Error in Copying from Clip Board F4 help in WebGUI at ITS

   I am facing a problem while trying to upload from clip board in F4 .
It is giving me error "Error while calling".
the same thing is working fine in development server.
please suggest some thing .

Reading the clipboard is a functionality which was introduced with a support package. Probably your production and development system are not on the same SAP_BASIS SP level. Dev is on a newer SP than PROD .

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  • Select Options copy from clip board

    Last time I checked this wasn't yet implemented and searching through the forums I have not found that to have changed.  Is this still a planned feature or has it been released in some version?

    Hi Sandeep,
    Please Find the LInk Below
    [Clip Board |]
    kalyan B

  • Error -36 Copying from NTFS Ext HDD to new IMac ver10.6.2

    Last Saturday I purchased a new Imac27. I was told that I could copy files directly from my NTFS formatted external hard drives with no issues. This was true until I tried to move large .avi files (3-9GB)
    When I copy these files to the Imac, the copy process begins and proceeds till the very last second and then pops up a window saying the there was an error -36 copying the file.
    I proceeded to try many things. I tried copying folders, combinations of folders, individual .avi files and all had the same result. I can open and play the .avi files from beginning to end on the Imac from the external hard drive. I can connect the external hard drive to a PC and copy the .avi files off perfectly. The files are in tact and ok.
    Interestingly enough, my wife has an older macbook running ver 10.4.11. I decided to connect the external drive to it and try to copy the same .avi files. It worked perfectly - no errors.
    I talked with Apple and they indicated to format my external drive (which was not the help I was looking for). I will call back tomorrow and share what I learned today and escalate this issue to a higher level tech.
    To me, these seems like a bug that is specific to .avi files (maybe large .avi files?)
    Has anyone else had this experience?
    Anyone know a fix?
    Thank you,

    Thank you for the info. Do you have any idea when there may be an update that resolves this issue or is Apple is aware of it?
    I downloaded and tried "Forklift". It didn't work. What I got was the file copied (I just put it on the desktop) up until the last second. A icon (somewhat generic) was on the desktop at the file was copying. At the end of the copy process, the file simply disappeared.
    I will try the command line tomorrow. It's been a long time since I used the command line but that video is very helpful. Hopefully that will work.

  • Copy to clip board

    I've tried to copy a graph to clip board by using EXPORT IMAGE Property node.But when i pasted it on a word document i got a black & white image without border like the one here in attachmement.How to get the colour image Programatically (not through short cut menu)?
    New Microsoft Word Document.doc ‏41 KB

    If you don't mind a Windows only solution (which I assume you don't), you can try using the VIs we used in the Code Capture Tool, which allow copying a bitmap to the clipboard.
    If you want to insert the image into a Word document, you might also try using Word's object hierarchy. There should probably be some examples in the example finder (Help>>Find Examples) and it's possible that the report generation toolkit already allows you to do this.
    Try to take over the world!

  • Clipboard error when copying from Ai to Ps CS5.

    I just started receiving an error message when I attempt to copy vector objects from Ai to Ps. I try to paste it as a Smart Object and I get this message:
    "Could not complete the Paste command because the clipboard data is empty or invalid."
    I've also tried to paste it as the other options and still get the same message. I tried to copy/paste an image from the web into the same Ps document and that worked fine. Just seems to be from Ai.
    MacBook Pro
    3.06 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
    8 GB 1067 MHz DDR3
    NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT 512 MB
    Mac OS X Lion 10.7.1 (11B26)
    Ps CS5 12.0.4 x64
    Ai CS5 15.0.2

    Having the same issue in CS5 - copy from Illustrator,paste in Photoshop. I closed Safari (5.1) and it pasted fine. I've had similar issues before which were resolved by closing a browser. In my experience, suspect browsers have been Chrome and Safari. Not sure why this occurs, but something to try next time. :-)

  • Disk space error when copying/pasting clips between iMHD projects

    Anyone know how to get around this problem? I have emptied all my trash, but continue to get a "not enough disk space" error message when I attempt to paste one copied iMHD clip to another iMHD project. How do I check my available disk space?
    I assume that it's my startup disk because I run iMHD off of a Lacie 250GB external HD... Any thoughts?

    When we Copy and Paste a clip between projects, iMovie HD duplicates the clip's entire source file to the project. That can be a very large file, so the "not enough disk space" error sometimes occurs when we don't expect it.
    One way to learn which disk a project is on is to Command-click (that's the Apple key) on the project name in the titlebar at the top of the project window. The path to the project will appear.
    In the Finder, select that disk and choose File > Get Info.
    If there appears to be sufficient disk space, please tell us the exact error message.
    Also make sure the disk is formatted correctly. iMovie requires the Mac OS Extended disk format. The disk format is reported in the same Get Info window.

  • "Original file not found" error after copying from removable hard drive

    ok, I have all my itunes library on a removable hard drive, and I want to copy it all to my new computer. so, I plugged the hard drive in, copied all the files into itunes, and when I played one of them, it worked. then, I tried to play it again, but an error message came up saying "The song 'Re-hash'could not be used because the original file could not be found. Would you like tyo locate it?" and I clicked 'Yes'. then a browser came up, where i could select either the files itunes music, itunes library, or itunes music library. none of them work. help please?

    This worked although it was very clumsy (we had almost 3,000 files that had to be deleted and redownloaded. I could not figure out a way to sort all of the 'exclamation points' together so it took an hour or so to scan through the entire library list and delete each file individually and/or in small groups.) The download was very straight forward. In my experience (with iTunes match turned on,) we did NOT loose our playcounts.
    Going through all those files I noticed several common themes that may have triggered the problem: 1) multiple artists, 2) special characters in the song title, artist and/or album name - particularly umlauts (we have quite a few german songs in our library.) 3) very long title, artist and/or album names.
    I hope that someone from Apple is aware of these issues and working on them....

  • Error during copying from contract to std sales - Message no. V2 005

    Dear Experts,
          My client requirement is, "Qty Contract" needs to be created in the name of one Sold To Party (e.g. XYZ). After that, in the regular sales order screen after entering another Sold To Party code (e.g. ABC) the previously created "Qty Contract" needs to be referred.
                    When we tried to create the regular sales order for another Sold To Party (e.g. ABC) by referring the "Qty contract" created we are getting the error message that "The sold-to parties are different. 19991 and/or 99992 (reference)"  Message no. V2005
    Can any experts help us to resolve this issue.
    Thanks in advance
    Warm Regards,

    Dear Experts,
             Thanks for your valuable feedback.
    But due to my client business requirement, we are looking for the solution as we told in our initial question. But we got the  confident by seeing the "Message" we received during our process from SAP system. In that message its mentioned that, If Business wants the "Error" message can be modify as "Warning". So we are looking for the solution where to modify this error message in to Warning message.
    Please find below the system message we received during our testing
    The sold-to parties are different. T-L63C01 and/or T-S62A01 (reference)                                                                               
    Message no. V2005
    The sold-to party in the reference document is not the same as the      
        sold-to party in the target document.                                                                               
    System response                                                                               
    Depending on the copying requirements for the various sales documents   
        which are defined in Customizing, this message appears either as an     
        error message which requires a correction or a warning which can be     
        skipped over.                                                                               
    Procedure for                                                                               
    -   Error message                                                    
          Select a suitable reference document which has the same sold-to  
          party as the target document.                                                                               
    -   Warning                                                          
          Proceed as described for the error message or skip over the      
          warning with ENTER.                                              
          If you skip over the warning, only the item data from the        
          reference document is copied into the target document.                                                                               
    Warm Regards,

  • Error while copying from Catalog Manager

    Hello ,
    I have opened my web catalog in 'Catalog Manager'.Now I want to copy a particular 'request' from this environmnet to another .
    When I right click on the request , It gives me error 'Parameter not found : Recursive'.
    What i need to do this to resolve this.
    Please advice.

    hi nick,
    In the Catalog Manager set permissions, where you can select “Apply Recursively” to set these permissions on all objects within the group folder.
    Try with this
    Good Luck

  • Error while copying from crm to R/3

    An error has occured while coping an installation order from crm to R/3. Any suggestions mates.
    Error message is:An error has occured in the system R3PCLNT501 while copying the document

    You have to look at the queue to find out what is the specific error.
    Please use SMQ1 transaction to have a look at your queue

  • Error when copy from model service specification to service specification

    Hi experts.
    I have coded a program to create batch of model service specification (MSS). In MM, i used TCode ML11 to check MSS, and everything is ok. But in PS, when i create a service activity, in service specification (SP), i copy data from MSS to SP, everything is copied except gross price. So anyone can help me?
    The picture.

    While copying the MSS click on 'Complete'

  • Error in copying from computer to ipod "not authorized"

    I get an error now when copying purchased music to computer to ipod. The error says "you are not authorized to play on this computer" I have latest downloads on both itunes and ipod. I am not sure which ipod this is (it is my son's) It is about 3.5" by 1.5" with rounded sides and a flat top and bottom, unlike any photos i am finding on the apple website).
    Thanks for the help. j

    See: About Authorization and Deauthorization.

  • 0x8002006E error while copy from time machine files

    what does this error mean?  got it by Rclick some folders in Time Machine disk that I hoped to copy to a CD
    I read you are not to manipulate timemachine files, but the apple genius told me it's OK to burn

    Try restoring the folders to an "alternate location:, such as your Desktop, via the Time Machine browser (the "Star Wars" display).   See Time Machine - Frequently Asked Question #16.  Then you should be able to burn the restored folders.

  • How can we get the image which is stored in clipboard by labview, is there any functions available like text from clip board

    How can we get the image which is stored in clipboard by labview, i can get the text in clipboard by using invoke node directly.but i cannot get the image, is there any functions or vi available.(image is in Png format)

    The Read from Clipboard method is, unfortunately, limited to text. If the clipboard contains an image then you need to use OS-specific functions calls. This is an example program for Windows. It's old, but it should still work.

  • Why do vector objects copied from illustrator cc don't stay the same dimensions when pasted into pho

    I think the problem started with the last updates. The normal work flow of copy and paste no longer functions correctly.
    Photshop is changing the dimensions of vector artwork copied from illustrator, and pasted to photoshop.
    If I start with a 6in x 6in vector shape in illustrator, and select copy, I should be able to go into photoshop, select file and then new,
    and the document should automaticly get the dimensions from the clipboard. For some reason that 6in x 6in opens a 0.6in x 0.6in document.
    Even if i manually change the document to 6in x 6in, anything else I copy from illustrator larger than 6in x 6in gets its dimensions changed to fit inside the document. I cant copy and paste a 10in x 2in vector into the 6in x 6in document without photoshop changing the dimensions
    so it fits inside the document. Any ideas on how to fix? Thanks.

    illustrator has no dpi, that info wont copy to the clip board. There are setting within illustrator you can set so when you do raster something in illustrator, you can pick what dpi it will raster it to. But even if you raster something in illustrator, the dpi info doesn't copy to the clipboard.
    The Photoshop: File, New, opens a window with the default set to pixels and 72ppi. When you have something stored on the clipboard, First you change the pixels to inches, cm, mm, anything but pixels, the dimensions stay locked in and Then you can change the ppi to anything you want.
    The issue once the file is opened, and you try to copy and paste in something larger than the canvas still needs corrected. I have found a quick work around. After you paste it, before you select ok or hit enter, look at the info where it displays the % of the size of what's being placed.
    It shows it at less than 100%, so change it to 100% (and constrain) and its back to original size.

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    Hi, I want to create a hierarchical tree, but unable to do that. I tried do that with the help of forms help but there is some mistakes and its showing err frm-47321 "Data used to populate tree is invalid". Can any one help me in this regard?? Regard