Error loading plugins. AISaveForWeb.aip

The problem with my computer set to Adobe Illustrator CS5.
20/10/1910 after injection of regular updates adobovskih Illustrator crash when started
starts at the registration window. Since I still trial version, then all these
days to choose it and the program loaded and worked fine. After it was decided
reinstall the trial version, downloaded from the official. site, today it
delivered. Now the program opens, but when you open a message is
Error loading plugins. AISaveForWeb.aip DxfDwg.aip PNGFileFormat.aip
and takes off after the first save (Ctrl S).
Sorry for my English

First Quit Illustrator CS 5
C:\Users\Max\AppData\roaming\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator CS5 Settings trash the whole folder
then you have to find the Adobe Illustrator plist files I do not know where they are located on the Windows platform
or if they are called something different or even exist.
If that does not work and you cannot find the plist or equivalent then use the uninstaller and remove Illustrator trash the settings folder
clear out any cache files associated with CS 5, the cache files are usually located in a directory called Application support in a folder called Cache.
Also any folders associated with Illustrator CS 5 in the Application Support folder called Adobe.
Sorry I do not know where these folders are or if they are called the same thing on the windows platform.
And of course it is nowhere to be found on the web.
If you cannot find these files just trash the stuff you can after uninstalling and dumping the settings folder.
Yu can also do a search for Adobe Illustrator CS 5 on your computer after the uninstall there should be nothing related to Adobe Illustrator CS 5 left on the computer. I would also before doing any of this deactivate Illustrator CS 5.
The restart your computer.
BTW have you updated AI CS 5 and or Windows by any chance?

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  • Error message when starting Adobe Illustrator CC [Error loading plugins   AppBarControls.aip]

    I get the following error message when I start Adobe Illustrator CC.
    Error loading plugins
    Then it gives me the option to continue by clicking okay. When it opens, the Application Bar is just blank.
    I've tried uninstalling, then ran Adobe CC Cleaner, then downloaded and reinstalled.
    Computer details : OS X 10.9.5, 1.3 GHz Intel Core i5, 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
    Help is kindly appreciated!

    I also have had a difficult time with Adobe Illustrator CC 2014 crashing upon launch.  The support staff was great even though we had to work through several sessions.  Below is the email explaining our final session.
    This email is in regards with the issue you had been facing with Illustrator CC 2014.
    While going through the installer logs, we found that there was an issue with the installation & the program installer had been denied access to several critical files & folders during installation.
    This was the main reason for Illustrator crash as several critical components had not been installed properly.
    We tried installing the program in a new user account & that worked.
    Though the program has been installed properly now & is working in your old account, I will still strongly recommend you to get your computer user account repaired with a Windows 7 operating system diskette.
    This is required so that you do not run into more trouble later while working with the Adobe Applications or even while installing other programs.
    Avanish Divya was the final support person that successfully resolved my problems.

  • Error loading plugins pngfileformat.aip upon startup, then Ai crashes - help?

    I just downloaded Ai, and I get the following error message upon launch: error loading plugins pngfileformat.aip.  After that, Ai crashes.  Suggestions?

    Without any proper system info, version info for AI, crash logs and so on nobody can even begin to guess.

  • Every time I start Illustrator CS6 I get an error message: "Error loading plugin AIHostAdapter.aip.

    Every time I start Illustrator CS6 I get an error message:
    "Error loading plugin AIHostAdapter.aip. I have tried reloading the program, updating, everything. I've checked the forums but no one seems to have a solution

    I am not sure. Here is a screenshot.  Many people are having this problem. I am wondering what it is and what it does exactly and can't seem to find an answer to that question.
    I deleted Illustrator CS6  yesterday and reloaded the program. I am on a Mac, Maverick 10.9. The strange thing is the dates. All plugins [in the file] correspond with the Illy CS6 reload except that particular Plugin?
    Can I delete the file or is it a necessary plugin?

  • Error loading plugins DxfDwg.aip and PNGFileFormat.aip when launching Illustrator.

    It was working fine and then all of a sudden I started getting this error. I have already reinstalled the software, changed the permissions to all of the files and folders and am running the program as an administrator. Any ideas?

    Adobe chat was going to charge me to fix this issue, so I put on my big girl pants and have a workaround. Not a fix, so if someone has an idea on that, please let me know.
    I am using Windows 7 with all of the latest updates applied to everything.
    Workaround: Create a brand new clean administrator account on your machine and run Illustrator on that one. Works like a charm. Not convenient in any sense of the word, but it works.

  • "Error loading plugin  AIHostAdapter.aip "

    On a mac running 10.6.8, this error comes up everytime I start illustrator CS6. What is going on?

    Run the Creative Suite Cleaner Tool, reinstall the program.

  • Ever since i upgraded to os 10.10 my illustrator (cs4) gives me this message when i open it "error loading plugins   Photoshopimport.aip"  can someone help me?... thank you... bob kindey

    can someone help me?
    i've never had this problem.
    thank you kindly,
    bob kincey
    [email protected]

    There is nothing to help or fix. CS4 is not Yosemite compatible.

  • Error loading plugins CC 2014

    I have build a plugin with AI SDK CC 2014 on Win 7.
    But the plugin cannot be loaded by one customer (CC2014 18.1.0, Win7 ultimate 64-bit).  Only a message pops up with 'Error loading plugins xxx.aip'. The plugin works fine on other machines with the same configuration.
    The function PluginMain() is not called by AI and I cannot find any information why.
    Is there a kind of logging available on AI side to analyze problems while loading plugins?

    Joe, Unfortunately your symptoms are slightly different than the original posters. Bunny's issue is odd because the plug-in loads on some machines and not others. I'm afraid I'm stumped there.  But Joe, I think we could help you if we had some more information about the process you went through to get your samples loaded. It really could be a lot of things at this point. And it would help to know if you're developing on a windows or mac OS, etc. Did you follow the procedures in the "Getting Started Guide" in the docs folder of the SDK?

  • Illustrator CS4 error notification: "Error Loading Plugins. PhotoshopImport.aip"

    I am working on a Mac 10.10 Yosemite with Adobe Illustrator CS4 however every time I try to open Illustrator it brings up error notification: "Error Loading Plugins. PhotoshopImport.aip". I can't click on the OK button and the only thing I can do is force quit the application. How do I solve this problem so I can work on my files again?

    I have found the solution in another forum that finally seems to have worked!
    The last comment I haven't yet experienced as I quit photoshop and was still able to open illustrator without problems and without the help of photoshop afterwards.
    But happy for now that this works.
    OK, had the same issue, found a work around, not a fix.
    1     Force quit Illustrator.
    2     Start Photoshop CS4
    3     Start Illustrator CS4
    4     when you get the alert popup, with Photoshop now open, it allows me to click on "don't show again", and click "OK"
    5     quit Photoshop
    Now Illustrator should continue to work so long as it is open.
    Illustrator will continue to freeze on start unless you 1st open Photoshop.

  • Illustrator cs3 headache! Error loading plugins. ColorHarmony.aip DxfDwg.aip FHImprot.ap PNGFileFormat.aip TracingSuite.aip TrcingUI.aip

    I have searched everywhere on both the net and the adobe website and there is no solution for this problem.  I have tried all suggestions, aside from reformatting my hard drive and loading everything from scratch. I have Adobe CS3 Master Collection which we paid quite a bit for and I find these errors and mistakes outrageous.  I have a Zune and I still hve to disable the launch using the Vista Task Manager in order to get PDF files to save using any progrm within the suite.
    All of a sudden one day, I started getting the following error: Error loading plugins. ColorHarmony.aip DxfDwg.aip FHImprot.ap PNGFileFormat.aip TracingSuite.aip TrcingUI.aip
    I have tried using the CS3 Script clean up tool, even at level 2. I have gone through and got rid of any vestiges of folders or files that have to do with Adobe CS3 Master Collection.  Nothing works.  The only thing that did work that I refuse to do is to make another User Account and use that account just for Illustrator so I have to switch users back and forth to send e-mails and such.
    What is the fix for this?  Is Adobe paying attention?
    Any words of wisdom?  I have read that even after paying the $39.95 for help from Adobe, they still dont have a solution.   Is t his a ploy to make some money off of fees during this economy?

    Okay all, here is what I have tried; re-installed printer drivers,nothing, then:
    I went to C:\Users\[your name]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Illustrator CS3 Settings on Win Vista.
    Found the following folders:  Brushes, Composite Fonts, Graphics Styles, Kinsoku, MojiKumi, New Document Profiles, Plug-ins, Swatches, Symbols, Workspaces.  All folders were empty except for the New Document Profiles which had the following: Basic CMYK, Basic RGB, Mobile and Devices,
    Print, Video and Film and Web, as I said these are document files which I deleted before this re-installation and nothing. Same error as above.
    The three files listed in the Illustrator CS3 Settings folders are: AI Color Settings, AIMenuFaceCache and IllustratorFnt.lst.  I deleted all three, IllustratorFnt.lst rebuilds immediately when I Open Illustrator CS3, however, the other two dont seems to rebuild until I receive the Microsoft Windows alert:  a problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the rpgoram and notify you if a solution is available.  You'd think with the many times that this program has shut down automatically, someone would have a solution by  now!
    There is no AdobeFnt.lst file as specified by Mylenium.
    corrupt preference folder, the whole users preference folder: I do not see an AI.Preferences folder in this area neither, and when I reopen Illustrator there is still no Preferences folder.  Dont know how to get to the whole users preferences folder.  I have a done Search for Preferences*.* and I only get entries for ACT! 2008 CMR which we have installed here.
    corrupt Illustrator Settings folder located somewhere in the Documents and Settings No, this does not seem to do anything, If I delete the entire contents under Illustrator CS3 Settings.
    a corrupt or conflicting plug in from a thrid party which is what it sounds like.  Nothing in the plug-ins (Illustrator CS3 folder) and I haven't downloaded a third party.  I do see the plugins that this mentioned in this error: ColorHarmony.aip DxfDwg.aip FHImprot.ap PNGFileFormat.aip TracingSuite.aip TrcingUI.aip in the following C: Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator CS3\Plugsin\Extensions, but the system will NOT let me remove them.
    a corrupt font(s) or font data base(s) or both.  Removed all possible fonts that the system would let me, and still nothing.
    a corrupt color or monitor profile (this once happened to me)  Do not use Custom monitor nor color profies.
    a conflicting haxie  running a PC
    an update to something on your user account Hmmm all I have done are the recommended updates to Vista
    conflicting software on the mac it is usually entourage or Quicken but they usually interfere with the keyboard shortcuts.  On a PC.
    and on the pc world of course a virus that is affecting your user account because it has only found your password on that accounts and which you obtained via browser or e-mail.  Ran a full system virus scan and nothing.
    The last and very unpopular amongst the pc world is a permissions problem in the pc world they always find a work around thuis issue rather than face the fact and why Adobe may have given up at this point.  Turned off the UAC account, but your right, when I tried to delete the mentioned plugins in the errror, it said i didnt have the permissions.
    There can be other reasons. The reason Adobe could not find it is the problem on the pc is often denial that this is user induced it also a problem but to less a degree on the Mac.
    Maintaining your system is important. I do regular scans and things.
    For instance have you set your scratch to a hard drive hat has a lot of free space do you have scratch other than your start up disk? Have a huge hard disk and 4 gb of DDR3 ram. 
    How much RAM do you have these are less likely to be the problem since the new user account works.
    If you want to get his running again try a few things and tell us what did not work and perhaps we can help with nrrowing it down.

  • Error Loading Plugins Control Panel.aip

    I tried to open Illustrator for the first time on my new computer. It seems like it's going to open, then I get an error message:
    Error Loading Plugins
    Control Panel.aip
    I have reinstalled, uninstalled, reinstalled, updated window, updated adobe, restarted inbetween, etc.
    I have Designer CS3 on a toshiba satellite p205d-s8804 running Vista 2gig memory AMD Turion 64x2 2GZ x86 ATI Radeon X1200 2G RAM 139G free HD space.
    It seems numerous people are having this problem across the web but no one has posed an answer on how to fix it. It is insinuated that it is a registry problem.
    Can and Adobe person post the solution.

    Bill, thank you very much for posting the solution to the "Error Loading Plug-ins. Control Panel.aip" problem.
    I was able to find your solution here on the forum with only a minimal amount of searching, and it worked perfectly.
    FWIW, I found two duplicate files in the C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator CS3\Support Files\Required folder - one called ADMEveParser and another one called ADMPlugin.  Both of them had a 1 in parentheses after the file name.
    Again - many thanks for your thoughtfulness.

  • Error Loading Plugins - CS2

    My Illustrator won't completely load.  After about 30 seconds the computer freezes.   I have a pc with vista.  I believe illustrator worked two years ago when I got this computer. Installed it right after I got it.  I think it worked after I got this computer.   Error message is:
    Error Loading Plugins

    Those two files are suspect.
    In my AI 12 (CS2) installation, there is only one scripting support plug-in file: ScriptingSupport.aip. It is located in the [program installation folder]\Plug-ins\Extensions folder.
    If those two files (ScriptingSupport(2).aip and ScriptingSupport(3).aip) are in the same folder, I would just pull them off to your desktop. If, then, Illustrator starts up OK, and everything checks out, you can trash them.
    The question, of course, would be how they got there in the first place. Numbered files like that usually indicate multiple attemps to create them -- perhaps from multiple abortive re-installation attempts.
    There might be other issues (e.g. permissions-related). See these other previous discussions (although, unfortunately many of the contained links no longer work in these horrible new forums):

  • Illustrator CS3 Crashes after "Error Loading Plugins"

    so confused.
    Upgraded to a new PC with Windows 7 64bit Enterprise.
    Installed my CS3, and Illustrator crashes after "Error Loading Plugins".
    I moved the .aip files in question from the folder to my desktop, then put them back, but 3 are still there. The other 3 resolved.
    Took the 3 in question back out, then back in. no change
    Left the 3 out. No "Error Loading Plugins" but still crashes with a "stopped working" non descript message.
    I have been trying to search all over the net for six hours to no avail. Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope.

    with Enterprise edition you should be able to download from Microsoft a winXP32 bit virtual OS and run CS3 Ai in that mode.

  • 'Error loading plugin: Plugin file not found' message on ONLY 5 sites, but all others OK.  Help, please!

    Hi Again!
    I posted this problem here before, but since I really need to access the sites that receive this error message in less than a month, I had to re-post; hopefully someone who didn't see it before will see it & have a solution for me.
    Here are the details:  I'm running windows 8.1 & I use Firefox 33.1.1, Pale Moon 25.1.0 or Opera 26.0 as my browsers, (I have IE installed & up-to-date, but I never use it).  I followed the 10-point checklist on Adobe & everything was done, except for "uncheck Hardware Acceleration" in Flash 'Settings'; I tried to uncheck it on this site, where it's indicated, as well as in my 4 browsers when I'm doing something that uses Flash, but no matter how hard I try, I can't 'uncheck' the check mark in that tiny box!  Since this error problem only affects 5 web sites, & I can watch streaming media on all other sites, I don't think it's an issue. 
    Here's how this problem began:  I was watching a live, streaming nest-cam on 5/09/14 around 11:00AM, (yes, I DO know the exact time & date, because it happened so suddenly while I was watching this website that I'd been watching since the end of February, 2014), when my screen went black.  I thought it was probably an Adobe Crash, but when the usual Crash Report window didn't show up, I just closed Firefox & reopened it, expecting to resume watching the nest-cam.  When I went back to the site, I got the black screen with the "Error loading plugin: Plugin file not found" message.  The chat portion on the site still works, though. I know there are other sites with this nest-cam feed, so I started trying them, but it took several tries for me to find one that didn't get the error message! I posted this problem on "Windows BBS" forum, & someone else posted that the same thing happened to them AND on the same sites!  They didn't have a solution, either.  I cleared my cache, rebooted my PC & even did a System Restore, but whatever happened in that brief second made using ONLY 5 sites impossible.  Here are the sites that receive the error message:, (but I CAN go to, but there isn't any streaming media), (I get the error message on ALL cams on this site) (I get the error message on ALL cams on this site)
    Now if any videos from the 5 websites above are uploaded to YouTube, I can watch them error message if I watch the videos elsewhere.  Luckily, I found Ustream, & they have most of the nest cams I watch, but I need to fix this issue, because it's nearing nesting time!  I'm an amateur nest-watcher & it's vital that I have access to these 5 sites, so if anyone knows how to fix this, PLEASE tell me!
    Thanks for taking the time to read my post.
    All suggestions/solutions are gratefully accepted.
    Thanks in advance for your help!

    File Not Found Error in Welcome Screen
    07-Nov-2013 10:25
    Tags: #dreamweaver_cs6_update
    Help please!
    Live preview also not working.
    I have exactly the exact problem described below but do not have a folder with the same name as the volume created under the volume. Please can someone help - I've tried everything. This problem only happened when I upgraded to Dreaweaver CC!
    "On launching Dreamweaver on your Macintosh if your Welcome Screen is not loading and if you see a "File not found" error, please check if you have a folder with the same name as your volume created under the volume. For more info on this please go through the attached pdf document. Other dialogs/panels in dreamweaver that will be blank due to this issue are Jquery Swatches panel, Adobe Edge Webfonts tab in Manage Fonts dialog,W3c Error Info dialog, Externalise Javascript dialog and svn revert dialog. After following the changes mentioned in the attached document please check all the affected dialogs/panels to confirm everything is working as expected."
    Martin Bond
    [personal information removed by moderator]

  • Error loading plugins brs pencil tool | cc | Illustrator 2014

    Hello there,
    I use Illustrator cc 2014, and recently when I open the application, there will be a pop up with "error loading plugins brs pencil tool". I click continue, and the pencil tool is completely missing from my tool bar. I wanted to know what would be the best way to fix this? I have tried updating the software and it says "failed to update, error u44m1p7". I don't want to mess around with any of the plugins manually as I know there has to be a certain way they are placed and installed, and I'm not sure what the right way is. If someone has had to remove and add a plugin before and knows how that info would be helpful.
    Thanks for any help,

    You may consider a reinstallation using the full three step way (otherwise strange things may linger):
    Uninstall (ticking the box to delete the preferences), run the Cleaner Tool, and reinstall.

Maybe you are looking for