Essbase Error 1070045

I'm getting Essbase error message 1070045 on Essbase 9.3.1 but the error is slightly [and VERY importantly] different
File [D:\Hyperion\AnalyticServices\App\AppName\DB_Name\ess00002.*pag*] cannot be created because it already exists. [adIndNewFile] aborted.
To try and resolve this I have forced a dense restructure (twice) and still no change in the error message.
The problem occurs during a CCONV statement. Ironically the DATACOPY worked!!
I've seen this in another Topic but it was supposed to relate to temp files in the Database folder, however there are no temp files (.tcu .pan, .inn etc)
Any ideas anyone?
Many thanks
Error: 1042013 Network error [10054]: Cannot Receive Data
Error: 1070045 File [d:\Hyperion\AnalyticServices\APP\AppName\DB_Name\ess00002.pag] cannot be created because it already exists. [adIndNewFile] aborted

Hello -
I have seen this happen when there was some other program trying to acces the same file (eg ess00002.*pag*). It could be virus scan or a backup job etc.
You may want to double check if any those services are trying to access the same file.
Also, as last resort(wait for some more suggestions on forum)... try stoping and restarting the services and see if that works. If not.....reboot and see if that does it.

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  • Error 1070045

    OK/INFO - 1007044 - Restructuring Database [Analysis]. ERROR - 1070045 - File [D:\HYPERION\ESSBASE\APP\AviallA\Analysis\ess00001.inn] cannot be created because it already exists. [adIndNewFile] aborted. ERROR - 1241101 - Unexpected Essbase error 1070045. OK/INFO - 1053013 - Object Analysis unlocked by user essadmin.I keep getting the above error while trying to rebuild my dimension.

    The .inn file is created during the restructure process. When the restructure completes normally the .inn file is deleted. The presence of the file indicates that a previous restructure was not properly completed.Delete the .inn file from the App/Analysis/Analysis folder and try your restructure again. If it's a dense restructure you may also want to check the folder for the presence of .pan files.Of course, make sure you have backups of everything in case the worst happens.Good luck and regards,Bruce

  • Essbase Error:Set is too large to be processed. Set size exceeds 2^64 tuple

    we are using obiee version with essbase 9.3.3 as a data source . when I try to run a report in obiee, I am getting the below error :
    State: HY000. Code: 10058. [NQODBC] [SQL_STATE: HY000] [nQSError: 10058] A general error has occurred. [nQSError: 43113] Message returned from OBIS. [nQSError: 43119] Query Failed: [nQSError: 96002] Essbase Error: Internal error: Set is too large to be processed. Set size exceeds 2^64 tuples (HY000)
    but if I run the same query in excel add in, I am just getting 20 records . wondering why I am getting this error in obiee . Does any one encountered the same issue ?
    Thanks In advance,

    Well if you want to export in I think you have to manually do it.
    The workaround it to open your aperture library by right clicking it and show contents...
    Then go into your project right click show contents...
    In here there are sub folders on dates that the pictures were added to those projects. If you open the sub folder and search for your pictures name it should be in that main folder.
    You can just copy it out as you would any normal file to any other location.
    Voila you have manually exported out your file.
    There is a very similar post that has been close but again you can't export the original file that you are working on - FYI

  • Essbase error:You do not have sufficient access to perform a lock on this..

    Hi all,
    I tried to retrieve the members in the spreadsheet addin client and I am getting the error as follows:
    Essbase error: You do not have sufficient access to perform a lock on this database.
    But Iam trying to do only a retrieve operation. Essbase version is and OS is windows XP.
    Also under Essbase->options->Mode tab, the check box update mode was unchecked.
    I was able to do the operation before without any error and suddenly Iam facing this issue.
    Can anyone help me on the above
    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Raja,
    Check this out../
    Weird problem regarding Essbase Excel plug in
    It might help

  • Problem with Business rule-Essbase Error(1042017):

    I am getting the following error when i run this business rule specifically.
    Detail:Cannot calculate. Essbase Error(1042017): Network error: The client or server timed out waiting to receive data using TCP/IP.  Check network connections.  Increase the NetRetryCount and/or NetDelay values in the ESSBASE.CFG file. Update this file on both client and server.  Restart the client and try again.
    I dont get this error with any other rule. I have checked the solution provided in this link
    _[]_. But this solution wont help because i dont get this error in any other rule.
    The rule i run is
    "Depreciation Value" = "Cumulative.Asset value"/ ("Assumptions_Programs"->Jul->@UDA(Entity,@NAME(@CURRMBR(Location)))->@UDA(Location,@NAME(@CURRMBR(Location)))->"Assets life in months");
    The functions in the above rule will get replaced as below
    "Depreciation Value" = "Cumulative.Asset value"/ "Assumptions_Programs"->Jul->IND_Assumptions->LOC_IND->"Assets life in months";
    If i hardcode and run, i dont get this error. Please help.

    The reason it works when you hard code it and why it doesn't when use UDA is simply that you should never have a multiple answers in a cross dimensional. @UDA function returns multiple answers. Even if for your case it only brings back one I believe it is tripping up the calculation. Worse if you are actually bring back multiple answers for @UDA that is definitely not going to work.
    I would have to understand all your fixes above the calcultion to recommend you the best possible solution. But at least you understand why you are getting the error and what you have to fix

  • Export in Query Ready Mode get Essbase Error 1020047

    Through Workspace when in a Financial Reporting Report, when we click on Export in Query Ready Mode, we get the following error in Excel and then Excel closes. 'Essbase Error (1020047): A column item [%] conflicts with a row item[%].'
    Any ideas?
    We are using 11.1.2

    This is bug and fixed in Smart View

  • Substitution varialbe does not exist Essbase error 1051083

    I have a query about this error.
    Essbase Error 1051083 - Substitution variable APP.DATABASE.YMNTH does not exist
    This substitution variable is is created in global level - for ALL APPS/ALL DBS.
    When users try to pull off reports in planning using this database, we get the error message mentioned above.
    What could be reason we get this error even though we have the member available in the cube.
    I know the substitution variable is defined without any issue, it has the name and value as well and we have those members in the dimensions. I believe, the report freezes during such report retrieval, so I think the freezing has to do with this as well.
    Any advise?

    Which version?
    Is that error populated in Essbase logs?
    Error "1051083 Substitution variable <<app.db.substitutionvariablename>> is not found" [ID 1259386.1]
    By default Planning looks at specific app/db level variable, then at app level and then at global level. (Just checked that in Planning and didn't see any issues)

  • Hyperion analyzer essbase error

    Hello alll,
    I am trying to connect to essbase database (7.1.x) using analyzer, for some reason I am getting an exception
    1033 Native 2001 Essbase error, nested exception is com.hyperion.ap.exception (1033) Native 2001 Essbase error.
    Can any one face this kind of issue.
    Thank you for your time!!!

    I got the answer , it is looking for runtime client dll, for some reason dll was corrupted, reinstallling Run time client fixed this issue.
    Thank you everyone!!

  • Essbase Error(1021001) Failed to Establish Connection With SQL Database...?

    Hi there!
    I am very new in Essbase and I am receiving the error message quoted below while trying to load data in a Cube. Weird thing is that we have checked all connections already and they are working correctly, however this process is still failing.
    If someone can give us an idea to troubleshoot it, that would be really appreciated.
    Thanks very much in advance for any help and regards!
    MAXL> deploy data from model 'Production_GL_Cube_SchemaModel' in cube schema '\Production_GL\Cube_Schemas\Production_GL_Cube_Schema' login AdminUserAccount identified by MyPassword on host '' to application 'ORA_HFM' database 'GL' overwrite values using connection 'ServerName' keep all errors on error ignore dataload write 'E:\Logs\DataLoad_Error_2013.';
    BPM Connect Status: Success
    Failed to deploy Essbase cube. Caused by: Failed to load data into database: GL. Caused by: Cannot get async process
    state. Essbase Error(1021001): Failed to Establish Connection With SQL Database Server. See log for more information
    BPM maxl deployment ...failure.

    Hi Celvin,
    Thanks for your reply and my apologies for not coming back before on this issue.
    For the benefit of other readers, after hours struggling with the issue, we focused our attention in the following portion of the ORA_HFM.log file:
    [Sat Apr 20 11:48:34 2013]Local/ORA_HFM/GL/[email protected] Directory/54996/Info(1013157)
    Received Command [Import] from user [[email protected] Directory] using [GL.rul] with data file [SQL]
    [Sat Apr 20 11:48:34 2013]Local/ORA_HFM/GL/[email protected] Directory/8964/Info(1021041)
    Connection String is [DRIVER={DataDirect 6.1 Oracle Wire Protocol};;Port=1521;SID=PRODUCTION;UID=...;PWD=...;ArraySize=1000000;]
    [Sat Apr 20 11:48:34 2013]Local/ORA_HFM/GL/[email protected] Directory/8964/Info(1021006)
    SELECT Statement [SELECT cp_127."ACCT" AS "Accounts_CHILD",
             cp_127."PERIOD_MEMBER" AS "Period_CHILD",
             cp_127."PERIOD_YEAR" AS "Years_CHILD",
             'INPUT'  AS "View_CHILD",
             cp_127."ENTITY"  AS "Entity_CHILD",
             cp_127."PRODUCT_LINE" AS "Custom1_Product_CHILD",
             cp_127."Function" AS "Custom4_Function_CHILD",
             cp_127."B_U" AS "Business_Unit_ORACLEBUSINESS",
             cp_127."ORACLEFUNCTION" AS "Oracle_Function_CHILD",
             cp_127."LEGALENTITY" AS "Oracle_Entity_CHILD",
             'P' || cp_127."PRODUCTLINE" AS "Oracle_Product_CHILD",
             'A'[Sat Apr 20 11:48:34 2013]Local/ORA_HFM/GL/[email protected] Directory/8964/Info(1021043)
    Connection has been established
    [Sat Apr 20 11:48:34 2013]Local/ORA_HFM/GL/[email protected] Directory/8964/Info(1021044)
    Starting to execute query
    [Sat Apr 20 11:48:34 2013]Local/ORA_HFM/GL/[email protected] Directory/8964/Info(1021013)
    ODBC Layer Error: [S1000] ==> [[DataDirect][ODBC Oracle Wire Protocol driver][Oracle]ORA-04063: view "REP_ESSBASE.VW_GL_BALANCES" has errors]
    [Sat Apr 20 11:48:34 2013]Local/ORA_HFM/GL/[email protected] Directory/8964/Info(1021014)
    ODBC Layer Error: Native Error code [4063]
    [Sat Apr 20 11:48:34 2013]Local/ORA_HFM/GL/[email protected] Directory/8964/Error(1021001)
    Failed to Establish Connection With SQL Database Server. See log for more information
    [Sat Apr 20 11:48:34 2013]Local/ORA_HFM/GL/[email protected] Directory/8964/Error(1003050)
    Data Load Transaction Aborted With Error [1021001]
    Then we concentrated in the following error message: *ODBC Layer Error: [S1000] ==> [[DataDirect][ODBC Oracle Wire Protocol driver][Oracle]ORA-04063: view "REP_ESSBASE.VW_GL_BALANCES" has errors]*
    So, we checked the database and noticed the schema and their views were damaged and -due to this- they lost all their properties (like data types, for example). So, we had to recompile all of them in order to avoid any loss of data. This was done in TOAD, as per the following info:
    Finally, once all the views on this schema were rebuilt and fixed, we were able to deploy the Cube again.
    Hope this help in the future. Cheers!!

  • MaxL Command    :    ERROR - 1241101 - Unexpected Essbase error 1007083

    I have created outline here I have created one dimension i.e. Account
    and also created Rule file as per databse outline. It is valid
    Now I have to load dimension by using MaxL command.
    I have created Account.csv
    within that I have take :
    xyz->abc members.
    I am loading dimension by using following statement:
    import database PLAN.PLANDB dimensions from data_file 'D:\Practice\Account
    .csv' using rules_file 'C:\Oracle\Middleware\user_projects\epmsystem1\EssbaseSer
    ver\essbaseserver1\app\PLAN\PLANDB\plan.rul' on error append to 'C:\Oracle\Middl
    So I getting following error:
    OK/INFO - 1053012 - Object [PLANDB] is locked by user [[email protected] Directory].
    OK/INFO - 1053012 - Object [52772261] is locked by user [[email protected] Directory
    ERROR - 1007083 - Dimension build failed. Error code [1090003]. Check the ser
    ver log file and the dimension build error file for possible additional info..
    OK/INFO - 1053013 - Object [52772261] unlocked by user [[email protected] Directory]
    ERROR - 1241101 - Unexpected Essbase error 1007083.
    OK/INFO - 1053013 - Object [PLANDB] unlocked by user [[email protected] Directory].
    and also in log file I getting message like:
    \\Column 1 Ignored; No DimBuild Dimension (3325)
    \\Column 3 - Invalid Dimension
    So could you tell me why I getting this types of error.
    what is the meaning of log file information i.e. "Invalid dimension."

    As per the error message, there was a mismatch of the dimension tagging or incorrect rules. Did you try to build the dimension/members using EAS Console?
    Take a simple sources file and rules file and re-build the dimension.
    You can try the following:
    1. Launch EAS Console and login using Administrative user credentials
    2. Connect to Essbase Server using administrative user credentials
    3. Create a test Application & Database say TestApp & TestDb
    4. Open the outline in the edit mode and create a dimension "Measures"
    5. Open the notepad and Create a source file as:
    Profit Margin Sales
    Profit Margin COGS
    Save the file in the c:\ drive as Sales.txt
    6. In EAS Console, right-click on database and select create Rules File and import the Source file
    7. Set the Field Properties.
    8. Build the dimension and check if the members are added to the Measures dimension
    9. Delete the members under Measures and then try the MaxL Script.
    Hope it helps....

  • OBIEE Evaluate - "Essbase error : Repeated dimension in MDX query"

    I'm using OBIEE BP1 on top of Essbase.
    I have a project dimension in Essbase with three levels - Total Project -> Project Class -> Project. I have created a new logical column in OBIEE to query two levels from project dimension, using evaluate function as below:
    Evaluate('%1.Members, %2.Members',  "Oracle Hyperion Planning"."ASOCUBE".""."Planning"."Gen2,Project" ,   "Oracle Hyperion Planning"."ASOCUBE".""."Planning"."Gen4,Project" ).
    The above column when used in analysis, works fine, returning "Total Project" and all the projects. It breaks however when any filter is applied on project dimension with the following error:
    "[nQSError: 96002] Essbase Error: Repeated dimension [Project] in MDX query".
    I donot have any MDX skills and would appreciate if anyone can explain this error and provide any workaround for this. Here's the MDX that fails:
      set [_Project0] as '{[Project].Generations(2).Members, [Project].Generations(4).Members }'
      {} on columns,
      {{[_Project0]}} properties GEN_NUMBER on rows
    from [ASOCUBE.Planning]
    where ([Project].[1000000-Treatment Plant])
    Many Thanks

    This issue regarding BIEE
       because MDX is wrong
      set [_Project0] as '{[Project].Generations(2).Members, [Project].Generations(4).Members }'
      {} on columns,
      {{[_Project0]}} properties GEN_NUMBER on rows
    from [ASOCUBE.Planning]
    where ([Project].[1000000-Treatment Plant])

  • Server error[1012]:Essbase error[1260052]

    Dear All,
    We created a report in Hyperion Interactive reporting using Hyperion Essbase as database connection file .
    We have a substitution variables in Essbase.We want to use the Substitution variables ("CMonth","CYTD") in IR report Substitution variables were already created in Essbase.
    In Query when i select Period dimension i saw an option called Substitution variables i selected the variables("CMonth","CYTD").When i hit process button i am getting the following error Message
    "server error[1012]:Essbase error[1260052]:Syntax error in input MDX query on line 2 at token 'OctYTD'
    Please let me is there a better way to bring the variables in Query.
    Any suggestions to resolve issue will be really helpful.
    Thanks in advance

    Hello Pros,
    I am new to ASO and would like to know this simple formula where i am making a mistake.
    over here Date is attribute dimension which is associated with Entity dimension. I am trying to apply the formula on account saying in which Entity the date is less that 01-01-2013 put 1 else but 0. but i am getting syntax error and not able to figure out. any help will be great.

  • Essbase Error(1200329): Error compiling formula for [Asset Description] (li

    I am having some problem in debugging one error
    Detail:Cannot calculate. Essbase Error(1200329): Error compiling formula for [Asset Description] (line 37): invalid assignment
    I am just creating a Add asset script as my client does not have license to CapEx module.
    Script Below- please let me know what can be an issue
    VAR numAsset = [NumAsset];
    VAR usFulLife=[UsefulLife];
    FIX(@CHILDREN("Total New"), [Scenario], [Version], [Entity], [Department], [AssetClass],[Year],"BegBalance","Local", "HSP_InputValue")
    "Asset Description" (
    IF (numAsset > 0 AND @MAXS(SKIPMISSING, @CHILDREN("Asset Properties")) == #MISSING )
    numAsset = numAsset - 1;
              "Asset Status" = 0; /* flag to know this is a new asset*/
              "Asset ID" = [AssetID];
    "Asset Description" = [AssetDesc];
              "CAR No." = [AssetCAR];
              "Purchase Units" = [AssetUnits];
              "Purchase Amount(per unit)" = [AssetRate];
              "In Service Date" = [InserviceDate];
         /*     "Total Cost" = "Purchase Units" *"Purchase Amount(per unit)";*/
    IF(usFulLife > 0)
              "Useful Life (in Years)" = usFulLife;
                   "Useful Life (in Years)" = "No Scenario"->"No Version"->"No Entity"->"No Department"->"No LineItem"->"Useful Life (in Years)";
    FIX([Scenario], [Version], [Entity], [Department], "Local", "HSP_InputValue")
    CALC DIM ("TimePeriod");
    @IANCESTORS("Line Item 1");
    Note- "Asset Description" is a member of Text type and in this script [AssetDesc] is a global variable of StringAsNumber

    Thanks for responding but my issue resolved, it was a Space in the member name.

  • Validating the Business Rule  Essbase Error(1200315):

    When i Execute the BR
    FIX([v_Year],[v_Scenario],"Working", "USD","EUR", "HSP_InputValue",@LEVMBRS("Datasource", 0))
    /* @ANCESTORS ("Products");
    @IDESCENDANTS ("Entities");*/
    AGG ("Products","Entities");
    It is Successful.
    But when i Change the rule with *"JPY"* adding as it is one of the Currency UDA.
    FIX([v_Year],[v_Scenario],"Working", "USD","EUR",_*"JPY"*_, "HSP_InputValue",@LEVMBRS("Datasource", 0))
    AGG ("Products","Entities");
    the Validation throwing me an error.
    *Detail:Cannot calculate. Essbase Error(1200315): Error parsing formula for [FIX STATEMENT] (line 282): invalid object type*
    Can you please Give me the suggestion
    JPY is just a another currency member like USD and EUR.
    But it is throwing me error while i am updating the BR.
    In the Same BR
    There is a Macro
    I pass the parameter "USD" and "EUR" in the Macro. It works good but
    If i Pass the Parameter for a Macro as "JPY"
    It is throwing an Error
    *Detail:Cannot calculate. Essbase Error(1012004): Invalid member name [JPY]*
    I know the Errors means "JPY" Member is INVALID, But the JPY is present in the Outline same as USD and EUR in the UDA "Currency".
    Edited by: 838300 on Oct 13, 2011 10:14 AM
    Edited by: 838300 on Oct 13, 2011 10:14 AM
    Edited by: 838300 on Oct 13, 2011 10:30 AM
    Edited by: 838300 on Oct 13, 2011 10:34 AM

    Are you definitely sure JPY exists in the essbase application, go into eas and open the outline and check.
    It may exist in planning but if it is not defined as a reporting currency then it won't exist in essbase.

  • Essbase Error: Error executing formula

    Problem Description: When running query in BI Answer, error message is shown as the following:
    State: HY000. Code: 10058. [NQODBC] [SQL_STATE: HY000] [nQSError: 10058] A general error has occurred. Essbase Error: Error executing formula for [MIX %]: status code [1130203] in function [@_VAL] (HY000)
    How can I fix it??

    It seems this problem is related to Data Cache And Data cache file settings, Had you tried with increasing it.
    Focusthread Hyperion Trainer

Maybe you are looking for

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