Error while saving changes in RSPC Error Stack.

Hi gurus,
    I am able to make changes in the error stack in the transaction RSPC, However, when trying to save those changes, I get an error stating that the request "DTPR_* " doesn't exist. and the message is RSAODS005.
I tried searching in SDN as well in SAP notes, but in vain. Does anybody have any idea how to solve this error.

Hi Sree,
delete Error DTP in process Chain, do modifications for Error DTP in RSA1 and add that again in process Chain and activate Process Chain.
Daya Sagar

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    when changing a users preferences i try and save but it comes up with this error
    Error while saving record "john doe": Error: -14140
    and wont allow me to save
    any ideas?
    Many Thanks

    This thread might help you:
    This document is supposed to be very good as well:

  • Error while saving record "User:johndoe":     Error -14071

    I have added my augmented users from the AD server. When I select user and to apply a setting under Preferences I get this on attempting an "Apply", Error while saving record "User:johndoe":Error -14071. I'm authenticating to my LDAP not AD/All Domains.
    I have the server bound correctly to the AD server. Bound to AD, then promoted to OD master.
    Tried WGM from another Mac, same error.
    I recall my AD admin extending the ad schema last year for OS X 10.4.
    Thoughts? Thanks.

    Thanks David and Mabel, and all for the suggestions. I did go through "Leveraging Active..." prior to posting. I did try your method of canceling the authorization to WGM and viewing Directories. I would select a user from this method and try to apply something from MCX, but still got the -14070 error. Yes, I do have my client bound 1st OD, 2nd AD, with OD first on the search policy for the client.
    I though I had solved my issue by authenticating to WGM and LDAP. Then selecting Groups and the Members tab, I define an OD group and select that group. I can then click the "+" towards the right of the window. Then select my AD there which populates. I can add my AD groups or single users to my OD group. Then I'm able to apply MCX settings. But, no "blue" circle next to the group's silhouette. How is my method possibly incorrect?
    Also, at some point I unbound my client from AD and it seems the client is ok with getting AD info off my OD server. Example, my AD sharepoint mounts for PHD.
    But, I do have a pause of 20 secs. are more when logging into the client as well as accessing applications. Side effect of my method?

  • Error while saving changes of declarative component to MDS

    Using ADF Faces 11gR1PS1.
    I am trying to create a declarative component where user can close a panel box (not just minimize) by setting rendered property to false. It works fine.
    Next I tried to save the attribute change to MDS so that user settings are preserved across sessions. However I got the following error:
    <FilteredPersistenceChangeManager><_getQualifiedTagName> WebAppDesignContext is not available at application scope. Please ensure that your application is built as a 'Fusion Web Application (ADF)', and that taglib.jar and facesconfigmodel.jar are in class path.
    <FilteredPersistenceChangeManager><_isChangeAllowedThroughPersistentChangeManager> Could not obtain tag name for the component being changed. Component ref: RichPanelBox[UIXFacesBeanImpl, id=dc_pb2]
    <FilteredPersistenceChangeManager><_addDocumentChangeImpl> The DocumentChange is not configured to be allowed for the component: RichPanelBox[UIXFacesBeanImpl, id=dc_pb2]Following is the page code:
              <af:panelBox text="#{attrs.p2Header}" id="dc_pb2"
                           rendered="#{attrs.p2Header ne null and dashboardXBean.portletRendered.dc_pb2}"
                <af:componentDragSource discriminant="portlet"/>
                <f:facet name="toolbar">
                  <af:commandImageLink id="p_cil2"
                    <f:attribute name="portletId" value="dc_pb2"/>
                <af:facetRef facetName="p2"/>
              </af:panelBox>Following is the code in the managed bean to persist changes:
        private void saveShowHideChange(String portletId, boolean isRendered) {
            FacesContext fc = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
            ChangeManager cm = RequestContext.getCurrentInstance().getChangeManager();
            //ChangeManager pcm = AdfFacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getPersistentChangeManager();
            UIComponent puc = boundedDashboard.findComponent(portletId);
            ComponentChange pcc = new AttributeComponentChange("rendered", Boolean.toString(isRendered));
            cm.addComponentChange(fc, puc, pcc);
        }I am not really sure if the above code needs to be in the component managed bean or in the bean of the page that uses this declarative component.
    Any pointers are appreciated.

    Thanks for the reply Frank.
    For declarative components do we have separate renderer?
    The [Developers Guide|] didnt seem very helpful on this topic.
    Can you point me to some reference material if available.

  • Cannot extend package Error while saving changes in Query

    Dear Gurus
    When i am trying to save changes made in the query i get an error message Cannot extend package YBW. kindly help me in resolving this as the changes are required in multiple queries.

    thanks for your relpy Jaya..i checked the properties...the check box package not extendable check box is unchecked and the main package checkbox is also unchecked.
    i check the below post...not exactly related to my issue
    creation of package(Package can not be extended)
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  • Error while saving the service order "Error determining Local currency"

    Hi Gurus,
    I am facing a strange proble, while adding components to my service order. The system throws error " Error determining local currency: ER type 'M' date 05.11.2007 from SGD to RMB RC 4 ".
    the customer is from singapore and am issuing the material from local plant (every where SGD is maintianed as the currency). We have maintained the exchange rate also between these currencies.
    Can anybody throw some light on this issue????

    Closed the thread...

  • I am getting error while saving new WORKFLOW

    Dear All,
    Please help me for the following issue.
    I am trying to make new WORKFLOW but system gives a ERROR while saving from SWDD tcode.
    error is:
    System error: Function cancelled
    Message no. WD255

    Hi Mukesh,
    You have to maintain the Prefix numbers in the system, in tcode SWU3 --> maintain definition environment --> Maintain prefix number --- > click on execute button.
    There, create a new value for your client(XXX) system to generate the workflow definition / task definition.
    Murali Krishna.

  • Update error while saving quotation

    update error while saving quotation - express message
    Error reads as "device type sapwin"
    When the print option send immediately (option 4) in the printer configuration the error is coming and the document is not saving due to update error.
    When the print option is send with own application (option 3) in the printer configuration the document is getting saved.
    we want to run with option 4.  could some one show some light on this problem.
    VS Arava

    From the description the job is trying to print to a frontend printer. Try sending the job to another printer. Or print to LOCL. This will send the spool to your local default printer.
    I suspect there is a network issue related to the printer set up.
    when you use option 4 the error gets hit immediately. Option three is waiting to print later, the error does not likely show up until later when the job is actually printed.
    Check the printer config..

  • Error while saving the Sales Order

    Hi experts,
        i am getting a runtime error while saving a sales order stating: SAPSQL_EMPTY_TABNAME. It says the field T681-KOTAB could be empty. I would give in more inputs. Someone plz help.

    I would expect that KOTN521 would be a Database table defined in the ABAP Dictionary that relates to the condition implemented in 521 for the usage specified in that record.
    You should be able to go into the info system, SE84, and search under ABAP Dictionary / Database Tables to see what KOTN521 is.
    Also, since the only Keys to T681 are KVEWE and KOTABNR, and there are two KOTABNR entries with a value of 521, then there must be two different usages (KVEWE) associated with that table.
    If you see what they are, you can check to see what the usages represent.   Based on a lookup, it appears that a usage of N is for Free Goods, A is for Pricing etc.   In our system, we only have A entries.
    What are the usages for the 521 entries?  Do they relate to Free Goods/Pricing???
    Does the table KOTN521 exist in the ABAP Dictionary?
    Answering these questions may get you closer to the answer.
    Can you compare the values in these entries to what you have in different SIDs?
    Is this problem happening in Production, or is it still in a development or Quality Assurance client?
    If it is still in development or Q, then it may be that a recent customization change was made.
    Compare the entries across your systems, if possible.
    Good luck

  • Error while saving date value in Java dictionary

    Hello Everybody,
    I got following error while saving date value in one of the fields of the Java table.
    Internal error occured in submit request: Error in method updateRequestContact : The object of type java.sql.Date with the value '2005-12-04 08:00:00.0' assigned to host variable 9 is not normalized. It must not contain time components in the time zone running the virtual machine.
    I can't find why it is taking time value in the date object.
    This value is coming from the RFC as a date value, and I am saving this value in Java dictionary table.
    Same code for this was working fine earlier. But, now suddenly it gives error like this.
    Even if I provide date on the screen from webdynpro application, this date value can't save in the Java dictionary and gives same error.
    What should be the problem behind this?

    Hi Satyajit,
    I am getting date value from the screen of the webdynpro application from date picker control and passing this value in Java dictionary.
    More Information:
    I have dat value in the Date object: <b>target_date</b>
    But Now I have made new Date object as following:
    Date target_Date1 = new Date(target_date.getYear(),target_date.getMonth(),target_date.getDate());
    Then I am passing this object to Java dictionary. Still it gives same error.
    Then I have changed code as following:
              int l_year;
              int l_month;
              int l_days;
              l_year = target_Date.getYear();
              l_month = target_Date.getMonth();
              l_days = target_Date.getDate();
         Date target_Date1 = new Date(l_year,l_month,l_days);
    Now it works for me.
    But I guess this is not the perment solution. It looks very strange. I have used so many date objects at various palces. So, this solution is not the final for me.
    I want to findout the main cause of it.
    One more thing: This code was working for a mornth or two. But, now suddenly it is giving this error.
    Please help me if anybody knows.

  • Error while saving the documents in Transactions MIRO,VA02, VA01, ects

    Hi SAP Gurus,
    i am geting an popup error while saving or after changing the documents in MIRO VA01, VA02 transactions..
    The error is  * " Condition Table Missing : Access JST1 60 ( Pricing Taxes ) " *
    can u please help me out.
    Kumar m

    Found a note explaining the significance of these errors.
    It says:
    "NZE-28862: SSL connection failed
    Cause: This error occurred because the peer closed the connection.
    Action: Enable Oracle Net tracing on both sides and examine the trace output. Contact Oracle Customer support with the trace output."
    For further details you may refer the Note: 244527.1 - Explanation of "SSL call to NZ function nzos_Handshake failed" error codes
    Thanks & Regards,
    Sindhiya V.

  • Crystal Reports 10 error while saving report

    Last week i had a problem while saving my report.
    I get the following error while saving my report:
    crw32.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close
    The only way to get around this was after every change build a preview and close the preview and after that save the report.
    On the internet i found someting about installing the latest service pack, so i did.
    After that i had the problem described in the following thread: Re: Changing datasource causes parameters to blank out
    Sometimes the field to fill a parameter are gone.
    The solution is to downgrade to service pack 5, but on the download page [|] i can't find sp5, only sp3, sp4 and sp6.
    I'm downloading sp5 now, but does anyone know if this solve the problem?
    Many thanks
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    Hi Joris,
    please find here [SPs for CR 10 |] including  [Service Pack 5 - ZIP - released August 2006|]
    and the [Readme - PDF|] but unfortunately I do not know if this fixes your prob.
    Best regards

  • Error while saving Long Texts

    We are using SRM7 Extended classic scenario.
    We don't use shopping carts, rather create POs directly in SRM which will be transferred to ECC as per the standard.
    I am getting an error "Error while saving Long Texts" during my PO creation. I get this message in a small pop-up screen. As soon as i click ok or close the pop up screen it kicks me out of the PO creation screen back into the main SRM screen.
    During the PO Creation
    Any specific situation:
    Yes, only for Material POs
    This is happening when I am creating the PO with a Material code. I can create free text PO without any issues.
    This is a standard message and the message number is 022.
    Thaks for the help guys.

    To confirm can you check commeting "getOADBTransaction().commit();" gives any error message?
    If yes then you can try the following option:
    Have you checked whether the "/" is changed to "\" in the dbc file?
    In the following two entries the slash has to be made as shown below:
    Thanks and Regards,

  • Error while saving territory

    Hi Experts
    while saving territory, i am getting below error.
    Error while saving rule score; contact technical support
    Wait and try to activate the changes later
    Details Could not lock object Application 'Territory Management' for processing-relevant changes due to user <user name>
    Activation error for Decision Table 'table[BP_Z_SCORE,TERRITORY(Res...'; see following messages for details
    Activation error for Function '005056010AED1EE48BB6A35289225BE3 : s...'; see following messages for details
    I have attached screenshot to refer the error. Please get me some pointer  to resolve this error..

    Did user SCBASHA lock something? You could check in transaction SM12.
    Best regards,
    Thomas Wagner

  • Error while saving Ad-hoc report in Portal

    Hi Experts,
    I am getting flowing error while saving Ad-hoc report in Portal
    Transport system is active - could not save/change queries
    Please let me know how to resolve this issue.
    Thanks in Advance

    Hi Ravi,
    Try this ->
    Go To RSA1---> Transport connection view
    In the menu Edit -
    >Transport----->Switch-off Standard.
    Now open and try to save your report.
    Hope this helps!

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