Errors in combining files

how can i combine files to pdf.

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  • File conversion error when combining files

    I am using Adobe Create to combine several files (both word and pdf) into a single pdf document.  I have done this several times in the past with no problems.  However today it won't allow me to combine any documents which are already in pdf format.  The system generates an error for each of these documents as: "Conversion Failed".  I am clearly not trying to convert them, but rather to combine them...  Any ideas?

    Hi gina_hall_7848,
    If you're combining both Word and PDF files into PDF, there is some conversion happening (with the Word docs, as they're converted into the combined PDF file). If you're getting the error when combining only PDF files--that's another story. It could be that one or more of the files that you're combining isn't in a supported format, or that Adobe PDF Pack is timing out before it can complete the conversion.
    Does the error occur regardless of what files you try to combine?

  • Error when Combining Files (Acrobat XI & Office 2010)

    I have a user who is getting an error every time she tries to combine files on her computer.
    Pdfs will combine just fine.
    Pdf + MS Office file types fail.
    Combining two MS Office file types fail.
    A side issue, maybe related, is that the Acrobat tab in her office applications errors when she attempts to "Create PDF".
    I've uninstalled / reinstalled, and rebooted.
    System is Win 7 running Office 2010 w/ Acrobat XI.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I get this error.
    The user is logged in as an admin of their machine and I haven't set any restrictions that should cause this.

  • Error using Combine Files Function

    I'm running Acrobat Standard Ver. 8 and I've got >150 .rtf files that need to be converted into a single pdf file.  Using the combine files utility when it tries to open the files, it gives me a protection error, ie, "please make sure you have read access to the file".  I get the same errors with Word documents.  I created these files and can access them just fine with Word.  Any suggestions?  My IT people are stumped.
    Thanks for the help.

    I think the Combine feature is designed for files that are already pdfs. You can convert entire folders into pdfs simulataneously then use the combine function.

  • Flash Error When Combining Files

    In Acrobat XI Pro, when combining two or more PDFs in to a single file, i recieve and error to say to view the content i must download flash.  Ive checked and we are running the latest version.
    The OS on the device is Windows 8.1 and it is patched for the latest version of flash inside the OS, even when trying to go to the link provided it just says that it is already installed.  Thanks

    Hi reddamo,
    Adobe Acrobat no longer bundles a Flash Player for the purpose of rendering Flash technology content within the pages.
    For this, you need to use a separate Flash Player. Please refer this kb file to download the Flash Player:
    Acrobat Help | Flash Player needed | Acrobat, Reader XI

  • Unable to open the document when combining files.

    We have a user that gets an error when combining files. It says
    Unable to open the document:
    <Filename and path>
    Please check to see if you have read permission for the above file.
    Retry and cancel buttons.
    We get this error on every subsequent file, it works on the first one after the computer starts.
    This computer has Windows Vista Business with SP2, Adobe Acrobat X with the latest patches.
    It doesn't matter if the files are local or on a network drive, the same always occurs. I have cleared
    all user and system temporary files, re-installed, verified the Acrobat Add-In for Word 2010 is active,
    verifed the PDF printer is working fine. It only happens when trying to combine files. I have given the
    user local administrator privilidges, tried with my account that has domain admin priviledges, no luck.
    I really need some suggestions...

    I have found out from Adobe technical support that this is a known issue with Office 2010 SP1 installed.
    This is an FYI for anyone else experiencing this issue, remove SP1 and it will work ok.
    They said an update to correct this issue will be coming within the next quarter.

  • Error Message when Combining Files to PDF in Acrobat XI-Pro

    I am trying to combine multiple CAD files to PDF and keep encountering an error message.
    I'm using the Combine Files to PDF, dragging in the corresponding files (.DWG files) into Acrobat and then clicking the Combine button. They convert to PDF but a dialog box immediately pops up:
    As I'm the person creating the .pdf document and am using Acrobat XI-Pro to do so, what am I doing wrong to continue to receive this message?
    Thanks for the help!

    Hi TTownWriter,
    Try creating a combined file as follows :
    - Open one of the files .
    - Open thumbnail pane of the file via Left hand tools pane .
    - Go to options and Insert the second(or subsequent) files to the opened file using "Insert Pages" menu option.
    - Save the file.
    Refer the screenshot.

  • Acrobat is not letting me combine files anymore. It says an error has occured while converting. Why

    When I try to combine my files, acrobat starts to get the files ready and then it shows that it has failed because of some error occurring. I even tried to combine files I have combined before and the same has happened to them, so I know that it is a problem with acrobat and not my files. How can I rectify this.

    Hi daicheese,
    Are you trying to combine files in Adobe PDF Pack (either online or via Reader) or in the Acrobat desktop application?
    If you're using Reader, please choose Help > Check for Updates and make sure you're using the most recent version.
    If you're using PDF Pack, please clear the browser cache and try again, or try converting using a different browser. Also make sure there are no firewall or proxy settings that are limiting your access to the Internet.
    Please let us know how it goes.

  • Error (file skipped) when combining files

    Getting an error message on some files(error file skipped)@ when combining files, the properties of the files with errors are the same as the files which are okay. Anyone got a fix for this?

    No the the files aren’t protected. But I solved the problem by copying the files to another folder.
    Seems like another process was still using the files(strange but that’s data for you)
    Fra: Bernd Alheit
    Sendt: 6. august 2014 18:52
    Til: Douglas McGaw
    Emne:  Error (file skipped) when combining files
    Error (file skipped) when combining files
    created by Bernd Alheit<> in Creating, Editing & Exporting PDFs - View the full discussion<>

  • Unable to combine files on acrobat 8 getting error message "no PDF file was created beacuse Acrobat encountered an unidentified error"

    unable to combine files on acrobat 8 getting error message "no PDF file was created beacuse Acrobat encountered an unidentified error" Please help

    A lot of the time the files can not be combined because of incompatible fonts, or at least font sets that could not be resolved. Maybe that will give you some direction to look at.

  • Receiving Error Message when Combining Files

    I keep receiving this error message when I try to combine my files together:
    Your PDF conversion request failed.
    There was an unexpected problem while combining your files to a single PDF file. Please try again later.
    I have tried logging out and then logging in and trying to combine the files again as well as attempting later in the day and I still receive the same error message. Why am I receiving this error?

    Please try to use 2 small/somple files to combine.  If that does not work please let me know.
    If one of your PDF files is an encrypted(no permission to open or edit) Combine FIle fails.  You can open your PDF file in Adobe Reder then check "Security" setting from File menu > Properties >Security tab.
    Please use other browsers to login at
    Thank you

  • Error Message Combining PDF Files, Every Time

    Why do I get an error message from Adobe when trying to combine PDF files, every time!

    Hi Troy,
    Please let me know what errors you are getting from Combining files.
    Are your PDF files big, encrypted PDF files or scanned images PDF files?
    Have you tried to combine smaller/simple files? If so,  does Combine Files work?
    Thank you.

  • Combine Files Error

    Hi I am using Mac OS X Version 10.8.2 and the Adobe Acrobat Pro XI Trial Version, using the combine files option I get the following error: "Acrobat does not support the conversion of one or more of your files to PDF. Please remove these files or go to Settings and choose the PDF Portolio option." I have .doc and .docx files to convert, I do not have MS Office installed on this computer. Is that the problem? Do I need to have office installed to convert the files? Thanks.

    I get this same error when I am trying to combine two .PDF files into one.  All of the files I am trying to include are .PDFs.  What' up?
    OS X 10.9.1
    Adobe XI Trial.

  • Acrobat X: File I/O Error when saving Combined File

    I combined several PDF files using the Combine Files in a Single PDF feature.  The combining process works fine except when I try to save the resulting "Binder1" I repeatedly get a file I/O error and cannot save the Binder.  Manually combining the files works, but is considerably inefficient.  Thoughts?

    Hi ,
    Did combining multiple documents ever work perfectly on your installation or has it always been such problematic ?
    Seeing the intermittene behavior of combine on your installation , I would suggest you to re-install Acrobat on your machine and please let me know if the problem is resolved . Thanks for your patience.

  • I keep getting error message file not found 404 when I attempt to combine files

    I have used the adobe cloud many times to combine files, today it is not working. Just keep getting error message.
    Please advise!

    Hi iabrad,
    I'm sorry to hear that you're running into problems with the website today. Let's start with this:
    Log out, clear the browser cache, and try logging in to
    Try a different web browser. For a list of supported browsers, see System requirements |
    If that doesn't do the trick, let us know (and please tell us what browser/OS you're using, and if the error occurs regardless of what files you try to combine--if you even get the far in the process!).

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