Error when transpotring Update Rules

Dear colleagues.
  When transporting an update Rules into our Quality enviroment the system pops up the following error:
IC=ZWEPP_C02 IS=ZWE_BOM_RMX_IS syntax error:  rows 0.
I've verified the Update Rules on the Quality System and everything is correct but it remains inactive due to the transport fails.
I would appreciate your feedback.
Thanks in advance.

Dear khaja.
  I send you the transport log as well as the Return Code.
Error when activating update rule 5MYASZMBOIQZSRR60674OBKJ3
IC=ZWEPP_C02 IS=ZWE_BOM_RMX_IS error when generating InfoCube Update program
IC=ZWEPP_C02 IS=ZWE_BOM_RMX_IS syntax error:   rows 0 (When generating the update program for data target ZWEPP_C02, InfoSource ZWE_BOM_RMX_IS, a syntax error occured in row 0.  Message no. RSAU466)
Errors occurred during post-handling RS_AFTER_IMPORT for ROUT L
Please, let me know if you need anything else.

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  • Error when activating update rule

    HI BI Expert,
    The original transfer rule for 2LIS_11_VAITM was deleted accidently and I created new one and mapped with the existing infosource. The system always generates the following error at the time of transport to another client.
    Error when activating update rule D1GOAPD9O0P9CFOY8KBSOUDFA
    Activation of the update rules for ZO_SOP_1 ZT_SOP_SALO_ITM
    IC=ZO_SOP_1 IS=ZT_SOP_SALO_ITM error when checking the update rules.
    Would you kindly be able to suggest me what steps I need to take so as to correct this issue?

    When you say that update rule was accidently deleted, was that attached to transport request and transported to your QA & PRD at that time.
    Because it may happen that, your old rules are still there in QA & PRD and the new rules are failing to overwrite that.
    If it is the case, then you may have to open the client for QA & PRD and delete the existing update rule (doesnt sound good practice though), and then create a fresh update rule and transport.

  • "Error when activating update rule" after changing ODS key

    Hi Gurus,
    I have problem when transporting in productive system an existing ODS & the update rule linked. The message is  :  "Error when activating update rule".
    This is when i move one field from the key to a simple field of the ODS.
    Before transporting requests, i deleted data in the ODS by right-click on ODS --> Request tab --> select the request --> click on delete....
    I don't understand because i did the same in Qual environment and everything is OK : transport request & ODS loading...
    Please help.....

    Please try to check/perform the following steps:
    1- You must ensure for the update rule have mapping between infosources
       and ODS/CUBEs correct, this means that also these objects need
       to be of the same version in the source system of the transport as in
       target system.
    2- Please ensure all infoobjects in the cube are active.Please
       reactivate all the objects again in source system.
    3- Ensure all infoobjects are found in the communication structure.
    4- Please try to collect the update rule via BW transport connection
       with the grouping option "only necessary objects" and then transport
       those objects again.
    Could you please reactivate the infocube and its update rules again
    and then create a new transport for this infocube and transport it
    Best regards,
    Paula Csete

  • Error when activating update rule after transporting to QA

    When we transport Info cubes and update rules along with Process chains. There are the following errors in Transport request(XXXXXXXX).
    1. Error when activating update rule 22HSFD3ZMALU46LS0R8PRF2MW
    IC=ZSDPCXY2 IS=2LIS_11_VAITM error when checking the update rules
    2. Error when activating update rule 7NT4WIDPDCN2ERFDRXIGH95PM
    IC=ZSDPCXY2 IS=2LIS_12_VCHDR error when checking the update rules
    and etc.
    Then we activated and saved all the erroneous update rules in another tranport request(YYYYYYYY) and again we transported alongwith the previous transport request(XXXXXXXX).
    The last request(YYYYYYYY)was successfully tranported and still there are same errors in TR(XXXXXXXX).
    Quick answers will be highly appreciated.

    Hi Vijay,
    Next time you would have transport only (YYYYYYYY). Transport Request (XXXXXXX) was not required to be moved.
    Normally Update Rule gets deactivated in QA when any changes to the CUbe/ODS are moved.
    Thus either you can transport transport request for only active update rule to QA or activate your UR directly in QA system in case you have authorization to do that.

  • Error when copying update rules!!!

    Hello All,
             I am trying install 0SD_C03 from business content, however I am getting following error. Cube got installed properly.
    Error when copying update rules
    Patch levels are
    SAP_BW  - 0014
    BI_CONT - 0005
    Please help me in solving this error.

           The error message show as below. There is no longtext
    Error when copying update rules
    Message no. RSAU457
    But, when I installed FI-AP cubes, update rules are installed without any error. Is there any settings differs from FI to logistics datasources?

  • Error when activating update rules for R/3 training and event management

    hi all,
    when iam trying to activate update rules for training and event management cube it is giving fallowing error."IC=0PE_C01 IS=0HR_PE_1 error when checking the update rules
    Message no. RSAU461".
    please guide me how to solve this issue.
    thanks & regards
    Vamshi D Krishna

    Hi Vamsi,
    Have you followed the following document to implement HR ?

  • Error when activating update rules

    Hi ,
    0RT_C36 cube shows --- stock per weeek (ocalweek)
    My requirement is on daily wise .
    So i copy the standard one 0RT_C36 and add the 0cal day.In update rule 0calweek has the reference feild posting date For 0calday i mapped with the same feild posting date . Error has occured when activating the update rule . Error is' No component exists whith the feild sid_calweek_f.

    The Automatic conversion in the update rules helps us map 0CALDAY of Info source  to 0CALWEEK of the cube. So it is not a problem with this mapping.
    These type of problem occurs especially when we copied update rules. So what we have to do is checking all mappings for corectness in the mapping.
    With rgds,
    Anil Kumar Sharma .P

  • Error while transporting update rule.

    Hi experts
    I am trying to transport one update rule to production..
    But it is ending with error code 8 n it is giving me following error :
          Errors when activating update rule XXX
          IC=0PP_DS03 IS=0CO_OM_OPA_6 error when checking update rules
    Kindly tell me what need to be done now.

    Hi  Swati,
    Before transporting the update rule, in the present scenario, you have to transport the infosource which contains the corresponding "0recordmode".
    Whenever you transport anything into the quality or production, the list should be as followed in the given manner : 
    Seq No     Objects in Request
    1     Package(DEVC), InfoArea(AREA), Application Component(APCO)
    2     Function Modules
    3     Keyfigure Catalog(IOBC), Keyfigures(IOBJ), Units(IOBJ)
    4     Characteristic Catalog(IOBC), Characteristic Infoobjects(IOBJ)
    5     Infosources (ISCS, ISTD, ISMP, ISTS, ISFS, ROUT) and
                    Generic Data Sources(DataSrce Active Version(OSOA), ISMP, ISTS,DataSourceReplica (ISFS) 
                    and Tables (TABL)
    6     Infoproviders(ODS(ODSO), Cube(CUBE), Infoset(ISET))
    7     Update Rules(UPDR, ROUT)
    8     Infopackages(ISIP)
    9     Queries(ELEM)
    10     Webtemplates(TMPL, BLTM, BPTM)
    Just transport all your things in the above sequence, and it will be done successfully.
    Also, remember  there should not be any data in the corresponding infoprovider while you transfer the update rule, else it will fail.
    Hope it helps,

  • Error in Transporting Update Rules

    I am transporting ODS, Info package and UPdate Rule from Dev to QA.
    I request seems to be fine, but transport ended in error.
    ODS, IP and UR got transported , but the UR is inactive.
    and i dont havr the permission to activate that in QA system.
    What could be the reason for inactive UR in QA.

    I have done that also,
    But it is giving error as :
    Error when activating update rule 49U3N0VD2IJOOELH5APVBBIP1                  
    Activation of the update rules for ZFY6_SDT ZIB_SHIPDAILY_TRAN               
    IC=ZFY6_SDT IS=ZIB_SHIPDAILY_TRAN error when checking the update rules                                                                               
    Start of the after-import method for object type R3TR UPDR (Delete Mode)     
    Update rules 49U3N0VD2IJOOELH5APVBBIP1 read in version M                     
    Errors occurred during post-handling RS_AFTER_IMPORT for UPDR L              
    RS_AFTER_IMPORT belongs to package RS                                        
    The errors affect the following components:                                  
        BW-WHM (Warehouse Management)                                             
    Please help me out, all the dependent objects are present in the QA
    Dependent Objects:
    Info Objects
    Info Source
    Transfer and comm str
    Info pacakge

  • Error while transfering update rules

    Hi all,
    I am trying to transfer business content for 0SRCT_DS1(Contract Management) from D to Q in BW3.5.
    Everything went through except for the update rules.
    I checked and rechecked if all the infoobjects are active.
    But still am getting the following error:
    Start of the after-import method for object type R3TR UPDR (Activation Mode)
    Update rules CB1GEUI48SB210JQAYD68E74J read in version M
    Error when activating update rule CB1GEUI48SB210JQAYD68E74J
    Activation of the update rules for 0SRCT_DS1 2LIS_02_SCL
    IC=0SRCT_DS1 IS=2LIS_02_SCL error when checking the update rules    
    any suggestions?

    Hi ,
    Just check whether update rules has any routines or fomula, or constant.
    If so collect that in a request and transport it.
    Assign points if it is helpful.

  • 'L_CHAVL_IN' Error while Activating Update Rules.

    Hi All,
          when i am tring to activate my update rules, it is giving error, field "L_CHAVL_IN' in unknown. I dont have that field in my objects.
       i found that field in 'Progarm' for the update rules. that field is used in the exit of one of the feild in the update rules.
        Please give me a solution how to solve this.

    Check the following SAP Note (# 782858)
    When you activate the update rules, the system issues a syntax error: 'Syntax error: Field "L_CHAVL_IN" is unknown'.
    <b>Other terms</b>
    Syntax error; generation; l_chavl_in; update rules
    <b>Reason and Prerequisites</b>
    This is a program error. The error only occurs under the following circumstances:
    You generate an optimized update rule;
    An alpha conversion is required.
    BW 3.0B
               Import Support Package 25 for BW 3.0B (BW3.0B Support Package 25 or SAPKW30B25) into your BW system. The Support Package will be available once note 0723254 with the short text, "SAPBWNews BW3.0B Support Package 25", which describes the Support Package in more detail, is released for customers.
    BW 3.10 Content
               Import Support Package 19 for BW 3.10 (BW3.10 Support Package 19 or SAPKW31019) into your BW system. The Support Package will be available once note 0723261 with the short text, "SAPBWNews BW 3.1 Content Support Package 19", which describes the Support Package in more detail, is released for customers.
    BW 3.50
               Import Support Package 10 for BW 3.5 (BW3.50 Support Package 10 or SAPKW35010) into your BW system. The Support Package will be available oncenote 0763336 with the short text, "SAPBWNews BW Support Package 10 NetWeaver'04 stack 10", which describes the Support Package in more detail, is released for customers.
    Assign pts if helpful.<b></b>

  • Error while activating update rule in Inventory

    I was working with migration of datasource 2LIS_03_BF from 3.x to 7.0 in MM module.
    Recieved an error while activating update rule  0RT_C17 2LIS_03_BF in Inventory module.
    When I checked the routine ,it shows the following error.
    Errror:E:The Dictionary structure or table "/BI0/PMAT_SALES" is either not active or does not exist.
    I am not usre how to resolve this.
    Kindly reply asap.

    1. Activate the master data infoobject for 0MAT_SALES at info object level of RSA1
    2. Replicate and Activate the data source once again by using the program > SE38 : RS_TRANSTRU_ACTIVATE_ALL
    3. Then try to migrate you datasource and activate you update rules.
    it may help you

  • ASSERTION FAILED error while migrating update rules

    Hi all,
    We are migrating the 3.x datasource for sd - lo cockpit.
    Migration steps are as follows...
    1. Make a copy of the infosouce. Activate it.
    2. Migrate transfer rules. Activate it.
    3. Migrate datasource.
    4. Migrate Update rules for the respective info providers.
          But while migrating update rules  ASSERTION_FAILED runtime error occurs.
           the assert condition was violated.
           CL_RSTRAN_TEMPLATE========CP or CL_RSTRAN_TEMPLATE======CM003
    Please help i tried all the means to rectify but none succeds.
    It is occuring for each datasource .
    Thanks in advance.

    Assertion statement is like a conditional break point in ABAP. When you are trying to migrate the update rules,it is failing with Assertion statement it means there is some error with your update rules. Either the mapping is wrong or the the target to which it is mapped is in inactive state. Please check these and retry your migration.
    Krishna Tangudu

  • Error when generating update program

    I was loading transactional data in to Cube. The load had failed and in RSMO status tab is showing that Error when generating update program. could you please suggest me some one how to resolve it.

    Actually when you are loading data, the update program is executed. It is generated while you create the update rules for your data target. Please check whether the update rules are active or just go to the update rules and activate it again. Try loading data after activation and let us know the results.
    With Regards

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