Error while Check in AutoCAD drawing from CAD-view

I am using Cideon AutoCAD integrator 4.5 & AutoCAD Vanila 2008.
1. Creating New document Drawing in AutoCAD.
2. Save the drawing, system creating DIR, am selecting document type DRW.
3. System generating DIR no.
4. From AutoCAD am going in CAD - View.
5. In CAD - View, System automatically taking Document No, Document Type, Document part, document Version.
6. Now am check in the document.
These are my steps,
When am doing these steps for document Type DRW, It's working fine....when am selecting some new configure document type then it is not copying "document type, Number , version, part" in CAD - View & also giving me error @ time of Check in.
Error is " No documents are assigned to this file".
Is there any document related settings ? Pls suggest me...

I got the solution.
In the config document Types on initial  status, I un-checked the Check-In required field.
Now it's working fine...reason i don't know...If any body knows pls let me know.

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  • Check In From CAD VIEW

    Hi Gurus,
    In SAP PLM integrated to ProE, I have opened an assembly in proe and through CAD VIEW from SAP PLM, I have created DIR for the assembly and its dependent components. If I try to check in the assembly (Originals-Check in Originals) in CAD VIEW, it will take the dependent files also and asks the Storasge location. After specifying the storage location, it starts check in process but comes out with the error saying "Error while checking in and storing: C:\ProSAP_Directintegration\ProSAP_Directintegrati"
    If I try to open the DIR and then from the originals If I attach the file and try to checkin and save, it works. But this is not something which am looking as I need CAD VIEW to be used to check in the Assembly/drawing along with it's associateed components.
    Can anyone help me understand how to solve this and help me check in any files from the CAD View.

    Hi SM,
      Can you elorate "ensure working directory is well defined" ?
    In the integration configuration files you will have to define the PATH AND DIRECTORY * PATH AND DIRECTORY * PATH AND DIRECTORY * PATH in the ProSAP.cfg file.  Please look at te example given and ensure you define your directories well.
    I tried checking in one part from CAD VIEW, even this is not possible.
    So this tells me there is some thing wrong in the way you have defined your work directories.
    But I can check out from CAD VIEW. I can check in from the DIR i.e on tab originals-checkin and then saving DIR.
    The last thing I can think of is the file name. Ensure that your file name is consistent through out. This happens quite often with ProE as it  uses its own version numbering at times.
    I'm hoping one of the above will solve your problem. keep us posted how it goes!
    N K

  • "Error while checking in and storing C:\.........." in ACADM CAD View

    Dear All,
    I am working in an environment :
    SAP ECC 6.0
    Content server Version 6.4
    PLM Integration AutoCAD 4.0
    In AutoCAD Mechanical while Check in Drawing using KPro through CAD View I am encountering an error : "Error while checking in and storing C:\.........."
    ACADM  Log:
    Command: _qsave Using configuration "SaveAsDialog" for document creation for
    Starting SAPGUI ...
    Assigning file "C:\SapWorkDir\AcadM\SUKAN-TEST-7_DRW_000.dwg" to document
    Reading titleblock data for SUKAN-TEST-7/DRW/000/00...
    Updating document info record SUKAN-TEST-7/DRW/000/00 ...
    Command: _SAPCADDESKTOP2
    Command: Working without change number.
    Updating document info record SUKAN-TEST-7/DRW/000/00 ...
    Reading titleblock data for SUKAN-TEST-7/DRW/000/00...
    Updating document info record SUKAN-TEST-7/DRW/000/00 ...
    The same ACAD Drawing I am able to check in through SAP Transaction CV02N.
    Plz share your views to sort out my Issue.
    Thanks & Rgds,
    [email protected]

    Is the issue resolved.
    Check in content repositories, just check if the repository which u tryin to Check In the document(CAD file) is giving u response..
    i guess there must be some problem from server side.
    just ask basis @ the same.
    dont change config okk...

  • CAD Desktop - error while checking in and storing...

    Hello SAP gurus',
    We have one problem regarding the CAD Desktop functionality, and we believe that you could help us!
    We are doing some tests with CAD-SAP Integration, and when we try to check in document in CAD Desktop, we receive the following error: "Error while checking in and storing c:\...".
    Funny thing is that we can check in originals "manually" in SAP GUI when we open DIR, but when we try to check it in via CAD Desktop it is not possible.
    In some previous posts I have seen that "hosts" file should be maintained properly, but what bothers me is that we are not using real content server yet (we are still in a test phase and we are checking in documents directly to SAP database).
    Does anybody have some idea what could cause this problem?
    Thanks for help guys!

    For viewing the CAD files Content sever will support. The exact technical stuff I don't know.But as per the previous experience I am sure that if you install k-pro your purpose will get fulfilled. The content server feathures you can get and may know the reason.
    But once you install a separate content server instead of the current storage system, your problem will get resolved.

  • Error while deploying a PAR file from NWDS into an ECC.

    Hi all,
    I am getting this error while deploying a PAR file from NWDS into an ECC.
    Operation Failed: Please make sure the server is running or check the log (sap-plugin.log) for
    more detail.
    My server is running properly
    1 - Where is sap-plugin.log file? I don´t find it. 
    2 - Could there be another file with another name with information about the error?
    3 - Is there another way to deploy the file directly from the ECC?

    Just make sure you have maintained correct server setting to check the same open the NWDS and follow this path
    Windows/ Prefereces / SAP Enterprise Portal
    Check the following enteries
    Login etc.

  • Urgent.....Error while running a jsp report from Jdeveloper

    I am getting following error while running a jsp report from Jdeveloper. I am using version The same report is working fine when I am running it from report builder. ( Both these tools were installed using Oracle Developer Suite 10g version 10.1.2). I did search in oracle discussion forums and google, but I could not arrive at a resolution of error. Any help in resolving this issue would be grateful.
    Error details:
    Page url : http://<hostipaddress>:8988/Reports-reportproject-context-root/MyReport.jsp
    Reports Error Page
    Wed Oct 17 20:03:22 IST 2007
    javax.servlet.jsp.JspException: REP-51002: Bind to Reports Server myreportserver failed
    javax.servlet.jsp.JspException: REP-51002: Bind to Reports Server myreportserver failed
         at oracle.reports.jsp.ReportTag.doStartTag(
         at MyReport.jspService(MyReport.jsp:4)
         at com.orionserver.http.OrionHttpJspPage.service(
         at oracle.jsp.runtimev2.JspPageTable.service(
         at oracle.jsp.runtimev2.JspServlet.internalService(
         at oracle.jsp.runtimev2.JspServlet.service(
         at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(
         at com.evermind.server.http.ResourceFilterChain.doFilter(
         at Source)
         at com.evermind.server.http.ServletRequestDispatcher.invoke(
         at com.evermind.server.http.ServletRequestDispatcher.forwardInternal(
         at com.evermind.server.http.HttpRequestHandler.processRequest(
         at com.evermind.util.ReleasableResourcePooledExecutor$
    Could anyone help me out in resolving this issue.

    I posted this message in jdeveloper forum yesterday, but there was no response. So I thought of posting it in this forum to check my luck.

  • Error while creating web dynpro project from DTR

    I am getting following error while creating Web Dynpro project from DTR,
    org.eclipse.jdt.core.JavaModelException: File /<track name><DC><package>/.classpath is read-only.
    Still project gets created but evenif I check out view , it does not allow me to edit it.
    Also I have checked in and activated some changes but active copy in DTR is not reflecting those changes.
    I tried Add subtree option in DTR perspective for folders in this project. Is it result of that?
    Please help me in this regard.
    Thank You

    Hi Beena,
            .classpath file should not checked in to DTR(uncheck the Read only properties). It is local file it contains class path for local system.
             Generally in webdynpro project only src folder should be checked in DTR.

  • Error while trying to copy template from another application

    I am getting this error while trying to copy template from another application:
    report error:
    ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error: character string buffer too small
    This report is located here:
    Home-Application Builder-Application 150-Shared Components-Templates-Replace Templates
    best regards,

    It is usually a permissions issue.. you have read but not write permission. Why it would suddenly change is one of those Apple Mysteries... but it happens.
    Open the directory (folder) where your media files are.. and check the permissions.. see if you can fix them.
    The problem is the folder on the TC might have lost your ownership and you might not be able to change it.. Apple do not provide anyway to regain permissions because you would need low level access to the TC firmware.
    I would just as a matter of course reset the TC to factory and redo its setup.
    Factory reset universal
    Power off the TC.. ie pull the power cord or power off at the wall.. wait 10sec.. hold in the reset button.. be gentle.. power on again still holding in reset.. and keep holding it in for another 10sec. You may need some help as it is hard to both hold in reset and apply power. It will show success by rapidly blinking the front led. Release the reset.. and wait a couple of min for the TC to reset and come back with factory settings. If the front LED doesn’t blink rapidly you missed it and simply try again. The reset is fairly fragile in these.. press it so you feel it just click and no more.. I have seen people bend the lever or even break it. I use a toothpick as tool.
    N.B. None of your files on the hard disk of the TC are deleted.. this simply clears out the router settings of the TC.
    Do the setup via airport utility using different names.. short, no spaces and pure alphanumerics. Make sure passwords are also pure alphanumeric mixed case and numbers.. 8-20 characters is usually plenty.
    Mount the disk in finder and see if you have the same issue.. I am not expecting a change.. but it is worth a try.
    No luck you can copy your files off the TC.. wipe it .. and then copy them back.. no bad thing unless you already have a backup of your files at the moment. In which case you can just wipe the TC and copy the files now.

  • Error While Checking In & Storing

    Hi Guru's
    There are some documents which  are stored in our legacy system.We are trying to transfer documents from legacy to ECC6.0 through java connector.
    In java program we have done the coding by calling the function module BAPI_DOCUMENT_CREATE2.When we run the java program we are getting the error as Error while checking in and storing although we have defined the storage category
    While if we run the same java program by defining the storage category as SAP-System, documents are getting uploaded in 4.6 system and we are unable to find out  the Storage category SAP-SYSTEM in 4.6 system
    Kindly let me know how to resolve this issue or is there any way to transfer documents from legacy to ECC 6.0

    Hi Bhanu
    Is it error No 26253 correct me if I am wrong.
    If this is the error the check with basis administrator. Log space must be full or content server must be down due to some reasons.
    With Warm reagards
    Mangesh Pande

  • Error while checking in and storing: C:\Documents and setting*

    I hace install the content server and i made content repository also.
    everything I made on development server, and the original application file is getting check in also.
    now when I tried to check in it in test sever, it giving me error like  Error while checking in and storing: C:\Documents and setting
    I transported all request like content repository and all to  test server from development server.

    Hi, Nithin,
    Check this also in development
    In your local machine Goto
    There will be file called "hosts"
    in that file plz specify the IP of the content server.
    <IP address> <Content server name> My Content server
    Save the file.
    Restart the machine and then try check-in the file in content server.

  • Error while checking in and storing: C:\Documents and Settings\user\Desktop

    Hi all,
    I'm getting  the following Error while checking in original to Content Server
    "Error while checking in and storing: C:\Documents and Settings\user\Desktop" Message 26253
    OAC0, OACT, CSADMIN settings seems to be Ok .
    Settings in DMS SPRO - in dc10, dc20(data carrier used PC)- everything fine
    -Authorization issues are not there
    Earlier checking in was possible with same settings, but now we are getting this error.
    From my end i had test the RFC Connection (SAPFTP, SAPFTPA, SAPHTTP, SAPHTTPA) through SM59 and its test run was successful. So the possibilty of RFC Failure was ruled out.
    I knew this problem was arised as there is some issue in Content Repository, but not able to trace it out.
    If any one knew what to do in this case, then let me know.
    Secondly, what are the things need to be checked to identify the content repository Checking in Issue.
    S Anand

    Error Resolved.
    I had only executed the below command
    ./dbmcli on SDB>db_execute SET LOG AUTO OVERWRITE ON
    seems like Log file was full. but now its working.
    Thanks for your suggestion.
    S Anand

  • Error while checking in and storing:Message no. 26253 - CV02N

    Hi Friends
    I have received the following error  Error while checking in and storing:Message no. 26253 while check in of file in Content Server.
    I have done all seeting such as Creation of content repository, Storage category.
    Content server is also installed properly as per installation guide.
    Is note SAP Note 1327343 applicable for me.
    With Regards
    Mangesh Pande

    Christoph Hopf
    First thanks for the tip, my problem is that the Basis configured the server content in DMS because, will be used two servers.
    I configured Data Carrier Sets / Sets date carrier type "server, front end".
    Type (data carr.type) / Description / Path               /  CAD system / Online
    80                 /                  DMS Jundiai  /  Z_EMP_JD / 80                  /  X
    I view an attached file in DMS normally, however when I make the check in Orig. the error occurs.
    HTTP error: 500 (Internal Server Error) " ;ODBC State 00000; Error Code 26729080"
    Message no. CMS025
    Error in accessing via HTTP
    500 (Internal Server Error)
    " ;ODBC State 00000; Error Code 26729080"
    An error occurred when calling module SCMS_DOC_CREATE_FILES
    Message no. 1R579
    Exception number 6 occurred when function module SCMS_DOC_CREATE_FILES was called with document 00155D0216091ED1BE84D6471C796DB4.
    Since ja thanks for the help

  • Error while checking in and storing.....Msg No 26253

    I am getting the Error while checking in and storing: C:\Users\abcd\Desktop\Hotel.docx
    Message no. 26253 while checking in the document to the content server.
    What may be the possible reasons from the configuration and basis side..please advice.

    HI Muzamil,
    we have faced same problem. And the solution is when you are using external content server . The transport is not done properly by request. Ask basis person to transport the repository properly then your problem will get resolved.
    There is no setting from functional side for this. The system throws error 26353 when repository is not transported properly.
    I hope this will resolve the query,

  • Error while checking in document using CV01/02N

    While trying to check in a document I get an error saying:
    Error while checking in and storing: C:\Documents
    and Settings\sarita\Desktop\9011_SND_.
    This is while trying to check in from my desktop. The content server and the repository have been defined , the connection established and the certificate has been sent as well. I am not sure what maybe missing .Please help.

    Please refer to this thread ...may be u get ur answer out of it...........................
    Error while checking in and storing: C:\ ..... (Message no. 26253)
    Tushar Dave

  • Error While "Check in" of a orignal in DIR

    Hi All,
    I am trying to attach the orignals to DIR's in SAP. These orignals are PDF files and they are located on a external shared network drive. I need to run this process in background as i  need to upload around 60000 orignals. I am able to upload the orignal successfully with FM "BAPI_DOCUMENT_LOAD" in background mode. But now when i try to checkin the uploaded orignals with FM "CVAPI_DOC_CHECKIN", it gives me an error saying "Error While checking in and storing XXXX". Any clues in this would be very helpful.

    Dear Charitha,
    You have placed the file on the application server and trying to access via front end.The presence of file on the application server could be seen via AL11 however you cannot access the file directly from windows. This is the reason you get an error.
    For checking in originals in background, API functions are much more flexible. Therefore please see also SAP note 504692, which includes several sample programs which could be helpful by checking in original files in background.
    The document BAPIs always require a SAPGUI or an open RFC connection, because this channel is required to start the program SAPHTTP (or SAPFTP) on the client for the check-in. When the BAPI is used in background, the system doesn't know where to get the original files from.
    Please note that the functionality you would like to realize is a very special one for which no standard solution exists. However, API-s are more flexible in some cases, i.e. CVAPI_DOC_CHECKIN with RFC destinations defined as SAPHTTPA/SAPFTPA could fulfill your requirements.
    Further please see also the SAP note 796709 which contain also necessary information for this action too. In note 766277 you will find also a complete documentation of all available DMS BAPIs in the attachment. Unfortunately there is not standard solution for such scenarios like explained by you. Because a lot of environment variables could influence the BAPI behavior.
    As additional information source kindly go through the note 729800. This will be of use for the current issue. If one uses BAPI's in via RFC-Lib, the ABAP-System makes a callback and starts the saphttp, sapftp via the open RFC channel. Therefore the RFC-Client has to allow this by calling RfcAllowStartProgram("sapftp;saphttp"). SAP note 144256 clearly describes the process.
    Best regards,

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