Error while extracting data from data source 0RT_PA_TRAN_CONTROL, in RSA7

Hi Gurs,
I'm getting the below error while extracting data from data source 0RT_PA_TRAN_CONTROL, in RSA7. (Actullly this is IS Retail datasource used to push POSDM data into BI cubes)
The error is:
Update mode "Full Upload" is not supported by the extraction API
Message no. R3011
The application program for the extraction of the data was called using update mode "Full Upload". However, this is not supported by the InfoSource.
System Response
The data extraction is terminated.
Check for relevant OSS Notes, or send a problem message of your own.
Your help in this regd. would be highly appreciated.

Hi David,
I have no experience with IS Retail data sources. But as message clearly say this DS is not suppose to be ran in Full mode.
Try to switch you DTPs/Infopackages to Delta mode.
While to checking extraction in source system, within TA RSA3 = Extractor checker, kindly switch Update mode field to Delta.

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    you may try something like
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    S     T
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    Extract hour works only on timestamps
    Edited by: chris227 on 19.06.2012 14:13

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  • Error while Extraction of HR Data to LDAP with report RPLDAP_EXTRACT_IDM

    Hello Experts,
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    I have deleted all entries from tlda_log table but no luck:(
    Any help will be really appreciated.

    I guess the query is not correct to insert data from one table to another Or trying to insert duplicate records.
    First drop the table then try to insert using the below query.
    Select * into tlda_log FROM TABLE ilda_log.

  • Error While Extract results from OBIEE 11g Prest. Service to External apps.

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    Please let me Know the solution ASAP for extracting Graph from OBIEE's 11g SOAP-API
    Edited by: user13351567 on Jul 1, 2011 12:49 AM

    Hi all
    João, could you please explain how did you solved that network problem? I'm having a similar error establishing a Site Studio connection: 'Design time connection error: Read timed out'
    If I create this connection from a JDeveloper installed in the machine where UCM, WebCenter and SSXA are installed there's no connection problem. The problem only occurs in others pcs in the same network.
    Thank you in advance

  • Getting error while reading file from /data/interface

    HI Experts,
    while i am executing the job MPU* in ECC it write error file in /data/interface/sidclntxxx/IN/MPU742. now for the tcode ZMM_MPU_ANALYSIS it ask that error file, it is reflecting "error reading log file /data/interface...". now i am not getting the email also that supposed to get. please help
    Edited by: stiw382 on Dec 1, 2011 1:17 PM

    > while i am executing the job MPU* in ECC it write error file in /data/interface/sidclntxxx/IN/MPU742. now for the tcode ZMM_MPU_ANALYSIS it ask that error file, it is reflecting "error reading log file /data/interface...". now i am not getting the email also that supposed to get. please help
    is that file accessible on the operating system? Is the filesystem mounted?
    Z-transaction codes are customer developments, since nobody here knows, what this program does I suggest you contact the developer of that transaction.

  • Error while extracting values from SOAP Body using XPath (Retrieve from Message filter)

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    math =
    4/19/15, 19:29:03.016
    Empty attribute retrieved from message via XPath
    4/19/15, 19:29:03.016
    The message [Id-59643455b76a00000000000045edd6a6] logged Failure at 04.19.2015 19:29:03,015 with log description: Failed to extract attributes via XPath
    4/19/15, 19:29:03.017
    Retrieve math result from SOAP response
    Could you please help me resolve it?

    Hi Aneesh,
    XPath Expression: /soapenv:Envelope/soapenv:Body/math:DivideResponse/iResult
    You are using AddResponse in your XPath there is no element named like that.

  • Error While extracting data from FIAA and FIAP

    Hi Gurus,
    I am facing error while extracting data from R/3 Source. 0FIAA, 0FIAP datasources. I am getting the same error repeatedly. No data will come BW. When I checked in RSA3 I can extract records.
    Ther Error is as follows:
    Request still running
    No errors could be found. The current process has probably not finished yet.
    System response
    The ALE inbox of the SAP BW is identical to the ALE outbox of the source system
    the maximum wait time for this request has not yet run out
    the batch job in the source system has not yet ended.
    Current status
    No Idocs arrived from the source system.
    Kindly help. Your points are assured.
    Thanks and Regards

    Hello Prasad,
    Have you already checked what happened in the source system ?
    You should verify if a job is running in sm37, or if there is no dump runtime errors due to the extraction in st22.
    It could be a clue of what happened in R/3.
    Let us know,

  • Time Stamp Error while extracting data from R/3

        We are getting time stamp error while extracting data from R/3.
    To solve this problem we did replication and run RS_TRANSTRU_ACTIVATE_ALL program. still we are facing same problem.
    Please suggest me to solve.
    Subba Rao

    Time stamp error arises when the time stamp of the data source in source  system and target system are different.
    For we have again activate data source in R/3 system using transaction RSA5 or RSA6 and in BI system goto transaction RSDS and replicate the data source.
    You can also find time stamp details for a data source in tables ROOSGEN and ROOSOURCE tables in BI and R/3 system respectively.
    Here are some useful links.
    [R3 016 Time stamp error where is it in BI?;
    [time stamp error in bi7;
    [Timestamp error in BI7;

  • Error when extracting data from Data Source

    Hi All,
    I have a Generic datasource in BW which is based on a Function Module.When I am extracting the data from this source in RSA3 it is ending up in Run time error.
    the error message is
    The current ABAP program "SAPLYBWPU" had to be terminated because one of the
    statements could not be executed.
    and the error analysis is
    You wanted to add an entry to table "\FUNCTION-POOL=YBWPU\DATA=GT_HIERTAB2", which you declared with a UNIQUE KEY. However, there was already an entry with the same key.
    This may have been in an INSERT or MOVE statement, or within a
    SELECT ... INTO statement.
    In particular, you cannot insert more than one initial line into a
    table with a unique key using the INSERT INITIAL LINE... statement.
    Can anybody explain me how can I resolve this

    You can refer following link.

  • Error while extracting huge volumes of data from BW

    we see this error while extracting huge volumes of data (apprx 3.4 million and with more no.of columns) and we see this error.
    R3C-151001: |Dataflow DF_SAPSI_SAPSI3131_SAPBW_To_Teradata
    Error calling R/3 to get table data: <RFC Error:
    No more storage space available for extending an internal table.
    We are not sure if DoP works with source as SAP BW, but when tried with DoP also, we got the same error.
    Will this issue be resolved with an R/3 or ABAP dataflow? Can anyone suggest some possible solutions for this scenario?

    The problem is that you've reached the maximum memory configure for your system.
    If this is batch job reconfigure the profile parameter

  • Error while extracting from BI source

    We are facing a wierd problem:
    Loading data from one DSO to another DSO with the help of transformation
    The DTP fails at second data package each time. First data package goes successfully but it fails at the second data package) We have tried to vary the data package for e.g. 100 records, 5 records matter what we do the load fails at the second data package with the following error message.
    Data package processing terminated
    Error while extracting from source EPUD0002 (type InfoProvider)
    System error in program SAPLRS_EXCEPTION and form RS_EXCEPTION_TO_MESSAGE (see long text)
    Unknown error in SQL interface
    Error reading the data of InfoProvider EPUD0002
    Exception CX_RS_STEP_FAILED logged
    We tried to increase the number of data package size so that all the records can be processed in only one data package and the load has never to request for 2nd data package . BUT as the data package size is big it takes long time to process and never completes....
    FYI...Our transformation has lots of abap coding ...
    Addn Info:
    SAP_BW   700   0010
    BI_CONT   703   0005
    SAP_BASIS  700  0010
    Any help will be highly appreciated...
    - Amit

    There must be some bug in the code which is causing this issue.
    try to debug it,
    refer: /people/community.user/blog/2007/03/29/sap-netweaver-70-bi-extended-capabilities-to-debug-a-data-transfer-process-dtp-request

  • Error while extracting from source type InfoProvider)

    Dear Sdns,
                       Am trying to load the data from the exisitng standard cube to one new ZCUBE.. The time when am loading the data. am getting the following errors...
    <b>- Data package processing terminated     
    - Error while extracting from source 0FIGL_C10 (type InfoProvider)
    - ORA-01652: unable to extend temp segment by 128 in tablespace PSAPTEMP
    - SQL Error: 1652
    - Exception CX_RS_STEP_FAILED logged</b>
    Can any one help me out from this issue...
    Answering getz appreciated,
    Warm Regards,
    Hemanth Aluri

    It seems like Table space problem..check with your basis team.

  • Error while extracting the data in R/3 production system,

    Hi Team,
    We got the following error while extracting the data in R/3 production system,
    Error 7 When Sending an IDoc R3 3
    No Storage space available for extending the inter 44 R3 299
    No storage space available for extending the inter R3 299
    Error in Source System RSM 340
    Please guide us to fix the issue

    It´s very difficult to help you without knowing
    - what is going to be transferred
    - where you get this error
    - system configuration
    - actual memory usage
    - operating system
    - database and configuration etc. etc.etc. etc.
    I suggest you open an OSS call and let the support have a look on your system. It´s much easier if one has system access to find out the cause for that problem.

  • SSIS 2012 is intermittently failing with below "Invalid date format" while importing data from a source table into a Destination table with same exact schema.

    We migrated Packages from SSIS 2008 to 2012. The Package is working fine in all the environments except in one of our environment.
    SSIS 2012 is intermittently failing with below error while importing data from a source table into a Destination table with same exact schema.
    Error: 2014-01-28 15:52:05.19
       Code: 0x80004005
       Source: xxxxxxxx SSIS.Pipeline
       Description: Unspecified error
    End Error
    Error: 2014-01-28 15:52:05.19
       Code: 0xC0202009
       Source: Process xxxxxx Load TableName [48]
       Description: SSIS Error Code DTS_E_OLEDBERROR.  An OLE DB error has occurred. Error code: 0x80004005.
    An OLE DB record is available.  Source: "Microsoft SQL Server Native Client 11.0"  Hresult: 0x80004005  Description: "Invalid date format".
    End Error
    Error: 2014-01-28 15:52:05.19
       Code: 0xC020901C
       Source: Process xxxxxxxx Load TableName [48]
       Description: There was an error with Load TableName.Inputs[OLE DB Destination Input].Columns[Updated] on Load TableName.Inputs[OLE DB Destination Input]. The column status returned was: "Conversion failed because the data value overflowed
    the specified type.".
    End Error
    But when we reorder the column in "Updated" in Destination table, the package is importing data successfully.
    This looks like bug to me, Any suggestion?

    Hi Mohideen,
    Based on my research, the issue might be related to one of the following factors:
    Memory pressure. Check there is a memory challenge when the issue occurs. In addition, if the package runs in 32-bit runtime on the specific server, use the 64-bit runtime instead.
    A known issue with SQL Native Client. As a workaround, use .NET data provider instead of SNAC.
    Hope this helps.
    Mike Yin
    If you have any feedback on our support, please click
    Mike Yin
    TechNet Community Support

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