Project Server 2010 - Tasks Page

    Greetings!   Some of my resources are recieving the error "An Unknown Error has occurred" (in red)  when trying to access their TASKS Page in Project Server 2010.  
    I've researched this error quite a bit and am finding suggestions and answers pretty much all over the board.    Before I have my server people start installing a slew of hot fixes - I want to know if anyone has an idea of the underlying cause
    for this error.    Since this issue doesn't affect everyone (i.e. I can access my task page), is it possibly related to the actual schedule in which they have assignments?    
    Any help is appreciated.

    i have found the solution for this issue, you need to do this:
    in the logs you must search the "exception" and the logs give you a ID, this ID is about the task assignment in the specific resource , so this assignment is corrupt.
    this ID, you need to merge in the SQL server in the project server database, you need to merge ID task with ID Project with ID Resource, so when you identify the ID project and ID resource you can
    DELETE this assignment in the project from project profesional, because this task has a corrupt assignment, you must delete
    ONLY FROM project professional.
    This solutión solve this specific problem for this assignment  that
    IS DIFERENT TO THIS SOLUTION  post of Brian Smith:
    Erick Gutiérrez PMI Membership #ID 2089740 MTCS - Microsoft Project Server Managing Projects

  • Error -200428 Occurred at DAQmx Write (Digital Bool 1Line 1Point).vi

    The working program started giving this program after we have had a hard_disk crash. We are just using the program that was backed up. Will appreciate any suggestions on this one. 

    Have you read the explanation for the error and did you verify the task or virtual channels exist?

Maybe you are looking for