Error in determining country specific length for account number

Cannot determine country-specific length for account number;No instance of object type AccountClosureAM has been created. External reference: 0271409168GTABNGODUMMY00USDGO

Thanks KI & Sujit
Can you please tell me the Menu Path for OB40
I have one another problem as below
Jurisdiction code not defined for procedure TAXINN
Message no. FF748
You have entered a jurisdiction code in a country whose calculation procedure does not allow the entry of jurisdiction codes.
System response
Check and, if necessary, correct the entry.
Procedure for System Administration
If it is not an input error, check and possibly change the system settings.
To do this, choose Maintain entries (F5).
Change your calculation procedure so that tax calculation is carried out using the jurisdiction code.
Can you please tell me how to solve this.

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  • Error while determining for WM via Table 156S: 647/ / / /L/ /

    Firstly despite the plant+storage location + warehouse no. assignments are done , my replenishment delivery (delivery for stock transport order between plants under same company code) is not picking up storage location and warehouse no and thus stopping me from doing picking and PGI (post goods issue).
    However in VL02N when i'm trying to change storage location for line item, i'm getting following weird error
    *Error while determining for WM via Table 156S: 647/ / / /L/ /*
    I found a SAP Note(133223) regarding this error and VL02 transaction but that note was specific to older versions. I'm on ECC 6.0
    Any suggestions please ?

    Warehouse managment has its own movement types, most identical to inventory management movement types.
    These WM movement types are determined via reference movement types.
    the error you have just looks like your customizing is not complete.
    IMG > LE > WM > Interfaces > IM > define movement types.

  • Country-Specific Chart of Accounts

    Hi Gurus,
    In the Chart of Accounts definition, it tells us that you can assign in total 3 Chart of Accounts for a GL account:
    1. Operating Chart of Account - For daily transactions
    2. Group Chart of Account - Corporate level reporting
    3. Country-Specific Chart of Accounts - Local laws/currency specific
    I am aware that Operating and Group Chart of Account you can simply configure within the GL account. My question is, where do I set-up the Country-Specific Chart of Accounts to assign to a GL account?

    Hi Josef
    1. Country G/L account number in the sense a G/L account which is created under the country COA
    2. At the end of the day, Country COA creation is the same as any COA. So, the G/L accounts that you create under a country COA are created in the same way as for a normal COA. If you use FS00 to create an operational COA G/L account say 123, you use the same transaction code to create Country COA G/L account say 456 (In the COA field, you select your country COA instead of operational COA). Once both 123 and 456 are created, you go into G/L account 123, and assign 456 in the alternative account number field in the control data tab. This is how you link G/L accounts under both COA's.
    3. The purpose of having 2 different COA's is to report your Financial statements in 2 different formats. In a client, it is prefered that we have a single operational COA for all the company codes so that other aspects like Controlling area do not pose any design concerns. In such a case, you have country COA assigned to each company code as well so that you can report as per the country requirements.

  • Error while determining the currency types for PO

    When running MR11 on PO4534356339 (account maintenance) the following error msg appears:
    Error while determining the currency types for 4534356339 00030.
    Message no.C+171
    Check the configuration.
    I have checked all currency settings and found ok. Material ledger is activated for this plant. It looks like there is problem in Item 30 of the Purchase order is having problem.
    Best Regards,

    Please refer this link :
    MR11 error - Error while determining currency type - C+, 171!!!

  • Error messag -'Error while determining for WM via Table 156S:'

    Hi Guys,
    I am currently facing some issues with respect to the deliver creation.
    The scenario is somthing like this.
    I have assigned a FOC Item category to an Consignment Issue order type.
    The system is able to determine the Item category successfully.
    However when the delivery is created it throws an error message
    'Error while determining for WM via Table 156S: 903/X/X/W/L/X/'
    Not sure why this occurs.
    All the settings seem to be set.
    If any one of you can help me out it would be great.

    Dear Pandiraj
    The standard process is that consignment issue order should be created with reference to Proforma invoice.  Having said that I dont understand why you have assigned a FOC item category to issue order.  Not sure, whether this will work.  Also I feel that you should explain in detail the process for which you are configuring this.
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Error while determining for WM via table 156S:601///

    Hi SAP gurus
    while doing delivery i am getting error like
    Error while determining for WM via table 156S:601///
    please give me needful solution

    Chk via
    SPRO>LE>WM>Interfaces>IM>Define mvt>Assign MVt reference...and then LE-WM interface...
    maintina the correspoding entries..

  • Country specific infotypes for brazil and argentina

    Dear All,
    We are going for implementation of our client for brazil and argentina........can any body guide with country specific infotypes for the same

    Infotype 0398: Agreement Components: Further Information
    Infotype 0397: Information about Dependents
    Infotype 0410: Transportation Allowance
    Infotype 0437: Simultaneous Jobs
    Infotype 0661: Employment Contract Termination
    Infotype 0598: Dismissal Protection
    Infotype 0185: Personal IDs
    Family Data Infotype: Special Schooling Assistance
    Termination of Contract Infotype (0551)
    Infotype Social Insurance (0392)
    Income Tax Infotype (0389)
    Income Tax: Deductions Infotype (0390)
    Income Tax: Other Employer Infotype (0391)
    Infotype Life Events for My Simplification (0875)

  • Error when determining the CTIADM_PROF profile for agent xyz

    I have created the new cic frame work and assigned it to the position. when i run the TC - cic0, I am getting the following
    "Error when determining the CTIADM_PROF profile for agent xyz"
    Can you help me out ?
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Devi,
    Problem is your IC winclient profile definition don't have any profile definition for CTIAMD_PROF assigned to it.
    For this you can use standard profiles or may create your own CTI Component profile.
    Follow IMG path:
    Customer Relationship Managemet>Interaction Center WinClient>Component Configuration>Hidden Components>Configuration of CTI Component-->Define CTI Component Profile
    Use this profile defintion to assign it to CTIAMD_PROF in you IC winclient profile definition.
    Best Regards,
    Pratik Patel
    <b>Reward with POints!</b>

  • Error when determining the CTIADM_PROF profile for Agent 1010301

    here problem is while opening the cic win( Trn : CIC0 - Customer Interaction Center) it's throwing <b>error when determining the CTIADM_PROF profile for Agent 1010301</b>
    pls. any ideas would be greatfull.

    please check the following.
    1. Make sure in the CIC profile (transaction CICo), a profile category
    CTIADM_PROF is there and a valid profile is assigned.
    Or, if no telephony should be used, make sure telephony and its com-
    ponents are switched off on the CIC framework (transaction
    2. in the standard system, when you start your CIC, the framework is
    taken from the highest org-unit and the components are taken from the
    lowest level.
    If you use more then one level of org-unit, please make sure that they
    use the same framework to prevent the mentioned problems.
    hopefully this helps!
    Regards, Gerhard

  • Missing  master data for Account number Delta

    I am working on production system,Some records are missing master data(attributes street,city for Account number  for starting with Account number   9xxxxxx) for Delta load,Field lenguth is 10.these Missing  records are getting loaded with full load or full repair.but I want to load load with regular delta load.Every day I am getting records with other Account number start with 1 to 8.and load is fine. Problem with only Account number   9xxxxxx.
    Please help me whats the problem,where can i find related to fix this issue.
    Is there any delta setup problem
    This generic data source ,pulling from table ADRC….numeric pointer.

    Hi ,
    Please check at source sytem side in RSA3 whether you are able to loacte the data with the mentioned account number............
    please post your reply to proceed further

  • Using Country Specific Chart of Account in addition to Operational COA

    Dear Team
    We are implementing 16 company codes with Group COA A002 and
    Operational COA A001 across all companies. Out of 16 Company codes 4
    company codes already went live and running successfully. We are also
    using one controlling area and operating concern for all company codes.
    Out of 16 company codes there are 2 company codes from Turkey and
    requires Turkey Country specific COA to be used mandatorily. But we
    would like use same COA A001 for Turkey company codes in order to use
    one Controlling Area across group which is not fulfilling the legal
    requirement of the Turkey. We would like to use Country specific COA in
    addition to the Operational COA and the same will be assigned to the
    Company code in OB62.
    In this case we need to create GL Accounts under Turkey COA and assign
    the same in the Operational COA as alternate Account no.
    In this case can we meet all the Turkey country specific legal
    requirements as given below through Alternate GL Accounts No?Turkey Legal Requirements:
    1.Country Specific GL account numbering
    2.Reflection accounting
        - Monthly Closing for Expenses Accounts
        - Yearly closing for Expenses and Balance Sheet accounts
    3.Inflation Accounting- Presently not using
    4.Country Specific Reporting
    5.Bank accounting- Bills if Exchange
    6.Print out of Transactions in Turkish language
    7.Cost of Sales statement
    8.Document Journal     
    9.Taxes on Sales & Purchases
    Please help in this regard.
    Thanks in advance
    Ravi Nalluri

    1. Create country COA in OB13
    2. Assign it to your company code in OB62
    3. Create GL accounts in your country COA
    4. Assign country GL account to your operating COA gl account(FS00 > Control data > Alternative account no.)
    5. System doesn't allow you to assign country COA gl if already has the balance
         So, change message settings accordingly in OBA5
    6. You can see financials from your country COA also as F.01 & F.08(Select Alternative Account Number)
    Murali. N

  • Disabling country specific checkings for it 0021

    Although we are a german-based company and only do german payroll, we still have to maintain personal records from our employees all over the world, mainly for reporting purposes. Last week someone from our HR-staff tried to create it 0021 subtype 1 (spouse), but just can't manage to get it work. Some debugging showed me, that a class CL_HRPA_INFOTYPE_0021_ES with method CHECK_NIF_CONYUGE_REPRESENTANT is called and throws an error. I haven't figured out what is checked, but I definetly don't want any checking at all. Are there any means to disable this country specific checking (customizing ???).

    Hi Shrinivas
    The messagenumber is 5E048:
    El valor  no está permitido para el parámetro
    According to this means:
    The value is not allowed for the parameter
    well, that's the truth from SAP's point of view, because the afore mentionend
    method checks the subtype against t5e91:
      data:  wa_t5e91 type t5e91,
             l_msg TYPE symsg.
      select single * from t5e91 into wa_t5e91
      where infty eq '0021' and
            subty eq p_subty.
      if wa_t5e91-isfam eq 'C' or wa_t5e91-isfam eq 'R'.
        if p_codim is initial.
          CLEAR l_msg.
          l_msg-msgid = '5E'.
          l_msg-msgty = 'E'.
          l_msg-msgno = '048'.
          CALL METHOD message_handler->add_message
              message = l_msg
              cause   = if_hrpa_message_handler=>infotype_specific.
          is_ok = false.
    What I need to achieve is, that class CL_HRPA_INFOTYPE_0021_ES isn't called at all, so no checking is done.

  • Error while running bulk load utility for account data with CSV file

    Hi All,
    I'm trying to run the bulk load utility for account data using CSV but i'm getting following error...
    ERROR ==> The number of CSV files provided as input does not match with the number of account tables.
    Thanks in advance........

    Please check your child table.

  • How to Disable Country Specific Checking for IT0021

    I'm implementing PA for three countries.
    Client requires a common infotype be used across countries. For France and Italy I'm not able to set the IT0021 to the standard one. As SAP by default uses the Cpountry specific Infotpe.
    How to Disable this feature of SAP.
    - Aravind

    use the same Screen for the rest of the countries
    check P0021 in PE03 
    and check the number assigned to the screen
    if u want the screen number check system status and module pool number
    V_T582L for country specific
    V_T588M this for Module pool
    Edited by: Sikindar on Jan 16, 2009 8:54 AM

  • Missing IMG entry - "Reuse country specific services" for iviews

    Hi all,
    We have experienced a problem related with an IMG activity which we couldnu2019t found:
    u201CReuse country specific servicesu201D.
    We need this for iviews to be used for different country grouping (in our case we have to use 99).
    We know that we need to configure table T7XSSREUSEUISN but for some reasons it is not in the directoryu2026.
    Any suggestions or work around?
    Any inputs are much appreciated.
    By the way our ECC is 5.0 and EP is 7.0.

    check the below threads that may help you.
    Re: Problem: Country specific ITS ESS services displayed for other countries
    Re: ESS/MSS country specific

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