Error while result recording for test equipment

Dear Gurus
My scenario is to do unplanned maintenance for test equipment and recording the result.
For that I have done the following steps
1)     Created Notification for the test equipment (customized notification type TE).
2)     For that notification I created order.  (customized order type TE01).
3)     Attached General maintenance task list for that order. Task list has inspection point 300.
4)     Released the order and saved.  Inspection Lot is created.
5)     In QE51N / QA32 when I tried to do results recording, it shows the following error.
"Equipment VERN01 do not exist in the object list for order 4001214"
Please help me to correct this error.
Babu R

I applied oss and today I got reply. When 1278254 notes is implemented it is solved. 
I have one more question, now in QE51N, I did result recording and when saved it is asking for order confirmation, I have given all data and came back to the same screen.  There is one more option for Valuate Inspection Point.  In that I have selected Can be used option and saved. Now if I goto maintenance order and TECO the order, it is saying that A usage decision has stll to be made. 
Whether I want to take UD once again in QA32 ?
Also is there any settings to TECO the notification automatically when the maintenance order is TECO'ed. Now the notification is not TECO'ed when order is TECO'ed.
Babu R

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  • Error during usage decision for Test Equipment

    I have completed results recording  for Test Equipment using QE51N (results closed and confirmation completed). When I tried to make usage decision (QA11) for the lot the pop-up message shows as "Not all equipment is valuated! Do you want to force inspection completion. I also noticed that in equipment tab of qa11 code valuation column shows as Not  Valuated.
    I request you to help me to solve this problem.
    Thanks & Regards

    You may try changing the valuation mode in IA06. In the inspection characteristic overivew, click on details -> operation, scroll down, you will find Quality management inspection points  -> maintain automatic valuation based on inspection points.
    The changes if made will be effective only for the next inspeciton lots.

  • Error while Result Recording-QM

    Dear friends,
    While RR for inspection lot I faced this error.
    Characteristic results cannot be recorded for inspection lot 06000000764
    Message no. QE181
    You cannot record any characteristic results for this inspection lot. The material master has been set up for the existing inspection type in such a way that results recording is not supported.
    Confirm defects for this inspection lot or select another inspection lot in which you can confirm the characteristic results.

    Dear Vipul,
    Check the System Status, it will be CRTD.
    Now select the material and click on Inspection Lot button.
    In this window , click on the Inspection Specification tab.
    Now click on the Task List / Spec. button.
    If this button now appears fainted after clicking then it is ok, then click on the Sample button , here click on the Smpl. button and this button will shown in fainted look. Now click on the Save button. It will bring you on the main screen of QA32 , now click on the Refresh button , you will notice its Status will change.
    If clicked on Task List / Spec. button and it shows an error message that No Inspection Plan Exists , then you will have to make an inspection plan using T-Code QP01. After making the Inspection Plan then follow the above steps.
    Hope this solves your problem.

  • Error while result recording

    Hi Friends,
    I have maintained a MIC as qualitative. I have maintained the selected set and codes for this. When i am trying to record results by QE51N i am getting an error "  Value can't be interp. as floating-point number or longer than 22 charac.".
    Kindly help me solve the issue.
    Thanks in advance

    I'm not sure what the decimal setting would have to do with your problem since  you said it is a qualitative MIC using a selected set.   (do people who respond really read the question?)
    However, it sounds more like either you have a mic incorrectly set up or you are trying to type in an actual result for this test instead of selecting a value from the catalog.  Did you assign a selected set of catalog 1 values? 
    I'd relook at the setup of your qualitative characteristic.

  • Formula Calculation while  result recording

    While result recording for any Characteristic, the system should calculate some formula to accept or Reject the characteristic.
    Eg. Let me take the characteristic as Carbon.
    Upper limit     0.100     
    Lower limit     0.000
    My sample size is 3
    While result recording I entered the value as
    1  0.055          
    2  0.059          
    3  0.062
    System should calculate the below formulas & the values are in between the tolerance then that should accept or reject the characteristic
    X+ H*R
    X  - Mean value of the Sample
    R – Range (Minimum – Maximum)
    H- this is the Standard value given by the customer and it should calculate according to following sample size n
    Here Same please size is 3 So the value of H is 1.300 
    Samle(n)     (h)          
    2     6.360     
    3     1.300     
    4     0.720     
    5     0.510     
    6     0.400     
    7     0.330     
    Now the X+ H*R = 0.068
    & X-H*R  = 0.050
    So the values are between the tolerance limits. So the system should propose to accept the characteristic Carbon
    Edited by: srinivasan Lakshmanana on Jan 3, 2008 7:11 AM

    please go through the link below, which wil give some idea.

  • Result Recording for inprocess lot

    Hello SAP gurus.
    For in process inspection lot i have 3 operation for testing my requirment is if i goning for result recording for second operation without result recording for first operation system should restrict me. we are using 100 inspection point for inprocess inspection please suggest how can we do this?

    Goto OPK4 -Select order type /Plant - Select 'Generally valid setting' for 'Operation sequence-Select 'Error when operation sequnce is not adhered  and also QM Error message if no inspection result exists.
    Or you can use the exit CONFPP05 PP order conf.: Customer specific enhancements when saving .

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    pattern is like:

    As it is an online environment, to troubleshoot this issue in an easier way, I suggest you contact Office 365 Support to see if there is any useful information in
    the log files in the server side:
    Best regards
    Patrick Liang
    TechNet Community Support

  • Error while adding record

    I am getting the following error while adding record into the table CM_RECIPE_ITEM :
    ORA-20505: Error in DML: p_rowid=626, p_alt_rowid=CRI_ID, p_rowid2=, p_alt_rowid2=. ORA-01410: invalid ROWID ORA-06512: at "COSTMAN.CM_RECIPE_ITEM_T3_AFTER", line 11 ORA-04088: error during execution of trigger 'COSTMAN.CM_RECIPE_ITEM_T3_AFTER'
    Error Unable to process row of table CM_RECIPE_ITEM.
    Kindly suggest if the problem is because of the Global temporary table or the triggers given below. Also suggest the solution.
    Thanking You,
    Global temporary table
    INSERT INTO interim VALUES (:new.rowid);
    Trigger to update data on CM_RECIPE table
    FOR ds IN (SELECT row_id FROM interim) LOOP
    SET CR_RMC = (
    AND rowid = ds.row_id
    AND rowid = ds.row_id
    ) + CR_RMC;
    AND rowid = ds.row_id) - CR_TOTAL_COST) / CR_TOTAL_COST;

    yogeshyl wrote:
    ORA-20505: Error in DML: p_rowid=626, p_alt_rowid=CRI_ID, p_rowid2=, p_alt_rowid2=. ORA-01410: invalid ROWID ORA-06512: at "COSTMAN.CM_RECIPE_ITEM_T3_AFTER", line 11 ORA-04088: error during execution of trigger 'COSTMAN.CM_RECIPE_ITEM_T3_AFTER'
    Error Unable to process row of table CM_RECIPE_ITEM.
    Kindly suggest if the problem is because of the Global temporary table or the triggers given below. Also suggest the solution.The error message points to the trigger...

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    I have added my augmented users from the AD server. When I select user and to apply a setting under Preferences I get this on attempting an "Apply", Error while saving record "User:johndoe":Error -14071. I'm authenticating to my LDAP not AD/All Domains.
    I have the server bound correctly to the AD server. Bound to AD, then promoted to OD master.
    Tried WGM from another Mac, same error.
    I recall my AD admin extending the ad schema last year for OS X 10.4.
    Thoughts? Thanks.

    Thanks David and Mabel, and all for the suggestions. I did go through "Leveraging Active..." prior to posting. I did try your method of canceling the authorization to WGM and viewing Directories. I would select a user from this method and try to apply something from MCX, but still got the -14070 error. Yes, I do have my client bound 1st OD, 2nd AD, with OD first on the search policy for the client.
    I though I had solved my issue by authenticating to WGM and LDAP. Then selecting Groups and the Members tab, I define an OD group and select that group. I can then click the "+" towards the right of the window. Then select my AD there which populates. I can add my AD groups or single users to my OD group. Then I'm able to apply MCX settings. But, no "blue" circle next to the group's silhouette. How is my method possibly incorrect?
    Also, at some point I unbound my client from AD and it seems the client is ok with getting AD info off my OD server. Example, my AD sharepoint mounts for PHD.
    But, I do have a pause of 20 secs. are more when logging into the client as well as accessing applications. Side effect of my method?

  • Time evaluation error "Error while positioning ABWKONTI" for leave entitlem

    We are currently running on SAP ECC5. Time evaluation is run with schema TQTA everymonth to create leave quotas in info type 2006.
    I am experiencing a time evaluation error "Error while positioning ABWKONTI" for one employee when running TQTA.
    This employee was engaged on 14/08/2006. When I checked the logged changes per infotype, I found that a record for 14/07/2006 was deleted. I did check all the infotypes and all is reflecting the correct start date. I would really appreciate if someone can tell me how to fix this problem. Currently the leave entitlements are being processed manually. Please see below the error I am receiving:-
    Log: Time Evaluation
    4 General data
    Successful personnel numbers
    Personnel numbers with errors
    Personnel numbers ended early
    5 Personnel Numbers Rejected
    5 00408765 Van Wyk Werner
    U Error while positioning ABWKONTI
    13A200608 0002006081320060714###%##
    Quota could not be positioned:
    2006 08 2006.07.14 2006.08.13
    Relative day in period: 13 200706
    Quota used/quota entitlement to be accounted: 1.25000
    Person rejected: 00408765
    5 Statistics
    Selected personnel numbers 1
    Successful runs for 0
    including with errors 0
    Processing not completed for 0
    Rejected 1
    Total number of messages and error messages 1

    Which Function Ur using for TQTR, Check That other wise P2006 Function Used.
    I think the error is in ur PCR.
    First u Understand the business process then write the PCR.
    Send ur pcr what u had written.
    also send ur Business Conditions........

  • JBO-26080: Error while selecting entity for SampleEO

    I have a VO based on Entity Object. While I am going to update a record using this VO, its getting updated in the DB table.
    But after that while I am going to execute the VO for displaying the data its giving the below error.
    "oracle.jbo.DMLException: JBO-26080: Error while selecting entity for SampleEO
    Can anyone suggest what could be the reason for this error?

    Hi Timo,
    I am using jdev (jsf-ADF BC). I googled the error but didn't find any solution.
    Is there anyhing to do with the EO configuration or property?
    Any help will be appreciated.

  • Error during result recording in QE71

    Hi Gurus,
    I am using inspection point (copy of 150) in my inpection plan. When i am trying to save my result recording in QE71 system giving below error message.
      Insp. Lot       Oper     Charac. no  Sample                    Message text                                        MsgType Message ID     Msg.No.
    80000000196 0010         10                2     You must enter a text for the characteristic result           E          QE             462       C60
    Though i have maintained the resuts.
    Please help to resolve this issue.

    You need check the inspection characteristic's control indicator.
    Transaction QP03 (display inspection plan)
    If you set 'Docu. required' in control indicator of inspection characteristic, additional text must always be entered to document the inspection results during results recording for this characteristic.
    Try to change the indicator to 'No documentation' then there will be no more that message in transaction QE71.

  • Three Physical Samples withdraw from inspection lot 04  and then result record for all three

    Dear Gurus,
    We have 3 quality labs and each lab is sent a separate samples to inspect certain characteristics once we receive material from production. I have created an inspection plan and mapped these three labs as  work center in operation and then assigned MICs under each operation to inspect.
    Now my issue is how to map separate 3 samples to inspection lot generated from production  ( type-4) and also how to configure that to inspection plan.
    I have to result record for all these three physical sample as withdrawn from Lot based upon inspection plan as mentioned above.
    I can mention sample drawing procedure in inspection plan but how to map actual sample there.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Hi Satish
    You are creating three operation for depicting three testing Labs.
    Against each lab (operation) you had assigned MICs as per your requirement.
    Now you have to assign a SDP along with inspection point type 200 for physical sample in task list.
    After prod confirmation system will create inspection lot along with a sample by default for 1st operation.
    For other operations you have to create samples manually referring the same inspection lot (QPR6).Remember to click ' Create Insp points' and mention operation.
    Release the samples in QPR4.
    Now when you go for result recording system would ask first for operation, so select the operation , then system will ask for insp point (sample no).There click on assign insp point , so system will provide the Sample no which were created in QPR6 for that particular operation.
    Please follow the steps and revert.
    D Mohanty

  • Multiple results recording for Delivery inspection lot

    Hi Gurus,
    My requirement is to configure for quality results recording for sales delivery document. Where client wants to record Customer, supplier, Umpire, etc results record for inspection characteristics.
    I got response from few Sapiens that I should use Inspection point concept for multiple results recording. Could anyone cna tell me how can I do this.
    Your help will be highly appreciated.

    Hi Kumar,
    First of all letu2019s try to understand whether inspection points are really suitable for your requirement or not. Accordingly further errors can be eliminated. I just try to understand.
    A- Using Inspection Points
    1.     Inspection points are used when you inspect the same parameters again and again.
    2.     When you click on results tab in QA32, system asks you put some identification number. Letu2019s say you put A1 and then press enter. Thereafter you record the actual results (LENGTH, WIDTH etc.) You save this without giving UD.
    3.     For the next time when you again click on results for the same inspection lot, system again asks you to put identification number. This time suppose you put A2. Then again you record the results (LENGTH, WIDTH) for A2.
    4.     Likewise you can retrieve the inspection results from system with respect to inspection point (identification point).
    5.     Typically this can be used for chemical industries where you record the temperature of the same chemical after every ½ an hour. Here 10:00 am, 10:30 am can be used as identifications numbers. As a result of which you can get the information that at 10:00 am temperature was 40 Deg and at 10:30 am it was 75 degree Celsius.
    If your requirement resembles this situation, then only the use of inspection points would be fruitful.
    B- Without Inspection Points
    But if you want to record the readings by various agencies like customer, umpire (refer following pattern)and want to compare them there are other ways.
    1.     Reading by your inspector
    a.     LENGTH u2013 100, 101, 102mm (average is 101mm)
    b.     WIDTH     - 10.50, 10.50, 10.60mm (average is 31.6mm)
    2.     Reading by customer
    a.     LENGTH u2013 100, 101, 102mm (average is 101mm)
    b.     WIDTH     - 10.50, 10.50, 10.60mm (average is 31.6mm)
    3.     Reading by umpire
    a.     LENGTH u2013 100, 101, 102mm (average is 101mm)
    b.     WIDTH     - 10.50, 10.50, 10.60mm (average is 31.6mm)
    You can achieve this without using inspection points also. For this in QP02 you need to create 3 operation; Inspector, Customer and umpire respectively. Feed the MICs in each of these operations. When you click on result tab system will throw pop up for these 3 operations. Double click on Umpire if you want to record results noted by umpire. Likewise for rest of the operations. You can do this even after UD also (after 1-2 months also). You need to use MIC with control indicator as long term characteristics for this in QS23.
    Regarding averaging of results u2013 This can be achieved using single result recording MIC with or without inspection points. Use appropriate sampling procedure. When you feed results in QA32 system automaticaaly averages out the reading. This can be viewable against phi symbol.
    Finally you did mention that u201Chere I am not getting the newly created inspection lotsu201D. Does that mean inspection lot (10 origin) has not created?
    Anand Rao

  • Error while selecting entity for composantEO

    Briefly, I do an example of displaying a list of components (and already it works properly), but when I added a link to the removal of components I have encountered an error
    Voila details
    function code delete
    public void deleteComposantMethod(String action,String param)
    System.out.println("Now we are inside deleteComposantMethod");
    System.out.println("we search composant with numcomp : "+param);
    ComposantVOImpl inst=getComposantVO1();
    Row row[]=inst.getAllRowsInRange();
    for(int i=0;i<row.length;i++)
    ComposantVORowImpl rowi=(ComposantVORowImpl)row;
    System.out.println("checking the composant ===> "+rowi.getNumcomp());
    System.out.println("Deleting succes");
    catch(Exception ex)
    System.out.println("error : \n"+ex.getMessage());
    in the browser page component disapru it seems that it works correctly, but nothing changes at data base and voila the error message I get from embedder OC4J server log
    Application: FND, Message Name: FND_GENERIC_MESSAGE. Tokens: MESSAGE = oracle.jbo.DMLException: JBO-26080: Error while selecting entity for ComposantEO
    Please note: although no board code and smiley buttons are shown, they are still usable.

    for those who have encountered the same problem as me, you should check that the table name sql query is of the form Name_Schema.Name_Table.
    For this right click on the entity in the workspace> edit entity> Database Objects> Schema Objects and add the schema name before table name( Name_Schema.Name_Table).

Maybe you are looking for

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