Error while approving Leave request

I am facing an issue while approving the attendance request of an employee via MSS. The error message comes for the leave request further in the queue.
Error Message : No read authorization for infotype 2001/5006(Annual Leave) for employee number between 07.06.2010 and 07.06.2010
Hoping for the early response.

I guess there is problem with the managers ID and the authorizations.
Try to check in SU53 and speak to security team to run the trace and provide the necessary authorizations

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  • Error while approving Leave request from UWL

    Hi Experts,
    We are getting following error while manager clicks on Universal Worklist to approve Leave Request. On system we have assigned ess id to employee no. 43 in IT 105-0001 but it gives error message about employee no. 167 which has nothing to do with this leave request.
    Please go through following ST22 error log..
    Short text of the error message:
    "No data exists in this period for infotype 0105 and employee 00000167."
    Trigger Location of Runtime Error
        Program                                 SAPLPT_ARQ_REQUEST_U
        Include                                 LPT_ARQ_REQUEST_UIAF
        Row                                     186
        Module type                             (FORM)
        Module Name                             DUMP_IF_ERRORS
    Source Code Extract
    Line  SourceCde
      156   ENDCASE.
      158   IF lock_indicator = 'X'.    "ANK Note962342
      159     status_ui = c_req_sent.
      160     status_ui_text = 'gesendet'(s04).
      161   endif.                      "ANK Note962342
      163 ENDFORM.                    " set_request_status_ui_text
      165 &----
      166 *&      Form  dump_if_errors
      167 &----
      168 *       text
      169 ----
      170 *      -->MESSAGES   text
      171 ----
      172 FORM dump_if_errors
      173   USING
      174     messages   TYPE ptarq_uia_messages_tab.
      176   FIELD-SYMBOLS:
      177     <message>  TYPE bapiret2.
      179   LOOP AT messages ASSIGNING <message>.
      180     IF <message>-type EQ c_message_error.
      182 *Note 1168656 begin
      183 *      MESSAGE x999(53) WITH
      184 *     <message>-message
      185 *     <message>-type.                                        "#EC *
    >>>>>       MESSAGE <message>-message type 'X'.
      187 *Note 1168656 end
      188     ELSEIF <message>-type EQ c_message_abend.
      189 *Note 1168656 begin
      190 *      MESSAGE a999(53) WITH
      191 *      <message>-message
      192 *      <message>-type.                                       "#EC *
      193       MESSAGE <message>-message type 'A'.
      194 *Note 1168656 end
    196     ENDIF.
    197   ENDLOOP.
    200 ENDFORM.                    " check_errors
    202 *&----
    203 *&      Form  prepare_customizing_attibs
    204 *&----
    205 *       text
    Would really appreciate kind guidance to resolve the same.

    Hi Ashish,
    Short text of the error message:
    "No data exists in this period for infotype 0105 and employee 00000167
    This clearly suggests that the employee data is not up to date.
    Go to Tcode : PC00_M40_CLSTR
    here 40 is the country coding or the Molga value for India. Like wise which ever country you work for, enter the country code there instead of 40.
    Enter the pernr as 00000167 and you would find till which date the payroll for 167 has been run successfully.It has to be in green color.
    If the payroll is not run till the period in which you are getting the error ( which obvisouly is what the error means) try running the payroll by going to the Tcode : PC00_M40_CALC or you can ask your HR team to run this payroll for you and you are good to go.
    Good Luck!
    Sandeep Tudumu

  • 500 internal error while approving leave request

    Hi All,
    One of my user when trying to approve leave request, he is getting the following error. it was working previously but suddenly thsi error has come
    500 internal server error
    Application error occurred during request processing
    Details: exception: The requested deployable object '' and application 'leaverequestapprove' are not deployed
    Can anyone advise on this error please!!!

    Dear Swarnaprakash,
    Hope you are doing good.
    Do make sure that all ESS related applications/services are running.
    Please try to restart the applications this way:
    1. start the telnet admin tool
       telnet <hostname> 5<instnum>08
    2. logon using the J2EE Admnistrator user
    3. lsc (to list the available servernodes)
    4. jump <servernode> (usually jump 0)
    5. add deploy
    6. start_app -all
    Please have a look at the below for more information:
    If the issue still persists, please check if all the SDAs have been deployed for ESS (SCA->SAP ESS and Business packages)
    Thank you and have a nice day :).
    Kind Regards,

  • UWL Filter causing error while approving Leave Request

    Hi Guys,
    We recently applied MSS SP17 and we changed our UWL filter BADI to SWK1 Function group - SWK_LOCAL_INBOX_GET.
    The filter works fine, but when we try to approve leave request, it somehow calls this piece of code again and does not allow (DUMPS) BADI to set the filter saying - this field is not modifiable.
    Has anybody seen this before. Can anybody let me know how to resolve the issue?

    We added a code that if leave request calls this code...skip it.

  • Reg : Getting error while approving leave request

    Hello Experts,
    Manger is getting and error message u2018Work item 000000000000 cannot be readu2019 while
    Approving the leave request of one his reportee. This error is triggering for only one
    Experts please kindly help us.

    Hi Raj,
    There are a number of issues that could cause this.  Can you share your scenario (where is manager approving the request - via SAPGUI, ESS, MSS?)  Are you using an SAP standard workflow?
    Plus, there are lots of threads in SCN on this topic.  Have you checked any of these?
    Good luck,

  • MSS - Error while approving leave request

    I am facing an issue while approving the attendance request of an employee via MSS. The error message comes for the leave request further in the queue.
    Error Message : No read authorization for infotype 2001/5006(Annual Leave) for employee number between 07.06.2010 and 07.06.2010
    Hoping for the early response.
    Edited by: Abhijit Chitale on Jun 2, 2010 6:52 AM
    Edited by: Abhijit Chitale on Jun 2, 2010 6:53 AM

    This is an authorization issue which needs to be adjust in the ERP system. Please ask your basis administrator to help you. The authorization object is: P_ORGIN

  • Error while raising leave request

    Dear all,
    I am getting error while raising Leave request over ESS...Task WS12300111 locked for instantiation.
    As well as in MSS manager is not getting requests for approval..can anyone tell me on workflow front what shall be done.

    check the WF is a general task ie PFTC and user has authoriation, Are you using any custom code through badi, then enusre Start_WF method is implemented.

  • Critical error while approving leave

    In portal while approving leave i am getting the follwoing error .
    Critical Error
    A critical error has occured. Processing of the service had to be terminated. Unsaved data has been lost.
    Please contact your system administrator.
       The running application consciously caused an abort with short dump., error key: RFC_ERROR_SYSTEM_FAILURE   
    This error is comming only for few employees not for every one.
    Can anybody please let me know the solution for this .
    Thanks and Regards.

    First of all, check the short dump in transaction ST22, you probably find there much more details of the problem.
    secondly, make sure that these users have enough authorisations (do a trace) in backend. They might be missing some RFC call related authoritsation.

  • Internal Server error while approving leave in absence management

    In my project absence mgt is applicable for Netherland employees. When an NL manager applies leave and his manager from puerto rico tries to approve it from UWL , the manager is getting the following ERROR on clicking on the leave request in his inbox task.
    500   Internal Server Error   Web Dynpro Container/SAP J2EE Engine/6.40 
    Failed to process request. Please contact your system administrator.
    Error Summary
    While processing the current request, an exception occured which could not be handled by the application or the framework.
    If the information contained on this page doesn't help you to find and correct the cause of the problem, please contact your system administrator. To facilitate analysis of the problem, keep a copy of this error page. Hint: Most browsers allow to select all content, copy it and then paste it into an empty document (e.g. email or simple text file).
    Root Cause
    The initial exception that caused the request to fail, was:
        ... 37 more
    This UWL error in Leave approval workflow is coming ONLY when PR manager is trying to NL employee's leave .
    All other country managers ( US , CH , FR etc) are able to approve the leave without any issue.
    We are using the standard leave approval workflow.

    The above issue can occur if the rule group , to which this employee belongs, the leave type is not configured correctly. Please check the view V_T556A_WEB. The leave type and the rule group need to be defined here .
    Also make sure that the counting rule for the leave type is also  define correctly in T556C. Once the leave type for the approver  which belongs to the rule group has been correctly configured, way it has been done for normal employees, there will not be any issue.
    Kindly complete the necessary customizing  and check your results.
    Thanks and kind Regards

  • Authorisation error while approving leave

    We have ESS in place.
    while approving a leave request , which has been created by requestor changing an alreqady posted absence of type loss of pay , the Manager is getting the following error:
    No read authorization for infotype 2001/0402 for pers no 40000141 between 27.04.2010 and 27.04.2010
    No read authorization for infotype 2006/90 for pers no 40000141 between 01.04.2010 and 31.03.2010
    No read authorization for infotype 2006/91 for pers no 40000141 between 01.04.2010 and 31.03.2010
    No read authorization for infotype 2006/92 for pers no 40000141 between 01.04.2010 and 31.03.2010
    this error does not come while approving normal leave request , coming for requests which has been created by changing a posted leave.

    try to execute PTARQ in the backend and check it
    Bala Duvvuri

  • Intreperter Failed ERROR while cancelling leave request in ESS

    Hi all,
      We are facing this issue.  When a person goes to ESS and tries to delete a wrongly raised leave request by pressing on trash button.  We get a confirmation screen.  In that after pressing on " Delete leave request" we get the following error
    NOTE : This issue is only with certain employees.
    Can anybody guide what should be done so as to resolve the above said issue. 
    Thanks in advance.
    Gowri Shankar.

    This means 'no such input', I assume the Business HTML interpreter is
    searching for a template that does not exist...
    If you are using the internal ITS you will find information in the related trace
    file, for the stand alone ITS in the agateX_sapjulep.trc.
    Alternatively you want to set ~generatedynpro temporarily in order to see
    which screen should be processed.

  • Error while applying leave request though poratl

    Hi All,
    In portal Employee is unable to apply any leave. The system is giving the error message as
    "As per policy, Casual Leave cannot be taken for more than 1 working day consecutively,
    Please utilise Privilege leave for this purpose. In case you do not have Sufficient PL balance, Please apply for LOA."
    But when trying to raise a "Privilege/ Sick" leave , he is still getting  the same message.
    So he is not able to raise any kind of leave.
    So can anyone please suggest a solution.

    Hi Binu,
    It is a Std error which you r getting in the system while maintaining EL on that day. Is 07.03.2012 is a paid holiday ?? Then it will give the same error while applying the leave on that day...
    You need to check the Holiday class for that abs type in the system.
    Prasad Lad

  • ESS error while entering Leave Request

    Hi Gurus ,
    When I am trying to open ESS->Working time->Leaverequest
    It is giveing following error ,please help us
    java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index: 0, Size: 0
         at java.util.ArrayList.RangeCheck(
         at java.util.ArrayList.get(

    Hi your Leave scenario is not configured properly from the backend.
    PLease try applying for leave form the backend first using the following method,          
    Once this is configured properly there will be no errror on the frontend
    I hope if you are able to do the following then your r/3 is perfect and then pobably you can open an OSS message with SAP.                         
    Use transaction PT50 to check the leave quota for the employee.                         
    Also use tranx pa30 - enter infotype 2006 (absence quota's) here for that employee you will get all his quota details.
    Then open PTARQ tranx -> clcik Determine approver and check wether is approver is maintained in OM or not,then clik Determine Rule group - > enter emp number and see wether what rule group is the emp attached to , is the rule group configured in SPRO or not.                         
    to activate the Leave application from backend PTARQ is the main tranx where everything must be well configured.                         
    Now clcik on Test Application button -> enter rmp code -> click on Create Request Tab-> enter his managerr emp code in Next Agent input box ->                          
    give infotyp = 2001, subtype = CL (for example) and Date and execute.                         
    if u can successfull apply leave form backend then form front end also u can, if not form backend then you need to config your leave application.

  • Error while approving the request ..

    Hi ,
    I have created a SOA composite where in the 1st level approver is manager and second level approval is a role . When i raise the request the task is assigned to the manager and manager approves it . Then the task is assigned to the Role . However the issue is , when any member of the Role tries to approve the task , the below error is thrown . Please note he is able to reject the request though , only in case of approving i see the below error .
    Though it shows in the logs as warning but on the approval UI , it throws an error . ie ."An Error Occured "
    Any clues Pls !
    ####<Aug 7, 2012 3:42:56 PM EEST> <Notice> <Stdout> <> <soa_server1> <[ACTIVE] ExecuteThread: '3' for queue: 'weblogic.kernel.Default (self-tuning)'> <<WLS Kernel>> <> <a94ee5b878875ef9:-47c429e2:138eb2557d6:-8000-000000000007d520> <1344343376602> <BEA-000000> <<Aug 7, 2012 3:42:56 PM EEST>
    <Warning> <> <BEA-000000> <<PredicateImpl.getPredicateCondtion> Query values for columns that can contain multiple identity types (users, groups, approles) should be IdentityType or list of IdentityType objects. Incorrect use of 'WF_NONEXISTENT_ASSIGNEE' for column 'wfa.assignee'>>
    ####<Aug 7, 2012 3:42:56 PM EEST> <Notice> <Stdout> <> <soa_server1> <[ACTIVE] ExecuteThread: '3' for queue: 'weblogic.kernel.Default (self-tuning)'> <<WLS Kernel>> <> <a94ee5b878875ef9:-47c429e2:138eb2557d6:-8000-000000000007d51f> <1344343376602> <BEA-000000> <<Aug 7, 2012 3:42:56 PM EEST>
    <Warning> <> <BEA-000000> <<QueryUtil.warnForUseOfNonIdentityTypeValues> Query values for columns that can contain multiple identity types (users, groups, approles) should be IdentityType or list of IdentityType objects. Incorrect use of 'WF_NONEXISTENT_ASSIGNEE' for column 'wfa.assignee'>>

    You need to give approver the right on the request . Add the approver to the request administrator role .

  • Error while running leave request Workitem from UWL

    While running the workitem from UWL in MSS we are getting the following error
    URL call was terminated because the corresponding service is not available
    i.e its is not launching the Web Dynpro application.
    As result I have checked the following :-
    1) Maintained entries as per SAP note 779075.
    2) Alias for the portal system has been set to SAP_WebDynpro_XSS and UWL has been registered with this alias.
    3) check entried for Task - TS31000007  APPLICATION - CatManagerApprove and PACKAGE - which are set in T-code SWFVISU.
    Plus I have also tried the following changes.
    1) All the services in SICF are activated.
    2) I have tried setting the WEBASPATH to blank and set it to /webdynpro/dispatcher and /webdynpr/dispatcher/ but it does not test the WAS connection as correct, but running the Workitem still results in the same error.
    I am running out of ideas now to correct this. Please help.

    Shakti Parwanda wrote:
    > Problem has been resolved and I have added alias as SAP_ECC_HumanResources in system alias in UWL and Webdynpro Launch system as SAP_WebDynpro_XSS.
    > And, it solved my problem
    Hi Mr. Shakti
    i too have the same problem ,how did u resolved it.
    i applied the note 779075 still same error is comming
    created three system SAP_R3,sap_its_xss, andsap_webdynpro_xss
    through which system i have to register the system
    K Naveen Kishore.

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