Error using Excel as a DataSource for Report Builder 3.0 - ODBC connection

I'm getting this error message below while trying to use excel as a datasource within Report Builder 3.0.  I can see the columns and rows but unable to display/run the report.  Using Excel 32 bit and have the driver and user dsn created under c:/windows/syswow64/odbcad32.
ERROR [IM002] [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified

Hi Cherise,
Vishal's link looks good.
I have commercial experience in migrating Crystal Reports to SSRS. When performing any type of migration it is always wise for the business requirements to be revisited. It is likely that the business requirements may have changed since the Crystal reports
were initially developed, etc.
I've done some research for you and the following link looks quiet impressive and offers a cheap trial, in terms of a direct migration. Please tell me how you get on; -
I emphasis again I have commercial experience of lots of migration projects and it would be very unwise to not revisit the business requirements as part of the migration process.
Kind Regards,
Kieran Patrick Wood

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  • Using Excel as a Datasource

    I created a report that will use Excel as a datasource. The report runs fine from my desktop. I would like to place this report on the Business Objects Server. Can anyone tell me what I would need to do in regards to the excel file.
    In addition to this issue, when I moved the excel file to a shared folder and reconfigured the system dsn, the report would not run. I received an error message: could not decrypt data. Any help would be appreicated. Thanks.

    Put the excel file on a network drive which is accessible by the server.
    Create a Crystal Report using the Access/Excel DAO connection based on the above excel file.
    Save it to the enterprise.
    Hope this helps!!

  • Remote save for report builder

    CF Report builder does not have an option to save .cfr file
    to remote server (rds). I don't have CF installed on my client and
    every time I make changes to .cfr file I have to upload to the
    server.I wish they had remote save option for report builder like
    CF studis or deamweaver.

    My solution was to keep the cfr in the same place as the rest
    of the application. Since when creating a cfr I usually have DW
    open along with it, i just switch back to DW after a save and
    upload the cfr from DW. Not really that big of deal, or I am just
    used to now.

  • Is separate licensing required for Report Builder 3.0 ?

    Is separate licensing required for Report Builder 3.0 ?

    No report Builder 3.0 is just the client side light-weight component to work with published reports & does not need any specific license however the server over which the reports are published (Eventually) must be appropriately licensed
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  • Excel import on Oracle Linux - How to create an ODBC Connection

    We have Oracle BI EE on Oracle Linux. We need to create an ODBC DNS and import tables to Admin tool.
    How would you create a ODBC connection inside Linux to Microsoft excel file using unixodbc. What drivers we need.
    Please let us know.

    See this post here: Re: [NQODBC][SQL_STATE: HY000][nQSError: 100[nQSError: 43093][nQSError: 16023]
    You need to find an Excel ODBC driver for Linux. The ones that come with OBIEE won't read Excel as far as I know.
    For info on creating an ODBC connection for OBIEE on Linux check the manual or search this forum. You don't need unixodbc for it.

  • XLSQL for using Excel (XLS) as datasource in VC

    Hi Benjamin,
    Hope you are having a good day. I know its been a while since you worked on this piece ([url] DATE issues when using BI JDBC Excel datasource in VC;url] ) but we are trying to do the same thing you had done. Use xlSQL to connect to an excel file as a datasource for VC modeling.
    We want to use the BI Java connector. I have loaded the JAR files and when we get to the Manage Connections, not sure what we enter for the Driver, URL, Schema, username and Password.
    What I now see if that the Connection Test (for the BI JDBC system) works fine with the following:
    Driver: com.nilostep.xlsql.jdbc.xlDriver
    Connection URL (Unix box): jdbc:nilostep:excel:/reports/spec (this is the folder where I have the xls file)
    FixedSchema: (should my excel file name go in here?)
    FixedCatalog: (should my excel sheet name go in here?)
    Username: none used
    Password: none used
    When I do all of this and search for TABLES in VC on that system, it says None found. Any light shed on this would be very helpful.

    The most important guideline we used was this document:
    How Tou2026Configure a BI JDBC System for Visual Composer Version 1.03 u2013 March 2006
    Follow all the steps... Some remarks about the steps in this document:
    Step 7: add all additional .jar files that are in the /lib folder of the xlsql driver package
    Step 11 - 14:  ... skip this, after step 15 restart the whole j2ee cluster, this is really needed to load the .jar files
    Step 15: although optional and not the configuration you need to get it working for VC it is handy to configure this as it allows you to use the JDBC test page for debuging etc.
    The only 2 parameters you need to configure with this step is:
    Driver: com.nilostep.xlsql.jdbc.xlDriver
    Connection URL: jdbc:nilostep:excel:/reports/spec/
    ...Now restart the j2ee cluster...
    After the restart you can use the following url to see if the driver works: http://<hostname>:<port>/TestJDBC_Web/TestJDBCPage.jsp
    Continue the configuration to allow VC to access the driver you need to configuer a System object in the portal...
    Follow Step 16 an onwards...
    Step 26: Again only fill in the following:
    Driver Class name: com.nilostep.xlsql.jdbc.xlDriver
    Connection URL: jdbc:nilostep:excel:/reports/spec/
    Step 29,30 and 34,35: Usermaping Type can be left untouched
    Additional step (do this after step 33): To make the system visible in VC you must set the portal permission for the user that use VC to Read + Enduser. Also when used in runtime later the enduser should have Read+ Enduser permission to use the system object. We used the built-in group Authenticated User for this and set the permissions on this group to Read+Enduser.
    This should do the trick...
    FAQ 1 - after uploading a new (or overwriting an existent) XLS file to the folder the changes are not visible, how to solve this?
    ANSWER 1 -  restart the JDBC connector via /nwa > manage > applications > (search for jdbc) > Stop / Start
    FAQ 2 - after deleting a XLS file the data is still querieable, even after the restart of the jdbc driver?
    ANSWER 2 - this is some kind of caching bug, deleted files are only deleted when you restart the J2EE engine.
    FAQ 3 - after a restart of the jdbc driver, the first query firred in VC returns an error.
    ANSWER 3 - this is because the first time the XLS files are read and writen into a HSQLDB in memory database, this takes more time. after this the calls are made on this in-memory-copy of the XLS data.
    Hope this helps you...
    Benjamin Houttuin
    Edited by: Benjamin L.F. Houttuin on May 26, 2011 8:04 PM

  • Use of virtual cube 0FIGL_V10 for reporting on Financal Statements

    Dear all,
    I am new to the GL reporting and I have a question about the usage of the virtual cube for reporting on Financial Statements.
    On the content site I see that you can report your Balance Sheet based on the infocube 0FIGL_C10, where you can use the infoobject 0GLACCOUNT to display the balances.
    I also installed the Virtual Cube 0FIGL_V10, which has the infoobject 0GLACCEXT to show the Financial Statement Item hierarchy.
    My questions are:
    - to create a Balance Sheet Report, is it advisable to use the content query 0FIGL_C10_Q001?
    If I run that query now, it is showing the data on seperate G/L accounts, where I would like to see a hierarchy display.
    For reporting on the capital expenditure however the requirement is that some G/L acoounts don't have to be taken into account. How can I exclude those then from the hierarchy for that report?
    - to create the P&L, advice on the content site is to use the virtual cube because you have the Financial Statement Item hierarchy available there and you can report on specific financial statements.
    Can anyone tell me the added value of using the Virtual Cube? Or can I skip it and just add the Financial Statement Item hierarchy in the 0FIGL_C10 cube and create a report where I select the nodes of the hierarchy that are only applicable for the P&L? Will that corrupt the figures or have any other effect?
    Thanks in advance for the help!

    Hi Sundar,
    As ravi said the VC can be used when we have leass number of users, basically in VC the structure will be available. And moreover when you generetae a report based on Multiprovider which is based on the VC then it will pick up the data directly from the source to which it has been connected..
    Hope it helps..
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  • "Numbers stored as text" error in Excel when I schedule a report

    Dear all,
    When I schedule a report, I got a "Numbers stored as text" error in Excel.
    But when I save as xls directly from webI, I have no error in the excel sheet.
    So, is it a bug ? I have the BO XI 4.0 version.
    Or is there a special option to set concerning schedule ?

    First check the object data type in webi. Normally this error will come when  object/variable data type is Text in the report.
    If you are getting this error with object data type number then  add 0 in the object and see.
    Like  =[Object] + 0
    It will force the value to be converted in the number.

  • Advantages of using Virtual cube & Multi Cube for Reporting

    Dear all,
    Can you please explain me the advantages of desiging Virtual Cube with services & multi Cubes for Reporting.
    Thanks in advance
    Thanks & regards

    Hi sailekha;
    Pls go through the link below:
    For the multi-cube;
    you can create a reports out of different infoprovider...let's say you have infocube for actual and another for can create a report to see actual and plan both...
    Hope this helps.

  • Issues opening excel saved as xml with reports builder

    I saved excel as xml and when I try to open it using Oracel Reports, I get the following error:
    REP-6106: Error in XML report definition at line 2 in .....\...\Book1.xml
    This is what is there in line 2:
    Workbook xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:spreadsheet"
    Has anyone had similar issues in opening excel saved as xml?
    Any help?

    Thanks for the response. The document is good for issues with jsp reports. I am not even able to save this one as jsp till now. Not sure if there is some other way to do it.
    This is what I did:
    1. Create an excel template with 2 worksheets.
    2. Save as xml.
    3. Try to open with reports builder.
    Thats when I get the error.
    Not sure if my version problem or I am missing out on some step.

  • Report Builder 3.0 odbc database name using parameters

     I am using an ODBC connection for my Datasource in a report  (MYSQL).
    I have a valid connection for the report using a database name in the connection string  i.e. 'BOE-201402'.
    However I need to be able to allow the user to run the report using different databases.
    I can get a list of the databases as a parameter by setting a dataset using the following
    I have set a parameter called @BOE_DATABASE from the drop down list provided above.
    What I need to do is before rendering the report is to be able to point the datasource to the database stored in @BOE_DATABASE so that the results that are in the report come from the chosen database.
    I am sure that there is a way to do this as I have done this using ACTUATE BIRT reporting tool which we want to replace urgently with Microsoft SQL
    I would sincerely like to thank any quick response on this matter

    Hi Leslie,
    Thank you for your post.
    Please refer to the thread your post above.
    Alisa Tang
    Alisa Tang
    TechNet Community Support

  • IBM MQ as datasource for Warehouse Builder

    Has anyone used IBM MQ as a data source for OWB ? Is it possible ? Are there any documents or samples available to give me a picture of what is involved in getting this to work.

    Hi Cherise,
    Vishal's link looks good.
    I have commercial experience in migrating Crystal Reports to SSRS. When performing any type of migration it is always wise for the business requirements to be revisited. It is likely that the business requirements may have changed since the Crystal reports
    were initially developed, etc.
    I've done some research for you and the following link looks quiet impressive and offers a cheap trial, in terms of a direct migration. Please tell me how you get on; -
    I emphasis again I have commercial experience of lots of migration projects and it would be very unwise to not revisit the business requirements as part of the migration process.
    Kind Regards,
    Kieran Patrick Wood

  • Use css file in oracle 10g report builder

    hi every one
    i am using oracle 10g report buidler. i want control paramform by usign css file.
    any body have idea how can i use css file in oracle report builder 10g and how can i modify it's path and i how can i manage any css class on a perticular field.

    Thanks Billy.
    Yes you are right.
    Here why I discarded that option is,
    I may get the source files with changing layouts.
    My Actual scenario is as follows.
    Initially we developped all the things using PL/SQL packages. Its working fine.
    But as per the inputs we received from requirements group, the file structure changes dynamically. and we would able to consider those new columns also. We should be able to changes the rules dynamically.
    Lets say, we doing fullouter join on Src_A and Src_B. on columns col1_A and col1_B.
    Now the requirement changes in a way that, the join should be done on Src_A and Src_C. on columns col1_A and col_C.
    For this I need to define a new package.
    Instead of that, I would like to do everything dynamically based on configuration parameters given as input.
    Thank you,
    Gowtham Sen

  • Error to open a data model in Report builder (Word)

    Dear all,
    Im troubles when i try to open a data model in Report Builder (Word). Someone know about this problem?
    The message is: A error has ocurred. Check the settings and try again.
    Any suggestion?
    Thanks for all!

    I've also got this error several times. Usually the reason is an error in the Publisher query (or data template). It's better to first test (view) that you get a proper xml-output in Publisher, and only after that try to create an rtf-template. If this doesn't work, I usually start from the beginning, and first make a very simple report, then try the template, and if it works, then gradually increase elements for the Publisher side. Sometimes I haven't got any idea why it didn't work at the first place, when it then works after beginning from the simple report.

  • Automatic Fill colors for Report Builder pie charts and graphs are too repetitive and hard to differentiate

    I have pie charts or other graphs that show multiple results (7-20).  I set the "fill" colors to Automatic so that the results are dynamic (I don't want to specify a color for each result because I will then be limited that those results--I
    prefer it to be dynamic).
    I noticed that once you get above 4 or 5 results, no matter which palette is used, the "automatic" colors are so closely similar that it is hard to differentiate which color pertains to which result (group).  For example, you could have a
    reports that breaks the results into age groups like 1-18, 19-21, 22-25, 26-30, 31-41, 41-50, 51-65, 66-80, and 81+.  By the time you review the results, there's likely to be 3 pairs of colors (or more) that are so closely similar that you can't
    tell them apart (2 shades of yellow, 3 shades of blue, 2 shades of orange, or green, or teal, or purple or whatever).
    Is there a way to use Automatic for the color scheme (I don't care which color pertains to which category) but also specify to not use colors that seem to bleed together (so that someone viewing the report can actually tell the difference)?  Using SSRS
    2008 Report Builder, if it makes a difference.

    Hi JNehman,
    Reporting Services provides a list of predefined, built-in palettes that you can use to define a color set for series on your chart. All built-in palettes contain between 10 and 16 color values. You cannot extend the built-in palette to include more colors,
    so if you need more than 16 colors, you must define a custom palette.
    A custom palette let you add your own colors in the order you want them to appear on the chart. A custom palette is especially helpful if the number of series in your chart is unknown at design time. For more information, see
    Define Colors on a Chart Using a Palette (Report Builder and SSRS).
    Heidi Duan
    Heidi Duan
    TechNet Community Support

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