Error while detrmining Internal Document Number for Excise Invoice.

Hello mate, I am trying to create excise invoice for for factory sale. while saving the document I am getting an error" Error
while detrmining Internal Document Number for Excise Invoice. Message: Maintain Number Range for J_1IINTNUM". I have already maintained number range for mentioned object "J_1INTNUM" in TCODE SNUM , still getting error. Please solve my querry . Is it related to transport or number range activation or something else? I have maintained number range with serial no. "01"

Hello ,
Ensure that number ranges are properly maintained in the respective client that should be the year specific.Some times even u maintained the system should not consider that number ranges  due to table updation problem ,because i had faced the same in the earlier and received the reply from the sap stating that this error was occured rarely after the years,so please ignore that ,for your problem u first come out of the screen and then re log in and then create the excise invoice ,then check the number ranges .
Please revert for any

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  • What is the use of internal document number in excise invoice

    Hi All,
    Could you please explain the use of "Internal Document" number in Excise invoice.

    As you would be aware for all types of Excise Transactions like DLFC (for normal sales), GRPO (for goods receiving) etc., system will generate an internal number which is only for reference and this will be a continuous number irrespective of excise transaction type.
    For example, if you generate a sale order, the excise transaction type would be DLFC and let us assume the internal number generated by the system is 11 and immediately, if you generate any other excise document other than normal sales, the internal number would be 12.  This number range you need to maintain in TCode SNUM for object  J_1IINTNUM every year.
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Error while cancelling a document number in MBST

    In MB03 the material is with 101 movement.
    When i am performing MBST then i am receiving an error message
    "Document Flow for delivery cannot be updated".
    Message No. M7352.
    Purchase Order is assigned to delivery. The current Transaction cannot update the document flow , because the system does not recognize the delivery number.
    Plz provide me the details on how to proceed with this error as to cancel this document.
    Thanks in advance.

    Its cancelled.
    Used MB0A Enter Delivery Note, Movement Type (reversal of that you see in MB03) - 102, Plant, storage Location ,
    & Under -- Find Po's for preceding document-- enter the Delivery Number that you will find from the PO history.
    Thanks & Regards,

  • Shipment document number and cost document number for vendor invoice

    Given a Vendor invoice number ( MIRO) how to find out the shipment number and cost docuemnt number?
    Krishna prasad.

    Please try using SREL_GET_NEXT_RELATIONS. Please try to search on SDN and you should find an example fo this. The only thing you need to pass is the Business Object Name for Vendor Invoice number. Or if you have an alternal field like even PO that you can pass , that will be of great help as well.
    You may want to take a look at:
    Pls reward points if useful.

  • Error: Preceding document required for the invoice is not available

    Dear SRM Experts,
    We are on SRM7.0 with SAP 4.6 C as backend SAP R/3 system (Classic Deployment).
    When we try to create an invoice in SRM wrt a PO ( with item category B ... created from a limit SC with invoice only option), we get an error :
    Line 1: Preceding document required for the invoice is not available
    We are not sure ..why this error is coming and what preceding document system is checking ?
    As the PO is with item category B.. the GR is not required
    Any inputs will be highly appreciated..
    Thanks and Regards,

    This error usually comes up when the PO has the flag GR_BASEDIV set. Please check your PO and verify if it is flagged.
    Best regards,
    Christian Zeuch

  • Excise invoice  Internal document number not populating.

    In STO  supplying plant Movt-351  document posted , J1IS  EXcise invoice  has done ,here while saving the Excise invoice  Internal document number not populating.
    But number  ranges  (J_1iexcloc ) is done correctly against the year.
    Logistics->Tax on Goods Movements->India->Tools->Number Ranges.
    This is urgent Tickets ,can anyone  help me out ?

    Dear prasanna ,
    Official  excise document number in quality server is  populating perfectly,where  as prod server not populating , in quality server  object is  J_1IEXCLOC ,same object assigned to  prod server . i did not assgined  J_1IINTNUM object in Quality server.
    why its not populating ?

  • Number Range (series) for Billing Document (F2) and Excise Invoice

    Hi All,
    I want to know how the number ranges / number series is defined for billing documents (F2) and excise invoice, for India business scenario.
    In India, the excise invoice is given to the customer so that he can the excise duty/ cenvat. This invoice acts as the Tax invoice (having all pricing elements apart from excise duty) against which customer outstanding is considered. That is, the payment due will be tracked against this Tax (excise) invoice.
    But in SAP, the accounts posting is done (customer a/c debited) when we creaate and post the billing document (type F2). Hence, the outstanding amount is tracked against the billing document created. This billing doc/invoice will have all the pricing components like price, discount, freight, etc apart from excise duty.
    The excise invoice is created separately....with ref to the above billing doc....for posting the excise duty.
    If the number ranges for billing document and excise invoice are different then it is difficult to trace the outstanding amount from a particular customer on the basis of excise invoice created in the system.
    Can somebody provide inputs/solution on this?
    Thanks indvance.

    Hi Saurabh,
    My question is not how to define number range for billing doc and excise invoice? i mean what procedure / tcode to be used for the same?
    My question is whether we need to define same number range for Billing doc (F2) as well as Excise Invoice.
    For example: number range 1000 to 1999  --- same for F2 and excise invoice....
    Lets say billing doc 1000 is created. Further, when we create excise invoice w.r.t. this billing doc....the excise invoice created will also need to be 1000. that we can identify that against this excise invoice, we need to collect the payment from customer.
    If the number ranges for billing doc and excise invoice are different, then it is difficult for the user to trace the outstanding payment .....because genarally the excise is treated as Tax invoice by companies in India ...(so that the customer can claim the excise duty....when he purchases the goods from the company).
    Whereas the customer account is hit when the billing doc is posted .....hence i feel, we need to keep the same number range for billing doc and exice invoice.
    Hope the question/scenario is clear now.
    I would appreciate the inputs on the above, from the consultants/experts who have worked on SAP implementation projects in India.

  • Error message "No internal transfer number found"

    Hi everyone,
    I'm trying to setup the self-billing- (ERS)-functionality for scheduling agreements.  The problem I'm currently facing is that I created a test-iDoc which while being processed causes an error.
    The test-iDoc is sent out with the basic type GSVERF03 (I just tried the same using type GSVERF01). On my customer's side the reception is configured to use the message type SBWAP.
    I also did the customizing-settings from within the ERS-monitor for the partner function (TCodes OVD5 & OVD7.... with reference number "E" & Delivery Note Number to Determine Sales Document), but in the end I still receive the error-message:"No internal transfer number found" even though it's available in the iDoc.
    Does anybody have any ideas on this?!?
    Any help greatly appreciated!
    Thx & regards,

    Hi Boban,
    I had same issue I solved   creating  number range in SNRO for object TRMNO_INT,

  • Error while creating billing documents

      While creating billing documents I am getting error message as 
    Maintain customizing for excise and series group determination
    Message no. 8I619
    I have check the setting for CIN it is OK excise and series group are maintain properly so what can be the proble,

    Check once again customizing
    Maintain Series Group - In this IMG activity, you define the different excise series groups within your company. Series groups allow you to maintain multiple number ranges for the outgoing excise documents. Based on excise regulations and exemptions from the authorities you can maintain multiple number series for outgoing documents. But each of these series has to be declared to the excise authorities.
    - Define excise series groups based on type of outgoing document
    - Assign series group to excise registration ID
    - If no financial postings are required for an Excise invoice in this seris group then you tick the 'No utilization' indicator.
    - If the CENVAT has to be paid immediately and you need not wait for the Fort nightly payment then mark the 'Immediate Utilization' Iindicator. Example - You could define two series groups, group 001 for excise invoices, and group 002 for 57 F4 documents.
    - No account postings for CENVAT in sales cycle
    - No utilization Flag
    If you do not need any CENVAT utilization for an excise invoice but would like to just generate an excise invoice then you need to mark this indicator.
    If the flag is checked then system will create an Excise invoice in the given Series group but there will not be any account postings or Part2 postings.
    Immediate Utilization of CENVAT - Specifies that when you create an excise invoice, the system immediately pays the amount from CENVAT and creates the Part II entry. Such invoices will not be listed for fortnightly utilization.
    If you have both fortnightly and immediate utilization for the same excise group, the account determination within CIN IMG should point to the ED interim account.

  • Accounting documents are not posted for Excise invoice

    1. The Excise invoice has been created with reference to F2 invoice but the accounting documents is not posted for excise invoice, what is the settings needs tobe maintained to post the accounting entries to excise invoice..?
    2. where we will maintain number ranges for excise invoice..?

    1. The Excise invoice has been created with reference to F2 invoice but the accounting documents is not posted for excise invoice, what is the settings needs tobe maintained to post the accounting entries to excise invoice..?
    Not sure but can u try to relese this to accounting
    2. where we will maintain number ranges for excise invoice..?
    Excise invoice number range is depend on Excise series group.
    T-Code : SNRO
    Following is the No. Range Objects related to Excise, select the proper no. range object as per your requirement.
    J_1I57FC - 57FC Number Range
    J_1IARE1 - ARE1 Doc No object based on Series Group
    J_1IARE3 - ARE3 Doc No object based on Series Group
    J_1IBOND - Excise Bonding: Bond number object
    J_1ICERT - Withholding Tax Certificates (India)
    J_1ICHLNNO - Internal number range for challans
    J_1ICONPLA - Consolidated PLA serial no. generation
    J_1IDEPINV - Excise Invoice Number for Depot Invoices
    J_1IEXCEXP - Export excise invoice number range
    J_1IEXCINV - Excise invoice number
    J_1IEXCLOC - Local excise invoice numebr range
    J_1IEXCTST - Excise invoice with intervals
    J_1IEXINEX - Excise invoice number for export
    J_1IINTNUM - Internally document number to be generated
    J_1IINTPR2 - Despatch serial number
    J_1ILIC - Excise Bonding: License number object
    J_1IPLA2 - PLA part II number range object
    J_1IRG1 - RG1 Number range object
    J_1IRG1_T - No. Range for RG1 - Excise group / Material
    J_1IRG23A1 - RG23A part 1 no. range object
    J_1IRG23A2 - RG23A part II number range object
    J_1IRG23C1 - RG23C part I number range object
    J_1IRG23C2 - RG23C part II number range object
    J_1IRG23D - Folio Numbers for RG 23D
    Check the link
    Re: Excise Invoice Number Range
    excise invoice and domestic invoice sharing same number range

  • Error while posting billing documents

    I am trying to post billing documents for accounting , but I am getting some error related to number range.
    I have checked number range assignments, where else I can check to find out error.

    If you are getting error while creating billing document -
    Check your number range status assignment in T-Code - VN01
    If any userexit is used then check in Userexit MV60AFZZ. There could be a Z-table where the number range may not be properly defined for the Billing Type/ plsnt/etc. as per the settings.
    If Billing document is created and you get this error while posting-
    Then it would be error with the number range for Accounting Document. Pls. ask the FI person to fix this.
    If the above does not solve - pls. mention the exact error with error code.

  • Accounting document for Excise Invoice

    Accounting Document generated for Excise Condition types.We do not want to generate Accounting document for Excise Invoice.
    We have marked the Excise Condition types JEXP,JECP,JA1X as Stastical in Pricing procedure & also not assigned the Account Keys for the same.
    How to make other settings for non generation of Accounting document for Excise Invoice.It's a Domestic scenario.
    Please suggets.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Hemant PAtil

    Instead of creating the Excise Group i have created the Sub Trasaction type (DS) ETT Type DLFC.
    In SPRO Specified the Excise Account per Excise Transaction DLFC & DS.
    Also Specified G/L Accounts per Excise Transactions.
    Excise Grp (P2),ETT (DLFC),Company Code (MU51),Chart of Accts(XXX),all the G/L Accounts kept BLANK.
    While creating the Excise Invoice thor.J1IIN,if i put Sub Transaction type DS then the system gives the following error.
    Excise modvat accounts not defined for DLFC transaction and  excise group
    Message no. 8I402
    Please suggests.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Hemant Patil

  • Error : Maintain Vendor for Excise Invoice

    Dear Friends,
    I'm getting the below error while Good Receipt for STO(intra company through MM route).
    Error: Maintain vendor for Excise Invoice
    Message ID: 4F185
    Process overview:
    1. STO created in receiving plant
    2. Material issue through MB1B from supplying plant.
    3. Excise invoice created with ref. to Good issue doc. through J1IS in supplying plant.
    4. While GR in receiving plant we are facing this issue.
    Pleasse help me to resolve this issue.

    For STO , you have to maintain both the issuing plant and the supplying plant as both vendor and customer.And at the time of vendor creation, enter the customer number for that vendor in the vendor master record.And also maintain the vendor CIN details at the time of VMR creation and in J1ID.
    Hope this helps
    Gregory Mathews

  • Error while posting a write up for asset belonging to affiliated company

    I am facing an error while posting a write up for an asset which belong to an affiliated company. Error is
    Transaction type 790 not possible (posting to affiliated company)
    Message no. AA390
    I am using Transaction type 711 which is linked to 790 in custo. Kinldy let me know how to resolve this issue.

    According to this note for document type used, we should not select the 'inter company posting' or 'enter trading partner indicator'
    but as i m doing writeup for asset belonging to affiliated company, so i need to set this indicator. the document type used is standard AA
    Is there any other way, to resolve the issue

  • Error while creating delivary document

    i got error while creating delivary document
    "Delevivary documents could not be created"
    kishore kumar

    Hi Kishore,
    Please check the sales order is this relevent for the delivery or not.
    Check the copy control settings between your sales document type and delivery document type in VTLA transaction.
    Check the incompletion log for the sales order.
    I hope it will help you,

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