Error in Transaction iView creation.

Hi All,
I have requirement wherein i need to create a transaction iView for a particular infotype of a Transaction Code. i had entered the Tcode and system name. But the portal is showing the folowing error when i press the preview for that screen.
Portal Runtime Error
An exception occurred while processing a request for :
iView : pcd:portal_content/ABC_Folder/education
Component Name :
Exception in SAP Application Integrator occured: Missing Property 'ClassName' in property file for layer'Transaction/WinguiSSOLayer'..
Exception id: 09:56_14/10/08_0012_101711350
See the details for the exception ID in the log file
Can any one tell me as where could be the problem
Sai Sharan kalla

Please check the thread
Transactions give an error message

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  • Error in transaction iview

    Hi All,
    I have created a transaction iview for transaction CJ2B. When I click preview button, first screen of transaction opens properly; but when I enter input parameters and try to go to next screen by pressing 'enter' it displays error:
    <b>Initializing of graphics for HTML is not supported in SAP GUI</b>
    Hence I am not able to navigate to second screen.
    I have set SAP Gui type value 'SAP GUI For HTML'.
    Please help.

    Go to the System Administration>Support>SAP Application
    In the Test and Configuration Tools
    Select the SAP Transcation
    In that Provide the System Name , Gui Type and try with the both windows and Html gui
    Check whether you are getting the same problem or not
    Hope this helps,

  • Applet Error in Transaction Iview

    Hi Experts,
             We have created one transaction iview which is used for uploading a file in the ECC through portal. But when I trying to select a file, the file selection box is not opening up & in the browser it is displaying the message "Applet Filename notinited".
    Anykind of hekp will be appreciable.

    Hi GLM,
    Thanks for your prompt reply.
    I am using the SAP GUI for HTML only.The same error is coming if I use SAP IAC Iview by creating service in SICF.
    But in case of IAC Iview if I test the service then it is working fine.The file upload box(the applet) is coming up.But if I attached the iview in a role/workset and trying to use it then it is giving the error.

  • Error in Transaction iView (EP 6)

    I'm trying to setup a transaction iView. I think I may have setup the System Alias wrong. Whenever I try to preview it it returns this error
    <MyAlias> substituted for actual alias name
    Portal Runtime Error
    An exception occurred while processing a request for :
    iView : N/A
    Component Name : N/A
    Application URL ':///webgui/!' is not valid! Please check the protocol and host entries for system '<MyAlias>'..
    Is there any complete documentation on how to setup a Transactional iView? I followed the EP help from but that's what led me to this error.

    I went ahead and installed SAP GUI for windows. I then setup a Transaction iView that uses WinGUI instead of WebGUI. I can successfully run this transaction in SAP GUI, but when I try to preview it in the EP iView editor I receive this error from a popup box that asks me if I want to see a more detailed error description.
    service '' not found
    Component     NI (network interface)
    Release          640
    Version          37
    Module          ninti.c
    Line          494
    Method          NiPGetServByName2: service '' not found
    Return Code     -3
    System Call     getservbyname_r
    Counter          1
    Is there a service that I need to setup within my gui for windows?

  • Error while passing Application Parameter in Transaction iView editor

    Dear all
    I am trying to pass some application parameters to one of the transaction iViews. Without passing any parameter in 'Application Parameters' field of the iView editor the iView can be previewed/displayed fine. But when I am trying to pass the parameters as follows <Screen_Parameter1>=<ABC>&<...>=<...> the preview is coming up with a Portal runtime error saying that the <Screen_Parameter1> is an invalid terminal property of the root context_
    Can anybody help me out with this?

    In any application parameter field u need pass screen_field
    u need to find the screen_field value first .
    login to backend ECC server , give u r required Tcode .
    click in  required field , press f1 -> click on Technical setting icon on top .
    in that screen , screen_field is the last field .
    copy  this screen_field value
    place ths screen _field value in application parameter field .
    example : rs38-programm=ztest
    here re38-programm is the screen field
      ztest is it's value .
    & this is used for the separator between 2 values

  • "Error on page" while adding a transaction iview to Role

    I am getting javascript error "Error on page" when I am trying to add a transaction iview to a Role.
    when i click on the error it shows
                     error : Expected ')'
    The error is coming only for few iviews while for others it if working fine.
    Does anyone know the reason for this error?

    /* Formatted on 2012/04/25 14:22 (Formatter Plus v4.8.8) */
    CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER issue_book_tri
      ON issue_book
      CURSOR a
        SELECT join_date
          FROM member_book;
      p_join_date   DATE;
      OPEN a;
      FETCH a
       INTO p_join_date;
      IF p_join_date > :NEW.issue_date
        raise_application_error (-20322, 'You may Issue book only after joining');
      ELSIF 1 = 1 -- uuuuuu miss the condition here
        :NEW.return_date := :NEW.issue_date + 15;
      END IF;
      CLOSE a;

  • ECC Transaction iView Error on Browser Resize

    I have created hundreds of SAP ECC Transaction iViews in the portal.  After doing some testing, I realized that any time a browser window is modified when an ECC transaction iView is within display, the resize causes the transaction iView to refresh.  Upon refreshing, the transaction throws error or works as if the user submitted the transaction on the backend, instead of just remaining in the same state.
    For instance, if you have an SAP Transaction iView to an ECC system for tcode QM01 and it is accessible through the Detailed Navigation, this iView can be opened either in its own browser window, or within the desktop inner page.  If configured to pop-up in a new browser window and you click or drag to resize the browser window, the transaction refreshes, and throws the error: "Fill in all required entry fields."  This is the same error that is thrown in ECC when a user submits the transaction with no data.  Similarly, if you have the iView configured to open within the portal framework and you click on the transaction it opens in the desktop inner page.  If you maximize/restore down the browser window displaying the portal, the transaction refreshes within the desktop inner page and throws this same error, like it was submitted.
    It happens with every ECC transaction iView that I have created, but does not happen with SRM IAC iViews, Web DynPro iViews, or SUS functionality iViews.  This leads me to believe it is a problem in ITS.  Does anyone know what is going wrong, or how to fix this?
    Thanks for any help!

       Super admin has permission for end user for all the iViews. So he will be able to view the iView. As mentioned, please check if the end user permission is given for the end user to access the iView. Also check if the permission is given for that particular system. To check permissions, go to System Administration -> Permissions -> Portal permissions -> Portal Content. Check for iView and system that you have created.
    Harinin S

  • Transaction iView( Tcode) Error: Function call in SAP GUI with errors

    Hey Guys:
                  I use Transaction iView to show the ABAP application on Portal. The application works to import data from client to BW. After I fill all the information and execute the application, the system returns the error message " Function call in SAP GUI with errors".
    The ABAP application works fine on SAP GUI, so it should not be the program problem.
    Any Suggestion for this will be nice. Thanks for your help.

    Hey Duy:
            Thanks for your response. I check the servers which i have access, and all of them cannot work correctly.
    First, other iViews(Dynpro,BW Report,BSP,KM...) work fine.
    Second, our backend system is a BW server.
    I try to do so on our EP production and development, also connect them to our BW production and development servers. All of those are failed and have the same problem.
    The t-code comes from our abap program and register on BW server, and hte program works fine when I use SE38 to execute it.
    PS. The Transaction iView works fine before, but I have no idea why it just crash now.
    Please let me know if you have any suggestion about this.

  • Logon Balancing error 88 and Error timeout occured for BW transaction Iview

    Hello All,
    I am trying to connect BW system from portal.
    We are using SAP GUI for Window to launch the Transaction iViews and browser we are using is IE 7.0 and IE 8.0. I have selected the Technique to Start SAP GUI for Windows is "SAP Shortcut File". When calling the iView, it opens in the new  window and asked downloads the file.
    After download , I am getting connecting window and then following error
    Logon Balancing error 88 :Connection to server is not possible(RC.9)
    In detail error is
    Error: timeout occured
    Tue Aug 16 15:50:44 2011
    Release 640
    Component NI(Network interface), version 37 rc=-5,
    Please suggest any approaches for the issue.
    Anand Kumar

    Hello Vijay, Sandeep,
    1) when I try the following combination in service file, I am getting given below error. if i use sapmsBWD 3600/tcp or if I do not use sapmsBWD 3600/tcp, i am getting the same following error.
    sapgw97  3397/tcp
    sapgw98  3398/tcp
    sapgw99  3399/tcp
    SAPmsBWD 52500/tcp
    sapmsBWD 3600/tcp
    Logon Balancing error 88 :Connection to server is not possible(RC.9)
    In detail error is
    Error: timeout occured
    Tue Aug 16 15:50:44 2011
    Release 640
    Component NI(Network interface), version 37 rc=-5,
    2) when I try the following combination in service file, I am getting given below error
    sapgw97  3397/tcp
    sapgw98  3398/tcp
    sapgw99  3399/tcp
    sapmsBWD 3600/tcp
    SAPmsBWD 52500/tcp
    Error:partner not reached
    Tue Aug 16 17:22:31 2011
    realease 710
    Component NI(network interface) version 39
    Detail Nip connect2:
    system call connect
    Error No:10061
    'WSAECONNREFUSED:connection refused'
    @Sandeep: I have check the port number in SMMS transaction code: I have three port Number :3220,3320,8020.
    Please any one can guide me further.
    With regards.
    Anand Kumar

  • Transactional Iviews - Error

    Hi All,
    I have created a transactional iViews and attached it in the protal. This iView Displays a report with Save Button on it. Now this Report works perfectly fine when I try to execute it at the backend. But When we try to execute it through transactional iViews i.e when I press the save button of the report to download it in pdf format, I am getting an error message "Applet filesavedialog.class notinited."
    Ideally it should pop-up a window asking for the path of the file to save. Please help me how can i resolve this error ?
    Akhil Rai

    Hi Deepak,
    There is not short dump created at the backend. As I said earlier also Report is working perfectly fine at the backend.
    Error message is coming at the bottom of the explorer as " Applet filesavdialog.class notinited" and the pop-up doesn't come. Everything else works perfrctly fine. Users can still see the report.
    Hey Guys,
    Can someone please help me out of this..

  • Error in creating Transaction iViews

    I am trying to create two transaction iViews, that connect to R/3 and CRM, but I keep on getting the following error messags:
    An exception occurred while processing a request for :
    iView : N/A
    Component Name : N/A
    Unable to lookup System 'R93CLNT100'. Please check the system object and the alias..
    Unable to lookup System 'C94CLNT100'.

    I am also trying to connect to R/3 system,I am getting ERROR:
    An exception occurred while processing a
    request for :
    iView : N/A
    Component Name : N/A
    Application URL ':///sap(ZT13SDNnblo2MUVha3puRGpmQkp1eDZBJTNEJTNETFZpS2RMbWkyJTJC
    /bc/gui/sap/its/webgui' is not valid! Please check
    the protocol and host entries for system
    See the details for the exception ID in the log file
    what might be the error,any body .....

  • Error Runging the Transaction iview using SSO logon ticket

    Hi I am getting the follwoing error  in log file. when i am running the Transaction iview using SAP Loggon ticket.
    #1.5[UWL Pooled Thread:2,5,SAPEngine_Application_Thread[impl:3]_Group]##0#0#Error#1#/System/Security/Usermanagement#Java###The attribute "" of the backend system with alias "" has the invalid value "".
    Cannot generate an SAP authentication assertion ticket for user and the specified backend system.
    Please adjust the value of the system attribute. Supported values are "" and "".#6#AuthenticationTicketType#"KPMGVM005_ALIAS"##"Stokkeland, Pauline" (unique ID: "USER.PRIVATE_DATASOURCE.un:P00024384")#SAP Logon Ticket#SAP Assertion Ticket#
    I have imported the .der file of the portal in to the SAP ECC sytem.using STRUSTSSO2
    Created the profile parameters using rz10 trnsaction.
    restarted the ECC system.
    Created the system object using the follwoing parameters
    Under usermanagement
    Authentication Ticket Type - SAP Logon TicketSAP 
    Logon Method -SAPLOGONTICKET 
    User Mapping Fields  :<not selected>
    User Mapping Type    :<not selected>
    when i test the sytem object under connection test:showing the following error.
    Test Details:
    The test consists of the following steps:
    1. Retrieve the default alias of the system
    2. Check the connection to the backend application using the connector defined in this system object
    Retrieval of default alias successful
    Connection failed. Make sure that Single Sign-On is configured correctly
    But WAS, ITS, Connector are successfull. but above message is showing.
    what could be the problem.
    When i run one transaction iview with this system it is showing following error.
    Parameter Dump
    $TimeStamp  1221268987126
    ApplicationVariants  GuiType
    AuthScheme  default
    Authentication  ******
    AutoStart  false
    ClassName  com.sapportals.portal.appintegrator.layer.SingleSignOnLayer
    CommandField  YTIME
    CurrentWindowId  WID1221260007272
    DR.TargetIDPropertyName  TCode
    DebugMode  false
    ExecutionLocation  KPMGVM005_ALIAS
    ExportParameters  Authentication, LogonUser, RequestMethod
    ForwardParameters.Always  sap-config-mode
    ForwardParameters.Forbidden  ClientWindowID, Command, DebugSet, DynamicParameter, Embedded, InitialNodeFirstLevel, SerAttrKeyString, SerKeyString, SerPropString, SessionKeysAvailable, iview_id, iview_mode, windowId, sap-pp-producerid, sap-pp-consumerBaseURL, sap-pp-returnToConsumer, login_submit, j_user, j_password, j_authscheme, uidPasswordLogon, MappedUser, MappedPassword
    GuiType  WebGui
    GuiType.default  WebGui
    ITSVersion  640
    JREPluginMimeType  application/x-java-applet;version=1.4.1_02
    LoadingCacheKey  <Portal.Version><LAF.Theme>
    MandatoryParameters  System
    NavMode  1
    NavigationTarget  navurl://21635c17e11df05c58e1c07deaf5bed1
    NextLayer  Transaction/WebGuiESIDLayer
    ParameterTemplate  <ApplicationParameter[PROCESS_RECURSIVE]>;<ForwardParameters[QUERYSTRING]>;<DynamicParameter[PROCESS_RECURSIVE]>;
    ProducerLocation  Remote
    ReuseWinguiConnection  false
    SupportedUserAgents  (MSIE, >=5.5, *) (Netscape, *, ) (Mozilla,,*)
    SupportsUnicodeCodePages  false
    System  KPMGVM005_ALIAS
    System.type  lookup:com.sapportals.portal.appintegrator.lookup.SystemLookup
    TCode  YTIME
    Technique  Standard
    TopLayer  Transaction/DragAndRelateLayer
    Transactions_Require_SSF  RRMX,RRMXP
    UseFrog  true
    UseSPO1  false
    UserMappingTemplate  sap-user=<MappedUser>&sap-password=<MappedPassword>
    ValidityPeriod  -1
    Wizard.MandatoryParameters  System, TCode, GuiType
    Wizard.OptionalParameters  ApplicationParameter, UseFrog, Technique
    X509Template  Transaction_Configuration  com.sapportals.portal.iview  true  VISIBLE  false  Open  true  80  PIXELS  FIXED  false  1000  0  true  true  false  true  true  false  true  false  true  true  PLAIN  400  PIXELS  FIXED  0  710  1014  false  100.0  true  Cacheable  100.0  true  1  IP_PTL_INITIAL_CONTENT  Sat Sep 22 11:32:17 EDT 2007  Administrator  -1  EP  Fri Sep 12 19:24:19 EDT 2008  ksingh  com.sapportals.portal.iview  en  Administrator  false  myTime,,,,,,,  true  pcd:portal_content/  URL  Automatic  *  
    com.sapportals.portal.navigation.FolderEntry  false
    com.sapportals.portal.navigation.WinFeatures  resizable=yes,toolbar=no,menubar=no
    Is it required to add  ECC certificate to Portal sytem?
    we have created the same user id in both the sytems.
    Please let me know what could be the error.

    Please follow these steps and lemme know what you observe.
    Go to system administration->support->sap application-> under test and configuration tools choose sap transaction
    under the mandatory fields choose the system that you have created, choose a tcode (se16) and choose sap gui for windows and click go.
    If you are able to logon to your ecc system, your sso works!
    P.S Make sure the user name with which you are testing this, exists in the backend as well.
    Good luck
    Sandeep Tudumu

  • Error when Closing BW transaction iView from Portal

    Hi guys,
    I have several Transaction iViews pointing to different BW / ECC systems that are working fine when they are executed.
    Problem is when the user clicks on any other folder within portal after running any of these iViews, the following error is displayed:
    "Required resource not available".
    Then Portal gets frozen and only solution is to close the browser tab and reload portal. Looks like whenever the iView is closed, portal tries to log on again as it is calling the SAP GUI.
    Any ideas ?
    Thanks in advance !!

    It looks like a permission issue. You should check the permissions of the folder containing the system in the portal. (System Administration > System Configuration then Open Permissions on the system object). Every user who is supposed to have access to the iView should be there as End User (for instance : Everyone (group), Administrator = none, End User = checked).

  • Transactional Iview Error when displaying

    Hi all ,
    I have created a transactional Iview. It is working fine. I could see the preview of that .But the same is not getting displayed when I assigned to the portal it is showing Portal Runtime Error.
    Need help.

    Please let me know how to check the log file and where it is located.
    I checked the log file with the name server o .
    in that the given below is stated
    #1.5 #00145ED2ABF2008000000465000E5000000456AC887B9998#1221198931007#/System/[impl:3] 106 millis##
    #1.5 #00145ED2ABF20060000004DF000E5000000456AC98F00EB0#1221199207075#/System/[impl:3] pass of Application Integrator failed.
    Component Name:       '',
    Context Name (iView): 'pcd:portal_content/com.cgsl.CGSLFILES/com.cgsl.roles/com.cgsl.role/Finance/pb/pb',
    Top Layer:            'Transaction/DragAndRelateLayer',
    Producer ID (FPN):    'null',
    System Alias:         'raja',
    #1.5 #00145ED2ABF20060000004E1000E5000000456AC98F01941#1221199207078#/System/[impl:3] ID:11:00_12/09/08_0045_406207650##
    Edited by: venkata krishna on Sep 12, 2008 7:51 AM

  • Transactional Iview Error

    I have created a transactional iview. I have choosen windows GUI for display. But after choosing  the SAP system (Backend system) , when i go for preview it Shows ERROR.
    1. The page cannot be displayed
    2. Exception occured . Ie. RFC error
    3. logon  balancing error 88
    Please guide me .
    Richard A

    It is not working for all option.
    An exception occurred while processing a request for :
    iView : pcd:portal_content/com.tcs.tcs/com.tcs.iview_id/com.tcs.fb50
    Component Name :
    Exception in SAP Application Integrator occured: Unable to parse template '<System.ConnectionString>'; the problem occured at position 0. Cannot process expression <System.ConnectionString> because Invalid System Attribute: System: &#39;SAP_LocalSystem&#39;, Attribute: &#39;ConnectionString&#39;. .
    Exception id: 06:31_03/04/08_0010_7465150
    See the details for the exception ID in the log file
    The above are the exception
    Richard A

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