ESS portal: Hide additional info field in release working time screen

I need to know how can i hide 'additional info' field in the release working time screen?
I know i would use personalization but don't know the way to do that.

it will be shown in header only in release application, let me explain
In the time recording application, when you enter a record and click
on review, the additional info columns shows the text. This works
because the data is entered by the user and the entered record is
mapped to additional info column.
In time release application, all the records from database are retrieved
and displayed. The user does not enter any data. Hence in this case it
is not possible to map the records to text in the additional info
column. The Error/Warning messages are displayed in the top of the list
with detailed information. We feel the information displayed is
sufficient for the user to take necessary action. Usually in the release
application, there would be lots of records. Displaying text in both
additional info column and also at the top of the list is not a feasible
Technically it would be difficult for us to change this behavior in the
standard application.
we have new application in EHP5.
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    can you check this test for me first open record working time, record time and log off. Does it release the lock from SM12? Next test, check in CAT2. Dos it release the locks? Main issue is session should be released ? can you confirm above
    Follow the instructions in SAP note #1471069, the additional step to activate the service /sap/public/bc/icf/logoff in SICF.
    SAP NOTE # 1717945 - Portal Logoff Does Not Logoff the Backend When  Using HTTP Security Session Management
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    maybe he doesnt have enough portal authorizations. check by giving him the administrator portal role and try again.

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    Hi ,
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    Please check in T588M table
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    Standard screen      2000                Feature
    Alternative screen   2012
    There you should have Contract Type field.
    Best Regards,

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    Hi Experts,
    I would like to display the "last update" information for certain InfoProviders within a BEx Web Template. If I add the web item "Info Field" and save the web template, the icon of the web item is being displayed within the designer. When executing the template the web item is being "deleted" automatically and nothing is being displayed within the portal. Any clues on that? Is this a known bug in WAD?
    Many thanks in advance.
    Best regards

    Info field only displays about the Global filters, Local filters and Variables. When you assign the info field in the template you need to give the data provider to that webitem otherwise you will not get any data when you execute your template.
    Use text web item, You have several options available such as last refreshed, executed by, changed by, last data upload and so on.

  • Search Option in Fields in Record Working Time Table

    In ESS, in Record Working Time table, there is search option provided in certain fields like for Rec. Order we have search option and when we click, screen pops up with advance search by Order Type,CO Area,Order,Description. In R/3 we have search option provided in all fields but not in ESS. How can we bring search option/functionality in fields like Receiver fund, Receiver Grant etc. in ESS for which this serch option/functionality is not provided. Thanks in advance for your valuable inputs.

    Hi Sameer,
    We are facing the same problem.
    Can you please share your experience with this. Where you able to solve this issue?

  • How to hide a warning message in Record working time

    I am entering working hours which is greater than actual planning hours  in Record Working Time and if i click on Review it throws warning like
    Number of hours recorded 14,00 exceeds target hours 7,50
    I dont want to show this warning message
    Please let me know how to do that
    Bala Duvvuri

    we can enhance this FM and use one of the user exits
    CATS0001 CATS: Set up worklist
    CATS0002 CATS: Supplement recorded data
    CATS0003 CATS: Validate recorded data
    CATS0004 CATS: Deactivate functions in the user interface
    CATS0005 CATS: Customer field enhancements
    CATS0006 CATS: Validate entire time sheet
    CATS0007 CATS: Subscreen on initial screen
    CATS0008 CATS: Determine workflow recipients for approval
    CATS0009 CATS: Customer-Specific Text Fields in Data Entry Section
    CATS0010 CATS: Customer-Specific Text Fields in Worklist
    CATS0011 CATS: Customer functions
    CATS0012 CATS: Subscreen on data entry screen
    Bala Duvvuri

  • ESS: Leave Request: Additional Input Field in Portal?

    Hi experts,
    we are using ESS/MSS BP 1.0 with ERP6.0. We want to add a custom field for an absence type, because we need a additional approver for this absence type.
    So we added the field through customizing and now see this in the portal.
    But, are we able to change the plain text field to an select field like the standard approver field?
    And much more important: Is it even possible using the badi BAdI PT_GEN_REQ or PT_ABS_REQ to bring the input into the backend and use it in a workflow?
    As i unfortuately didnt find a meaningful documentation, it would be great to get an answer from one of you out there.
    Best Regards,

    Hi Guys,
    has nobody got a a clue for me? Please give me a short answer whether it is possible  - by using the described badi and the customizing  - to add data from the mss to the backend or not.
    Best Regards,


    Two queries in ESS portal :
    1. In Field control for additional receipt information there is no time option. In one of expense type we need the time field also along with dates and description. Please suggest to add the same.
    2. Earlier the system use to through error message with maximum rates while pressing the Check button, if the user puts rate beyond maximum limit. But after upgrade to EHP4 system is showing a Java exception without saving data. Please suggest to get the error messages instead of Java exception.

    Please check the customizing table V_T7XSSSERRES (Define Resources), and the resource for the Web Dynpro application "My trips and Expenses" If the field "Window Name" is empty,then this will be problematic.
    So, you have to go to the view V_T7XSSSERRES and maintain for the resource
    EMPLOYEE_TRAVEL_EXPENSES_SRV_12 the URL parameter sap.xss.tra.TripSchema=01   or whichever number your schema has! 
    You can also check this via IMG
    Travel Management
       Employee Self-Services
          Homepage Framework
               Define Resources           >> Add Entries
    In case you need it, the standard PCD role is

  • Hide Industry Sector Field after giving it a defalut value

    I want to hide industry secor field in material master initial screen . Also as industry sector is a mandatory field i want the system to take a default value all the time without ever displaying it .
    Pls tell me the settings .
    Regards ,

    You can do the same by following setting :
    Go to MM02-> Defaults ( Menu) -> INdustry Sector--> Select Required Industry sector and then tick the Check box HIde Industry sector on initial screen and then continue.So always this industry sector by default will be selected and also will be stayed hidden.
    Hope this helps.
    Revert if any doubt.

  • ESS Portal W2 Reprint

    1. We are facing a problem for W2 Reprint workflow in ESS Portal. The workflow WS01000090 gets triggered when the W2 screen comes up for intercompany mail and the mail is sent to HR administrator inbox.
    The work item is set to status completed after the administrator processes the work item,but there is no output of the W2 form in the spool. The problem  seems to be missing data in V_5UXY_A  for year 2008 and hence the submit program RPCTRPU0 is not working. We are displaying the W2 Employee copy form  which is HR_F_W2_MULT_07.The Tax reporter PU19 is working fine in ECC 6.0.
    Please let me know if there is any documentation regarding the configuration of V_5UXY_A,T51T5,T5UT8,T5UT7,T5UT6.
    2. Also let me know if there is there any standard functionality on ESS Portal to display/render  W2 tax forms on EP Screens in PDF or sapscript format,or do we need to develop custom program/Function module to display W2 forms. Our requirement is to display all previous years W2 forms on EP for employees.

    1)  You have to maintain table T51T5 in order for the WF (W2Reprint) to generate the PDF file to the spooler.
    Follow this answer from SAP: 
    As of 2007, a new form has been introduced HR_F_W2_MULT_07.
    The application picks up as default the form that is maintained in the table T51t5 with sequence number 02 for event 4. The new form has been delivered, for event 4 with sequence number 02. So you can rectly the problem by accessing the view V_t51t5, choose the molga-10, Way of reporting - 5 and for tax form HR_F_W2. In the list of entries, for No:2 and event 4, for which HR_F_W2_MULT_01 is maintained, please change the same to HR_F_W2_MULT_07.
    2) Create a small program to call the Method W2Reprint in the 01000090 Workflow to generate the employee W2 reprint PDF file.
    3) Create a Web App using [Web Dynpro for ABAP|] to display the generated PDF file from the spooler.  (Remember to add code to WDDOINIT in the Main View, to read the generated PDF file)
    Good lucks, -Khai-

  • ESS Record Working Time - Print button gone in latest release?

    We are implementing EP 7.0, ERP2005 (ECC 6.0) SP07, ESS (MySAP ERP) 1.0.
    Previous versions of the Record Working Time screen (i.e., 50.4 and earlier) had a Print button under the time sheet, but the latest version does not.
    Does anyone know when/if SAP is planning to re-introduce this capability?  The iView has Print On/Off radiobutton, but this is not to print time sheet like the old time sheet print button did (it merely determines whether 'Print' will display as an option in the listbox next to the Back and Forward nav links).
    Thank you!

    I did open a message with SAP regarding the missing print button and the fact that employee indicative data has also been removed from the time sheet in SAP's latest release.  After much back and forth, SAP has concluded that this is missing functionality and they directed me to the infamous Note 11.  Here is the text of Note 11 for anyone who may not be familiar with it:
    <i>Dear Customer,
    We regret to inform you that the function you require is not included in the SAP standard system.
    If you consider filing a development request, we recommend that you either contact your Customer Competence Center (CCC) or one of the User Groups to place a stronger emphasis on your request. A list of SAP User Groups is available at
    For more information, see
    Best regards,
    SAP Active Global Support</i>
    There is a "print" option on the iView which, when enabled, opens a new window for printing purposes.  However, this provides a PageBuilder rendition of the timesheet which is not sized or oriented properly for printing.  The result, therefore, is basically a truncated screenshot.  Even after manually re-orienting the page to landscape, the timesheet is truncated so no hours show.
    I recommended to my client that a development request be filed.
    Another perspective that I have been told is that SAP's intent was to replace the Print Time Sheet functionality with the Time Statement functionality.  This did not come from SAP, however.
    In my opinion, this is an important feature that SAP should re-release as quickly as possible.

  • Approve/Reject Working Time through the Enterprise Portal Workflow

    Hey Everyone,
    We are currently working on a project to rollout a number new portal services.  I was wondering if anyone in ECC or Portal has experience with enhancing the Time Entry Approval process.  Is it possible to trigger an email notification when a manager rejects an employees time for any of the configured reasons.  I would like an email back to the email to let them know they should change their hours or that their overtime was rejected.  I have been spoiled by the deeper config options available for Leave Request.
    In the standard workflow task the Item does turn red when rejected, but if employees aren't reviewing their entries they may never know it was rejected before they check their pay stubs.
    I would be pretty surprised if the BADI or workflow task would be unable to know there was a rejection because it clearly asks you for a rejection reason and changes the colour of the request in the Record Working Time screen.
    Thank you in advance,

    I believe we are or have looked into RSWUWFML2, but I will confirm.
    After trying a number of different options we are currently looking at using the Rejection check-box and determine if BASIS can redirect the messages to the employee's IT0105 subtype 0010 email address.
    Here are some of the notes we have looked at. (Email Forwarding) (SO16 Forwarding) (SO16 Forwarding) (SO16 Forwarding) (SO16 Forwarding) (Rejection to External Email - opened by our team)
    Our Version:  EP 7 EHP 3
    I wish Record Working Time had similar config to Leave Request.  If you have additional input please let me know.
    Edited by: Doug Robbins on Dec 7, 2011 5:30 PM

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