Error in J1INCHLN for internal number range

Dear Experts,
I am getting the below error when I am executing J1INCHLN. I checked J1INUMBER but of no use. Number range for 2008 is maintained. I am not able to maintain number range for 2009. Kindly guide.
Number range for internal challan numbers not maintained
Message no. 8I706
Number range object 'J_1ICHLNNO' is not maintained fully.
System response
There is an error in the number range object and a new internal number can not be generated.
Check if the number range object exists in your system and also check if number ranges for the number group is maintained for the current year. Maintain the number range object and then start this transaction. The transaction code for the number range maintenance is  'J1INUMBER'.

Go to SPRO>IMG>Financial Accounting (New)>Financial Accounting Global Settings (New)>Withholding Tax>Extended Withholding Tax>Posting>India>Remittance Challans>Maintain Number Groups
here define - cocode , section , tds section code , number group
now go
SPRO>IMG>Financial Accounting (New)>Financial Accounting Global Settings (New)>Withholding Tax>Extended Withholding Tax>Posting>India>Remittance Challans>Assign Number Ranges to Number Groups
here assign number group to Number range
now create number range go to SPRO>IMG>Financial Accounting (New)>Financial Accounting Global Settings (New)>Withholding Tax>Extended Withholding Tax>Posting>India>Remittance Challans> Maintain Number Ranges
here create a number range on year base
**some time you have to update the table so go SM30 and update J_1IEWTNUM , J_1IEWTNUMGR and J_1IEWTNUMGR_1 tables
Best Of Luck

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  • Wrong internal order number for internal number range

    I have created an internal order type and assigned the internal number range 450000-459999. When we checked the numbers given for the system there are missing numbers. For example; the numbering is OK up to 450013 numbered order and the next order has 450020 number, and next one has the 450040
    I checked the COAS table and there are no number used by any other order. What can be the reason for this situation? How can we fix the problem? Is there any one who face the same problem?
    What are your suggesitions...
    Thanks in advance

    I have similar kind of query. How to use the numbers that the system jumped? Is there any record/history of unused numbers present in any table? Thanks in Advance!

  • How to get the Next free Number for External Number Range

    Hi ,
    To get next free number for External Number Range, I have used NUMBER_GET_NEXT Function module.
    It is throws the exception like  NUMBER_RANGE_NOT_INTERN.
    How can i get the next free number for external number range object. And How to update the Current Number for External Number Range Object
    Call Function module              NUMBER_GET_NEXT
    Import Parameter.
    NR_RANGE_NR : 02
    OBJECT            : RV_BELEG
    QUANTITY         : 00000000000000000001
    I am getting Exception : NUMBER_RANGE_NOT_INTERN
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Anand,
    The SAP system issues the numbers for internal number range intervals automatically. This number is between the from-number and the to-number. The last number issued is logged in the current number level.
    You need to enter a number for external number issue. The number you enter needs to be between the from-number and the to-number. For external number ranges, the number number used is not logged. So the next available number is not possible in a straight forward way.
    Only for Internal number ranges, the FM NUMBER_GET_NEXT can get the next available number.
    Hope this helps.

  • Internal number range for SP

    Hi All,
    Please help to find out why system does not assign continuous running number for new sold-to-party account group.Why Internal number range of sold-to-party assigned by system not in running sequence.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Hi pallavi
    Go to OVT0 and select the sold to party account grp and and in that details you can see the number range field ,there you can check what number range has been assigned to the account group. Another way is go to OBD2 and check the sold to party account grp which number range has been assigned

  • Configaration for alphanumeric number range in internal assignment

    Hi Sap Gurus,
      I would like to know how to write the logical data for configuring the Material master number in internal assignment with alpha numeric format.
    Ex: for Raw material type: ZROH10000000000001
          for finished material type : FERT200000000001
      It can be by using user exit or BadI's. Looking for suggestions. Thx

    Use the user exit MGA00002 to work for alphnumeric number range or else you can create the number separate for each material type you want and assign them separately in the group so whne you use particalur mateiral type than system will pick that number range only to do that
    for ROH - From ZROH10000000000001   to ZROH199999999999
    FERT - From FERT200000000001 to FERT299999999999

  • Me_process_po_cust badi for generating internal number range in me21n tcode

    Hi all,
    I have requirement while creating purchase order my client want to generate internal number range based on company code,document type and, we are making one custom table to hold compny code,plant,doc.type and Number range number.I am using me_process_po_cust badi for the same.I got the po header and item data from this problem is how i can pass this number range number in me21n to respective fields.
    Sleela Patil

    Thank u both of you..I tried that exit.following is the code I have written for that exit.
          WERKS LIKE T001W-WERKS.
                    WHERE BUKRS EQ NEKKO-BUKRS.
                      INTO WA_TAB
                      WHERE BUKRS EQ NEKKO-BUKRS
                      AND WERKS EQ WERKS    "T001K-BWKEY
                      AND BSART EQ NEKKO-BSART.
      IF SY-SUBRC EQ 0.
        MESSAGE 'Please maintain Number range in table zvs_mm_range' TYPE 'E'.
    Here, I am getting data as I needed but problem is client having multiple plant for single company code.I am not able to capture plant in this, it is in item,later on tried to do it using me_process_po_cust badi.
    Now my problem is that how to pass this number range number in me23n tansaction.
    Sheela Patil

  • Account group with Internal Number Range

    Hello Gurus,
    With Internal number range assignment to the Customer Account Group, I am unable to extend the customer from one sales area to another sales area with the same Customer number.
    If I am not it is a standard feature that irrespective of the number range (internal or external), with the same customer number, customer can be extended to multiple sales area.
    Please correct me if I am wrong and suggest a solution.
    Thanks in Advance

    Hello friends,
    No error message but the next number is getting allocated.
    in VD01 or XD01
    the following steps r followed.
    1. Enter the Account Group
    2. Sales Area (New Sales Area for the customer)
    3. Reference Customer.
    4. Reference Sales Area.
    Rather than going to the sales area directly, General area screens are appearing.
    Upon saving saving the details New customer number is getting allocated.
    I have no clue where I have gone wrong...
    looking forward for suggestions.


    Hi friends,
    I have a problem with Sales Order Number Range  with Doc Type SO(Standard Order) its about internal number range OBJECT ASSIGNED in document type is  01
    In VN01 for object 01 range assigned is from 01 to 999999 & current number range is 976832 which is about to finish ,
    Help me in this regards what r the steps involved in this as while saving order its already showing a warning error that number range is about to finish your earlier help will be appreciated & rewarded.

    System will not allow overlaping of number range. As the number range is nearing to end of redefined, followinwing are the options:
    Option 1:
    Set number range for number range object 01 is 01 to 999999 . Check if the number range starting from 1000000 is free or already being used. If it is free & that number range is not being used else where, you can reduce the number range in it say number range object 02 is assigned number range from 1000000 to 1999999, you amend the number range to 1500000 to 1999999 & extend the number range fornumber range object 01 as 01 to 1499999.
    Option 2:
    If the following number range is in use, go to VOV8 --> select the Sales Document Type SO --> change number range object say 01 to say A1 & transport the same from Development to Test (QA) & then to Production Server. In the next step step maintain new number range (not overlaping) to say A1, number range being 10000000 to 19999999. The imapct of transporting the reauest of VOV8 transaction will be that you will have to maintain the new number range immediately & from very next Sales order, the new number range will be active.
    Hope this is useful input for you.
    Rajesh Banka
    Reward point if helpful.

  • Internal Number range:Issue

    I am using the internal number range for the employee number creation.
    Suppose I have created 13 employee in the organization so far.By mistake I created the wrong employee record(Employee number 00000013).
    Now when I delete any existing employee (say "John" with the employee number as 00000013) using the Tcode PU00, I face the following issue:
    I am able to delete the record (all the associated infotypes) successfully.
    Now when I try to re-create the employee using tcode PA40, it always creates the employee wtih the next number (00000014) and not with 00000013.
    I want the new correct employee to have the employee number as 00000013.
    Can you please advise?

    Go to Tcode PA04
    Click the Status  Delete 0000014  Current Number make it as 000013  and hire

  • Internal number range

    Hi All,
    I have defined the internal number ranges and assigned to vendor account group but when i create a vendor master  record the system allocating number randomly instead of serielly
    why this is happened ?

    You may have Number range Buffer for Vendor No Range.
    goto T.code SNRO and check for Vendor number range.
    Hope this helps, please assign points.

  • Assingment of Internal Number Range to different type of Maintenance Order

          We are implementing SAP Plant Maintenance. We have created 10 order type. We want to assign 10 number ranges to the order types. During "Configuring of Number Range" t.code OION , when I am inserting new groups for all 10 type of order, it is not accepting by the group name. Number range which i am giving to the desired group is saved in other groups.
           Can anybody help to adopt the right process sothat I can assign the correct internal number range to different order types.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Pramod,
                   Please follow the procedure mentioned below:
                  Configure number ranges.
                  1. In the menu bar go to Group & Insert
                  2. Enter the Text & the interval i.e number range.
                  3. Now add the new group using the symbol ( + )
                  4. once this is done the new group will be reflected.
                  5. Then select the element ( order type) i.e to be assigned using F2 key.
                  6. Enable the check box against the new group ( respective group)
                  7. Now in the menu bar press Element/Group tab ( or Use F5 key)
                  8. The selected element(order type) will be assigned to the particular group that you have
                  Hope this will help you resolve the problem.
    Thnaks & Regards
    Arun Vijay D

  • Internal number range( alphanumberic) will be incremented automatically

    Dear All,
    Will the internal number range (Alphanumberic)  of the material master get incremented automatically.
    the internal number range we set is AW0000001 to AW9999999. The number range should be incremented
    Kindly reply for the querry

    You can try with material Template.
    SPRO --> Logisitics - General -- > Material Master --> Basic Settings -- > Define Out put format for Material Numbers.
    Transaction Code : OMSL
    1. Define the length of your material numbers.
    2. If required, define a material number template.
    3. Specify the form in which you wish to store your material numbers.
    For information on how to use the Lexicographical indicator, be sure to read the corresponding documentation.
    4. Specify whether your material numbers are to contain leading zeros.
    If the Lexicographical indicator is set, the system ignores the setting of the Leading zeros indicator.
    Indicator for lexicographical material numbers
    Defines the way numeric material numbers are stored in the database.
    It is only possible to set or reset (cancel) this indicator if no numeric material numbers have been used yet in the system since they would no longer be interpretable after setting or resetting this indicator.
    If this indicator is not set, numeric material numbers are padded with leading zeros and stored right-justified (example 1). Material numbers containing at least one nonnumeric character are stored left-justified (example 2).
    Example 1
    Defined length: 8 characters
    Internally/externally assigned number: 123
    Stored number: 000000000000000123
    Example 2
    Defined length: 8 characters
    Externally assigned number: 1A3
    Stored number: 1A3
    If this indicator is set, material numbers are stored as follows:
    If the material number (numeric or not purely numeric) was assigned externally, it is stored left-justified as entered.
    Defined length: 8 characters
    Externally assigned number: 123
    Stored number: 123
    Any leading zeros that may have been entered are stored too. This makes it possible to distinguish between the material numbers 123 and 0123.
    If the material number (numeric only) was assigned internally, it is padded with leading zeros to the defined length and stored left-justified.
    Defined length: 8 characters
    Internally assigned number: 123
    Stored number: 00000123

  • Internal Number Range in EWT

    some body tell me the transaction code for copy of the Internal Number Range for EWT  from one year to another year

    use t.code:J1INUMBER for internal challan number creation, u can't copy from one year to another year.
    sai krishna

  • Copy of Internal Number Range of extended withholding tax

    Can any one tell me the transaction code for copy of the Internal Number Range for extended withholding tax from one year to another year
    points will be assigned
    thanks in advance

    use t.code:J1INUMBER
    all the best

  • Diiferenet Internal Number Ranges by Depot(Plant) wise

    Hi Experts,
    I have a requirement in SD for Different Internal Number ranges by Depot(plant wise.
    For example, my client having 8 depots(Plants). For each Depot client need different number range, means for depot 1 client need one range that is 9000 to 10000. For depot 2 client need number range like 10001 to 20000 like this for 8 depots but document type(sales order, billing, delivery, invoice) is same for 8 depots. How can i achieve this?
    As I am fresher I am not getting any clue. If any one did this please provide me the details how to achieve this.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Moderator Message: Do some R&D of your own first.
    Edited by: kishan P on Nov 15, 2010 2:24 PM

    Hi Gnana Kumar,
    I seen this link, here mentioned that develop the z table with fields like VKORG, FKART, NUMKI. Can I add Depot(plant) filed also?
    and here client is having only one Sales Organization.
    Thanks & Regards,

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