Error while posting to Tax Journal Entry for sales and use tax

I am trying to post a journal entry (FB50) to cleanup and correct the liability on our sales and use tax. All  lines are giving warnings and messages.Give me a suggestion  on how to get it to post .  Or if needed, another solution to correcting the balances in the sales and use taxes.
But the entry to a/c # 226530 is giving an information message but still wouldnu2019t save.
The Error message is
Enter the tax base amounts for account 226400 in company codeAFCO
Message no. F5A375
You are posting directly to a tax account. Enter the tax base amounts per item using the function "Tax Amounts".
Kindly help me how to fix the above issue.

You may want to check out the following notes... they may shed some light on your problem.
681930 - Posting on tax account possible w/o specific. of base amount
1090096 - FB60 / MIRO - Checking direct tax after change (F5A375)
944978 - FB60 / MIRO - check of direct tax after change

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  • Sales Report for US Sales and Use tax

    I'm looking for t-code to extract detailed sales report having Gross sales, Exempt sales , Ship to state, Ship to County\ City,  Sales Tax collected. If I'm getting this report i can verify what my sales tax software is updating.
    When i extract  tcode - ZINVLIS i don't get much detail.
    Please help me in extracting complete sales detail which can be used for sales and use tax verification process and audit purpose.

    Hi Karthik,
    There is no standard report available as per my knowledge.You may develop Z report to achive your requirment. Check some LIS report can give data (MC01 is transaction where you can check all type of key figure reports)
    Mani Kumar

  • Sales and Use Tax Packages

    Here at KeySpan we are in the process of upgrading to Oracle 11i. We are also evaluating software packages for calculating sales
    and use tax in conjunction with Oracle Purchasing and Payables modules. How are other organizations doing this? Did you use
    the existing functionality in Oracle or purchase a package like Vertex or Taxware?
    - Mike Stankard

    Did you comeup with any solution for this??

  • Texas Sales and Use Tax - SAP Automatic Tax Code Assignment

    We are an end user industry of materials and services - Refining.  We are also using SAP - 4.6C platform.  What are others in the SAP environment doing to address proper taxing assignment to purchased materials and services in the great state of Texas? As you may be aware the Texas State Sales and Use tax rules are probably the most difficult to understand and comply with that exist. I am embarking on developing a custom solution to automatically assign the proper tax code on purchase orders depending on key indicators associated with maintenance orders and material groups, etc.

    The Sales and Use tax code assignment can be handled at the creation of the purchase order for plan purchases of goods and services, and at the accounts payable level when the invoice is process.  At each step the necessary tax code must be populated on the jurisdiction field.

  • Error while posting Incoming payment Cancellation entry in Current date

    Hi Experts
    Incoming payenet created on 31-05-2009
    Cancellation to be done on current date - 02-06-2009
    Current period selected as 010609 to 300609 in general settings
    When Incoming payment is cancelled - The system shows message ' The selected period is locked, Posting will be created in Current period', Continue - ?
    When YES is clicked - 'Date deviates from permissible range - (Journal Entry - posting date) Msg - (173-11)
    Document Numbering Journal entry is for Current period. (All the Journal entries are getting posted in current date, hence Document numbering is correct for Journal entry)
    PLEASE NOTE - The cancellation entry is needed to be passed on system date (02-06-2009) and NOT original document date of incoming payment (31-05-2009)

    Hi Sundaraja
    In 2007 B this issue does not arise, working FINE
    In 2005 B, there is option to set period as Current which I have done. and Active 'YES' & Locked 'NO'. Infact I have done this for all the periods of yr 2009-10.
    Still getting the error.

  • Report for Sales and purchase tax (selection criteria-Tax code)

    I have one query for sales tax details which gives me detail for all A/R invoices and taxes involved in it. But i want that while executing query system should ask tax code and gives detail of tax amount in front of item and invoice according to tax code selected.
    The query is:
    SELECT M.DocNum AS 'Inv.No ', M.DocDate as 'Date', M.CardName as 'Customer Name',L.Dscription,L.Quantity,L.Price, (Select Sum(LineTotal) FROM INV1 L Where L.DocEntry=M.DocEntry) as 'Base Amt.(Rs.)', (SELECT Avg(TaxRate) FROM INV4 where statype=1 and DocEntry=M.DocEntry) as ' VAT % ', (SELECT Sum(TaxSum) FROM INV4 where statype=1 and DocEntry=M.DocEntry) as ' VAT (Rs.) ', (SELECT Avg(TaxRate) FROM INV4 where statype=4 and DocEntry=M.DocEntry) as ' CST % ', (SELECT Sum(TaxSum) FROM INV4 where statype=4 and DocEntry=M.DocEntry) as ' CST (Rs.) ', (SELECT Avg(TaxRate) FROM INV4 where statype=7 and DocEntry=M.DocEntry) as ' TAXEXEMPT % ', (SELECT Sum(TaxSum) FROM INV4 where statype=7 and DocEntry=M.DocEntry) as ' TAXEXEMPT ', (SELECT Avg(TaxRate) FROM INV4 where statype=8 and DocEntry=M.DocEntry) as ' VAT% ', (SELECT Sum(TaxSum) FROM INV4 where statype=8 and DocEntry=M.DocEntry) as 'VAT12.5 ', (SELECT Avg(TaxRate) FROM INV4 where statype=9 and DocEntry=M.DocEntry) as ' CST 2% ', (SELECT Sum(TaxSum) FROM INV4 where statype=9 and DocEntry=M.DocEntry) as ' CST @2 ', (SELECT Avg(TaxRate) FROM INV4 where statype=11 and DocEntry=M.DocEntry) as ' CENVCST % ', (SELECT Sum(TaxSum) FROM INV4 where statype=11 and DocEntry=M.DocEntry) as ' CENVCST ', (SELECT Avg(TaxRate) FROM INV4 where statype=-90 and DocEntry=M.DocEntry) as ' BED % ', (SELECT Sum(TaxSum) FROM INV4 where statype=-90 and DocEntry=M.DocEntry) as ' BED ', (SELECT Avg(TaxRate) FROM INV4 where statype=-60 and DocEntry=M.DocEntry) as ' Cess% ', (SELECT Sum(TaxSum) FROM INV4 where statype=-60 and DocEntry=M.DocEntry) as ' Cess ', (SELECT Avg(TaxRate) FROM INV4 where statype=-55 and DocEntry=M.DocEntry) as ' HCess % ', (SELECT Sum(TaxSum) FROM INV4 where statype=-55 and DocEntry=M.DocEntry) as ' Hcess ', L.LineTotal as 'Row Total (Rs.)',M.DocTotal as 'Doc Total' FROM OINV M LEFT OUTER JOIN INV1 L on L.DocEntry=M.DocEntry LEFT OUTER JOIN INV4 T on T.DocEntry=L.DocEntry and L.LineNum=T.LineNum LEFT OUTER JOIN INV5 J ON M.DocEntry = J.AbsEntry LEFT OUTER JOIN INV3 Q ON M.DocEntry = Q.DocEntry WHERE (M.DocDate >= '[%0]' AND M.DocDate <= '[%1]') AND TargetType ! = 14 GROUP BY M.DocNum,M.DocDate,M.CardName,M.NumAtCard,M.DocEntry,M.DiscSum,M.WTSum,L.Dscription,L.Quantity,L.Price,L.LineTotal,M.DocTotal ORDER BY M.DocNum,M.DocDate,M.CardName,M.NumAtCard,M.DocEntry,M.DiscSum,M.WTSum,L.Dscription,L.Quantity,L.Price,L.LineTotal,M.DocTotal
    I want 2 queries which asks tax code during selection criteria for both cases sales and purchase.

    Hi Malhotra,
    Try this,
    1st remove the FROM/TO Doc. Date where Condition in your Query report.
    AND add the below where condition in your Query report.
    WHERE statype = '[%0]'
    Try this Query Report.
    M.DocNum as 'A/R Invoice No.',
    M.DocDate as 'Inv. Date',
    M.CardCode as 'Customer Code',
    M.CardName as 'Customer Name',
    M.NumAtCard as 'Bill No. & Date',
    ISNULL(L.ItemCode,'Service Item') as 'Item Code',
    M.WTSum AS 'TDS (Rs.)',
    M.DocTotal as 'Total (Rs.)'
    LEFT OUTER JOIN INV1 L on L.DocEntry=M.DocEntry
    LEFT OUTER JOIN INV4 T on T.DocEntry=L.DocEntry and L.LineNum=T.LineNum
    LEFT OUTER JOIN INV5 J ON M.DocEntry = J.AbsEntry
    LEFT OUTER JOIN INV3 Q ON M.DocEntry = Q.DocEntry
    (M.DocDate >= '[%0]' AND M.DocDate <= '[%1]')

  • Sales and use tax or self assessed tax

    I am supposed to configure Use tax for a client.
    I have checked metalink note on configuring use tax, somehow it is not complete.
    If someone could help me find a document that speaks about use tax, it would be a great help.

    the below note helped resolve my requirement pertaining to Use tax:
    How to Configure a Tax to Self-Assess in R12 E-Business Tax (EBTax) and Payables (Offset, Use Tax) [ID 948414.1]

  • US: Tax-setup of Sales and Use Tax in a company located in Michigan, US

    Dear all!
    Below it's described how the A/P-taxes have to be handeld in our company in Michigan, US. We want to use a very simple TAXUS-setup (No Jurisdiction). Actually we have problem in setting up the tax-scheme of TAXUS with the following cases:
    In the US, there are four situations for our Sales/Use Tax. All four are for A/P only. All four are related to the State of Michigan. The applicable tax rate is either 0% (exempt from tax) or 6% (taxable).
    The first two involve invoices that are correct from the vendor and nothing special needs to be done. The
    payment is made to the vendor and the full amount of the invoice is booked to the expense account (i.e. 123456 Telephone).
    1. The vendor DOES NOT charge sales tax on items that are EXEMPT from sales tax.
    2. The vendor DOES charge sales tax on items that are TAXABLE.
    The second two situations involve invoices that are incorrect from the vendor and our company must account for the sales/use tax.
    3. The vendor DOES NOT charge sales tax on items that are TAXABLE. Our company must accrue for the tax due to the State of Michigan and pay it at the end of the period.
    4. The vendor DOES charge sales tax on items that are EXEMPT from sales tax. Our company must either deduct the sales tax on the invoice from the payment and reduce the amount paid to the vendor OR pay the invoice in full and book the overpayment of tax against the accruals from item #3.
    Especially case #3 is actually the biggest challenge to be setup in the system in order to get the amounts correctly calculated. To our opinion the SAP has to create an additional tax-line item.
    Thanks a lot for a helpful answer or solution!

    Hi Bernd,
    Did you get a solution for your  query? If so, can you please share that? I have the same scenario for Geismar, Louisiana.
    Please let me know how did you configure the Accrued tax. Really appreciate your response.
    Thanks, Reji.

  • Update decimal places in sales and use tax percentage rate [FTXP]

    i need to update the decimal places in the tax percentage rate.  i've gone through all of the tax configuration in the img several times and it is not there.  have searched the internet for an answer to this, and am not finding it. need to update from four digits to the right of the decimal to five digits to the right of the decimal point.
    for example, adjusting a tax rate field of 5.1234 to 5.12345, where the field will allow 5 digits.

    SAP has hardcoded in the program MF82TI00 to pick only the three places after decimal. Rest will be ignored.
    In case this is your legal requirement, I will suggest to rather create an OSS message with SAP.

  • Service PO Sales and Use Tax Conditions

    I'm trying to located where the details of the tax condition JP1I is located. Its not konv. In there you see the NAVS but this is a sum of all levels of tax.
    Does anyone know where to find JP1I. It might be BSET but I need the link.
    Any help will be rewarded.

    First find the condition type in the tax procedure which is in FI - Tax on goods movement - define calculation procedure
    If you want to check the condition type then go to MM - purchasing - Conditions - Define price determination - Define condition type and check for the funtionality of this condition type.
    Thanks & Regards,

  • Tax GL determination error while posting billing doc

    Dear Experts
    Am able to post billing documents into FI for a customer from a plant with out any errors. But for the same customer,sales invoice generated from different plant (both cases, plant region is same ), it is not taking proper tax GL accounts w.r.t. the state.
    Can anybody suggest, the SPRO config steps to be checked while creating new plants, where there is a link for tax GL flow and plant/sales office

    Go to OB40. Maintain the entry for EXD and relevant tax code whichi is used in your billing document. Also update the proper GL Account.

  • Unable to capture & post the bill of entry for cvd & additional duty

    Dear cons
    In case of Import Pos CVD and additional duty is getting inventorised and GR/IR-CVD is getting credited as the time of GR.Whereas CVD and additional duty is a cenvatable tax and should be accounted at the time of Excise posting.Also we are not able to capture and post the Bill of entry for CVD and Additional duty.

    Pls ensure tht u hve done the configurations in Logistics General - Tax on Goods Movements.
    And also ensure the u hve assigned the G/L account for CVD.
    Still if u hve the prob let me know.

  • Error while posting IDoc

    i am getting the following error while posting an IDoc: Program parameters for LS XXXXXXXX 2002 have not been set. Please suggest what can be the possible reason for it and the probable solution.

    First ,
    check the partner profiles in R3,
    i.e. a logical system is defined for XI , particluar Message type is added on inbond side and selected the releavnt messge type and and process code. this is all in WE20.
    defining a logical system is in SALE.
    then ditribute u r the model in BD 64
    once every thing is OK in R3
    on PI.
    create a RFC destination of type R3 which points to R3 , try remote log-on .
    this will be used in receiver chaneel
    and check u r receiver chaneel is defined under Business system of R3, and BS refers to same client where partner profiles are defined.
    and one of the following should be in place.
    check 'apply control record from payload' if ur explictly passing Control record from mapping
    check sender service and receiver service in Receiver agreement and select appropriate systems.

  • "21141: Error while posting journal entry :-10 / Internal error"

    Hi All,
    I'm want to dispose fixed asset by using retirement function in Fixed asset module. Anyone know the solution for this error message "21141: Error while posting journal entry :-10 / Internal error". Please help me.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hello Muhd
    Please could you go in Administartion > Set Up > Fixed assets > GL
    Account Detemination and check the settings of  'Clearing Acc. Asset
    Acquisition' account, which is used when creating Journal Entry for
    'Acquisition without vendor'.
    Could you check if there is a 'Default VAT Code' assigned to this
    account. In this case could you to clear the Default VAT Code assigned
    to this account and try to do 'Acquisition without vendor' again?
    Also,please try to check below option to see if that could help:
    1)Check asset Class Land
    2)Check GL accounts settings
    3)Check the checkbox "Permit Other VAT Group"
    Syn Qin
    SAP Business One Forums Team

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