Error: "This game cannot be played."

I get this error when I try to play any game I purchased from the iTunes Music Store:
This game cannot be played.
Connect your iPod to iTunes and reinstall the game.
The only way I know of reinstalling is turning off syncing for games and applying, then turning it back on again and applying so it installs again. Why isn't this working for me?
This is not the same as the failed to authorize message.

I cannot load the game I purchased onto my iPod. I get the following error message:
The game Mahjong was not copied to the iPod "Rich's iPod" because you are not authorized to play it on this computer.
I am using the PC version of iTunes. My generation 5 video iPod is running ver 1.2 of the iPod software. I shut down and restarted the PC but still have the problem.

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  • Possible Fix for Frequent "This game cannot be played" Errors

    I was seeing the error, "This game cannot be played," almost every time I tried to start a game on my 30GB iPod. The game would always eventually start fine on the second or third try, though.
    I was just living with the error and figured it was a bug Apple would eventually work out. Then it occured to me one day that I'd neglected the fact that the iPod is, in part, a glorified hard disk. Maybe it needed some TLC.
    So, I used DiskWarrior 4 to rebuild/repair it and the error has not appeared once since. It's been about four or five days.
    Just thought others out there might have been having the same problem...

    I also had this problem, and since I don't want to shell out $100 for DiskWarrior nor do I wish to do a restore (I manually manage my songs, photos, videos, etc.), I found that resyncing the games from within iTunes (on a Mac) is viable as well.
    1. Select your iPod to bring up the overview/management window.
    2. Select the games tab.
    3. Enable the "Sync games" checkbox.
    4. Select "Sync [Your iPod]" from the "File" menu OR right click on your iPod in the iTunes Devices list and select "Sync."
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  • "This game cannot be played" message??

    I have a 5th Gen ipod and I bought 2 games about 6-10 moths ago. I went to play one yesterday and the ipod gave me the message "this game cannot be played" and tells me to connect the ipod to itunes and reinstall the games. How do you reinstall the games and more so, why is it giving me this message? have some things changed within itunes via a new update or something that won't allow game to be played? help please - thanks!

    First, what kind of iPod you got because games only work for certain iPods. I know they work for iPod Video. Don't know about the others. Also, the only way you can play them is on an iPod so if they're incompatible with your iPod, then you've just wasted like $30 on games you have no use for.

  • HT1339 Error: This game cannot be launched. Ipod will not respond

    I have an error message on my iPod classic.  It states, Error:  This game cannot be launched.  And now my iPod wheel will not respond.  I am unable to shut it down or connect it to my iTunes.

    Try a hard reset.  This procedure does not erase any content stored on the device. It is similar to rebooting your PC.  To reset the iPod, first make sure the hold switch is in the Off position, then press and hold both the Select (Center) and Menu buttons together long enough for the Apple logo to appear.

  • Was just watching an HD movie and tried to resize the window midway through. Now I get the error "This movie cannot be played in HD on this display" Yes it can I just was. How do I fix this?

    Was just watching an HD movie and tried to resize the window midway through. Now I get the error "This movie cannot be played in HD on this display" Yes it can I just was. How do I fix this?

    I have the same problem on an original iPad.

  • Error this video cannot be played

    I am having trouble I have tried restoring the iPod touch 2nd generation dozen of time and I know my music and video files are in right format they play fine on the othe ripod touch but they don't play on this iPod touch it keeps on giving error video file cannot be played same thing for music file.  Restoring it doesn't help. Some one has resolve this issue with iPod touch 2nd generation please help me out thanks

    Is it possible that the video is HD? I find that HD will not play on my 5th gen.

  • Error: this song cannot be played because the original file cannot be found

    I recently purchased a new computer and restored my music to the new computer. Although all of my songs are being displayed in the itunes library only half will play. When I try to play the remaining songs I get a message that says "this song cannot be played because the original file cannot be found". I'm at a loss and need help because all of the songs are in the same folder.

    I've pretty much got exactly the same problem. We've just replaced our old computer with a laptop and I've transferred my iTunes library over but I can't open almost all of my songs as "the original file couldn't be found." I've tried the "locate" prompt but that gives me so many different options, all to no avail. However, I have added a few new CDs since transferring the library to the laptop and they open up without any problems.
    Can anyone help? I've got to go through all of this again soon as my daughters both have ipods as well!

  • TV video download will not play - error "This movie cannot be played on this computer"  but the computer is authorized

    I downloaded TV Masterpiece Mystery Inspector Lewis Ramblin Boy episode but when I try to view or sync to iPod I get a message that "This movie cannot be played on this computer."  I double checked and this computer is authorized.

    Hey Ronald
    If you are experiencing and issue with your purchase, check out the following article to report the issue to get it resolved.
    How to report an issue with your iTunes Store, App Store, Mac App Store, or iBookstore purchase
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    -Norm G.

  • Texas Hold 'em...This game cannot be played?

    I have an early 2006 30GB Ipod with video and it won't let me play Texas Hold 'em. It says that i cannot play the game and I need to reinstall the game. How do I reinstall the game so I can play it?

    I have the same problem with poker, and also with tetris, and pacman!
    Have contacted apple, then re-sent me the games to download and still no luck, have restored the ipod several times just to make sure that its clean and that the games will re-install.
    Cant get anything to work.
    In a way I am glad that someone else has this problem, maybe apple will send out a fix quicker now.

  • "This game cannot be played" Texas Hold'Em

    I have found a lot of questions on this - but no responses.
    I've even tried deleting it and re-purchasing it, which also gave the same error.
    I've played this before on my iPod, but I think one of the newer games has corrupted something.
    I have a model MA146ZP (ipod video 30Gb) version 1.3.
    Has anyone found a solution to this ?

    I found the solution - for all iPods (I had it working before and it stopped working).
    Navigate via Explorer on your PC and find the directory which has it in (I looked for music files which were in the game - you can also look for the instructions image file).
    Delete the root folder for the game and install again.
    Not sure why it broke - but this fixes it (but you lose any saved games...)

  • This game cannot be played?????

    That is the statement my iPod gives me when I try to play any of the three games I've purchased. I used to play them all, until I downloaded the new 1.2.1 version onto my iPod. Now it's telling me to reinstall the games, but I have sync'd them 5 times now to no avail. Can anyone help me? Am I doing something wrong?

    I've figured it out myself, after e-mailing Apple for no help. You have to 'unsync' the games to remove them from the iPod, and then 'sync' them to put them back in. Then the games will work.

  • Error message  This Game cannot be launched. ipod may be full?

    ipod is locked. Screen shows error This game cannot be launched.
    This may result of a full ipod.

    Hi sassypalm,
    I would suggest going through this iPod classic troubleshooting assistant:
    iPod classic Troubleshooting Assistant
    - Ari

  • "This game cannot be launched error" iPod Classic 160 Gb

    I have an iPod Classic, 160 Gb. I purchased Sudoku from the iTunes store.
    The game downloaded to my computer; and it shows in the iPod Games tab.
    It appears to sync to the iPod, but in the iPod's games menu there is no icon for the game (just the black and white dice). When I try to play the game, I get the "This game cannot be launched error" with the prompt to reinstall the game.
    Are there any fixes for this? I've tried all the troubleshooting in the support docs, and nothing seems to work.

    Thanks for your suggestions; however none of them worked.
    I contacted technical support, and the only suggestion they had for me was to request a refund - because for some reason, unknown to them, the game doesn't work on my iPod.
    I'm not generally a ranter - I try to be polite to people, in person, on the phone, online - wherever, but I have to say that in my experience, Apple seems to have the worst support of any company with which I have ever dealt.
    After being told no less than eight times, by five different representatives from iTunes support, I was referred to technical support, who told me in essence, "tough cookies" (although the representative certainly didn't say that, he was quite polite).
    I had to double check that I was talking to "technical" support.
    I've been a faithful iPod user for many years; but this experience has certainly soured me. I will have to think long and hard before buying another Apple product if the support I have experienced is indicative of a typical support instance.
    Thanks again for your suggestions.

  • Getting back the "this file cannot be played on an iPod" error message

    Apparently, my iTunes library contains some song files that are out-of-spec and unplayable on an iPod. When I first plugged in my iPod, I remember getting a message to the effect of "The file 'FOO' was not copied to the iPod 'BAR' because this file cannot be played on an iPod." This message repeated for several dozen files before I got annoyed and clicked the "Do not show me this message again" checkbox.
    Well, now I want to go through my iTunes library and clean up these incompatible files, so I WANT to see these error messages again. Is there any way, perhaps by mucking with the iTunes plist file, of getting them back?
    Any and all help appreciated. Thanks!
    Mac mini G4/1.42, MacBook Pro Core Duo 1.83Ghz   Mac OS X (10.4.9)  

    Hi there,
    You may find the troubleshooting steps in the article below helpful.
    iTunes: May be unable to transfer videos to iPhone, iPad, or iPod
    -Griff W.

  • HT1657 cannot play rented movie on my itunes. an error message "this movie cannot be played on this device" pops up. lates itunes software already installed. what to do????

    cannot play rented movie on my itunes. an error message "this movie cannot be played on this device" pops up. lates itunes software already installed. what to do????

    There are instructions for starting it on this page :

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