Error when activate the Adobe forms

  I am getting the below error message when activate the adobe forms,and the message tells that to install a forms design tool,please tell me which tool in need to install and where i will get this tool.
Could not start Layout Designer (see long text)
Message no. FPUIFB086
The forms design tool for developing the form layout could not be started; either it is not installed or there are errors in the installation.
Make sure that you have the forms design tool installed on your desktop (the tool is part of the SAPGUI installation).
Also read SAP Note 801524.

FIrstly, you have posted the question in the wrong forum. There's an entire forum in SCN only for Interactive Forms: .
Secondly, this is a frequently asked question, especially in the Interactive Forms Forum. There's enough information there to get your query solved by searching.

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  • Errors when generating a adobe form in report

    I have a problem with the solution of the errors to generate an adobe form. I put in a situation:
    - I need to create a form with several dinamic tables, each below the previous. For each dinamic table, apart from the header row (column titles) was necessary to create a table title above the header. Furthermore, this title should remain with the table, for example, if the header row and first row of the table is not entering the page, jump to the next page (but so must the title of the table next to them)
    My version of LCD is version and adobe reader is 10.0
    One possible solution is proposed in this link (put text above the table with the title and check "Keep with Next "):
    This solution works correctly in the Preview in Adobe Live Cycle Designer, but when I run the form with a report generates an error file "error.pdf" Does anyone know who is that? The lines of code in which failure is just where the title of the table causes "Keep with Next ". In the Adobe forum, I have commented that the utility began to be usable in version 8.2 of ADS, we believe we have the 8.0 but not sure.
    Render status: success with warnings (pdf' Log Entries)
      Invalid version: The current version of the XFA template model exceeds the capability of XFAPresentationAgent.
      Invalid append operation: draw cannot have a child element of keep
      The fault occurred on line 212.
      Invalid append operation: draw cannot have a child element of keep
      The fault occurred on line 594.
      Invalid append operation: draw cannot have a child element of keep
      The fault occurred on line 1123.
      Invalid version: The current version of the XFA connectionSet model exceeds the capability of XFAPresentationAgent
      Invalid version: The current version of the XFA template model exceeds the capability of Acrobat / Adobe Reader 7.0.5.
      Unrecognized namespace XFA 2.8, defaulting to XFA 2.1
    Render status: success with warnings ('pcl' Log Entries)
      Invalid version: The current version of the XFA template model exceeds the capability of XFAPresentationAgent.
      Invalid append operation: draw cannot have a child element of keep
      The fault occurred on line 212.
      Invalid append operation: draw cannot have a child element of keep
      The fault occurred on line 594.
      Invalid append operation: draw cannot have a child element of keep
      The fault occurred on line 1123.
      Invalid version: The current version of the XFA connectionSet model exceeds the capability of XFAPresentationAgent
      Unrecognized namespace XFA 2.8, defaulting to XFA 2.1
    PS: I searched the forum but I can not understand the answers.
    Thanks very much
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    I found a possible cause of my failures. Has anyone needed to change the default version of PDF generated by ADS (Adobe Document Services)?
    "Changing the Default PDF Version"
    My forms always generated pdf 1.6 (Acrobat 7.x), so they are generating so many errors. Also when I use the preview of the SFP transaction form, the need for PDF version is "1.7, Adobe Extension Level 3 (Acrobat 9.x)"or "1.7, Adobe Extension Level 5 (Acrobat 9.x) " (changing Form Properties -> Defaults -> Version of destination)
    How do you get out this version from the ADS? What you need to change?
    Greeting and thanks

  • Error in opening the adobe form to create a PCR

    I m getting an error while i open the adobe form to create a PCR as follows.
    Script failed. accessor '$record.ENAME.DATA.FIELD' is unknown.
    Please help.
    <b>Points are sure.</b>

    I m getting an error while i open the adobe form to create a PCR as follows.
    Script failed. accessor '$record.ENAME.DATA.FIELD' is unknown.
    Please help.
    <b>Points are sure.</b>

  • Error whicle executing the adobe forms

    Iam executing the adobe form from the genereated functionmodule , after giving the print parameters LP01, error is coming like
    SOAP RUNTIME EXCEPTION : Csoap exception transport : ( 1001001), Please let me know what does it mean.. i have installed Adobe forms newly in my system, is there any installaiton missed.. Please help in this.

    This error is due to missing some basis configuration of adobe forms. Besides you need to install Adobe Live Cycle in ur presentation server. So for ur error u need to contact ur basis consultant.
    you can see below links which might be helpful to u.

  • Error while opening the ADOBE FORM via mail

    Hi to all,
    I have created a program to attached ADOBE FORM to mail.
    When I execute the program, it sends ADOBE FORM to my mail ID successfully.
    But when I open my mail and try to open attached ADOBE FORM, it gives error
    ADOBE READER COULD NOT OPEN u2018PDF FORM (1). PDFu2019 because it is either not a supported file type or because the file has been damaged ( for example, it was sent as an email attached and wasnu2019t correctly decoded).
    Please can any tell me, what the problem is and what the solution is for that?
    I shall be thankful to you for this.
    Pavneet Rana
    Edited by: pavneet rana on Aug 1, 2011 2:22 PM

    Thanks for reply,
    below is the code.
      l_fm_name         TYPE rs38l_fnam,
       l_formname   TYPE fpname VALUE 'ZTESTF1' ,
      fp_docparams      TYPE sfpdocparams,
      fp_outputparams   TYPE sfpoutputparams.
    data:  I_ATT_CONTENT_HEX  type SOLIX_TAB.
    data: st  TYPE  ZTABFM11.
    data: it type table of sflight.
    data: wa like LINE OF it.
    data: wa_st like LINE OF ST.
      fp_docparams-langu   =      'E'.
      fp_docparams-country =      'US'.
      fp_docparams-fillable =      'X'.
      fp_outputparams-nodialog = 'X'.
      fp_outputparams-preview =   'X'.
      fp_outputparams-device   =  'LP01'.
      fp_outputparams-getpdf  =   'X' .
      fp_outputparams-dest   =    'LP01'.
      fp_outputparams-reqimm  =   'X'.
      fp_outputparams-reqdel  =   'X' .
      fp_outputparams-xfpoutdev = 'LP01'.
          i_name     = l_formname
          e_funcname = l_fm_name.
      E_INTERFACE_TYPE           =
          ie_outputparams = fp_outputparams
          cancel          = 1
          usage_error     = 2
          system_error    = 3
          internal_error  = 4
          OTHERS          = 5.
    select * from sflight into TABLE it.
      loop at it into wa.
        wa_st-CARRID = wa-CARRID.
        wa_st-CONNID = wa-CONNID.
        wa_st-FLDATE = wa-FLDATE .
        wa_st-PLANETYPE   = wa-PLANETYPE.
        append wa_st to st.
      CALL FUNCTION l_fm_name
          /1bcdwb/docparams  = fp_docparams
              st               = st
          usage_error        = 1
          system_error       = 2
          internal_error     = 3
          OTHERS             = 4
        E_RESULT             = result
         usage_error          = 1
         system_error         = 2
         internal_error       = 3
         OTHERS               = 4
          BUFFER                = FP_FORMOUTPUT-PDF
      APPEND_TO_TABLE       = ' '
      OUTPUT_LENGTH         =
          BINARY_TAB            = I_ATT_CONTENT_HEX  .
      lo_send_request TYPE REF TO cl_bcs VALUE IS INITIAL.
      lo_send_request = cl_bcs=>create_persistent( ).
    Message body and subject
      lt_message_body TYPE bcsy_text VALUE IS INITIAL,
      lo_document TYPE REF TO cl_document_bcs VALUE IS INITIAL.
      APPEND 'Dear,' TO lt_message_body.
      append ' ' to lt_message_body.
      APPEND 'Fill the details.'
      TO lt_message_body.
      append ' ' to lt_message_body.
      APPEND 'Thank You,' TO lt_message_body.
      lo_document = cl_document_bcs=>create_document(
      i_type = 'RAW'
      i_text = lt_message_body
      i_subject = 'flight details' ).
      DATA: lx_document_bcs TYPE REF TO cx_document_bcs VALUE IS INITIAL.
          i_attachment_type = 'PDF'
          i_attachment_subject = 'flight details'
        CATCH cx_document_bcs INTO lx_document_bcs.
    Add attachment
    Pass the document to send request
      lo_send_request->set_document( lo_document ).
    Create sender
      lo_sender TYPE REF TO if_sender_bcs VALUE IS INITIAL,
      l_send type ADR6-SMTP_ADDR value 'mail id '.
    lo_sender = cl_cam_address_bcs=>create_internet_address( l_send ).
      lo_sender = cl_sapuser_bcs=>create( sy-uname ).
    Set sender
      i_sender = lo_sender ).
    Create recipient
      lo_recipient TYPE REF TO if_recipient_bcs VALUE IS INITIAL.
    lo_recipient = cl_sapuser_bcs=>create( sy-uname ).
      lo_recipient = cl_cam_address_bcs=>create_internet_address( l_send ).
    Set recipient
      i_recipient = lo_recipient
      i_express = 'X' ).
    i_recipient = lo_recipient
    i_express = 'X' ).
    Send email
      DATA: lv_sent_to_all(1) TYPE c VALUE IS INITIAL.
      i_with_error_screen = 'X'
      result = lv_sent_to_all ).
      message 'Form sucessfuly send to person' type 'I'.
    plesase can any one, provide the soultion.
    i shall be thankful toy you for this.
    pavneet rana

  • Syntax error while running the Adobe Form

    Hi to all,
    I have created an interface for adobe from
    Example:  F4_HELP type ZST
    Where ZST  is structure type.
    ZST structure has following field.
    1)     MATERIAL type MATNR
    2)     BASE_QTY type BASMN (BASMN of type QUAN, length 13 with ref table RC29K, and ref field BMEIN)
    Interface and form successful activated.
    But when I run adobe from it give syntax error for ref table RC29K, and ref field BMEIN
    Field u201CRC29K- BMEIN u201Cis unknown. It is neither in one of the specified tables nor defined by a "DATA" statement.
    Please can anyone tell me the solution for that?
    I shall be thankful to you for this.
    Pavneet Rana

    Thanks For reply
    I have already maintained the ref table and field for field BASE_QTY type BASMN
    Ref table RC29K, and ref field BMEIN.
    But still error is coming.
    please can any one tell me the solution for that.
    i shall be thankful to you for this.
    Pavneet Rana

  • Object Referenced Error When calling the Windows Form during Runtime

    I am getting  Object reference errors when running windows form during runtime. In debugging mode in MS Visual studio 2005, I am not getting this error. I'm calling the window form from menu and called the window in a thread as suggested in one of forums . I don't see anyone in the forum mentioned this problem I have. Any help would be deeply appreciated. Below are the error and code samples.
    ERROR Message
    Exception Text **************
    System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
       at Project1.Loadxml.Loadxml_Load(Object sender, EventArgs e)
       at System.Windows.Forms.Form.OnLoad(EventArgs e)
       at System.Windows.Forms.Form.OnCreateControl()
       at System.Windows.Forms.Control.CreateControl(Boolean fIgnoreVisible)
       at System.Windows.Forms.Control.CreateControl()
       at System.Windows.Forms.Control.WmShowWindow(Message& m)
       at System.Windows.Forms.Control.WndProc(Message& m)
       at System.Windows.Forms.ScrollableControl.WndProc(Message& m)
       at System.Windows.Forms.ContainerControl.WndProc(Message& m)
       at System.Windows.Forms.Form.WmShowWindow(Message& m)
       at System.Windows.Forms.Form.WndProc(Message& m)
       at System.Windows.Forms.Control.ControlNativeWindow.OnMessage(Message& m)
       at System.Windows.Forms.Control.ControlNativeWindow.WndProc(Message& m)
       at System.Windows.Forms.NativeWindow.Callback(IntPtr hWnd, Int32 msg, IntPtr wparam, IntPtr lparam)
    Edited by: Albert Tio on Feb 16, 2011 9:55 AM

    Here is the code.
    Option Strict Off
    Option Explicit On
    Friend Class GetEvents
        Public WithEvents SBO_Application As SAPbouiCOM.Application
        Public SboGuiApi As SAPbouiCOM.SboGuiApi
        Public oForm As SAPbouiCOM.Form
        Public oDBDataSource As SAPbouiCOM.DBDataSource
        Public oCompany As SAPbobsCOM.Company
        Public RS As SAPbobsCOM.Recordset
        Public oPrev_Bank As String, oPrev_AcctType As String
        Public oLoadXml As Loadxml
        Public Sub SetApplication()
                 'Dim SboGuiApi As SAPbouiCOM.SboGuiApi
            Dim sConnectionString As String
            SboGuiApi = New SAPbouiCOM.SboGuiApi
            ' by following the steps specified above, the following
            ' statment should be suficient for either development or run mode
            sConnectionString = Environment.GetCommandLineArgs.GetValue(1)
            ' connect to a running SBO Application
            ' get an initialized application object
            SBO_Application = SboGuiApi.GetApplication()
        End Sub
        Public Sub SetCompany()
            Dim ret As Long
            Dim MsgStr As String
            Dim Cookie As String
            Dim ConnStr As String
                oCompany = New SAPbobsCOM.Company
                Cookie = oCompany.GetContextCookie
                ConnStr = SBO_Application.Company.GetConnectionContext(Cookie)
                '//before setting the SBO login context make sure the company is not connected
                If oCompany.Connected = True Then
                End If
                ret = oCompany.SetSboLoginContext(ConnStr)
                If Not ret = 0 Then
                    Exit Sub
                End If
                ret = oCompany.Connect
            Catch ex As Exception
            End Try
            MsgStr = ""
            If Not ret = 0 Then
                oCompany.GetLastError(ret, MsgStr)
            End If
        End Sub
        Public Sub New()
            ' set SBO_Application with an initialized application object
        End Sub
        Private Sub SBO_Application_MenuEvent(ByRef pVal As SAPbouiCOM.MenuEvent, ByRef BubbleEvent As Boolean) Handles SBO_Application.MenuEvent
            Dim myThread As New System.Threading.Thread(New System.Threading.ThreadStart(AddressOf LoadXmlMainThread))
                If (pVal.MenuUID = "MySubMenu") And (pVal.BeforeAction = False) Then
                    'SBO_Application.MessageBox("My sub menu item was clicked")
                    '// Create a form to be launched in response to a click on the
                    '// new sub menu item
                                End If
            Catch ex As Exception
                SBO_Application.MessageBox("1." & ex.Message)
            End Try
            'If (pVal.MenuUID = "MyGoToMenu") And (pVal.BeforeAction = False) Then
            '    SBO_Application.MessageBox("My GoTo Menu was clicked")
            'End If
            'If (pVal.MenuUID = "MySecondGoToMenu") And (pVal.BeforeAction = False) Then
            '    SBO_Application.MessageBox("My Second GoTo Menu was clicked")
            'End If
        End Sub
        Private Sub LoadXmlMainThread()
            'Dim lLoadxml As New Loadxml
                oLoadXml = New Loadxml
                oLoadXml.WindowState = FormWindowState.Maximized
                oLoadXml.ShowInTaskbar = True
                oLoadXml.TopMost = True
            Catch ex As Exception
                SBO_Application.MessageBox("2." & ex.Message)
            End Try
        End Sub
        Private Sub AddMenuItems()
            '// Let's add a separator, a pop-up menu item and a string menu item
            Dim oMenus As SAPbouiCOM.Menus
            Dim oMenuItem As SAPbouiCOM.MenuItem
            Dim i As Integer '// to be used as counter
            Dim lAddAfter As Integer
            Dim sXML As String
            '// Get the menus collection from the application
            oMenus = SBO_Application.Menus
            'Save an XML file containing the menus...
            'sXML = SBO_Application.Menus.GetAsXML
            'Dim xmlD As System.Xml.XmlDocument
            'xmlD = New System.Xml.XmlDocument
            Dim oCreationPackage As SAPbouiCOM.MenuCreationParams
            oCreationPackage = SBO_Application.CreateObject(SAPbouiCOM.BoCreatableObjectType.cot_MenuCreationParams)
            oMenuItem = SBO_Application.Menus.Item("43520") 'moudles'
            Dim sPath As String
            sPath = Application.StartupPath
            'sPath = sPath.Remove(sPath.Length - 3, 3)
            If sPath.EndsWith("\") = False Then
                sPath = sPath & "\"
            End If
            '// find the place in wich you want to add your menu item
            '// in this example I chose to add my menu item under
            '// SAP Business One.
            oCreationPackage.Type = SAPbouiCOM.BoMenuType.mt_POPUP
            oCreationPackage.UniqueID = "MyMenu01"
            oCreationPackage.String = "Unbridle Menu"
            oCreationPackage.Enabled = True
            oCreationPackage.Image = sPath & "unbridle.bmp"
            oCreationPackage.Position = 15
            oMenus = oMenuItem.SubMenus
            Try ' If the manu already exists this code will fail
                '// Get the menu collection of the newly added pop-up item
                oMenuItem = SBO_Application.Menus.Item("MyMenu01")
                oMenus = oMenuItem.SubMenus
                '// Create s sub menu
                oCreationPackage.Type = SAPbouiCOM.BoMenuType.mt_STRING
                oCreationPackage.UniqueID = "MySubMenu"
                oCreationPackage.String = "Unbridle Monitoring"
            Catch er As Exception ' Menu already exists
                'SBO_Application.MessageBox("Menu Already Exists")
            End Try
        End Sub
    End Class
    Public Class Loadxml
        'Inherits System.Windows.Forms.Form
        Public sBPpath As String
        Public sGLpath As String
        Public sBillpath As String
        Public bRun As Boolean
        Private Sub Loadxml_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load
            Me.TextGL.Text = System.Configuration.ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings("GLAcctDownloadPath").ToString()
            Me.TextBP.Text = System.Configuration.ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings("BPAcctUPloadPath").ToString()
            Me.TextBill.Text = System.Configuration.ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings("BillUPloadPath").ToString()
            Me.NotifyIcon1.Visible = False
        End Sub
    End Class

  • Trouble with field output conversion when activating the Adobe Forms

    Hi everybody,
    I'm facing an issue very strange.
    I made an interactive form for a customer which is based on abap dictionnary and send by e-mail to user. This form works fine and is in Production system .
    Now i made an evolution on this form and when i activate the forms in SAP , all the field conversion are lost so when i got the form Date fields appears with 00000000 if they are empty.
    To solved this issue in Development system , i delete the form and recreate it and that's have been sold .
    Now this issue appears in Quality system also after transport i try to do the same way to solve it ...i create one transport order where the forms is deleted and another one to recreate it ..but the issue still alive.
    I search on OSS and don't find any notes for this .
    This issue also appears on aonther forms which is not interactive one ( purchase order printout ) .
    I work on ECC 6.0 with AdobeLifeCycle Designer ES 2
    Does anybody face this issue and solved it ?

    Ok i will try to explain more clearly because i think there's a misunderstanding .
    When you define an interface of Adobe forms you can choose between DDIC interface or XML interface. When you chose DDIC interface when you generate the form all necessary SAP CONVERSION EXIT are use when value are given to the XML file .
    For example i got a field type datum define in my interface which is based on DDIC .
    I place this field in the layout and set the edit mask in the layout with 'YYYY/MM/DD' for example.
    Now i execute the forms and give value '00000000' to the field, normally what should appears in the result is : nothing because it's an initial value.
    But in my case the value appears as '00000000' , the edit mask in the form is not taking into account and the conversion of value inside ABAP Stakc is not done.
    When you have a look inside the function module generated by the form, you will fin a routine which name is %WORK and inside it you will see a routine which is %OUTPUT which is call for each field you want to print in the form .
    If my field is correctly output on the form the data type is givent to this routine in order to make it correct and until now everuthnigs looks good for me but my issue is that the data type of field are not given to this routine so it consider each field as simple TEXT and that wrongs.
    juste bellow the code generated for the routine %OUTPUT
    form %output using p_name      type fpfield
                       p_value     type any
                       p_datatype  type datatype_d
                       p_abap_type type c
                       p_reffield  type fpunit
                       p_unit      type any
                       p_edit_mask type convexit.
      case p_abap_type.
        when cl_abap_typedescr=>typekind_struct1 or
             cl_abap_typedescr=>typekind_struct2 or
    *     ignore
        when others.
          call function 'FPCOMP_WRITE_DATA_FIELD'
              i_field_name   = p_name
              i_value        = p_value
              i_ddic_type    = p_datatype
              i_data_type    = p_abap_type
              i_edit_mask    = p_edit_mask
              i_ref_name     = p_reffield
              i_ref_value    = p_unit
              usage_error    = 1
              system_error   = 2
              internal_error = 3
              others         = 4.
    endform.                    "%output
    is it more clear now ?

  • Hi All Unable to activate the adobe form help me in solving this

    Hi All,
    I very new to adobe forms. I was trying to create a simple adobe form and was unable to activate the form the error which it displays as>
    Invalid HTTP connection :ADS   Can anyone help me what should be done to  activate it ....
    Misbah SUltana.

    Seems like there is a problem in configuring your ADS RFC connection.
    Go the transaction SM59 ( Maintain RFC connection ) there search for RFC Destination ADS of type G and test it.
    If it doesn't works fine then report to your IT guy.

  • Error when activate the transfer ruels

    When we activate the transfer rules for InfoSource / InfoObject 0MATL_TYPE, we
    get the following error message:
    Error while creating table 'EDISEGMENT' entry '/BIC/CIHB0MATL_TYPE_TEXT'
    Thx for answer.

    Check 0MATL_TYPE and attributes are active or not?. check all Infoobject are active or not?. if not then activate objects and then replicate the DS in BW and then activate.


         An error occurred in the desktop application while opening a document.
         Check first whether you can insert a document from this desktop
         application as an embedded object in another application. The necessary
         menu item is usually 'Insert   > Object'. The application then lists all
         of the OLE document types. Choose the type corresponding to the desktop
         applciation. If the insertion fails, the error is in the desktop
         application itself.

    Most of the times this kind of error comes if some of the DLLs got corrupted.
    Only solution is to reinstall Adobe Live cycle designer.
    Srikanth KV

  • No such method error when launching the Interactive form

    Hi Experts,
    I have developed a simeple Java Webdynpro application and added an Interactive form without any controls in it. Created the context with one value node and a binary value attribute.
    I have assigned  value node to datasource and binary attribute to pdfSource. When I launch the application I am getting the following no such method error.
    java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: com/sap/tc/webdynpro/clientserver/uielib/adobe/api/IWDInteractiveForm.setTemplateSource(Ljava/lang/String;)V
    The currently executed application, or one of the components it depends on, has been compiled against class file versions that are different from the ones that are available at runtime.
    If the exception message indicates, that the modified class is part of the Web Dynpro Runtime (package*) then the running Web Dynpro Runtime is of a version that is not compatible with the Web Dynpro Designtime (Developer Studio or Component Build Server) which has been used to build + compile the application.
    My NWDS is of Version 7.0.06
    and J2EE Engine is of Version 6.40.
    any guess why I am getting this error.

    Issue solved. Compatablility issue NWDS 2.0 Version should use for NW 2004.

  • Error during the adobe form activation

    hi all,
    when am i activate the adobe form layout (Zlayout) , the following error message occured:
    Error during activation
    Message no. EU837
    but iam not found any syntax error in layout development.
    please help in this it very urgent....

    Hello Sir,
    You need to apply the note 1047930, After this the problem should be resolved.
    Thanks and Regards,

  • Error "Job already started" when calling a adobe form in Z function module

    Hi All,
    I have a error when calling a adobe form in a custom function module.
    I am using FP_FUNCTION_MODULE_NAME to get the adobe form function module and then i am using FP_JOB_OPEN function module to control the printing parameters such as no print preview or no dialog ..etc.. I dont have any exceptions during the call of FP_JOB_OPEN function module ..
    Later I am calling my function module which was generated for the adobe form and i am getting the error called " JOB ALREADY STARTED".
    I tried executing the same function module in se37 and the PDF form output was generated, and also by commenting FP_JOB_OPEN function module the PDF form output was generated.
    But i need the FP_JOB_OPEN function module to control the output based on the output type which triggers the form output such as the medium from nast record which says print or email or fax.. etc
    Please let me know how to handling this error.

    Just as a followup note. If you are testing a function module from SE37 and the test button you will get a value in SY-CPROG. You must override this value for everything to work.
    If you override the value of SY-CPROG with the main program that will be calling the function module you have no problem.
    John W.

  • Error when creating the form in Salary Statement of ESS

    Dear All,
    We are implementing ESS and MSS,
    when i try to select ESS>Benfits and Payment>Salary statement, it shows the error as <b> Error when creating the form</b>.
    We have configured ADS in our ERP system as per the ADS config guide.
    Landscape is, NW04s ,ECC5.0 integration, corresponding ESS and MSS versions.
    <u><i>Complete Error is:</i></u><b> Error when creating the form
    your input will be appreciated,
    please do the needful.

    hi Sandip
    I clear the temporary files, but the error persist.
    I think so,  my error is because otherwise customizing the salary statement is seen in ERP (Back-End) but I can not see through the sap portal (Error: Salary Statement
    thanks for your post and helps,

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