HI gurus,
We are trying to publish BI reports in the Portal server as Iviews.
In the portal system, when I am clicking the PRINT VERSION button for the
CO cost center (area): Plan/actual: Quarterly iview, it’s giving the PDF file,
that’s well and good.
<b>But when if I am doing the same thing for other iviews, for example: say the  iview (CO&#61664;cost center range: Transaction Drill-down).
The question is : <i>it’s working for some standard iviews and giving error message to other std. iviews.</i>
Please suggest how to resolve this issue.

Dear Prasad,
Did you resolve your problem, I have the similar one:
I need to print report made in BEx Report Designer and executed on Portal, but when I press Print Version button I am getting next message:
Error while generating PDF
Any information is much appreciated
Thanks in advance and best regards

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  • Getting error in Portal "Error while generating the PDF" for BI Report

    Hi Experts,
    we are gettign the error while trying to generate the PDF file from the Reports.
    Earlier it was working fine Adobe Reader 8 , currently we have upgrated Adobe Reader 9 in our system.
    After this upggradation browser "*Failed to open PDF in Browser"*
    Could you please suggest me how to diagnostic the error. Do we need to configre something in the Portal or in the Backend BI system for this.
    Please suggest me the needful on this?

    i am facing the same problem and found help by 925741:
    "Error while generating PDF"
    There is no more information available when clicking on the error.
    Used Software:
    Adobe 8
    SAP_ABA             700       0018      SAPKA70018     Cross-Application Component
    SAP_BASIS           700       0018      SAPKB70018     SAP Basis Component
    SAP_BW     700       0020     SAPKW70020     SAP NetWeaver BI 7.0
    PI_BASIS       2005_1_70 0018      SAPKIPYJ7I       PI_BASIS 2005_1_700   
    BI_CONT     703     0013     SAPKIBIIQ3     Business Intelligence Content
    Any other ideas?
    Edited by: Rainer SIGG on Mar 9, 2009 4:41 PM
    Edited by: Rainer SIGG on Mar 9, 2009 5:27 PM
    Edited by: Rainer SIGG on Mar 9, 2009 5:42 PM

  • Error In Generating the PDF Form

    When I'm trying to activate the PDF Form, I got a message asying Error while Generating the PDF Form.
    Can we debugg the Form, if yes, can body tell me how to with this process.
    Any pointers would be a great Help.

    Hi Om,
    I need to fix this issue and I had taken help from Rohini.
    I will try to explain the issue in detail.
    I am trying to execute Tax Reporter Transaction PU19. Iam executing Quarterly Form 941 for USA for a Tax Company and a Period. This report gives an output Log and the log had generated errors in the log section General errors and Warnings.
    The errors are :
    Errors in generating the PDF Form : HR_F_941 and
    Errors in generating the PDF Form : HR_F_941_SCHED_B
    As we are new to the PDF Forms we don't know why the report has generated and how to find out by debugging or any other way.
    So I need to find out how the above errors can be identified?
    Thanks and Regards,

  • Error while generating the Document...  Bursting Status Report

    Hey all,
    I am getting some errors in a production environment when trying to burst out some invoice data.
    This process has been pretty robust and out of 1000+ invoices a day, I can only find 4 that are failing regularily.
    Why am I mentioning?, just to show that I am thinking this is a data issue, but just cannot see anything that stands out.
    I can take the xml output and run it through my development suite on my local machine and all runs fine.
    Just when it is running live through the db is when it fails.
    Here is the Bursting output that shows the error....
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <REPORT_DESC>Invoice Print Selected Invoices</REPORT_DESC>
    <LOG>Error while generating the Document...</LOG>
    The problem is that this output doesn't necessarily help, nor can I find any hints in the OPP logs.
    So... the question becomes...
    Any ideas on where I can look to resolve this issue?+
    Or where I can find any clues at, that would possible point at the issue?+
    Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bi
    BI Publisher 5.6.3

    Thanks for the suggestion, always seems to slip my mind that the Bursting Report has debug on it.
    As far as what is generating the XML, it is oracle's standard, only slightly modified ... ;), invoice generating report, RAXINV_SEL.
    Well RAXINV_SEL, or RAXINV_NEW, doesn't matter, same code, that is the executable.
    I have turned on the debug, for both the source xml and the burst request, and unfortunately, still nothing stands out to me.
    I was really expecting to see something in the burst log, pasted at the bottom...
    but, it yet avoids me.
    If I had to guess, I would bet the user went, in our terminology, "slashwit crazy", or example "model /w options", in some description.
    But can't seem to find which field it is blowing up on, since we are catching these special characters in several places already, and slashwit is littered throughout the output.
    I was also looking in the bursting control file for the special xml tags identified there, as those would require no slashes. But those are all clean.
    XML Publisher: Version : 11.5.0
    Copyright (c) 1979, 1999, Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved.
    XDOBURSTREP module: XML Publisher Report Bursting Program
    Current system time is 21-SEP-2009 10:43:12
    XML/BI Publisher Version : 5.6.3
    Request ID: 27048106
    All Parameters: ReportRequestID=27044726:DebugFlag=Y
    Report Req ID: 27044726
    Debug Flag: Y
    Updating request description
    Updated description
    Retrieving XML request information
    Node Name:{node}
    Preparing parameters
    null output =/u007/app/applmgr/{instance}/out/{instance}/o27048106.out
    inputfilename =/u007/app/applmgr/{instance}/out/{instance}/o27044726.out
    Data XML File:/u007/app/applmgr/{instance}/out/{instance}/o27044726.out
    Set Bursting parameters..
    Temp. Directory:/u007/app/applmgr/{instance}/temp
    [092109_104315337][][STATEMENT] Oracle XML Parser version ::: Oracle XDK Java Production
    [092109_104315340][][STATEMENT] setOAProperties called..
    Bursting propertes.....
    {burstng-source=EBS, font.Free 3 of 9.normal.normal=truetype./usr/java/jre/lib/fonts/FREE3OF9.TTF, font.Times New Roman.normal.normal=truetype./usr/java/jre/lib/fonts/TIMES.TTF, system-temp-dir=/u007/app/applmgr/{instance}/temp, font.Arial.italic.normal=truetype./usr/java/jre/lib/fonts/ARIALI.TTF, user-variable:cp:parent_request_id=27044726, user-variable:cp:application_short_name=XDO, font.Courier New.normal.bold=truetype./usr/java/jre/lib/fonts/COURBD.TTF, font.Times New Roman.normal.bold=truetype./usr/java/jre/lib/fonts/TIMESBD.TTF, user-variable:cp:request_id=27048106, font.Arial.normal.normal=truetype./usr/java/jre/lib/fonts/ARIAL.TTF, font.Courier New.normal.normal=truetype./usr/java/jre/lib/fonts/COUR.TTF, user-variable.OA_MEDIA=, font.Courier New.italic.bold=truetype./usr/java/jre/lib/fonts/COURBI.TTF, user-variable:cp:org_id=83, user-variable:cp:DebugFlag=Y, font.Times New Roman.italic.bold=truetype./usr/java/jre/lib/fonts/TIMESBI.TTF, user-variable:cp:responsibility=51270, font.Arial.italic.bold=truetype./usr/java/jre/lib/fonts/ARIALBI.TTF, font.Courier New.italic.normal=truetype./usr/java/jre/lib/fonts/COURI.TTF, user-variable:cp:user=HAYDEN, user-variable:cp:reportdescription=Invoice Print Selected Invoices, user-variable:cp:language=en, font.Times New Roman.italic.normal=truetype./usr/java/jre/lib/fonts/TIMESI.TTF, user-variable:cp:ReportRequestID=27044726, user-variable:cp:locale=en-US, user-variable:cp:territory=US, font.Arial.normal.bold=truetype./usr/java/jre/lib/fonts/ARIALBD.TTF}
    Start bursting process..
    Bursting process complete..
    Generating Bursting Status Report..
    Start of log messages from FND_FILE
    End of log messages from FND_FILE
    Executing request completion options...
    ------------- 1) PUBLISH -------------
    Beginning post-processing of request 27048106 on node {node} at 21-SEP-2009 10:43:19.
    Post-processing of request 27048106 completed at 21-SEP-2009 10:43:20.
    Finished executing request completion options.
    Concurrent request completed
    Current system time is 21-SEP-2009 10:43:20

  • Error while generating the report on Test env (for divide condition)

    Hi All,
    I am facing the below error while generating the report in test environment while the same report is working fine on Prod environment.
    Error Codes: OPR4ONWY:U9IM8TAC:OI2DL65P
    State: HY000. Code: 10058. [NQODBC] [SQL_STATE: HY000] [nQSError: 10058] A general error has occurred. [nQSError: 16001] ODBC error state: S1000 code: 1791 message: [Oracle][ODBC][Ora]ORA-01791: not a SELECTed expression. [nQSError: 16001] ODBC error state: S1000 code: 1791 message: [Oracle][ODBC][Ora]ORA-01791: not a SELECTed expression. [nQSError: 16015] SQL statement execution failed. (HY000)
    Actually the error is coming for the below logics:
    "RMA Fact"."Module Backlog"/COUNT(DISTINCT User."User Name")
    Can anyone please tell if I need to make any configuration changes as the same logic works perfectly fine on production but not on test.
    Thanks in advance

    Is anyone having any idea about it...

  • Error while generating the Infoset

    Dear SD Experts,
    I get the Error While Generating the Infoset.
    I am actually trying to write a Query.
    the tables i have inserted are VBAK, VBAP, VBEP, LIKP, LIPS
    below is the List.
    1)Differences in field TEXT_VBAP_CHARG
    2)Differences in field TEXT_VBEP_ETENR
    3)Differences in field TEXT_VBEP_ETENE
    4)Differences in field TEXT_VBEP_PLNUM
    5)Differences in field TEXT_LIPS_CHARG
    6)Differences in field TEXT_LIPS_LGPLA
    Thanks in Advance.
    Santa Khattri.

    Hi ,
    From what you are saying, i am guessing there could be difference in field types used and in dictionary.
    Try this.
    1.Go to SQ02
    2.Change query area (Standard / Global) in Environment --> Query areas depending on where your infoset is.
    3. Select your Infoset.
    4. Goto --> More functions --> Check and generate / consistency check --> Adjust.
    or Try this.
    1. Select your infoset.
    2. Change
    3. Goto --> Global properties --> see if "no automatic text recognition" is checked in options tab.
    If you still having problems, give me more detail on how have you joined tables, have you used any extra fields, or have you done any coding in Infoset, I may be able to help you.
    Thank you.
    Subin John.

  • Bursting Program errors with "Error while generating the Document"

    Hello Folks
    Here is my bursting control file
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <xapi:requestset xmlns:xapi="">
    <xapi:globalData location="stream">
    </xapi:globalData >
    <xapi:request select="/XMLEXCEL1/LIST_G_Q0">
    <xapi:email server="" port="25" from="[email protected]"
    reply-to ="[email protected]">
    <xapi:message id="1234" to="[email protected]"
    attachment="true" content-type="html/text"
    subject="Employee Report for Empno"> Dear
    Please review the attached document</xapi:message>
    <xapi:document key="123" output-type="XLS" delivery="1234"
    output="XMLEXCEL1" >
    <xapi:template type="RTF" location="xdo://AR.XMLEXCEL1.en.00/?getSource=true">
    this is the output of bursting status report:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <LOG>Error while generating the Document...</LOG>
    Can anyone help on this please.

    can anyone help me?

  • Error while generating the context node

    Hi ,
    Requirement is to add the marketing attribute field under the Account details overview Page. As the field was not available in the context node i have added a new context node in the Account details. I used the wizard and added the context node BuilmktattributeRel so as i can add "Attribute set" under the BP overview page."
    Now after adding the context node and while executing i am unable to see the overview view page, i am getting an error :
    1. Component GET_ATTRIBUTE does not exist
    2. Determination of BOL attributes failed
    Also i am unable to regenrate the GET_I_method. If i want to delete the Zcontextnode, i am unable to do so.
    Kindly help me with the technical approach to add the context node in the overview page.
    Thanks in advance,

    One thread would have been sufficient.
    Error while generating the context node

  • ODI 20088:Error While Generating The Scenario

    Today I have change the name my logical file schema(name is change to lower to upper case).Then select the new schema from File Model (only it is using the File Schema).Then Try to generate the scenario again but getting an error like this:
    ODI 20088:Error While Generating The Scenario
         at com.sunopsis.dwg.codeinterpretor.SnpGeneratorSQLCIT.treatPopSourceSet(
         at com.sunopsis.dwg.codeinterpretor.SnpGeneratorSQLCIT.treatJobPopCollectionBuild(
         at com.sunopsis.dwg.codeinterpretor.SnpGeneratorSQLCIT.preComputePop(
         at com.sunopsis.dwg.codeinterpretor.SnpGeneratorSQLCIT.treatJobPop(
         at com.sunopsis.dwg.codeinterpretor.SnpGeneratorSQLCIT.treatPackageStep(
         at com.sunopsis.dwg.codeinterpretor.SnpGeneratorSQLCIT.mainGenPackageScenario(
         at com.sunopsis.dwg.codeinterpretor.SnpGeneratorSQLCIT.mainGenPackageScenario(
         at com.sunopsis.dwg.codeinterpretor.SnpGeneratorSQLCIT.mainGenScenSourceScenario(
         at com.sunopsis.dwg.codeinterpretor.SnpGeneratorSQLCIT.mainGenScenSourceScenario(
         at com.sunopsis.graphical.dialog.SnpsDialogScen.generateScen(
         at com.sunopsis.graphical.scenario.DwgScenGeneratingWizard.generate(
         at oracle.odi.ui.action.SnpsPopupActionGenerateScenHandler.actionPerformed(
         at oracle.odi.ui.SnpsActionControler.handleEvent(
         at oracle.ide.controller.IdeAction.performAction(
         at oracle.ide.controller.IdeAction.actionPerformedImpl(
         at oracle.ide.controller.IdeAction.actionPerformed(
         at javax.swing.AbstractButton.fireActionPerformed(
         at javax.swing.AbstractButton$Handler.actionPerformed(
         at javax.swing.DefaultButtonModel.fireActionPerformed(
         at javax.swing.DefaultButtonModel.setPressed(
         at javax.swing.AbstractButton.doClick(
         at javax.swing.plaf.basic.BasicMenuItemUI.doClick(
         at javax.swing.plaf.basic.BasicMenuItemUI$Handler.mouseReleased(
         at java.awt.Component.processMouseEvent(
         at javax.swing.JComponent.processMouseEvent(
         at java.awt.Component.processEvent(
         at java.awt.Container.processEvent(
         at java.awt.Component.dispatchEventImpl(
         at java.awt.Container.dispatchEventImpl(
         at java.awt.Component.dispatchEvent(
         at java.awt.LightweightDispatcher.retargetMouseEvent(
         at java.awt.LightweightDispatcher.processMouseEvent(
         at java.awt.LightweightDispatcher.dispatchEvent(
         at java.awt.Container.dispatchEventImpl(
         at java.awt.Window.dispatchEventImpl(
         at java.awt.Component.dispatchEvent(
         at java.awt.EventQueue.dispatchEventImpl(
         at java.awt.EventQueue.access$400(
         at java.awt.EventQueue$
         at java.awt.EventQueue$
         at Method)
         at java.awt.EventQueue$
         at java.awt.EventQueue$
         at Method)
         at java.awt.EventQueue.dispatchEvent(
         at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpOneEventForFilters(
         at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEventsForFilter(
         at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEventsForHierarchy(
         at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEvents(
         at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEvents(
    Please Help

    If you have not deleted the old file schema, then it should have been work but it seems to be theissues with the link between interface and model .
    I cannot say this is the actual reason but it might be. Since you have draged the file datastore to interface, interface is probably pointing to old schema and file model is pointing new schema.
    I guess you have to recreate the interface again. Let me know how it is going with you

  • SWF error- while generating the flash files.

    Post Author: [email protected]
    CA Forum: Xcelsius and Live Office
    Hi, in the old forum I came across the folowing topic: SWF error- while generating the flash files.
    As I have the same problem, I would like to know the solution / answer / meaning please. What do I have to change in order to let in function properly again.
    Thanks anyone.
    (The post is from 3/6/2007)
    The following error is generated upon generating the flash files Any insight???SWF error- while generating the flash files.--ErrorSWF Function Overflow. The generated SWF will not function correctly because data dependencies go beyond SWF limits.--
    OK -

    Post Author: Andres
    CA Forum: Xcelsius and Live Office
    I'm having the same problem. It appeared after I made use of many cells (a table of 10x200 cells) with formulas inside them.
    Before that, while I was making my tests and only used a few cells and the .XLF file was 4Mb, I had no problem. Now that the .XLF file is 8Mb I see this error appearing (in Spanish):
    Desbordamiento de la función SWF. El archivo SWF generado no funcionará correctamente ya que las dependencias de datos superan los límites de SWF."
    Any idea of how this could be resolved (appart from using less data)?
    Thanks in advance.

  • InfoSet Query: Syntax Error while generating the program.

    Dear All,
    I have a Query in CRM system which contains an Infoset based on LDB.
    The InfoSet Query throws up a Syntax error while generating the program.
    So, we are not able to change the Infoset using the Infoset Query through SQ01.
    The error is as follows:-
    Syntax error in program "AQZZ==/SAPQUERY/CRM_ACTMON1 ".
    Error in the ABAP Application Program
    The current ABAP program "CL_QUERY_OUTPUT_DEFINITION====CP" had to be
    terminated because it has
    come across a statement that unfortunately cannot be executed.
    The following syntax error occurred in program "AQZZ==/SAPQUERY/CRM_ACTMON1 "
    in include "AQZZ==/SAPQUERY/CRM_ACTMON1 " in
    line 28:
    ""CRMT_REPORT_LOCATORLIST" must be a flat structure. You cannot use int"
    "ernal tables, strings, references, or structures as components. -"
    Please help me arrive at an solution, so that we are able to change the Infoset through the InfoSet Query.
    Awaiting your reply as soon as possible.
    Thanks and Regards,

    There is an error in your query, specifically in the definition of CRMT_REPORT_LOCATORLIST. In the short dump (transaction ST22) you will see more details and the exact location of an error if you just scroll down.
    I can't tell more because this problem is specific to your system, to which I have no access. Read the whole dump and look at all the objects mentioned there.

  • Error in generating the pdf form:HR_F_6559

    Hi  Gurus,
    I  canu2019t create W2s out , i have the message  Error in generating the pdf form: HR_F_6559
    Thanks in advance for  your help

    Please, refer to the following thread:
    US - "Error in generating PDF form"
    Kind regards,

  • Facing the Error while opening the PDF Document generated by Adobe Forms

    I have created an Custom Adobe Form and calling this form through a Custom Program and generating the PDF and could able to download on to my desktop but when i am tyring to open it i m facing the below Error.
    "There was an error opening this document. The file is damaged and could not be repaired" .
    Please help me in this regard ASAP.
    Please do find the attached error screen shot.

    Hi Naveen ,
    Have done as per the link but still not opening
    same error.
    I have created a print program and from there want to generate pdf. But it is not working.
    please find the below code : In this i am passing some tables to function module and output is formoutput of type fpformoutput.
    Where do i need to do any changes if required.
    data: lst_opparam     type sfpoutputparams.
       data: lst_docparam    type sfpdocparams.
       data: lfd_fname type funcname.
       data: lrf_cx_root     type ref to cx_root.
       clear: lst_opparam, lst_docparam.
       lst_opparam-getpdf   = 'X'.
       lst_opparam-preview = 'X'.
    *  lst_opparam-nodialog   = 'X'.
       call function 'FP_JOB_OPEN'
           ie_outputparams       = lst_opparam
        cancel                = 1
        usage_error           = 2
        system_error          = 3
        internal_error        = 4
        others                = 5
       if sy-subrc <> 0.
    * Implement suitable error handling here
           call function 'FP_FUNCTION_MODULE_NAME'
               i_name     = 'ZAFGLERC001'
               e_funcname = lfd_fname.
    *   E_INTERFACE_TYPE           =
    *   EV_FUNCNAME_INBOUND        =
         catch cx_root into lrf_cx_root.
       lst_docparam-langu = 'EN'.
       lst_docparam-country = 'IN'.
    call function lfd_fname      "   '/1BCDWB/SM00000213'
        /1bcdwb/docparams        = lst_docparam
        appl                     = 'EREC_ONBRD'
        wa_ztbglerc049           = wa_ztbglerc049
        wa_ztbglerc050           = wa_ztbglerc050
        it_51                    = it_51
        wa_41                    = wa_41
        it_42                    = it_42
        wa_43                    = wa_43
        it_44                    = it_44
        it_45                    = it_45
        it_46                    = it_46
        it_47                    = it_47
        it_48                    = it_48
        /1bcdwb/formoutput       = formoutput
        usage_error              = 1
        system_error             = 2
        internal_error           = 3
        others                   = 4
    if sy-subrc <> 0.
    * Implement suitable error handling here
       call function 'FP_JOB_CLOSE'
    *   E_RESULT             =
      usage_error          = 1
      system_error         = 2
      internal_error       = 3
      others               = 4
       if sy-subrc <> 0.
    * Implement suitable error handling here

  • Bursting Program in error 'error while generating the document'

    Hi All,
    We have a requirement to place EXCEL output generated through BI XML report, in EBS path. ex: /usr/tmp
    Parent Concurrent program is generating output file and program got completed normal and Bursting program got submitted.
    But, Bursting program completing in error, saying 'Error While Generating Document'
    Other programs which use Bursting are working normal and they are using same path (/usr/tmp)
    Anyone faced similar issue ? Any sample bursting control file that sends .xls file will also be helpful.
    Below is the bursting file that we created:
    <xapi:requestset xmlns:xapi="" type="bursting">
      <xapi:request select="/XXPREDICT/G_DATA_GROUP">
        <xapi:document output="/usr/tmp/XXYYZZ_${RUN_DATE}_${RUN_TIME}.xls" output-type="excel">
          <xapi:template type="xsl-fo" location="xdo://<APPLSHORTNAME>.<TEMPLATECODE>.en.US/?getSource=true" />
    P.S: When we give template type as 'rtf', then we are getting a different error i.e., "No such file or directory"

    You should use:
    <xapi:template type="rtf" location="CUSTOME_TOP_PATH/US/REPORT_RTF_NAME.rtf"/>
    You need to check that there should rtf file present with the same name as you mentioned in above code. Also verify the port number.
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="US-ASCII"?>
    <xapi:requestset xmlns:xapi="" type="bursting">
    <xapi:request select="/DEBIT_MEMO/LIST_G_1/G_1">
    <xapi:email id="123" server="localhost" port="1028" from="[email protected]" reply-to="[email protected]">
    <xapi:message id="123" to="[email protected] ${EMAIL}" attachment="true" subject="Invoices for VENDOR_NO:${SEGMENT1} and Period ${CF_4}">
    Please ignore this report.It is for Testing,For INVOICES of vendor ${VENDOR_NAME} for the Period ${CF_4}</xapi:message>
    <xapi:document output="${SEGMENT1}||TSRL HM||${CF_4}" output-type="pdf" delivery="123">
    <xapi:template type="rtf" location="/ebiz/app01/appldev/DEV/apps/apps_st/appl/xxabrl/12.0.0/reports/US/XXTSRL_DEBIT_CREDIT_MEMO_PRINT_LATEST_TSRL_HM.rtf">
    HOP! it will help you.

  • Getting "SYSTEM ERROR" while generating a PDF in a Workflow method.

    Dear All,
    I'm getting a "SYSTEM ERROR" when I'm calling the below function module in a Workflow BO Method.
    CALL FUNCTION wa_funcnm
         /1bcdwb/docparams  = fp_docparams
         invoice                     = invoice
         /1bcdwb/formoutput = fp_formoutput
         usage_error        = 1
         system_error       = 2
         internal_error     = 3
         OTHERS             = 4.
    The aim is to generate the PDF and store it in DMS. Please let me know, if I'm going wrong somewhere. Any kind of inputs would be sincerely appreciated.

    Hi Tushar
    You need to the following parameters when calling FM. Background WF process cannot handle dailog.
    fp_outputparams-nodialog = 'X'.
    fp_outputparams-getpdf   = 'X'.
    Refer to Thread below
    Creating Attachments to Work Items or to User Decisions in Workflows
    i_name     = l_formname
    e_funcname = l_fm_name.
    *   E_INTERFACE_TYPE           =
    fp_outputparams-nodialog = 'X'.
    fp_outputparams-getpdf   = 'X'.
    ie_outputparams = fp_outputparams
    cancel          = 1
    usage_error     = 2
          system_error    = 3
    internal_error  = 4
    OTHERS          = 5.
      IF sy-subrc <> 0.
        CASE sy-subrc.
          WHEN OTHERS.
    ENDCASE. " CASE sy-subrc
    fp_docparams-langu = 'X'.
    fp_docparams-country = 'US'.
      fp_docparams-fillable = 'X'.
      CALL FUNCTION l_fm_name
    /1bcdwb/docparams  = fp_docparams
    emp_info           = fs_per_info
    usage_error        = 1
          system_error       = 2
    internal_error     = 3
    OTHERS             = 4.
      IF sy-subrc <> 0.
        CASE sy-subrc.
          WHEN OTHERS.
    ENDCASE. " CASE sy-subrc
      ENDIF.                               " IF sy-subrc <> 0
    * E_RESULT             = result
    usage_error          = 1
    system_error         = 2
    internal_error       = 3
    OTHERS               = 4
      IF sy-subrc <> 0.
        CASE sy-subrc.
          WHEN OTHERS.
    ENDCASE. " CASE sy-subrc
      ENDIF.                               " IF sy-subrc <> 0.
    ENDFORM.                    " GET_FUNCTION_MODULE
    BUFFER                = FP_FORMOUTPUT-pdf
    *   APPEND_TO_TABLE       = ' '
    * OUTPUT_LENGTH         =
    BINARY_TAB            = t_att_content_hex .
    ENDFORM.                    " CONVERT_PDF_BINARY

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