Error while uploading data in LT03?

Dear All,
I am uploading data in LT03 transaction and I am getting an error message 'System cannot find source storage bin'.
I am using BAPI  'L_TO_CREATE_DN'.
Even same error  I am getting in recording.
This is happened in the case of Partial delivery not for full delivery.
Thanks and Regards

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System cannot find source storage bin

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  • DB Connect Load - "Unknow error while uploading data from the DB Table"

    Hi Experts,
    We have our BI7 system connected to Oracle DB based third party tool. The loads are performing quite well in DEV environment.
    I would like to know, how we transport DB Connect datasources to Quality systems? Any different process to be followed for DB Connect datasources?
    At present the connections between BI Quality and the third party quality systems are established. We transported the DataSource from BI DEV system to BI quality system, but on trigerring an infopackage we are not able to perform loads. It prompts - "Unknow error while uploading data from the DB Table".
    Also on comparing the DataSources in DEV system and Quality system there are no fields in "Proposal" tab of datasource in Quality system. Also I cannot change or activate Datasource in Quality system as we dont have change access in quality.
    Please advice.

    Sorry for bumping an old thread ....
    Did this issue get ever get resolved?
    I am facing the same one. The loads work successfully in Dev. The transport for DBConnect DS also moved in successfully.
    One strange this is that DB User for dev did not automatically change to db user from quality when I transported the DBConnect datasource. DBCon DS still shows me the DB User from Dev in Quality system
    I get "Unknown Error" whenever I trigger the data package.

  • Error  while uploading data in table t_499s through BDC Prog

    am facing problem while uploading data in table t_499s through BDC Program  , if there is more than 15 records in file its not allowing to upload kindly suggest what to do
    Mukesh s

    See if you want to update only single table, which has User maintenance allowed
    Use Modify statement.
        MODIFY T499S.
        CLEAR T499S.
    It will update the table, to check go to sm30 , and check in V_T499S.

  • Error while uploading data

    We are facing the problem while uploading forecast in APO (Base / Consensus) in each cycle.
    While incorporating some forecast corrections and uploading the consensus forecast in APO, the following error was encountered, and not able to save the data.
    "Error COM routine using application programe (return code 40,301) "
    could any one help me in this regard

    -> What SCM SP & version is on your system?
    -> What LCA build do you have on your system?
          < See in the TA /n/sapapo/om13 or /n/sapapo/om04 >
    The COM ERROR 40,301 means that the key figure became negative although      
    this is not permitted.
    Run /n/sapapo/om10 -> Returncode: 40301     => Execute
      Negative value not permitted for this key figure     
        ( om_ts_negative_kez_not_allowed )     
    < See more info by clicking on '?' >
    If you have not entered negative values for the key figure and there are no fixings at aggregate level, please open an OSS message in accordance with SAP Note 167280.
    Thank you and best regards, Natalia Khlopina

  • Getting error while uploading data to the CCM thru excel file.

    while uploading supplier data to CCM i am getting error " The destination FXP_HTTP_ADAPTER has not been maintained! (see long text)  "  Error when sending to SAP XI; upload canceled  ".
    FXP_HTTP_ADAPTER (Production) - is not maintained in SM59 transaction.
    we have maintained FXT_HTTP_ADAPTER (TEST) in SM59 transaction.
    we want to connect to test link not production link.but it is taking production link.
    How it could pointing to production link.

    Hi Prashsanth
    Please check in customizing which RFC destination is maintained for uploading catalogs.
    SPRO -> Cross Application Components -> SAP Catalog Authoring Tool -> Specify Settings for Uploading Catalogs.
    This is probably wrong.

  • Error while uploading data from a flat file to the hierarchy

    Hi guys,
    after i upload data from a flat file to the hierarchy, i get a error message "Please select a valid info object" am loading data using PSA, having activated all external chars still get the problem..some help on this please..

    there is o relation of infoobject name in flat file and infoobjet name at BW side.
    please check with the object in the BW and their lengths and type of the object and check your flat file weather u have the same type there,
    now check the sequence of the objects in the transfer rules  and activate them.
    there u go.

  • Runtime Error while uploading data using a BAPI

    Hi ALL,
        I am trying to upload duties for PO items using BAPI from a excel sheet.In this BAPI I am saving the data into a z table(Customizing table, maintenance only by cust., not SAP import).The data is getting saved into the table and it shows the data uploaded successfully message also,but when I scroll up I see RUN time error,althogh the data is getting saved.
            I have seen in the st22 and it shows the following information.
    Internal error: Invalid page number.                                                                               
    What happened?                                                                               
    The current ABAP program had to be terminated because the                    
    ABAP processor detected an internal system error.                            
    The current ABAP program "ZFI_UPD_BOE_UPLOAD" had to be terminated because the
    processor discovered an invalid system state.                                
        My functional consultants opinion is after data getting saved it comes into me23n's  condition tab.He has done it many times.But for one PO it is not showing.
        I checked the upload program.In upload program a BAPI is written which simply takes the data from a excelsheet and saves into the z table.
      My query is whether we can show the data of a z table into standard tocde?

    Thanks Lakshman!
               I debug the program.There is no BDC used update.In this program after taking the data from excel sheet one internal table is prepared and this internal table is directly used to insert data into z table.This is the last code which executes.
      INSERT zmmpoamend FROM TABLE t_zmmpo_amend_tab.
      IF sy-subrc EQ '0'.
        MESSAGE 'Data Upload Successfully completed' TYPE 'S'.
        MESSAGE 'Data Upload failed ' TYPE 'E'.
      CLEAR t_zmmpo_amend_tab.
      REFRESH t_zmmpo_amend_tab.
         Is it possible to configure z table using SPRO tcode,such that this z tables data will go to standard table and then we can see it in the standard tcode?
    I am not sure but it's just a guess.

  • Error while uploading data!!its urgent

    this is vijay
    when iam uploading data(transactional data)through flatfile iam getting the error like
    error in abap program it could not be executed
    cx_sy_conversion_no_ number
    the data is not loading into psa also
    iam doing in developmentside.
    i have download the data from production and uploading into development.
    can any one explain and give some suggestions

    Hi Vijay,
    Check the Flat file structure is same as that of transfer structure!
    Also in the transfer rule if u scroll right u will find a column Conversion and it will show you check box!
    Enable the check box , activate the info source again and load the data !

  • Error while uploading data in SAP (me01)using LSMW

    Hi All,
    I am using LSMW for the first time.
    I am trying to upload data to the Source List transaction (me01) using batch input recording. I created a new recording through LSMW itself. My source structure consists of 5 fields:
    <b>MATNR C(18)
    WERKS C(4)
    VDATU N(8)
    BDATU N(8)
    LIFNR C(10)
    EKORG C(10)</b>
    Now the problem is when i try to convert the data, it gives me an error saying
    "For type "C",a maximum length specification of 65535 is allowed."
    I have noticed that unlike Direct Input method,
    using batch input does not give any fields in "Maintain Field Mapping & Conversion Rules". So even if I have my fields in my source structure ,there are no fields to which I can map them to.
    I don't know that is how it is when we go with batch input.
    My file contain data in following order:
    DANGEROUS GOODS,ABBY,20060801,20060831,30010,TEST
    Pls help me to solve this problem.

    Hi Swapna!
    You get such an error message, when define a constant and forget the second ':
    g_werks = '1000.  "wrong
    g_werks = '1000'.  "correct
    In general: a batch input recording can have fixed values and some variables. You need to define, which fields you like to fill with a variable. Go to the overview of the recordings, open the recording in change mode and assign some variable names to the according batch lines.
    <a href="">Editing batch input recordings</a>
    Follow the help for the following steps of structure assignments.

  • Error while uploading data from ODS to Cube

    Hi All,
    Will you please help out this issue.As this is a priority high issue,please reply if you know the answers.
    I am facing an error while loading the data from ODS to CUBE,the error
    <b>1.Name is not in the namespace for generated BW Metaobjects
    2.Error 18 in the update</b>
    And this error is occuring only in quality server.

    make sure that the Data source is replicated and tranfer rules r active.
    And also check whether the all transport requests r imported properly.
    hope it helps

  • Error while uploading data to ztable from excel file

    I have a requirement where i have to upload data from excel file to ztable.I have used the fm 'ALSM_EXCEL_TO_INTERNAL_TABLE' for reading the excel file.After reading the excel file i have used INSERT zrb_hdr from table t_zrb_hdr for updating the ztable with data .
    here it is giving error as the data base table zrb_hdr and the internal table t_zrb_hdr should be declared of same type .
    I got this error b'coz i have changed the date and time fields in t_zrb_hdr table to char the structure of zrb_hdr and t_zrb_hdr are not same.If i don't change the date and time fields,in the o/p i am not getting proper date and time formats.
    now how can i upload data into ztable?

    Try this.
    Data: itab type standard table of ztable,
             wa_itab type ztable.
    loop at t_zrb_hdr into wa_t_zrb_hdr.
       wa_itab-date = wa_t_zrb_hdr-date.
       wa_itab-time = wa_t_zrb_hdr-time.
       like  move all the fiedl to wa_itab...........
       append itab with wa_itab.
    now insert the records from itab to the database table ztable.

  • Error while uploading data into cube

    I am trying to upload data into my content cube but I got an error it says"
    "Time conversion from 0CALDAY to 0FISCPER (fiscal year S1 ) failed with value 20040303"     
    I checked the data in the PSA it's there but the first record is not green light it has red light. Could you please give me some idea how to solve this problems.
    Thank you in advance

    If you don't know if you want to take over all settings (especially exchange rates may be critical) the problem is probably found in the fiscal year variant. So if you just take over the fiscal year variants.
    If the problem remains you could check the following things:
    In SPRO -> Global Settings -> Fiscal Year Variants (or similar) check:
    Does a fiscal year variant S1 exist?
    Is it time dependent? If yes, is it valid for Mar 3rd 2004?
    If it is a self defined variant check if there is a period defined for March 3rd 2004.
    Best regards

  • Getting error while uploading data  using the EXCEL( GUI_upload)

    Dear Freinds,
    I am uploading data from my excel sheet to my Custom table . I am using the below code
    call function 'GUI_UPLOAD'
    filename = l_fn
    filetype = 'BIN' "'ASC'
    has_field_separator = 'X'
    data_tab = p_i_ins_db
    others = 17.
    i can see in my internal P_i_ins_db ...all the data is coming in encrypted format.
    The flat given to me is the .CSV file .
    Could any one please let me know how i can upload the data which is there in .csv file.

    Hi Syamala,
    Before using the GUI_UPLOAD to upload the data from the excel file to the internal table,you can try usng the Function Module 'SAP_CONVERT_TO_TEX_FORMAT' or 'SAP_CONVERT_TO_CSV_FORMAT' as it helps n formatting the data.
    In case you have any further clarifications,do let me know.
    Puneet Jhari.

  • Error while uploading data through CSV File

    Dear All,
    While Performing following steps I have encounted error in BW 3.5.
    Step 1. Right-click Source System u2013 demo: flat file, and then select Create InfoPackageu2026.
    Step 2. Select the DataSource Material number (Master data), enter a description for the InfoPackage, and
    Step 3. Click the External data tab. Select options as shown in the screen. Enter a file name with a path.(CSV File)\
    While checking the preview I am able to see the values inside CSV file,
    But while Starting the scheduler to upload this data it is displaying following error=>
    Syntax error in template RSTMPLIR, row 0 (-> Long text)
    While checking performance assistant following detail is displayed.
    Field "C_R_D" is unknown. It is neither in one of the specified tables nor defined by a "DATA"   ...
    System response
    The program generation was terminated.
    Correct the template*
    Can you guide how to eliminate this error?
    Points will be rewarded for your contribution

    Flat File was in error.

  • ERROR while uploading data from EXCEl to sap using ALSM_EXCEL FUNCION MODULE

    Hi Experts,
    I am uploading excel data into sap suing function module ALSM_EXCEl_TO_INTERNAL_TABLE , used this funcion module in the program while running the program one blank excel sheet is opening and data is not uploading into internal table . even same blank sheet is opeining if we user
    CONVERT_EXCEL_TO_INTERNAL function module also.
    can you please tell me why this error is coming how to over come this error.
    My excel sheet data records are less then 10000.
    Thanks & regards

    Hi Taranam,

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