Error in code page mapping for Source System

Hi All,
We are Loading data into BI system from MDM System.
It was loading fine but Yesterday we got an error " Error in code page mapping for Source System"
Message Class: RSDS_ACCESS 13.
We alreday tried to Search any IDOCs with error/unprocessed , but there isn't any.
Any pointers for this error will be Helpful.

Our SP currently SAPKW70019 , the SAP note mentioned above required to apply SP for 13, which we already beyond that...unfortunately we still face the same problem .. almost every day ..
any advice.. ?
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  • Error in code page mapping for Source system whil loading the data from ECC

    HI Gurus,
    I am working in a implementation project, Recently our BI sand box is up, when i am doing my load from 0comp_code_attr it is throwing an error "Error in code page mapping for source system"(This is my first load from ECC).
    In details tab it is showing as the data is sent from the source system but the data is not reaching to the PSA.
    Please let me know if there are any settings needs to be made.
    Many thanks in Advance

    HI V,
    Thanks for your quick response. I did it but it didn't resolve the issue. since the system id which i am having is 3 digits(LEC) but there it is taking only 2 digits, so i clicked on the button called Propose system ids, it has praposed LE, but the issue is stil there.
    Do we need to do any settings in LBWE??
    Thanks and Regards

  • Error in codepage mapping for source system. Error text:

    im facing the below issue in prod.
    Error in codepage mapping for source system. Error text:
    Message no. RSDS_ACCESS013
    Collection in source system ended
    Error message during processing in BI
    An error occurred in BI while processing the data. The error is documented in an error message.
    System Response
    A caller 01, 02 or equal to or greater than 20 contains an error meesage.
    Further analysis:
    The error message(s) was (were) sent by:
    Inbound Processing
    Check the error message (pushbutton below the text).
    Select the message in the message dialog box, and look at the long text for further information.
    Follow the instructions in the message.
    need your guidance,
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    Hi ,
    Kindly go throught the following threads for your issue resolution::
    Error in code page mapping for Source System
    Erroe in source system

  • Error in codepage mapping for source system

    Hi Experts,
    I am getting the following error while loading data from ECC only for Account COPA datasource.
    Error in codepage mapping for source system. Error text:
    Message no. RSDS_ACCESS013
    Sandeep Sharma

    Hi Sandeep,
    This is a issue related to idocsRFC connections from teh sourcesystem....
    U can contact ur BASIS team to solve this...
    From their end they have to chk the unprocessed/errored idocs in BD87...
    They have to run a report:RBDAGAIN to process the errored idoc's in the source which are in STATUS:'02'.
    This is a solution for temporarilrly basis...
    If this occurs regularly they have to change the settings in SM59 which is so important...
    Refer exact note for this: 784381
    The SAP note 613389 may also be relevant for the error message "Could not find code page for receiving system", please check the information given in the note and see if you can use it to resolve the problem.

  • Error in codepage mapping for source system. Error

    Hi BW Experts,
    I am facing following error:
    Error message: Error in codepage mapping for source system. Error text:
    Details: Inbound Processing ( 1000  Records ) : Errors occurred
                Error in codepage mapping for source system. Error text:
                Update PSA ( 0 Records posted ) : Missing messages
    I repeated the delta working and everything fine.
    Does anybody know why this error occurs?

    Run rsa13 (for bi 7.0) find your source system which one you are using for data transfer and double  click on it and find special options there select  the optioned i mentioned already.
    Please search SDN you can fin threads related to this thread
    if not let me know.

  • ERROR - no available datasource for source system exist

    I tried to load the master for 0Bill_Type
    1) Install infoobject business content and Create infoobject
    2) Activate datasource in R/3
    3) Replicate datasource
    4) Assign infosource ---> the error said no available datasource for source system exist
    When I go to source system--> Object overview --> I don't see anything at all?
    Please advise what went wrong ?

    Hi Pandadda,
    I think you have not transferred the APPLICATION COMPONENT HIERARCHY yet. If not, then do the following:
    1. In your R/3 system execute TCODE = SBIW.
    Replicate you datasource then check it on your BW system

  • Use BDLS in BI for re-mapping of source system

    Is it possible to use tr code BDLS in BI  in order to automatically change source system assignment in source system related BI objects (such as info sources, info packages..)?
    We have created a new ECC QA client and would like to load data from that to BI (the same BI system as before) and wish to avoid the manual work of manually re-mapping all source system related objects.
    In the thread below the conclusion was that it's possible to use BDLS, but when executing it in test mode and looking at the affected tables, only the parter profiles and EDI-related tables seems to be modified with a new LSN (logical system name). However, I could not find a change in tables containing f.ex. info sources etc.
    Fresh source system clients in production BW system
    Is there anyway of doing this without manually re-mapping the BI objects?
    F C
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            F C

    When running a LSN conversion in BI from source OLTP to target OLTP in test mode and then checking some BI-object tables, I see that the logical system name is changed, so it's seems to me as if the infosources are changed.. (or?)
    However, perhaps a transport in "system copy" mode is preferrable (?) In step 2, do you mean that I should first collect a system copy in a transport request and then collect "everything before" in the same transport request?
    Any comments on BDLS, Patrick?
    F C
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            F C

  • Code page of the receiver system could not be found".

    We are getting an error in IDOC-XI-IDOC scenario that the "code page of the receiver system could not be found".
    What could be the reason for this error?
    Because of this error all IDocs are getting stuck in XI.
    Kindly help.

    Hi john,
    Have a look at this thread:
    "Could not determine code page" inbound side error
    This could be usefull.

  • RSAR2318 : IDoc type for source system T90CLNT090 is not available

    Hi all,
    I am working on BI + ECC 6.0. Have created a ODS object using RSA1OLD. While activating the ODS, am getting this error:
    1. Error:
    Object could not be activated
    2. Error:
    IDoc type for source system T90CLNT090 is not available
    Error when creating the export datasource and dependent objects
    Error RSAR238 : IDoc type for source system T90CLNT090 is not available
    I have already checked trx & dtps, but could not find resolution.
    Kindly help me with this error.
    Thanks and regards,

    M Sharma wrote:
    But how exactly can I create when T90CLNT is not active? Help please.
    Yes, you would need to check with BASIS team how they have created an alternate source system (for debugging) & prepare a RFC b/n these systems. Can you just check the settings in the source system and BI source system...and check the source system for the same BI system. Right click > Check and then do a restore or take the help of basis to fix it. What I think is a possible solution is : RSA1 > Source system > Search System > Right Click > Activate

  • RSAR238 : IDoc type for source system T90CLNT090 is not available

    Hi all,
    I am working on ECC 6.0. Have created a ODS object using RSA1OLD. While activating the ODS, am getting this error:
    1. Error:
    Object could not be activated
    2. Error:
    IDoc type for source system T90CLNT090 is not available
    Error when creating the export datasource and dependent objects
    Kindly help me with this error.
    Thanks and regards,

    Check the same in SDN..
    Object ZDUMMY could not be activatedMessage no. R7I028
    Re: DSO Activation problem

  • Mapping of source systems

    The mapping of source system has to be done for myself sourc system also or its enought if we do for sap r/3 source systems is
    enought,,,Need your help..

    If you want to transport objects from quality to production.
    You have to map the current source system (i.e here quality SS)  to production SS.
    It will be available in RSA1 ---> Tools -
    > Conversion of logical system names after transport
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  • Deletion of request from init option for source system

    Hello Experts,
    Iam using 3 IP.
    IP for init load with data transder, IP for init load without data transfer & Delta.
    now with data transfer IP is not used.
    i trigered "without data transfer IP", then accidentally "triggered with data transfer IP".
    then manually made the request red & deleted data by right clicking datasource-->manage & deleted all the requests(2) available.
    now before i load init without data transfer request exists in "init option for source system".
    when trying to delete IP
    "There are active init selections in source system for this data source. Therefore, only ALL init selections can be deleted at once. Do you want to delete all init selections (all channels)?"
    when i choose takes a long time & gives run_time error status.
    Guys, this issue is solved.
    I deleted the without data transder first.
    now when I load delta, I got error.
    "Job terminated in source system --> Request set to red"
    Edited by: K V on Apr 10, 2009 2:16 PM

    Hi KV.........
    U r doing init without data means it will not pick any will just set the init pointer and along with that Delta queue will get generated.........after that whenever any changes will be done.........or any new records will will get reflected in the Delta queue.......
    So next time when u run the delta will be fetched from the Delta queue...........
    So check the delta may happen that there r no new or changed records..................
    So check............may be delta queue is 0..............
    Also check the update mode for the datasource in LBWE(if Logistic datasource)............if the update mode is Queued delta or unserialized V3 update........then data will first get accumulated in the Extract queue(LBWQ) or update table to fetch records in the Delta queue u hav to schedule the V3 jobs in LBWE............otherwise Delta queue will be empty and fetched records will be 0........

  • The OLTP source 3FI_SL_J2_TT for source system BM4CLNT100 not present

    Hi All,
    iam trying to load data from r/3 for the DS 3FI_SL_J2_TT , when i see in BW , the transfer structure is inactive in Dev system. So i activated the transfer struc. but after activation also its shows as inactive.
    and also iam getting this error message : "The OLTP source 3FI_SL_J2_TT for source system BM4CLNT100 not present".
    I have checked in r/3 side , the DS is available and is in active. I have replicated the DS also in BW. but no luck.
    could you please let me know why this error occured.

    RC on Source system and perform the action check if connection is ok the try to activate that in se38

  • Mapping of Source System Names

    Has some body done the mapping of Source System for <b>"Transport"</b> to go through which is done using the following steps:
    RSA1 --> Tools --> Mapping of Source System Names(Conversion of source system name after transport)
    You have to enter the source system name and target source source.
    So if I have following Landscape
    1) R3DEV  -> R3QA --> R3QPROD --> R3Prod
    2) BWDEV  -> BWQA  --> BWQPROD --> BWPROD.
    What should be entries in the table
      OrSource           TargSrceSy
    1) R3DEV             R3QA
    2) R3DEV             R3QPROD
    3) R3DEV             R3Prod
    4) BWDDEV            BWQA
    5) BWDDEV            BWQPROD
    6) BWDDEV            BWPROD
    1) R3DEV             R3QA
    2) R3QA              R3QPROD
    3) R3QPROD           R3Prod
    4) BWDDEV            BWQA
    5) BWQA              BWQPROD
    6) BWQPROD           BWPROD

    Thanks A.H.P. So just a click clarification. My question is
    So BWQPROD will contian
    <b>OrSource     TargSrceSy</b>
       R3DEV        R3QPROD
       R3QA          R3QPROD.
    Because my basis the transport path is as shown below.
       R3DEV --> R3QA
       R3DEV --> R3QRPOD
       R3DEV --> R3PROD
    So dev will transport to QA,QPROD,PROD

  • Initialisation option for source system in schedular tab

    What initialisation option for system in schedular tab signifies? Does it acts as pointer and points to the last record loaded in cube or ods?

    Welcome to SDN..........
    Initialisation option for source system in schedular tab........
    shows to you all the init you made for a specific datasource/sourcesystem...if you find a row here, it means that the init channel is active and you can load delta for that specific flow.....
    Initialization may with data transfer or without Data Transfer.......If you do with data transfer it will set the init well as it will fetch the data from set up table...........if you do without data transfer it will only set the init will not fetch any records.........As soon as this init flag get queue will get generated in the source system........after that any changes or new records will go to the delta queue.............So initialization load will be followed by delta load......
    When you have to reinit, first of all you have to delete this row and then request a new initial load, otherwise the system cannot allow to perform a new init (with overlapping condition) if you don't deete the previous one....
    Hope this helps

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