Error while updating table before branching to a report

I have an apex form screen where on click of a button, i need to change a few flags on the screen and then display a bi publisher report.
when the user clicks the PRINT Button a javascript function is called, which will set the flags and submits the form. I have the default process row of table process to update the form fields.
in the branch i gave the BI publisher report url.
everything works fine so far.
if i click the print button again for a second time, i get a checksum ... error as shown below.
ORA-20001: Error in DML: p_rowid=982-000790, p_alt_rowid=_ID_NUMBER, p_rowid2=, p_alt_rowid2=. ORA-20001: Current version of data in database has changed since user initiated update process. current checksum = "BD63FDD3142B79017CCD2C8DA8ED8CA7" application checksum = "B2FD7581A9478214E59264F9C1CFAF96"
Error Unable to process row of table .
Any idea how to fix this?
What i am trying to do is:
when the print button is clicked then i need to set the Print flag in the screen and database to true.I am using the default row update process generated by apex for a table form.

Hi Scott,
example 1
I have a demo at the following url
1. page 6 is the report and page 7 will be the details form.
2. select a record from the report click edit and it will take you to the details screen page 7.
3. on page 7 i have 2 select boxes with YES/NO flag. Initially set them to NO.
save changes.
4. click on the print button. it will reset the select lists to YES and opens a report. go and edit anything on the screen and click apply changes.
we will get the an error.
All i am trying to do is update the flags to YES before displaying the report which works fine. but if i try to edit any data and save it throws an error.
is my table.
     "NAME" VARCHAR2(50),
MINISTER_ID" is the primary key generated using a sequence. (i have to actually generate it with - year prefix etc hence a varchar)
example 2:
i have another page page 1 with demo_customers list. here the id is a number here. on edit it displays page 5 where i tried the same print reset flag stuff here and it works.
Table Data Indexes Model Constraints Grants Statistics UI Defaults Triggers Dependencies SQL
     "CUST_CITY" VARCHAR2(30),
So what should i do to get the example 1 to work.

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  • Error while updating table in database.

    While updating a table I came across following error-
    ORA-01552: cannot use system rollback segment for non-system tablespace 'USERS'
    I have following undo parameters set in my parameter file-
    If I have seperate undo tablespace then why Oracle is trying to use System undo segments?

    Let's assume your settings are correct. However the error means you don't have an UNDO tablespace available. It could be because your tablespace doesn't exist, or you think you have started up your instance with this initialization parameter file.
    You should make sure you have your undo tablespace attached to your database, and you are using your correct initialization file.
    Have you edited this parameter in your pfile? Or have you configured this parameter in you spfile?
    Issue a query against v$rollname, you should see something simmilar to this:
    0 SYSTEM
    1 _SYSSMU1$
    2 _SYSSMU2$
    3 _SYSSMU3$
    4 _SYSSMU4$
    5 _SYSSMU5$
    6 _SYSSMU6$
    7 _SYSSMU7$
    8 _SYSSMU8$
    9 _SYSSMU9$
    10 _SYSSMU10$
    If you can't then definitely you are not starting up your database with undo segments.


    I am facing the following error while posting goods issue through VL01N and stock posting through MB1C ( m.type 521 without production order ).
    Table COBK is not updated wile doing those trasactions, this cause the runtime to solve this issue?
    I searched SAP notes but problem not yet solved.Kindly go through the following error and give your suggestions.
    Thanks in advance.
    Error analysis
    An exception occurred. This exception is dealt with in more detail below
    . The exception, which is assigned to the class 'CX_SY_OPEN_SQL_DB', was
    caught nor passed along using a RAISING clause, in the procedure
    Since the caller of the procedure could not have expected this exception
    to occur, the running program was terminated.
    The reason for the exception is:
    If you use an ABAP/4 Open SQL array insert to insert a record in
    the database and that record already exists with the same key,
    this results in a termination.
    (With an ABAP/4 Open SQL single record insert in the same error
    situation, processing does not terminate, but SY-SUBRC is set to 4.)
    SD consultant.

    I am pretty sure table COBK is a the Cost Center Accounting table.
    You need to get your Finance consultant to check the periods and years are open in CCA. In fact check that they want to post to CCA.
    Also check the number ranges have been set up correctly for the type of postings.
    Please award points if this is useful.

  • Error while updating table

    I am using oracle 11g db.
    Trying to update one of my table using following query :
    SET LAST_UPDATE_DATE = '01-apr-1901'
    (SELECT 1
    AND NVL(TMP.COL_CHG_DATE, TO_DATE('01-apr-1901', 'dd-mon-yyyy')) >= '01-apr-1901')
    AND FIRST_PROCESS_DATE >= '01-apr-1901';
    Error comes like "Table or view doesn't exist". Table is in the same schema in which I am trying this update stmt.
    Also when I do Select * from this table data is coming.
    In the all_objects I can see there is public synonym also with the same name. I think while updating it is refering to that synonym instead of table , so error is coming.
    please tell me how can I refer to table in this case and not the synonym.

    PUBLIC     EMPLOYEE_HISTORY_ALL_T          726992          SYNONYM     11/15/2011 6:17:37 PM     11/15/2011 6:17:37 PM     2011-11-15:18:17:37     VALID     N     N     N     1     
    MIS     EMPLOYEE_HISTORY_ALL_T          726988     1752101     TABLE     2/23/2007 10:18:18 PM     11/15/2011 6:19:44 PM     2011-11-15:18:19:44     VALID     N     N     N     1     
    For table PROJECT_T
         PUBLIC     PROJECT_T          35158          SYNONYM     3/1/2006 3:33:23 PM     11/14/2009 4:00:21 PM     2009-11-14:16:00:21     VALID     N     N     N     1     
         BSC     PROJECT_T          35250          SYNONYM     2/25/2006 3:49:46 AM     11/15/2009 1:15:35 PM     2009-11-15:13:15:35     VALID     N     N     N     1     
         CDWSTG     PROJECT_T          37350          SYNONYM     2/25/2006 5:32:32 AM     11/15/2009 11:01:34 AM     2009-11-15:11:01:34     VALID     N     N     N     1     
         CDWPROD     PROJECT_T          40102          SYNONYM     2/25/2006 11:46:03 AM     1/1/2010 3:42:17 PM     2010-01-01:15:42:17     VALID     N     N     N     1     
         MIS     PROJECT_T          810675     7360542     TABLE     4/2/2007 3:30:07 PM     11/11/2011 5:23:55 PM     2009-11-14:15:28:15     VALID     N     N     N     1     
         DEL25PROD     PROJECT_T          645792     1237989     TABLE     1/9/2007 6:28:08 PM     9/6/2009 8:18:13 PM     2007-01-09:18:28:08     VALID     N     N     N     1     
         DELSTG     PROJECT_T          1271755          SYNONYM     11/1/2007 1:54:32 PM     1/1/2010 3:42:17 PM     2010-01-01:15:42:17     VALID     N     N     N     1     
    I am logging through MIS schema. In this schema only I am running the update query.

  • Getting index error while updating table

    Hi All,
    I am getting error
    SQL> UPDATE bqcustomer
    2 SET
    3 namelegal = 'SME ' || SubStr(bqcustomer.namelegal,8),
    4 nameshort = 'SME ' || SubStr(bqcustomer.nameshort,8),
    5 nametrading='SME ' || SubStr(bqcustomer.nametrading,8)
    6 WHERE
    7 hassmeaccount = 1
    8 AND nametrading LIKE 'GLOBAL %' ;
    UPDATE bqcustomer
    ERROR at line 1:
    ORA-08102: index key not found, obj# 60473, dba 46348301 (2)
    any help on this will be appreciated .
    Thanks in advance
    Sachin Srivastava

    ORA-08102 INDEX KEY NO FOUND, OBJ# 25095, DBA 33567643 (2)

  • Unique Key Violation error while updating table

    Hi All,
    I am having problem with UNIQUE CONSTRAINT. I am trying to update a table and getting the violation error. Here is the over view. We have a table called ActivityAttendee. ActivityAttendee has the following columns. The problem to debug is this table has
    over 23 million records. How can I catch where my query is going wrong?
    ActivityAttendeeID INT PRIMARY KEY IDENTITY(1,1)
    ,ActivityID INT NOT NULL (Foreign key to parent table Activity)
    ,AtendeeTypeCodeID INT NOT NULL
    ,ObjectID INT NOT NULL
    ,EmailAddress VARCHAR(255) NULL
    UNIQUE KEY is on ActivityID,AtendeeTypeCodeID,ObjectID,EmailAddress
    We have a requirement where we need to update the ObjectID. There is a new mapping where I dump that into a temp table #tempActivityMapping (intObjectID INT NOT NULL, intNewObjectID INT NULL)
    The problem is ActivityAttendee table might already have the new ObjectID and the unique combination.
    For example: ActivityAttendee Table have the following rows
    AND the temp table has 2,1
    So essentially when I update in this scenario, It should ignore the second row because, if I try updating that there will be a violation of key as the first record has the exact value. When I ran my query on test data it worked fine. But for 23 million records,
    its going wrong some where and I am unable to debug that. Here is my query
    SET AA.ObjectID = TMP.NewObjectID
    FROM dbo.ActivityAttendee AA
    INNER JOIN #tmpActivityMapping TMP ON AA.ObjectID = TMP.ObjectID
    FROM dbo.ActivityAttendee AA1
    WHERE AA1.ActivityID = AA.ActivityID
    AND AA1.AttendeeTypeCodeID = AA.AttendeeTypeCodeID
    AND AA1.ObjectID = TMP.NewObjectID
    AND ISNULL(AA1.EmailAddress,'') = ISNULL(AA.EmailAddress,'')

    >> I am having problem with UNIQUE CONSTRAINT. I am trying to update a table and getting the violation error. Here is the over view. We have a table called Activity_Attendee. <<
    Your problem is schema design. Singular table names tell us there is only one of them the set. Activities are one kind of entity; Attendees are a totally different kind of entity; Attendees are a totally different kind of entity. Where are those tables? Then
    they can have a relationship which will be a third table with REFERENCES to the other two. 
    Your table is total garbage. Think about how absurd “attendee_type_code_id” is. You have never read a single thing about data modeling. An attribute can be “attendee_type”, “attendee_code” or “attendee_id”but not that horrible mess. I have used something like
    this in one of my busk to demonstrate the wrong way to do RDBMS as a joke, but you did it for real. The postfix is called an attribute property in ISO-11179 standards. 
    You also do not know that RDBMS is not OO. We have keys and not OIDs; but bad programmers use the IDENTITY table property (NOT a column!), By definition, it cannot be a key; let me say that again, by definition. 
    >> ActivityAttendee has the following columns. The problem to debug is this table has over 23 million records [sic: rows are not records]<<
    Where did you get “UNIQUE KEY” as syntax in SQL?? What math are you doing the attendee_id? That is the only reason to make it INTEGER. I will guess that you meant attendee_type and have not taken the time to create an abbreviation encoding it.
    The term “patent/child” table is wrong! That was network databases, not RDBMS. We have referenced and referencing table. Totally different concept! 
    CREATE TABLE Attendees
    (attendee_id CHAR(10) NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY, 
     attendee_type INTEGER NOT NULL  --- bad design. 
        CHECK (attendee_type BETWEEN ?? AND ??), 
     email_address VARCHAR(255), 
    CREATE TABLE Activities
    (activity_id CHAR(10) NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY, 
    Now the relationship table. I have to make a guess about the cardinally be 1:1, 1:m or n:m. 
    CREATE TABLE Attendance_Roster
    (attendee_id CHAR(10) NOT NULL --- UNIQUE??
       REFERENCES Attendees (attendee_id), 
     activity_id Activities CHAR(10) NOT NULL ---UNIQUE?? 
      REFERENCES Activities (activity_id)
     PRIMARY KEY (attendee_id, activity_id), --- wild guess! 
    >> UNIQUE KEY is on activity_id, attendee_type_code_id_value_category, object_id, email_address <<
    Aside from the incorrect “UNIQUE KEY” syntax, think about having things like an email_address in a key. This is what we SQL people call a non-key attribute. 
    >> We have a requirement where we need to update the ObjectID. There is a new mapping where I dump that into a temp table #tempActivityMapping (intObjectID INTEGER NOT NULL, intNewObjectID INTEGER NULL) <<
    Mapping?? We do not have that concept in RDBMS. Also putting meta data prefixes like “int_” is called a “tibble” and we SQL people laugh (or cry) when we see it. 
    Then you have old proprietary Sybase UODATE .. FROM .. syntax. Google it; it is flawed and will fail. 
    Please stop programming until you have a basic understanding of RDBMS versus OO and traditional file systems. Look at my credits; when I tell you, I think I have some authority. 
    --CELKO-- Books in Celko Series for Morgan-Kaufmann Publishing: Analytics and OLAP in SQL / Data and Databases: Concepts in Practice Data / Measurements and Standards in SQL SQL for Smarties / SQL Programming Style / SQL Puzzles and Answers / Thinking
    in Sets / Trees and Hierarchies in SQL

  • Mutating Trigger error while updating table

    Hi Guys,
    I am updating one table and after trigger also fire at the same time. Now, I want to avoid mutating trigger error. Can any one help me on this.
    Thanks in advance!

    You'll have to read these articles first, they explain what's the problem and how to deal with it:
    but, as Saubhik already said, using Oracle's AUDIT functionality would be the way to go.
    Using an autonomous transaction can result in corrupted data or unexpected errors, stay away from them if you want to use them in order to bypass/hide your mutating table error.

  • Get Error while update the User defined row table through DSK Code

    Hi experts,
    I have got an error while updating the user row defined table.
    Error is - "Invalid row"
    I have created one master table "@CBF_FARM " and Child table "@CBF_FAR1"
    First i inserted 5 record in the child table so in my my child table there are 5 Line id (1,2,3,4,5 one for each row).
    after that i delete 2 rows (3rd & 4th row) from child table now in my child table there are 3 rows( Line id 1, 2, 5). Please See attachment.
    Now i am updating  the last record of child table through Code  (Line id is 5)  from other form, then i got error  invalid row.
    Following Code used for updating the user defined child table.
      SAPbobsCOM.GeneralService oGeneralService1 = null;
                                    SAPbobsCOM.GeneralData oGeneralData1 = null;
                                    SAPbobsCOM.GeneralDataParams oGeneralParams1 = null;
                                    SAPbobsCOM.CompanyService sCmp1 = null;
                                    SAPbobsCOM.GeneralData oChild1 = null;
                                    SAPbobsCOM.GeneralDataCollection oChildren1 = null;
                                    sCmp1 = clsAddOn.LDNA_Company.GetCompanyService();
                                    oGeneralService1 = sCmp1.GetGeneralService("CBF_FARM");
                                    // Get UDO record
                                    oGeneralParams1 = ((SAPbobsCOM.GeneralDataParams)(oGeneralService1.GetDataInterface(SAPbobsCOM.GeneralServiceDataInterfaces.gsGeneralDataParams)));
                                    oGeneralParams1.SetProperty("Code", oForm.Items.Item("edtFarmCd").Specific.Value);
                                    oGeneralData1 = oGeneralService1.GetByParams(oGeneralParams1);
                                    // Add lines on UDO Child Table
                                    oChildren1 = oGeneralData1.Child("CBF_FAR1");
                                    // Create data for rows in the child table
                                    SAPbouiCOM.Item oItem = oForm.Items.Item("cmbShed");
                                    oCombo = oItem.Specific;
                                    string ShedCode = oCombo.Selected.Value;
                                    ldna_Rec = clsAddOn.LDNA_Company.GetBusinessObject(SAPbobsCOM.BoObjectTypes.BoRecordset);
                                    string strQuery1 = "select LineId from [@CBF_FAR1] where U_ShedCd = " + ShedCode;
                                    oChild1 = oChildren1.Item(ldna_Rec.Fields.Item("LineId").Value - 1);
                                    oChild1.SetProperty("U_Status", "Ready For Schedule");
                                    //Update the UDO Record
    Please Help me it is an urgent requirement,

    Error is - "Invalid row"
    Now i am updating  the last record of child table through Code  (Line id is 5)  from other form, then i got error  invalid row.
    As per my knowledge
    What i understood is you have 5 lines and you are going to be update 5th line
    am i correct..
    while u are updating the line in child table
    you have to consider like this..
    line number         u have to update like
    1                                        0
    2                                        1
    3                                        2
    4                                        3
    5                                        4
    which means in child table treat
    line 1  as 0
    line 2 as  1
    line 5 as 4
    If you want to update the line 5 u have to mention 4 th line

  • Error while updating to target

    Hi Friends,
    Im trying to load the data from the DSO to the cube, while loading the data im getting a error "Error while updating to target CUBE Name".
    when i check the message in error stack im getting this "Value 'Complaints Resolution for Activity ' (hex. '0043006F006D0070006C00610069006E007400730020005200') of characteristic ZWF_NAME BRAIN 60"
    I found a notEe 1148007, this not says that
    "A program to write data is generated for each InfoCube that contains data (type "Standard"). The name of this program is stored in the table RSDCUBELOC.  When you activate an InfoCube again, the name of this program may inadvertently be deleted.
    In the DTP monitor, this error occurs in the "Update" step and message RSBK 241 is displayed: "Error while updating to target G7SD0C05 (type INFOCUBE)"
    I have checked the table RSDCUBELOC and i can see the program entry there and after that i have reactivated the cube and reloaded the data but im still getting the same issue.
    Can anyone pls suggest me how to resolve this issue?.
    Thanks in advance

    It is issue with the Lowe case letters of a particular info object.  You have to write a routine to convert those lower into upper.
    reason is if you chack IOB properties Lower case might be unchecked and the data you are getting in lower case.
    Let us know the details if you still have any issues.


    Hi All,
    I am using a flat file to load data from datasource into infocubes.The data reaches PSA tables with no errors but after the execution of DTP , the monitors shows up Error Updating to infocube, intitally I thought there could be some problem in the data format of certain fields in the flat file but everything looks to be correct, there are no errors in the transformation rules.
    Here's the ST22 analysis :
    what happened?                                                          
    The current application program detected a situation which really   
    should not occur. Therefore, a termination with a short dump was    
    triggered on purpose by the key word MESSAGE (type X).              
    Termination occurred in the ABAP program "CL_RSAWBN_NAV_TRACE===========CP" -
      in "DUMP".                                                                  
    The main program was "RSAWBN_START ".                                                                               
    In the source code you have the termination point in line 42                 
    of the (Include) program "CL_RSAWBN_NAV_TRACE===========CM004".       
    I have been deleting requests from the infocube , datasources and deleting entries from PSA but always endup getting the "Error while updating to Infocube"
    Have to figure out the solution as the planning team is waiting for me to copy the actual data to the plan cube

    You should have the following format in the flatfile :
    Considering today's date(18 Apr 2008) for example:
    0CALDAY            20080418
    0CALMONTH       200804
    0FISCPER           0042008   
    0FISCPER3         0042008 (I think this can have additional periods as well, not sure though)
    0FISCVARNT       No idea about this.
    Reward with points if helpful.
    Hemant Khemani

  • Error while updating the records through a DB link

    Hi ,
    I am getting the below error while updating around 15 thousands records, i suspect it to be timeout but not sure.Please can you let me know what solutions needs to be taken.
    Not Found
    The requested URL /pls/htmldb/ was not found on this server.
    Not Found
    The requested URL /pls/htmldb/ was not found on this server.
    Oracle-Application-Server-10g/ Oracle-HTTP-Server Server at Port 80
    Table Column Data Type Length Precision Scale Primary Key Nullable Default Comment
    GWB_GRN_GRP_COUNTRIES_LU NAME Varchar2 720 - - - - - -
    ALIAS Varchar2 720 - - - - - -
    ACTIVE Varchar2 3 - - - - - -
    REGION Varchar2 300 - - - - -
    1 - 4
    Thanks & Regards,

    Hi Sangu,
    See if the following notes help you:
    Error when calling API from SQL*Developer, eg. ORA-01403 in API OE_ORDER_PUB.PROCESS_ORDER (Doc ID 1054295.1)
    Cancellation Of Transfer Orders Is Not Possible - ORA-01403: no data found in Package OE_Order_PVT Procedure Process_Order (Doc ID 391307.1)
    Thanks &
    Best Regards,

  • Error in updating table J_1PART2

       I am getting an error while saving the excise invoice as 'error in updating table J_1PART2'.
    What would have gone wrong?????? please help!!!
    Thanks ,

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    Please use Internationalization and Unicode for you CIN related queries

  • Error in updating table J_1IEXCHDR,J_1IEXCDTL in tcode J1IJ

    while cancelling excise invoice in Tcode J1IJ ,
    we are getting 'error in updating table J_1IEXCHDR,J_1IEXCDTL'.
    what is missing or tell the procedure to resolve the issue.

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    Please use Internationalization and Unicode for you CIN related queries

  • There was an error while updating row count for "SH".."SH".CHANNELS

    Hi All,
    Am new to OBIEE.Pls help in this regard.
    Am building the physical layer as per Repository guide.When am importing the data in to this,am getting the below error.
    *"There was an error while updating row count for "SH".."SH".CHANNELS" :"*
    channles is the table name and having 5 rows.
    but am able to see the data in the sql prompt. like SELECT * FROM SH.CHANNELS then 5 rows data would be displaying..
    pls help in this regard and where is the excat problem?

    what is the error?
    Make sure that your connection pool settings are okay..
    Make sure that, you are using correct driver in case of if you are using ODBC dsn..
    Also make sure that, your oracle server is running... TNS and Oracle server services

  • Error while creating table 'EDISEGMENT' entry '/BIC/CIWA0TRZONE_TEXT'

    Hi experts,
    when I import my transport request to QA, I am getting this error
    "Error while creating table 'EDISEGMENT' entry '/BIC/CIWA0TRZONE_TEXT'"
    the performance assistance reads as below..
    Message no. EA201
    An attempt was made to create the entry '/BIC/CIWA0TRZONE_TEXT' in table 'EDISEGMENT'. The attempt failed.
    System response
    The operation was canceled.
    Please check whether the relevant entry already exists
    I have an entry for '/BIC/CIWA0TRZONE_TEXT'  in the table 'EDISEGMENT' do need to delete it before importing the transport. How to delete this entry, I donot see the options in SE11 /SE16..
    thanks in advance
    D Bret

    can you please be more precise with your enquiry?
    As far as I read the note, it is quite explanatory....
    What is your source system release?
    You'll need to implement this prog in your source system and execute it there.
    If everything works and is fine, import to program in your QA/PROD source systems and rexecute it as specified in the note...
    does it answer your question

Maybe you are looking for

  • Unable to load XDB library

    Hi, i have just created a new database but i keep getting the following error ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [unable to load XDB library], initializing SGA: sga_pass1Dynamic link error: Could not load module /u03/app/or acle/product/10.2.

  • Can't get printer working

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